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    Nandi Kund Trek

    Nandi Kund Trek is bounded by lofty snow covered high peaks and lush-green meadows. It is located at a height of 14,500 feet, Chaukhamba towers over this placid lake on one side. You can see the reflection of the many peaks of Chaukhamba in the serene waters of the lake.

    Nandi Kund is said to be as deep as it is big. It is spread over an area of one and half Km. Madhyamaheshwer Ganga flows from it. The Trekkeing Trail leading towards this revered lake is marked with streams coming from the top, and you have to cross these streams to reach the Kund.

    There are some very old woods near the Kund that are worshipped by the locals. According to mythology, these woods belong to the Pandavas. Nandi Kund is a moderate to difficult level trek.

    How to Reach

    Nearest airport is in Dehradun, and nearest railhead is in Rishikesh. From Rishikesh, the entry point, Sagar, is 219 km away. A 22-km trek from Sagar will lead you to Rudranath. Then one needs to trek 10 km to Urgram Village and plus 2 km trek to Kalpeshwar, and then trek to Dumak and Nandi Kund.

    Exact Location: Its located close to Madhyamaheshwer in the north-east Gharwal region.

    Nearest Town: Rudraprayag

    Trek Length: It is around 7 days trek to reach the lake and it takes almost 5 days to return to the base

    Best Time to Visit: May to June and from the middle of August to end of October.


    Its not an easy trek and should not be attempted alone by first timers or inexperienced trekkers. A guide is necessary to undertake this trek.

    Other Information

    Joshimath: One of the popular pilgrim centres in Uttrakhand, Joshimath was established by Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century. There are the temples of Nav Durga and Narsingh here.

    Kalpeshwar: Kalpeshwar is located in the picturesque Urgam valley. Kalpeshwar temple, devoted to Lord Shiva, is nestled at an altitude of 2,134 m. The temple is one of the five Kedar shrines.


Trekking in Nandi Hills

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