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  • The alluring beauty of the Konkan beaches are synonymic to the scenic beaches of Tarkarli! Hidden away from the swarming crowd and the chaotic city-life, this balmy village in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra; around 6km from Malvan, 400km from Pune and 531km from Mumbai, is bestowed with a charismatic coastline, pleasant climate and nature's surreal beauty!

    It is in this beachfront village, you can find several Tarkarli beach resorts that embraces the visitors with all their openness and promises merry moments during their vacations. Unlike others, these beach resorts in Tarkarli offers you quiet and pleasant moments that can easily soothe your mind, soul and help you break free all the limitations of your so called routine or chained life!

    Adorned by the confluence of the enchanting Arabian Sea and the alluring Karli River, this quaint hamelt truly deserves a visit! And to add more fun-frolic moments to your vacation, make it to any of the below mentioned beach resorts; witness how your vacation gets cuddled up with fun-filled and exciting moments.

    Here are some of the best beach resorts in Tarkarli: 

  • 01Blue Sea Beach Homes

    Blue Sea Beach Homes

    Walk a few steps from Tarkarli Beach, and you will be in this serene Tarkarli beach resort! Within a stone's throw from the beachfront, Blue Sea Beach Homes is among the most traditional tidy and visitor-friendly retreat in the entire of Malvan.

    Located centrally in the sandy retreat, it offers rooms that are carefully crafted to suit visitors from almost all the walks of life. Whether the members of a family, group of friends, couples on the spree of pleasant moments or large groups, everyone can enjoy much of fun-filled moments at the Blue Sea Beach Homes.

    Visit this leisure home in Tarkarli, get indulge with a number of exciting water games and activities. In addition to an array of beach activities, you can also go for dolphin spotting, touch the sky with parasailing and discover the magical beauty of Tarkarli's marine life with scuba diving.

    Activities and Amenities:

    • Scuba Diving, Parasailing & Dolphin Spotting
    • LCD TV, Wi-Fi Facility & AC
    • Basic Toiletries: Bath Soap, Shower Cap, 24-Hot and Cold Water Service
  • 02Visava Beach Home Stay

    Visava Beach Home Stay

    Offering amazing views of the outer world, the warmth of a homestay, all modern amenities and luxury facilities; Visavasa Beach Home Stay is sure to make your holiday much more splendid! Located within the heart of Tarkarli, vacation in this holiday home is a matter of salubrious moments, tranquillity and serenity.

    Though not exactly one of the Tarkarli beach resorts, but a typical homestay, the amenities and facilities available in this leisure home offers the same of a resort's experience. Moreover, as it is well connected with railway station and airport, it truly deserves a thought while you decide your vacation.

    Activities and Amenities:

    • Beach Activities & Massage
    • AC, Cable TV, Intercom & Hot/Cold Water Facility
    • Room Service, Laundry Service & Parking Facility
  • 03Fantasea Beach Resort

    Fantasea Beach Resort

    Set amidst lively coconut groves and other lush greeneries, adorned by the swaying beauty of the waves and elegantly built, Fantasea is one of the best among all the Tarkarli beach resorts. Facing the majestic ocean, this retreat on the Devbag Beach is where the nature meets luxury, comfort and peace of mind!

    Located around 40km from Sindhudurg and 400km from Pune, this holiday resort offers two elegantly designed cottages to its visitors. Adding more to these cottages, there are private sitting and dining area, all modern amenities and facilities that will make your holiday delightful.

    Built in true Kokani style, Fantasea Beach Resort has a lot to offer its visitors. While in here, you can indulge in several exciting water sports and activities. For the water sports lovers, this Tarkali beach resort simply proves to be a treasure trove!

    Activities and Amenities:

    • Scuba Diving, Snorkelling & Boating
    • Dolphin Spotting, Devbag Sangam Visit & Island Tour
    • Private Sitting & Dining Area
    • Sightseeing Options
  • 04Tian Beach Resort

    Tian Beach Resort

    Though all the beaches in Tarkarli are secluded and least crowded, some of them are still away from the hands of commercialisation. One amongst these beaches, the Chivla Beach is the home to Tian Beach Resort in Tarkarli. Fringed with lively coconut groves and located within a reachable distance from Sindhudurg Fort, this retreat is a must for those who seek silent yet profound moments.

    Visit this holiday home with your family, friends or colleagues; stroll along the shoreline, enjoy its enchanting beauty or get indulge in an array of activities and make your vacation an extremely fun-filled affair. For the foodies, they can soothe all their gastronomic desires at the multi cuisine restaurant that serves authentic Malvan and Punjabi dishes. The nature lovers can make it to the tree house called 'machan' and enjoy the sprawling beauty around the vicinity.

    Activities and Amenities:

    • Snorkelling, Beach Walk & Dolphin Watch Safaris
    • Sindhudurg Fort & Rock Garden Visits
    • Tree House Experience & Multi Cuisine Restaurant
  • 05Shripad Beach Resort

    Shripad Beach Resort

    For a comfortable and luxurious stay in Malvan, you must head towards the Shripad Beach Resort, Tarkarli. Located ideally amidst scenic groves and evergreen thickets, this beach destination can be easily reached from any corners of the town.

    Offering five different cottages that are laced with all modern amenities, it proves to be an ideal destination to stay aloof from the usual crowd and enjoy secluded moments! Within this Tarkarli beach resort, you can laze around the hammocks, enjoy delicious foods in the dining area that faces the pristine beach and curate some of the most pleasing moments during your holiday.

    For the fun and thrill lovers, they can enjoy snorkelling along with several other exciting activities like scuba diving and visit the historic Sindhudurg Fort. For the shutterbugs, this resort offers ample of opportunities to click some promising shots and bring home an array of sweet and candid memories.

    Activities and Amenities:

    • Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Swimming & Dolphin Spotting
    • Nature Photography, Fort & Island Visits
    • Leisure Activities, Attached Toilets & Separate Dining Area
  • 06Siddhivinayak Beach Resort

    Siddhivinayak Beach Resort

    Among all the Tarkarli beach resorts, Siddhivinayak Beach Resort is such a name that is perfect for every season and occasion! Located away from all the humdrums of city-life, this amazing retreat in Devbag, Malvan, accounts for a salubrious holiday amidst the untouched beauty of Mother Nature.

    The peace that tranquillity that exists in this beach resort can be hardly found anywhere else in Tarkarli, and also assures you with all the luxury and comfort required to make your vacation more eventful and engrossing. Also, its array of activities like dolphin safari and snorkelling will surely hold you captive and get you closer to the pristine beauty of nature!

    Whether you are visiting this holiday home with a small or large group, you can always select the most suitable options for you and other group members. On offer here, there are dormitories, AC and Non-AC cottages that are laced with modern amenities and other necessary commodities of life.

    Activities and Amenities:

    • Snorkelling, Dolphin Safari, Beach Activities & Boating
    • AC/Non-AC Cottages & Dormitories
    • Malvani Cuisine & Internet Facility
  • 07Sai Raj Beach Resort

    Sai Raj Beach Resort

    With aesthetically designed cottages jotted by coconut groves, Sai Raj Beach Resort entices the visitors to Tarkarli like any other resorts. Spacious enough to accommodate larger groups, it stands firm on the Devbag Beach in Malvan and boasts of its bucolic ambience.

    While in here, do not miss out on exploring the mystical beauty of the confluence of Arabian Sea and Karli River! Also, the azure waters and the tepid sands around this beach retreat tempts its visitors to participate in several fun-filled activities like swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving and picnics.

    Like the other Tarkarli beach resorts, Sai Raj also has arrangements for other activities like water scooter rides, jet skis, bumper boat ride and others. And those, who want to explore the vicinity, they can always opt for visits to Tsunami Island, Tarkarli Beach, Bhogwe Beach, Light House, Golden Rock and Sindhudurg Fort.

    Activities and Amenities:

    • Water Sports: Water Scooter, Scuba Diving, Bumper Boats & Jet Ski
    • Swimming, Picnics, Sunbathing & Sightseeing
    • Malvani Cuisine & Spacious Cottages
    • Sai Raj Beach Resort
  • 08Aai-Shubhangi Beach Resort

    Aai-Shubhangi Beach Resort

    There are very few Tarkarli beach resorts that can fulfil all your yearnings to romance the sea and the sands! However, if you have picked up the Aai-Shubhangi Beach Resort, you will definitely find all your dreams coming true!

    Standing at the heart of Tarkarli Beach, this holiday destination boasts of its endless stretch of the azure waters, playful sands and a serene ambience. In addition to this, the affair between the Arabian Sea and Karli River will add some more to your stay in this beach resort.

    Activities and Amenities:

    • Snorkelling, Beach Activities, Dolphin Rides & Sightseeing
    • Outdoor Sitting Area, Malvani Cuisine & Parking Space
  • 09Shyam Sundar Beach Resort

    Shyam Sundar Beach Resort

    Be it a quick weekend getaway with the family members or a long vacation with them, all you need is a pleasant ambience, ample of exciting things to do, delicious foods and all the marvels of nature! Shyam Sundar Beach Resort is one such place that will cater to all your needs, requirements and will make your holiday a pleasant experience.

    Overlooking the majestic Arabian Sea, this holiday resort in Devbag, Malvan, that hosts only families, is an ideal destination in Tarkarli. While the delicious home cooked foods will complete the essence of staying close to your home, its array of exciting activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and other similar will keep you engrossed with unlimited fun-frolic with your family members.

    Activities and Amenities:

    • Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Island & Fort Visits
    • Boating, Parasailing & Beach Activities
    • Home Cooked Foods & Modern Bathrooms

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