Solang Valley in May: Guide For A Summer Vacay 2021
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Adventure In Solang

Things to Do in Solang Valley in Summer

The charm of the Solang Valley in May multiplies as it welcomes the shining summers. The snow begins to meltdown, and the valley hosts the thrilling adventures that will make your vacation a memorable one. You can indulge in paragliding over the valley or can glide from one point to another with ziplining. Not only this, but there is a whole wide platter of other adventures as well that begin in Solang Valley in April like Zorbing, River crossing on the Vyas river, and several others.

While the views of the Solang Valley in summer are greener and the weather is welcoming, this is a great time to vacation with your loved ones. You can witness the mild versions of adventures or can level up with challenging activities like rock climbing and rappelling that will take your breath away. Something that makes holidaying in Solang Valley in summers even more fantastic is the magnetizing views of the valley and you must miss a chance to witness the beautiful piece of land at this time!
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Latest Information on Travelling to MANALI?

Entry is open from all domestic states. All tourists are required to present a negative RT-PCR test report.

  • Wearing masks and following social distancing is mandatory in public areas.
  • Manali will under go a 10 days long curfew from 6th of May to 15th of May due to rising covid cases.
  • Night curfew has been imposed, thus roaming out in the night is not allowed.
  • All markets, malls and shops are shut.
  • E-passes/ permissions not required for inter-state travel.
  • For passengers arriving from outside of Himachal Pradesh, carrying a COVID-19 negative test report from ICMR authorized lab, not older than 48 hours from the date of departure,14 days of Home Quarantine is allowed.
  • 14 days of institutional quarantine is required for passengers arriving from any Red Zone district outside of Himachal Pradesh or passengers having ILI (Influenza Like Illness) symptoms irrespective of the zone from where they are arriving.
  • All passengers must download Aarogya Setu App.
  • Flights available from all major airports of India to Kullu Bhuntar Airport
Local Transport
  • Public transport buses, taxis, autos, and private vehicles are operational

Thrillophilia recommends you to follow all safety guidelines issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to stay safe.

No RT-PCR report needed to visit Manali Updated: 19 Jun 2021

The local government has removed the submission of an RT-PCR report to enter any district of Himachal Pradesh.

10 days long CORONA curfew imposed in Manali Updated: 06 May 2021

Manali will under go a 10 days long curfew from 6th of May to 15th of May due to rising covid cases.

Night Curfew resumed in Shimla, Mandi, Kullu and Kangra Updated: 06 May 2021

With a considerable rise in the Covid situation in the state, the Himachal Cabinet has imposed night curfew in the four districts of Shimla, Mandi, Kullu and Kangra.

Entry from other states open in Himachal Pradesh; negative RT-PCR test is a must Updated: 06 May 2021

Inter-state travel to Himachal require a Covid-19 negative certificate. However, if the report is negative, there is no need for home/ institutional quarantine.

Volvo bus services resume Updated: 11 Feb 2021

After remaining closed for months, the Volvo bus service has started in Himachal. Tourists can now travel to Himachal from Chandigarh and Delhi by Volvo buses.

Essential Information for Solang Valley in May


Average Summer Weather and Temperature In Solang Valley

Solang Valley in May is a delight for the visitors as the views are just stellar and it offers a wide range of adventures with melting snow. The temperature bar ranges between 10 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius and the weather is welcoming. As this is the summer season, you cannot expect snow in the valley but you can gape at the gorgeous views of faraway mountain ranges that are covered with shimmering-snow.

The days are warm with the sunlight but the nights get cold with mercury meters dropping to frigid weather. The Solang Valley in April sets up the beginning of adventures like paragliding, parasailing, trekking, rafting, and several others with which you can enjoy the majestic views nature has to offer. If you are an adventure lover or nature enthusiast then visiting the Solang Valley in summer is just the right choice for you. Awe-inspiring views of mountains, shining sun, and a number of adventures is what Solang Valley in May offers to the wandering travelers!

What To Pack For Solang Valley in May

Some of the important things to pack while planning Solang Valley in May are:

-Woollen clothing as the nights might be cold
-Comfortable shoes for adventures
-Pair of sandals if you are planning for rafting
-Itinerary plan
-Basic first aid kit
-Camera with batteries.
-Identity proof

Things to Do in Solang Valley in May


Glide Over the Surreal Solang Valley - Paragliding

Of all the things to do in Solang valley in June, Paragliding is the most interesting one as it gives you a chance to gape fantastic views by surfing the air. With this adventure, you can jump down from the higher elevations and then land down on the lower ones once you have traversed the majestic mountains.

It literally gives you the feel of flying like a bird and you can glide over the clear blue skies above Solang Valley!

INR 600 onwards.

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Explore All (110)
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165 Ratings Ratings
  • 2D/1N
  • Manali
  • 2D/1N
165 Ratings
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₹2,200 ₹1,500

Location: Solang Valley, Manali

Check-in Time: 12:00 PM

About Camping In Solang Valley Manali:

A hub for adventure lovers, Solang Valley also is one of the most picturesque places in Himachal Pradesh.

This camping activity in Solang Valley takes you through the scenic landscapes overlooking Manali. Camp in an alpine tent on a mountain meadow at night. The common areas and the camps are frequently sanitized to ensure the maximum safety of all guests.

Note:- You can try out some of the activities like paragliding, zorbing, rock-climbing, etc., or go for a cable car ride (none of these are included in the package).

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  • 1H
  • Manali
  • 1H
60 Ratings
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60 Ratings Ratings
₹1,150 ₹999

Location: Solang Valley

Activity Timings: You can avail the activity anytime between 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Experience one of the most ancient mode of transport in the majestic Solang Valley of Manali which is famous for the adventure activities.

Embark on this amazing 1 hour long horse riding activity that will take you through the picturesque environs of Himachal Pradesh. It is a long 8 km long ride to Dhundi. It offers a delightful journey across the picturesque environs of the Himachal Valley. It is pleasant safari ride for the new and inexperienced tourists as well as for the experienced ones. On your journey you will be crossing the pine forest, river stream, snow field and patches of moraine.

On this journey you will be accompanied by an experienced horseman cum guide who will give you all the information about the history and culture of that region.

How To Reach:
Solang valley is 14 KM from Mall Road, You can take a private or shared taxi to reach there.
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Learn to Balance with the Vyas River Crossing

One of the most thrilling things to do in Solang valley in May is River crossing! This is not an easy one and you need proper training and concentration to conquer this one. In this nerve-wrenching adventure, you have to cross the river by hanging on a rope.

You need not worry about safety as it is done under supervision and is a fun activity to compete with your friends! It is done at the Vyas river, Old Manali, Solang Valley, and various other spots.

INR 350 onwards.

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Ride the Gondola with Solang Valley Ropeway

If you are here with your family or partner, then this is an activity that is worth-experiencing. The Gondola ride or the ropeway of Solang are short cabins glides at a speed of 6m/s that give a chance to gape at the classic views of nature. While this is not a challenging adventure and is rather a short journey of the mountain, it is just perfect for families!

INR 450 onwards.


Go for Rock Climbing

The best thing to do in Solang valley in march is rock climbing as the weather is comforting and it makes it less difficult. For some adventures just being mentally fit is not enough and you also need to be physically fit, rock climbing is just that adventure.

With the array of rock shades, chunks, and dividers you can hang up in the air with the harness. In the beginning, you might find it really tough, but once you get the tricks it gets easier!

INR 500 onwards.


Zoom like a Tarzan with Ziplining

Did ever dream to zap around over the towering trees like a Tarzan? Well, this is your sport then. With this adventure, you will be tied with a rope and harness and you can zoom from one end of the forest to another end in like seconds.

This is an adventure that is not much difficult but is enough to pump up your adrenaline rush.

Piece of advice: Make the right selection of clothes for this adventure.

INR 1300 onwards.

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Experience Rappelling

Raise up the bar of adventure in your vacation with Rappelling. While this is a sport for which you need to be not just mentally but physically fit as well. This is just the reverse of rock climbing, in which you have to climb the rock with a harness in which you need to go down. This is not as easy as it sounds and is an excellent adventure to challenge your limits.

Piece of advice: “Keep your grip tight.”

INR 1500 onwards.


Drive Through Highs and Lows with Quad Biking

Have a thrilling experience in the Solang Valley in summer with Quad biking! With this, you can ride an ATV on your own if you are trained or can just hop on the seat with a trained driver. This is one of the best things to do here, as you can push your limits and drive over the rugged mountainous terrains.

Price: INR 900 onwards.

Rollover in the Ball with Zorbing

Nothing matches the fun of zorbing with your friends with which you can enter a transparent ball and just roll up on the mountains. You can roll from the mountains over the lush green lands or can just bump up in your buddies on the flat terrain. If you are planning to roll down the mountains, make sure you are not an amatuer!

INR 350 onwards.

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Explore All (44)
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Adventure in Manali

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Manali Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Manali
"One of the cheapest and best sightseeing around the internet, perfect guide cum driver who knows all the ways and points , well guides with all the tradition over there , on time pickup and will take you for lunch however your budget is, almost covered all the places in Manali, thank you for such a wonderful trip."
Karthik Karthik Hampta Pass Trekking 2021
"The Hampta Pass Trek is a Total bliss. You get high with the mountains..the scenic views; the hot Maggie's and definitely with Snow. But also it's a moderate level; as I was a bit towards the heavier body persons,there were very little difficulties..otherwise it's the best one could ever do; to embrace Life."
24 December 2019
Thanks to Thrillophilia for providing such an amazing and thrilling package in Manali. It was really an awesome experience. The camps and amenities were fantastic. My friends and I enjoyed trekking with our guide Chetan bhaiya. He is very caring and nice guy. Our evening was well spent around a mesmerising bonfire and DJ music. It was like a treat for everyone. Food served was good. The splendour view of mountains covered with snow and enchanting waterfall rejuvenates yourselves like anything. Infact, river rafting was a chilling experience in the cold!! I would recommend others to try such wonderful camping and spend their time in the lap of nature away from busy and chaotic routine life. It is really worth enjoying!
24 October 2018
Hampta Pass was my first multiple day trek and I had an amazing experience overall. The base points like Chika, Jwara, Balu ka Ghera are all placed very well from each other and serve as a perfect checkpoints for the overall trek. Our trek started on 14th Oct and due to snowfall our group could not complete the trek and we had to come back from somewhere near Blau ka Jheel. So my advice would be to plan this trek before September end otherwise it gets too cold and you can't even compete the trek. But apart from this, the Hampta Pass Trek is thoroughly enjoyable with scenes that feel straight out of some fairytale or wallpapers. As for beginners, this trek is easy-to-moderate with only very few tough patches. Happy Trekking!
30 November 2015
Fantabulous time spent in the lap of the mountains, our entire cycling group had gone together and we enjoyed immensely. The cycling trip was really difficult at some time but the feel of it was really good. so positivity and cycling through high passes and snow clad peaks was really good. even the camping was good. after a long day of cycling they served us really good food everyday . The group leaders were also very helpful and were able to handle the fairly large group with utmost ease.
09 March 2021
Dreams Come True Paragliding - Time to Fly High and Capture all natural views through your eye. Remember it for your entire life. River Rafting - Enjoying the Beas River water flow with cool and chillness loaded fun activety. I booked both activity through thirllophilia. they took me at reaching point. Adventure begins. enjoyed very well. i suggest every to book activity through thirllophilia. Trust and safty. every thing went veryyy well as they mentioned. Thanks Thrillophilia By saravanan From chennai
01 March 2021
it's really thrilling and amazing experience. hospitality was awesome. People there are very caring in nature love to see their clients to be happy. food was good. It's a Happy Stay. love to visit once again.
The owner of the camp was most humble he helped me and made sure I didn’t face any issues he went out of the way to manage things it was the best experience I ever had
28 January 2021
Thanks to Thrillophilia for providing such an amazing and thrilling package in Manali. It was really an awesome experience. The camps and amenities were fantastic. My friends and I enjoyed. Dishu the man at the Camp and Manoj the manager both were very caring and nice guys. Our evening was well spent around a mesmerising bonfire and DJ music. It was like a treat for everyone. Food served was good. First time experienced the adventures of Paragliding and it will one of the best memories. Infact, river rafting was a chilling experience in the Ice - cold water !! I already recommend 2 of my friend groups to try such wonderful camping and trustworthy and caring nature of the staff. It is really worth staying , enjoying and a lifetime experience.!
20 January 2021
Amazing expirence is a good human with alot of knowledge and expirence ...he fulfill every desire of their client nd make environment worthy for you ... And help u stay in that great tough adventure ... Do it for sure once atleast ... Full star to igloo team. Thanx

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People Also Ask About Manali

  1. Which are the best resorts to stay in Solang Valley in May?

    Some of the best resorts where you can stay in the month of May in Solang Valley include popular names like:

    1. Solang Valley Resort: Snuggled at an elevation 8,500 meters above the ground the Solang Valley Resort gives you a combination of comforting views and luxury. From here, you can admire nature and relax at the elegant rooms with valley facing views.

    2. Solang Ski Resort: With 26 well-appointed rooms and suites, the Solang Ski Resort offers almost everything a visitor is looking for. Right from round the clock service to the modern amenities, here you can witness each one of them.

    3. Hotel Solang Holiday Inn: Enveloped with the gorgeous vistas of the ski slopes, the Hotel Solang Holiday Inn is an ideal getaway spot. While you stay here you can not just enjoy the homelike feels but also indulge in the indoor as well as outdoor adventures.
  2. Can you enjoy skiing in Solang Valley in the Summer season?

    No, you can not enjoy skiing in Solang Valley in summer as there is no snow in this month. As the temperature bar hikes up it melts the snow, making the valley clear. The month of January and December are the best months for this snow adventure.
  3. Is there snow in Solang Valley in May?

    No, there is no snow at Solang Valley in May as the temperature is high and melts it off but you can head to the Rohtang Pass that has snow in all the months.
  4. What is Solang Valley famous for?

    The Solang Valley is famed as the snow valley and caters to a wide range of amazing adventures. While in the winter months the visitor can enjoy adventures like skiing and mountaineering the summer months allow you to witness parachuting, paragliding, and trekking.
  5. Is there snow in Solang Valley in July?

    No, there is no snow in Solang Valley in the month of July and you will have to head to Rohtang Pass for it. In these months, the temperature is high in Manali and it melts off the snow.
  6. Is there snow in Solang Valley in June?

    Yes, there is now Solang Valley in June and the weather is quite pleasing. You can witness the snow-clad mountains arched with the beautiful pine trees.

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