10 Best Road Trips to Take in Madhya Pradesh
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Enjoy some of the most thrilling moments of your life by taking one of the famous road trips in Madhya Pradesh. Replete with a number of interesting tourist attractions, travelling by roads in Madhya Pradesh takes you to the most surprising destinations.

Madhya Pradesh is known for offering something for everyone. Whether you are looking for some history exploration or some exhilarating adventure like water sports, taking one of the road trips in Madhya Pradesh is the way to go.

Imagine crossing some spellbinding landscapes, listening to your favourite music with your loved ones on the way - road trips are key to fun and relaxation. Offering you an adventure of a lifetime, road trip tours in Madhya Pradesh promise to offer you a bucket full of memories.

You will cross waterfalls, numerous streams, forts and many national parks of Madhya Pradesh as you traverse the wonderful locales of this state.

Some of the famous road trip routes that you should look forward to enjoying in Madhya Pradesh are Indore to Mandu, Bhopal to Pachmarhi, Indore to Hanuwantiya, Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh, etc.

Whether you are planning a trip with your friends, family or with your significant other, road trips in Madhya Pradesh are an exhilarating way to make the best use of your vacation.

Here are the routes of the best road trip in Madhya Pradesh:


Indore to Mandu

Indore to Mandu

One of the best road trip routes in Madhya Pradesh, Indore to Mandu will help you explore two of the most beautiful cities in the state. Indore, being one of the commercialized cities in the state, attracts a lot of tourists from all over the country.

Indore to Mandu is a route that will help you explore the heritage of the region in the most fascinating way. Experiencing the refreshing environment and greenery on a road trip from Indore to Mandu is a surreal way of enjoying with your loved ones.

Some of the interesting sites that you can witness on this road trip tour to Mandu are Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Jami Masjid, Alamgir gate, Hoshang Shah Tomb, Roopmati Pavilion, Baz Bahadur Mahal, Baobab trees, etc.

Attraction in Between the Route: Hawa Mahal, Rani Rupmati Mahal, Nilkantheshwar Mandir, Jain Mandir, Ecopoint, Ram Mandir, etc.

Route- Map: Indore-Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary-Mhow-Sagadi-Mandu.

Distance: 94 Km.

Duration: 2 hours.

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Bhopal to Pachmarhi

Bhopal to Pachmarhi
If you are in search of road trip tours in Madhya Pradesh that will help you feel enchanted with the surroundings of nature, then Bhopal to Pachmarhi is one of the best routes to opt for.

A driver’s delight, the route takes you through some of the most picturesque places of Pachmarhi. Flanked by superb roads, Bhopal to Pachmarhi will help you explore multiples places.

Famous for its trekking trails, Pachmarhi is a delight for adventure seekers. The serenity of this place is striking and one can look forward to enjoying elating moments by a number of waterfalls here.

Attraction in Between the Route: Bison Lodge, Bee Falls, Silver Falls, Angel Falls, etc.

Route-Map: Bhopal-Kaliyasot Dam-Hoshangabad-Sohagpur-Satpura National Park-Pachmarhi.

Distance: 200 Km.

Duration: 5 hours.

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Orchha to Khajuraho

Orchha to Khajuraho

Connecting the two beautiful tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh, Orchha to Khajuraho offers a brilliant road trip for anyone who is fond of exploring offbeat places. Offering a glimpse of various prominent monuments, Orchha to Khajuraho is an ideal road trip to enjoy a wholesome vacation.

Starting from Orchha, tourists get to witness the notable Orchha Fort built by Bundela Dynasty and some notable temples namely Ram Raja Temple, Laxminarayan Temple, Chaturbhuj Temple, etc. Driving from Orchha to Khajuraho will offer views of the dry region of Bundelkhand with different kind of landscapes that feature more of rocky sandstones.

The last leg of this road trip can be enjoyed with a tour of the famous temples of Khajuraho that were built between the 9th and 11th century by Chandela dynasty and are among the best tourist places of Khajuraho.

Attraction in Between the Route: Rani Mahal, Orchha Fort, Ram Raja, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, etc.

Route-Map: Orchha-Chattarpur-Khajuraho.

Distance: 170 Km.

Duration: 3 hours 40 minutes.

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Bhopal to Halali Dam

Bhopal to Halali Dam

Take a trip to Halali Dam from Bhopal to take a break from the monotony of the cities. Greeting you with cold winds and its signature tranquil ambience, Bhopal to Halali Dam is one of the most interesting road trips from Bhopal.

Halali Dam is a wonderful spot for wildlife lovers and those who are in search of solitude.

Attracting thousands of tourists for enjoying recreational activities like picnic and boat rides, Halali Dam is one of the most preferred weekend getaways from Bhopal where you can enjoy a superb road trip.

Attraction in Between the Route: Halali Dam Waterfall

Route-Map: Bhopal-Islamnagar-Halali Dam.

Distance: 40 Km.

Duration: 1 hour 16 minutes.


Gwalior to Chanderi

Gwalior to Chanderi

Offering a serene respite from the day to day hustle and bustle, Gwalior to Chanderi is a wonderful road trip that one can enjoy during weekends. It is one of the best road trip routes in Madhya Pradesh to explore heritage places.

Offering a glimpse of the rustic way of life in Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior to Chanderi takes you through many rural areas. Replete with many tourist attractions, this road trip is recommended to explore the famous ruins of Chanderi that date back to the medieval age.

The prominent attractions which you can see on this trip are the famous ruined Muslim palace called Koshak Mahal and Chanderi Fort. Tourists here can look forward to enjoying and clicking the captivating views of Chanderi Fort.

Attraction in Between the Route: Koshak Mahal, Shahzadi ka Roza, Jama Masjid, Buddhi Chanderi, etc.

Route-Map: Gwalior-Datia-Muhari-Chanderi.

Distance: 210 Km.

Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes.

What to see in Gwalior: Apart from Gwalior Fort or Taj-Ul-Masjid, there are other iconic places to visit in Gwalior which you should not miss.

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Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh

Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh

Cruise through the roads that adorn the way from Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh for a memorable journey when you are vacationing in Madhya Pradesh.

The road trip is one of the most recommended activities for wildlife lovers who get to visit the popular Bandhavgarh National Park.

The popular activities to look forward to on this trip are tiger safari, wildlife photography and revelling in the charm of nature.

Route-Map: Jabalpur-Shahpura-Umaria-Bandhavgarh.

Distance: 200 Km.  

Duration: 4 hours.

Looking for places to stay in Bandhavgarh? We have compiled a list of best resorts to stay in Bandhavgarh National Park. Click to know more.


Indore to Hanuwantiya

Indore to Hanuwantiya

Take a retreat from the commercialized tourist destinations to enjoy a beautiful road trip from Indore to Hanuwantiya. Known for its water tourism, Hanuwantiya is a nascent tourist destination that is being developed by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.

Tourists here can look forward to seeing the beautiful backwaters of Narmada River and Indira Sagar Dam.

Along with enthralling you with its serene natural beauty, Hanuwantiya is also known for the famous Jal Mahotsav where tourists can enjoy a number of water sports.

Attraction in Between the Route: Indira Sagar Dam.

Route-Map: Indore-Ralamandal-Simrol-Hanuwantiya.

Distance: 136 Km.

Duration: 3 hours 34 minutes.


Jabalpur to Bhedaghat

Jabalpur to Bhedaghat

Gear up to be captivated by the beauty of Bhedaghat on a drive from Jabalpur. Flanked by the waters of River Narmada, Jabalpur to Bhedaghat is a road trip where you can enjoy nature at its best.

Boasting of natural rock formations of marble rocks, this is one of the best road trip routes if you are a nature lover. Road trip from Jabalpur to Bhedaghat will offer you numerous beautiful sights to behold in the form of lush green hills and valleys.

While the nature lovers can look forward to seeing the gushing Dhuandhar Falls, thrill seekers can indulge in various water sports here.

Other famous sites to see on this road trip are Bandar Kund and Chausath Yogini Temple.

Attraction in Between the Route: Dhuandhar Falls, Bandar Kudni, Chausath Yogini Temple etc.

Route-Map: Jabalpur-Barghi Hills-Dhuandhar Falls-Bhedaghat.

Distance: 26 Km.

Duration: 46 minutes.


Bhopal to Bhimbhetka

Bhopal to Bhimbhetka

At the southern edge of the Vindhya Hills, a shelter of around 500 prehistoric rock caves is nestled between the lush green forest and waterfalls. If you are a historian, a nature lover, an adventurer or just a person seeking a getaway, Bhimbetka has everything to tease every sense in you.

At a distance of 45 km from Bhopal, the place is connected via the Hoshangabad Road. Along the road you can find the Dahod reservoir towards the ride side, a little pause on the journey and nature will come rushing for you.

The summers, from February to August are a good time to visit the place. The greenery increases and the hills blossom with flowers. Apart from the natural attractions, this place is no stranger to folklores and mythical Hindu tales.

Attraction in Between the Route: Dahod Reservoir.

Route-Map: Bhopal-Sonagiri-Samardha-Bhimbhetka.

Distance: 45 Km.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Jabalpur to Kanha

Jabalpur to Kanha

Pick one of the most amazing road trips in Madhya Pradesh by travelling from Jabalpur to Kanha National Park. Explore the diverse flora and fauna in this hotspot of nature and take back home some remarkable memories.

Nature lovers here can look forward to catching a glimpse of various animals like tiger, leopard, bear, etc. when they are on a wildlife safari.

Featuring picturesque topography, Jabalpur to Kanha is one of the best road trip routes in Madhya Pradesh to enjoy the serenity of nature and seek solace in the relaxing ambience of Kanha.

Route-Map: Jabalpur-Bijhouli-Borra Sagar-Mandla-Kanha.

Distance: 164 Km.

Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes.

Where to Stay in Kanha: Here are some of the best resorts & places to stay in Kanha National Park.

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