Things to Carry for Valley of Flowers Trek - 2020
A trip to the valley of flowers is exhilarating and why wouldn’t it be. The sheer natural beauty and the thrilling adventures that one gets to live is enchanting. However, a mountain vacation, especially a trek involves some preparedness in packing and otherwise.

There are some necessary things to Carry for Valley of Flowers Trek like warm clothes, since it is located at a high altitude. These mountains and trek trails are usually located in remote areas that don’t have basic amenities at your disposal, that’s why it is always a good idea to stock up on all the things that may come in handy like medicines and toiletries.

Also, before planning the trip, do plenty of research and carry guides/maps during the trek with you at all times.  That being said, we know that all this information can get overwhelming  but it is totally fine. This is why we have made you a list of sorts for all the Things you would need for your trip in the mountains.

Here are the things that are required for Valley of Flowers Trek:



A good backpack tops our list of Things to Carry for Valley of Flowers Trek. It would be best if you considered carrying a sturdy backpack with a minimum capacity of 50 kg/l. Choose a bag that can store all your things and essential items required for a trek.


Investing in good quality trekking boots which are lightweight with a substantial grip, and is also apt for different trek trails is really important. Apart from that, carrying sandal floaters and slippers to wear at the campsite for a more relaxed movement are Things to Carry for Valley of Flowers Trek.


The right clothes for high altitude treks, like the Valley of Flowers are crucial as the temperatures in the mountain regions get low, sometimes in negatives. It is better to layer yourself properly with clothes that would keep you warm and cozy. Therefore you should surely pack enough clothes that would keep you warm throughout your mountain vacation.

Here’s a list of Things to Carry for Valley of Flowers Trek:
- A good quality lightweight windcheater or a warm Jacket, 
- Thermal wear 
- Gloves 
- Scarf 
- Sweater/fleece 
- Along with a few cotton t-shirts (especially during monsoons)
- A few pairs of track pants 
- Socks (both regular and woollen)
- And a cap/hat, among other necessities (undergarments), are some essential.


A mountain trek is exciting but also unpredictable since all trekking trails are in remote locations and usually not so consistent weather conditions, hence, keeping all that in mind, you should pack with preparedness for any situation. Therefore, check out our list of Things to Carry for Valley of Flowers Trek:

- A raincoat/umbrella 
- A light towel 
- Water bottle 
- Toiletries 
- Toilet paper/wet wipes 
- A pair of sunglasses 
- A flashlight 
- A lighter 
- A camera, along with any other object you find needful.


It would be best if you also stocked up on various medicines for all kinds of emergencies when planning to go for a trek. There is a possibility that you might not have access to any amenities. Therefore, carry pills for headache, stomach issues (indigestion) and cold, all these are common in a new place, especially in high altitudes.

Moreover, take band-aids, sprain sprays/balms, mosquito repellent  and other ointments that may be helpful. Also, if you take prescription medicines, carry them along too.


The network signals in the mountains are scarce and sometimes limited to individual telecom companies. So, it would be best if you kept that in mind while packing any electronic devices for the trip. That being said, don't forget to carry a power bank, charger and adapters for different sockets. With that, buy a mobile SIM that is working in a particular area, if you don't have one already.

Other Things to Carry

Other Things to Carry
Apart from all the travel essential, there are still a few Things to Carry for Valley of Flowers Trek like:

- A notebook and a pen to write down something 

Books (if you enjoy a good read) 

- A smaller bag or a daypack for your water bottle, munchies, guide and other things that you will need during the trek. 

- Snacks like nuts and dried fruits, biscuits and chocolates, all these will help you retain your energy and Packets of instant foods, in case you don’t have proper eating options.
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