Chopta Weather & Temperature Guide - 2020
Exhibiting clear skies and moderate conditions almost all through the year, Chopta weather invites a huge influx of tourists to this little hamlet during all seasons. With the arrival of every new season, the weather changes its nature to shower the entire region with a completely new form of beauty and elegance.

While summer brings pleasant weather and greenery, monsoons bring moderate to heavy downpours and lush meadows; and while autumn brings cloudy and pleasing weather and orange leaves, winter brings chilly temperatures and snowfall.

No matter what the season is, Chopta is ready to amaze its visitors with its beautiful weather and charming vistas. Here is a detailed season wise guide of Chopta temperature and weather that can help you in planning your trip to this beautiful destination on the basis of the type of holiday experience you are looking for.

Chopta Weather and Temperature During Summers

Chopta Weather and Temperature During Summers
The summer season in Chopta is experienced from March to May. The temperature of the hills varies in the range starting from 10 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius. It is certainly the best time for carrying out different adventure activities as well as going on sightseeing tours.

You will have superb visibility and find the Chopta Weather just wonderful for spending more time outdoors. Most of the treks in this place are accessible only in the summertime. The Chopta Temperature slowly starts rising from March after the freezing winters take a break in the hills.

In March, the temperature remains in the range of 12 – 21 degree Celsius. If you are planning to visit Chopta at this time of the year, then it is recommended to carry light woollens with you. The glaciers start melting in April and the temperature starts rising making most of the treks accessible for tourists.

At this time of the year, the beauty of Chopta is truly awe-inspiring. If you are someone who loves to take part in various activities filled with adventure, then visit Chopta and give it a try. 

Average Temperature During Summers: Day & Night -
In the course of the summer season, the average maximum daytime Chopta Temperature is 28 degree Celsius and the average minimum night time temperature is 12 degree Celsius.

Chopta Weather and Temperature During Monsoon

Chopta Weather and Temperature During Monsoon
The monsoon season in Chopta is experienced from June to September. The Chopta Weather starts to change in the hills after the dry summers and the meadows start to appear more spectacular in the rains. Countless streams, brooks and cascades also find their way out in the hills and create an astounding natural scenic beauty.

The plush valley of Chopta starts getting ornamental enticing nature lovers from all over the world to come and soak in all the flavours of the rain. From June to August, the skies appear a bit cloudier and makes the climate somewhat gloomy with continuous drizzles.

However, from the month of September, everything starts to appear panoramic. It is considered to be the best time for birdwatching in the Chopta. Tourists also love to come over to this place and spend some time doing yoga as well as meditation in the tranquilizer scenic beauty. The atmosphere mostly remains pleasant and you find a spot in the hills to de-stress yourself in no time away from the hustle and bustle of chaotic city life. 

Average Temperature During Monsoon: Day & Night -
The average maximum temperature in the daytime in the monsoon Chopta Weather is recorded to 27 degree Celsius with the minimum temperature in the nighttime being close to 17 degree Celsius.

Chopta Weather and Temperature During Autumn

Chopta Weather and Temperature During Autumn
Chopta experiences autumn from Mid-September to Mid-December. The temperature in the autumn season remains a bit cold in the daytime and the nights are considerably chilly. Chopta appears to be heavenly beautiful at this time of the year.

The leaves will start to fall and the possibilities to sight some of the rare mountain wildlife increases. Himalayan Monal and Deer can be easily spotted on the hills. After the monsoon season, Chopta starts blooming with flowers and the environment starts to be inspiring for nature lovers and true adventure seekers.

With very less chance of snowfall, you can go out for tourist explorations as well as have bonfires at the campsites. 

Average Temperature During Autumn: Day & Night -
The average maximum daytime Chopta Temperature in this season is 24 degree Celsius whereas the minimum nighttime temperature remains 9 degree Celsius.

Chopta Trek Weather and Temperature During Winters

Chopta Trek Weather and Temperature During Winters
Winter in the hills of Chopta is experienced from December to February with the temperature remaining in the range of -15 degree Celsius to 15 degree Celsius. Most of the parts of Chopta remain inaccessible in this period of time because of very heavy snowfall and harsh climatic conditions.

The only way to stay in the hills would be staying at the lower levels of altitude. Winters are often considered the best time for honeymooners as the valley offers an ample amount of privacy and scope for romance amid scenic beauty. 

The climate of the hills starts to change from December with strong gusts of wind picking up their speed.The diurnal duration starts to decrease and the winds start getting chiller. The peak winter season is experienced in December and January.

The clear blue skies with snow capped mountains make for a great breathtaking outlook on the hills. Winters are especially famous for adventure trekking and sporting events. If you are visiting Chopta in the winters, then make sure that you shield yourself with multilayer woollens to beat the cold. 

Average Temperature During Winters: Day & Night -
The average maximum daytime temperature in Chopta is 15 degree Celsius whereas the minimum night temperature is recorded below zero degree Celsius.

Best Time and Weather to go for Chopta Trek

Best Time and Weather to go for Chopta Trek
The best time and weather to go for Chopta Trek is in the summertime. This is the most favourable time to trek through the terrains of Chopta. You can come over to this place anytime in the middle of March and May. The climate of Chopta at this time of the year remains moderate and does not experience any sudden changes.

One more reason that would entice you to visit Chopta in the summer season is the lush greenery of the mountains. You will have a brilliant time with nature regardless of any change in Chopta Weather.
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  1. How far is Chopta from Delhi?

    The village of Chopta is located at an approximate distance of about 403 kilometers from Delhi. Although Chopta is not directly connected to Delhi, it is conveniently connected to the place via other important cities of the state.
  2. Can we visit Chopta in December?

    Yes, of course. Chopta receives the first snow of the year during the month of December and a host of tourists visit the place at this time to catch a glimpse of the spellbinding snowfall. Since the temperature of the place falls below the freezing point, you need to carry thick woolen clothes if you are traveling to Chopta in December.
  3. When should I visit Chopta?

    Tourists generally plan to visit Chopta during the summer months of April to June as the pleasant and clear weather at this time allows them to carry out all the outdoor activities including trekking, sightseeing, and photography. However, many travelers also prefer visiting the place during the month of September as the weather conditions of Chopta remain very pleasing with the place preparing for autumn at this time. People also like visiting Chopta during the winter month of December in order to enjoy the fresh snowfall.
  4. How do I get to Auli from Chopta?

    Auli is located at an approximate distance of around 353.3 kilometers from the village of Chopta. Tourists planning to travel to Auli from Chopta can take a direct bus to reach their destination within 11 hours and 56 minutes. You can also take a taxi to reach Auli from Chopta within a lesser time period.

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