8 Road Trips to Take near Indore

If you are looking for places to visit on road trips near Indore, you will not be disappointed as there is an abundance of places that serve as ideal weekend getaways for adventure enthusiasts as well as nature lovers. Road trips are all about fun and adventure, and these getaways from Indore offer ideal picnic packages without burning a hole in your pocket.

With delicious food on the highway hotels and frequently appearing mesmerizing views along the way, the road trips near Indore provide the much-needed, laid back break from the monotonous life. Many of the popular and unexplored places to visit around Indore have a lot of excitement and adventure to offer to people of all age groups, making them an ideal family vacation destination.

A good research on the places to visit on bike trips near Indore will surprise you and your friends as they offer unparalleled fun and excitement, that too not too far from Indore! Dotted with green forests and views of the majestic valleys, your road trips will transform into memories of a lifetime along with your friends. The water bodies along the way promise a calming wave as you move out of Indore for an exciting sojourn.

Break free from your everyday life in and around Indore and set out on a journey of self-discovery in the places near the bustling city.

Check this amazing list of best road trips to take near Indore:

Latest Information on Travelling to INDORE?

Entry open from all domestic destinations.However, a valid negative RT-PCR report is needed to enter the state borders.

  • Wearing of masks is compulsory when out in public.
  • Thermal screening to be done for all passengers arriving in Indore.
  • Passengers must self-register on the Indore 311 app before travelling to Indore.
  • Health status must be updated regularly on the Indore 311 app for 14 days after arrival.
  • Symptomatic passengers must give undertaking for 14 days of mandatory home quarantine.
  • Night Curfew is active from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. every night.

- Markets, malls and parks in Indore are open with strict social distancing norms

  • All passengers must undergo thermal screening upon arrival.
  • A valid negative RT-PCR report is needed to enter the state borders.
  • No quarantine, either home or institutional, is required for travellers coming to Indore unless they showcase any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • All passengers are required to download the Aarogya Setu app on their phones.
  • Passengers must download and self-register on the Indore 311 app before travelling to Indore.
  • All self-registered passengers must update their health status on the Indore 311 app for 14 days after arrival.
  • In case the passengers develop COVID-19 symptoms, they must give an undertaking for 14 days Home Quarantine.
  • Business travellers, staying less than 3 days, don’t have any restrictions. They must inform about the short stay to admin officials at the airport before leaving the airport for the city.

Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport in Indore connects the city to major Indian cities. Direct flights are plying from Delhi, Kolkata, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad.


Special trains connect Indore to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata

Local Transport

Local buses, taxis, cab aggregators and autos are functioning in the city.

The government of Madhya Pradesh has taken various steps to ensure the safety of travellers and tourists in Indore. Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and safety measures issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to keep yourself safe.

Rules updated for unlock 2.0 in Madhya Pradesh/Indore Updated: 05 Jun 2021
  • Markets will be allowed to remain open during a prescribed time.
  • A maximum of 20 people can attend a marriage. It is mandatory to furnish the list of guests to the local administration in advance. Only 10 persons will be able to attend funerals.
  • Only four persons will be allowed to visit a temple at a time.
  • State government offices, except those involved in essential activities, will remain open with 50 percent of the employees and 100 percent of officers.
  • Industrial activities and agricultural activities will be allowed to resume work with safety protocols in place.
  • E-commerce and home delivery services will continue.
  • Taxis will be allowed to ply with two persons
A negative RT-PCR report needed to enter the city Updated: 05 Jun 2021

All city borders, stations and airports will check a negative RT-PCR report of all incoming travellers to ensure the safety of other incoming passengers

Indore Allows Entry of Inter-State Buses Updated: 07 May 2021

According to the guidelines of Unlock 3.0 from the state government, inter-state buses are now allowed to enter Indore. However, a valid negative RT-PCR report is needed to enter the state borders.

Inter-State, Intra- State, Inter-District and Intra-District Entry Allowed in Indore without Restrictions Updated: 07 May 2021

Travellers from other states and districts can now enter Indore without any restrictions or e-pass requirement.However, a valid negative RT-PCR report is needed to enter the state borders.

Timing for Night Curfew Eased by Two Hours in Indore Updated: 04 Sep 2020

Night curfew timings in Indore have been reduced by two hours. The curfew shall now be active from 10 p.m. in the night to 5 a.m. in the morning.Read more.


Indore to Hanuwantiya Road Trip

As an emerging water tourism destination, Hanumantiya has gained mileage in the recent times amongst the people of Indore and nearby regions. Due to its proximity to Indore, it serves as an ideal weekend getaway for the people living in the bustling city.

Due to the same proximity, a road trip to Hanumantiya Islands can be one of the best road trips near Indore for the exciting views it offers of the backwaters of the Indira Sagar Dam and the serene surroundings. With the majestic flora and fauna dotting your way on the road trip, the sojourn promises a rejuvenating break to revive your body, mind, and soul.

A road trip with friends to Hanumantiya also promises extravagant fun as the destination delights you with water adventure sports in the backwaters of the Indira Sagar Dam.

Route of the Trip: Indore- Simrol-Balwara-Sancwad-Mundi-Hanuwantiya.

Distance from Indore: 169 Km.

Best Season to Go for Trip: October-April is the best time to visit Hanuwantiya.

Click here to know more about other water adventure sports near Indore.


Indore to Sailani Island Road Trip

A road trip to Sailani Island promises unparalleled fun owing to the rich natural scenery it has to offer to the visitors all along the route from Indore. Located at a decent 80-km distance from Indore, you must choose to visit Sailani Island if you are looking for exciting bike trips near Indore which can offer a tranquil experience coupled with jubilance and a pinch of adventure.

While the Sailani Island offers water-based activities like speed boating, paddle boating and cruising in the backwaters of Indira Sagar Dam, the scenic surroundings en route to the dam are promisingly enchanting to keep you engaged all along the route.

Route of the Trip: Indore-Ralamandal-Simrol-Balwara-Mortakk-Omkareshwaar-Sailani Tapu.

Distance from Indore: 81.1 Km.

Best Season to Go for Trip: The place can be visited throughout the year. However, to extract the best out of the conditions, one must visit between the months of October and March.

Apart from Water Sports, there are other adventurous activities to do near Indore which you should not miss.


Indore to Mandu Road Trip

Everyone likes to breathe clean air and take a weekend off somewhere in tranquil places. Mandu is one such ancient fort city which can take you back in a time with its ruins and rumbles in the magnificent architecture.

The place also houses India’s biggest fort, i.e. the Mandu Fort. While the baobab trees dot the road on both the sides on one of your best road trips near Indore, the ancient city surprises you with the undefeatable structures reflecting the rich Afghan architecture.

Mandu exemplifies romance as it narrates you the tale of Rani Roopmati and Baz Bahadur on your road trip to the majestic city of the 6th century.

Route of the Trip: Indore-Machal-Delmi-Nalchha-Mandu.

Distance from Indore: 91 Km.

Best Season to Go for Trip: Offering an exciting vacation throughout the year, Mandu is best visited between the months of July to March.

Looking for places to visit? We have compiled a list of best places to visit in Mandu. Click to know more.


Indore to Maheshwar Road Trip

Temple town Maheshwar is located on the banks of the river Narmada. As the town will offer a spiritual and peaceful experience to you, Maheshwar ends your search for the best road trips near Indore.

While the calming waters make your sojourn tranquil, the devotional tunes and hymns from the temple fill the air with an enchanting aura.

The ghats in Maheshwar also add charm to the holiness of the place. A road trip to Maheshwar will also be one of the exciting journeys as the place is also popular for handicrafts and local fabric.

Route of the Trip: Indore-Umariya-Mhow-Janapav-Dhamnod-Maheshwar.

Distance from Indore: 95.2 Km.

Best Season to Go for Trip: Maheshwar offers a tranquil experience throughout the year, however, the place must be best visited between the months of October to April to avoid rains.

Indore to Kalakund Road Trip

Kalakund is home to one of the popular sweets in India called Kalakand. Nestled in the majestic ghats of Mhow in Indore district, it can be one of your most fascinating bike trips from Indore for the views of gushing streams and lush greenery during the monsoon.

A road trip to Kalakund promises access to Gungara Falls and Kalakund Forest. The Kalakund Forest night trek is an adventurous outing option offered by the place as it promises to enchant you with views of thick forests, valleys and water bodies.

Take a road trip to Kalakund with your friends in the lap of nature and also visit the nearby Kushalgarh Fort to make memories of a lifetime!

Route of the Trip:

Distance from Indore:
39 Km.

Best Season to Go for Trip:
To experience the might of the waterfalls and the greenery in the forest, you must visit Kalakund starting from October to April.

There are various other trekking trails near Indore apart from Kalakund. Follow the link to know more.

Indore to Choral Dam Road Trip

An ideal place to make your weekend special, Choral Dam in Mhow is an ecotourism site which will enchant the nature lover in you. The site is popular for activities such as bird-watching and water adventure activities like speed- and pedal-boating.

A road trip to Choral Dam from Indore promises a fun ride as the roads are in good condition and the surrounding views are eye pleasing. A weekend outing at Choral Dam promises a laid-back vacation away from your everyday life, and it is an ideal destination near Indore to revive yourselves.

Route of the Trip: Indore-Umariya-Mhow-Bamniya Kund-Choral Dam.

Distance from Indore: 41 Km.

Best Season to Go for Trip: Although the spot will enchant your round the year, the best time to visit Choral Dam is between the months of October and February.


Indore to Gulawat Road Trip

Located in the vicinity of Indore, Gulawat is a quaint getaway option for people living in and around the bustling city. The short distance from the main city also makes Gulawat an ideal spot for a one-day picnic in the lap of nature.

Popular for the Lotus Valley, a road trip to the nearby Gulawat will be your ideal trip in the search of tranquillity.

A stroll in the nearby Gulawat Village will offer an insight into the old-fashioned village life with pure air to breathe solace to experience in the lap of nature.

Route of the Trip: Indore-Nainod-Budhaniya-Hatod-Lotus Valley.

Distance from Indore: 21 Km.

Best Season to Go for Trip: Gulawat Village and Lotus Valley are open to the public around the year. However, the village is best visited during non-monsoon months (October-April) to avoid rains and extreme heat.

Looking for picnic spots near Indore? We have compiled a list of best picnic spots near Indore. Click to know more.


Indore to Chidi Khoh Sanctuary Road Trip

Located in the Narsinghgarh region of Rajgarh district, the Chidi Khoh Wildlife Sanctuary is a tourist attraction near Indore which promises a lot of excitement to nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts in nature’s lap.

The road trip from Indore will engage you as you walk into the thick forest which houses the exotic wildlife in its natural habitat. The sanctuary also offers a glimpse of migratory birds who fly down here from different parts of the world.

The Chidikho lake, which is at the heart of the sanctuary, will offer your tranquil vibes as the places make for an ideal weekend getaway from Indore and nearby regions.

Route of the Trip: Indore-Dewas-Sehore-Kurawar-Chidi Khoh.

Distance from Indore: 214 Km.

Best Season to Go for Trip: October to April.

Newly Added Indore Experience
03 December 2018
amazing company trip with Thrillophilia, nicely managed by hotel staff, camping was very comfortable starting from things were very hustled free just enjoyed a lot team Thrillophilia was very supportive and learnt a lot from all, and got a new lesson on posing in thrillo style from Satya.
27 October 2018
I attended Mahua camp which fascinated me to come here from Bhopal to Indore great plan by Thrillophilia and well executed by Satya Rajput.
"the Experience of this trek was amazing and memorable.\nThis is the first time i have done night trek ... \nbut our trip organiser rizwan and achal made it so easy. \nfood and stay was amazing \n"
02 December 2018
We came in the team but team bonding games made us closer .... Nightlight trek was the best experience we had .. Very well managed things food quality was ... Humble staff ... Nicely executed by Satya and his complete team .. Love for camping.
02 December 2018
Thrilling and soothing experience perfect getaway for a weekend. Night trek and morning off-road ride activities and swimming pool just memorable day ...things very well briefed well managed by Thrillophilia. Waiting for more ......from Thrillophilia.
07 December 2020
Harsh Agrawal Fundore Enertainment Park, Indore
This is the best park i have visited in Indore with lot of adventure activities.It has the best Go-karting indore with the most reasonable price and has superb hospitality. My kid dropped the plate of the momos that i bought so they served me complimentary momos.Cowboy cafe has really good momos in fundore.
Nice services without any problems and better way to roam in the city and visit various tourist places.
The service was very good. The staff is really kind. The vehicles they provided were in good condition because of which we were able to complete our trip effortlessly. We appreciate their service.
Nice services without any problems and better way to roam in the city and visit various tourist places.
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The service was very good. The staff is really kind. The vehicles they provided were in good condition because of which we were able to complete our trip effortlessly. We appreciate their service.

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