10 Best Places to Visit in Dandeli | Tourist Places in Dandeli
Places to visit in Dandeli comprises of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Kali River, Kavala Caves, Syntheri Rock, Shiroli Peak, Anshi National Park, Supa Dam, Kulgi Nature Camp, Sykes Point, Ullavi Temple and many more.

Located in the western part of Karnataka, there are a plethora of places to visit in Dandeli, that lure the travelers for the experience of an untamed exploration. The mountains, rivers, caves and the lush landscapes make Dandeli a perfect weekend getaway for people from Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru.

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There are also several vantage points for the tourists to witness the stunning sunsets. Other than the natural bounty, there are also man-made attractions, such as dams and temples.

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What makes Dandeli unique is that the wildlife sanctuary and the national park give you an enthralling encounter with the wild animals here. Moreover, the region is also an adventure haven with several thrilling activities to try out. For all this and more, come here and be mesmerized by the tourist places in Dandeli.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Dandeli:


Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the foremost amongst the tourist places in Dandeli. It offers lush flora and rare species of fauna. Some unusual mammals you will come across in this wildlife sanctuary are sloth bears, black panther, barking deer, the Indian pangolin (an ant-eating mammal), the Malabar giant squirrel, rare black panther amongst others.

It isn’t surprising that the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary tops charts amongst the other places to visit in Dandeli because it offers over 200 species of birds for the bird watchers.

Birds like Casque, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Blue-Throated Barbet, Peregrine Falcon, are often spotted by nature-lovers. There are ample medicinal plants amongst the evergreen and deciduous growth. These wildlife safaris and bird watching are a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Distance from Dandeli: It is exactly at 3 km distance from Dandeli and believed to be on 8 minutes drive via J.N.road and 9 minutes drive via Barchi Road and Haliyal - Dandeli Rd.

Some of the landmarks you will come across on the routes are Singapore gift center, Syndicate circle Dandeli, Shree Ganesh Hotel, BB Bakery, Dandeli Eco-Tours and Deluxe ground.

Location: Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is located precisely in North Kanada. To be precise, it is on the SH46 route.


Kali River

Kali River

You can listen to the soothing, gurgling sound of the river which is surrounded by lush greenery. Sadashivgad is a picturesque fort which is located on the Kali river bridge and is amongst the popular places to visit in Dandeli.

One can stop by to admire the beauty of nature or try out water sports which include boating, flying fox, kayaking to name a few. The river offers natural Jacuzzi and it will be the one-of-a-kind experience for all. What better than nature giving you a soothing massage!

River Kali is also a most sought-after spot for overnight camping and outdoor camping in Dandeli. Adding a bit of spice with barbecue parties and campfire games will also be another memorable moment you can take back with you.

 Another attraction offered by the prospering river is white water rafting, albeit its availability depends on the weather. And if none of these options suit you, you can try river crossing and/or coracle ride.

Distance from Dandeli: Kali River is 86 km away from Dandeli and it takes approximately two hours to get to the river.

Location: It flows through the Karwar region so one can stay on SH46 and take Karwar-Belgaum road or Ramnagar- Karwar road to reach the Kali river. 

Kavala Caves

Kavala Caves

Next up in the places to visit in Dandeli is Kavala caves. It is way below the surface of the Earth, into the darkest depths where it houses a temple. To reach the temple you climb down over one thousand steps which seem never-ending. These limestone caves are said to exist since the pre-historic era.

The caves have religious importance and they are often linked to Mahabharata. The sight of Dandeli and nearby area is alluring to watchTrekkers are especially attracted to the Kavala caves, also spelt as Cavla caves. This is one unusual adventure, said to have been meant for only a few brave hearts.

Because not only do you travel in heart of the earth, engulfed by darkness but you will also have to brave the snakes and bats which inhabit the caves. The attraction of this cave is a naturally formed Shiva linga which is said to be in the shape of a rudraksha.

Distance from Dandeli: It is precisely 26 km from Dandeli. But if you happen to come via Ambikanagar then it is 7km away. A government jeep drops the tourists and then they have to trek all to the caves.

Location: If you come via Dandeli than it is located in Lalguli and you take the route via Kulgi road.


Syntheri Rock

Syntheri Rock
Nature seekers and photographers have to add this place under their category of places to visit in Dandeli. You trek all the way to meet this monolith granite rock which is 300 meters in height. The place boasts a small waterfall and a rocky ravine.

Though advisable to refrain from swimming or rock climbing, brave hearts can and do face the rocky adventure. The place has rocky elevations but slippery surface which might be tough to tread in the rainy season. Such adventurous activities in Dandeli are seen at many places around it.

One can bring in food as this is spot is perfect for the picnic with family, mini-breaks and photography. Sitting by the bed one can listen to the melody of nature. You will find lots of beehives all over the rock and chances are that you can slip on the honey droplets or yellowish bee wax. One has to walk up to the rock as it is around 200 steps away from the parking lot.

Distance from Dandeli: It is approximately 31 Km away from Dandeli. If one drives it can take up to an hour or 45 minutes.

Location: It is located on the banks of river Kalindi in Gund. Kalindi is a small river which then merges into Kali river.


Shiroli Peak

Shiroli Peak

Touted to be a place beautiful beyond words, Shiroli Peak is a part of wildlife safari when in Anshi National Park. However, one can choose to trail by on your own, although, a safari is a much-recommended option. It is the highest peak in North Kannada.

It gives you a breathtaking view of the brave and mighty Sahyadri ranges. And it is a popular spot for trekkers and nature lovers. View from this vantage point is picturesque and photographers are likely to fall in love with it.

It is surrounded by dense green forests. Recommended is staying back to view an exquisite sunset. To get to the viewpoint one has to take a flight of stairs. It is said to be one of the most famous tourist spots in Dandeli and hence a must-visit.

If you are lucky you could meet with the fog spreading across the horizon making it look as if the sky is touching the peak. 

Visit these places should be definitely included in your Dandeli tour so that you won't have any regrets later. Apart from trekking and photography, the peak offers the view of the Western Ghats and the dense forests so it is also quite famous for nature lovers and bird watchers.

Distance from Dandeli: It is about 25 Km from Dandeli.

Location: It is located within Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

Anshi National Park

Anshi National Park

Anshi National Park is well known for its Tiger reserve. It is alternatively also called Kali Tiger Reserve since the River Kali passes through the reserve. It is a highly protected area and is spread over 1300 square kilometers. It is an evergreen tropical rainforest.

One may spot a distinctive fauna while on this path and the fauna may range from Indian elephants to black panthers and Bengal Tigers. You may also find some common flora such as bintangur, Calophyllum wightianum, Malabar tamarind, Garcinia Morella, Knema attenuata, Hopea wightiana, etc.

Best months to visit Anshi National parks are October to May and the park is open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. There are ample trek trails in the park and one may also enjoy camping by nature. Tent and dormitory accommodations are provided. 

Because of its nearness to the Kali river, you can pick your favorite water sport, including natural Jacuzzi. Anshi National Park is well connected to Dandeli and has public transportations available to Dharwad, Hubli, and Bengaluru.

Distance from Dandeli: Dandeli is about 37. 5kms away from Dandeli, which is approximately one hour to 45 minutes' drive.

Location: It is located in Kodthalli and you may take the route via SH46 and follow Ramnagar-Karwar road.


Supa Dam

Supa Dam

Away from the hustle of the city, amongst the places to visit in Dandeli, Dandeli offers you this picturesque Supa Dam. The dam is built across river Kalindi. It is a second largest dam in the state of Karnataka and allows for the best dam backwater trek experience. 

With the height of 101 meters and length of 332 meters, Supa Dam is a concrete gravity dam. One can take a trip with their children as it is the most appreciated projects of Karnataka government for its hydroelectricity plan. The place is a beautiful hub for photographers and nature lovers. The road leading towards dam is equally scenic and one may spot varied species of mammals and birds while on the route.

It is highly recommended to view the sunset from this vantage point. In midst of the dam, there exists small islet, touring these river islands is one unforgettable experience. You may also enjoy the best river rafting in Dandeli here. The vicinity is also best suited for a short cycling trip.

Distance from Dandeli: It is approximately 21.6 km from Dandeli, about 30 minutes drive.

Location: It located in Ganeshgundi, in the town of Dandeli. You take the route via SH28 and onto SH34.


Kulgi Nature Camp

Kulgi Nature Camp

In the heart of nature, amidst the serene melodies of birds chirping, the heart tearing roars of mammals, one can go camping while in Dandeli to Kulgi Nature Camp. The place offers fine food and all in good accommodation. While in Kulgi nature camp you’d be able to explore the unexplored jungles of Dandeli.

As for those wishing to try their photography skills, there are not only ample mammals and birds but different species of butterflies such as Blue Tiger, Common Crow, Immigrant, Southern Birdwing, Plain Tiger, and many more. One may find it fascinating to spot the Langur families and other such mammals moving in through the camp without causing any chaos. 

Other activities in Dandeli that have been favored by the tourists are tyre swinging, net climbing, tyre bridge to name a few. Bird trails and jeep safari are must when in Kulgi Nature Camp. It is highly recommended to take the morning safari as you are likely to spot more rare species of animals. The camp also offers the screening of different wildlife documentaries every evening.

Distance from Dandeli: Kulgi Nature Camp is about 12 km from Dandeli town.

Location: It is located in the Kulgi village, Haliyal taluka of Dandeli.

Sykes Point

Sykes Point

Sykes Point is said to be named after a British officer who found it during one of his hunting expeditions. One has to take permission before heading to the Sykes Point. It is touted to be a favoured sunset point by the tourists. It gives you a striking view of nature with a view of the mountain and river alongside. 

You can choose the water sports like rafting, kayaking, coracle ride while on a visit to Sykes point. It is recommended to choose the longer course which gives you ample time to enjoy the soothing swirls of the rivers.Children below the age of 12 aren’t usually allowed for the varied water sports activities. It is always advisable to plan this trip in advance. 

Sykes point is around 700 meters above the sea level. It’s proximity to the Supa dam and hydroelectric plant, Kali river and the dense greenery makes it a must-visit amongst the tourist. Add to that is the confluence of Kali river Nagzari river which is cannot miss. Not only sports activities but even trekkers and photographers will fall in love with this place.

Distance from Dandeli: Sykes Point is around 26 km from Dandeli.

Location: It is near Ambikanagar in Dandeli.

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Ulavi Temple

Ulavi Temple

Ulavi Temple also spelt Ulvi temple is quite famous amongst the tourists. It is the temple of Shri Ulavi Channabasaveshwara. It is located in the tiger reserve and is very famous amongst the pilgrims. Every year lakhs of pilgrims and devotees come to seek blessings of Shri Ulavi Channabasaveshwara.

The annual fest of the temple is held in February or Magha Poornima. It lies amidst the town of Dandeli and Karwar and has been in the heart of the Western Ghats. It goes without saying that it is quite scenic. It is one reverential spot of the lingayat community as it has the Samadhi of Saint Channabasavanna. Originally styled after the Chalukyas style, it has recently been renovated.

Statues of Shiva Sharanas, a devotee of Lord Shiva, adorn the temple premises. Ulvi Temple is also popular for many caves and stalactites. Caves you will find in Ulavi are Mahamane Gavi, Panchalingeshwara Cave, Vibhoothi Mantapa and Aakalu Gavi. The renowned Kodthalli falls or better known as Channabasava Jalapatha are also situated here. These falls are around 50 feet high.

Distance from Dandeli: It is around 47 km from Dandeli approximately one and a half hour drive from Dandeli

Location: You take the SH46 route on the Ulavi road to reach the Ulavi temple.

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