Things to Do in Jim Corbett

The Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India, established in 1936. It is located in Nainital in Uttarakhand and is named after the world famous hunter, Jim Corbett. This park was created to protect the Royal Bengal Tiger, a slowly vanishing animal species in the country, with Corbett himself playing a key role in his establishment. Corbett’s diverse wildlife and splendid landscape have made it very popular with the tourists in recent years. The most popular activity around is the forest safari, which is the best thing to do in Corbett. Jim Corbett National Park is absolutely the finest of all the national parks in India, both in terms of size and diversity. Established in 1936 as the Hailey National Park, this is where the Indian Government launched Project Tiger in 1973 to protect the Royal Bengal Tiger. The park spans over 520 square kilometres and covers a gigantic area comprised of hills, marshlands, grasslands, and lakes. It is one of the 13 protected regions covered by the World Wide Fund for Nature to protect the tiger, the Asian elephant, and the one-horned rhinoceros.

The town of Ramnagar is the headquarters of the park, which can be reached via trains from Delhi, Lucknow, and Varanasi. On reaching Ramnagar, one can book a taxi to the park or Dhikala. There are also roadways that a long drive enthusiast can consider. The best time to visit Corbett in mid-November to mid-June. Corbett houses a vast array of flora and fauna, over 500 species of each. The park is one of the few national parks which lets the tourists stay overnight in the lap of the park. Safari rides are given on jeeps and elephant backs. Corbett is an absolute treat for bird watchers as bird watching is one of the best things to do in Corbett, which is home to over 650 species of birds.

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Corbett Waterfall

It is a 66 ft high waterfall that is one of the must-visit places to visit in Jim Corbett. You need to hike a bit to reach this lovely location. Furthermore, on full-moon nights, it becomes a sight to witness that leaves many mesmerized. Lush forests encompass the falls and create quite a peaceful environment.

Thus, you can cam, or plan a picnic near the beautiful Corbett Waterfall to unwind after investing time in a jungle safari. You will no doubt have one of the best feelings in this famous area of National Park.

Location: Ramnagar District, Uttarakhand

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Garjia Temple

Garjia Devi Temple is actually a large rock placed amidst river Kosi, that's named after the deity of the same name. You can reach here by climbing a few flights of stairs. This temple is amongst the famous places to visit in Jim Corbett for devotees of the deity from all over the world. Many couples also prefer to seek the blessings of Garjia Devi here.

Also, in case you are visiting Jim Corbett Park during the occasion of Karthik Poornima that holds in November every year, you even get the chance to attend the fair here. 

Location: Ramnagar Range, Garjiya, Uttarakhand

Corbett Museum

Corbett Museum in Kaladhungi is actually the heritage bungalow of the hunter turned conservationist - Jim Corbett. This museum is chosen as amongst the must-visit tourist places in Jim Corbett by visitors to behold the achievements and activities of the conservationist.

The collection includes his personal belongings and letters. Additionally, there is a display in the Corbett Museum that features many photographs and antiques. This museum is a good choice to know yourself and let your kids also get the knowledge about the person on whom this whole National Park is being named.

Location: Inside Dhangari Gate


Bijrani is a lovely place appreciated for its thick wood, huge grasslands, wild drains, and wildlife. It is a dry zone of the park with diverse vegetation. Since the British period, Birjani was known for the quality of the hunting game.

It is amongst the popular as a day visit tourist places in Jim Corbett. So, book a jeep safari or Elephant safari and get ready to get into the wilds to have some brave encounters.

Location: Bijrani, Ramnagar


This zone of Jim Corbett is situated in the Southern area of the park and is notable for easy wildlife spotting in its thick forest. It's one of the prominent places to visit in Jim Corbett as in this area of the park you will be lucky to see animals like nilgai, sambhar, cheetal, in their natural habitat. Further, here, you can also locate a good population of wild elephants and sloth bears. 

For more thrill, one can book a stay at Forest Rest House FRH Jhirna to see tigers as they usually visit at this location at night.

Location: Southern zone of Jim Corbett National Park

Durga Mandir Temple

It is an ancient temple which is amongst the famous tourist places in Jim Corbett for devotees to Goddess Durga. The temple is also prominent for its architecture work showcasing legends of other Hindu deities.

Numerous tourists visit the temple to admire its intricate design. The temple is a spot nestled in the dense woods of the National Park. The Kosi river flowing nearby this temple increases the charm of this area. Thus, it is a treat for the soul due to its peaceful environment!

Location: Ramnagar, Jim Corbett National Park

Sitabani Temple

Sitabani temple is dedicated to Sita, which is an ideal spot for those looking for some religious tourist places in Jim Corbett. According to the Hindu epic Ramayana, the protagonist Sita of Ramayana spent some days stranded in a fugitive while in the Agnipariksha phase.

Besides, this area is also known for a nearby flowing river that attracts many tourists. The serene riverbank is a lovely spot to take rest for a while after a tiring safari tour. 

Location: Mailani Range, Uttarakhand

Dhikala Zone

Ever wondered of a staycation inside the forest house? Dhikala is the one for you if this plan gives you a chill! Get ready to have another level of feeling for a vacay among the wild. While staying here, envision listening to the birds chirping and tiger's roar, along with the wind blowing in the calm night. It is one of those adventurous tourist places in Jim Corbett that you can't give a miss.

Further, wildlife lovers can head to tour Dhikala zone which is home to various species of reptiles as well as mammals. You could be fortunate enough to catch a sight of the Royal Bengal Tigers, Chitals, and Elephants, for which Jim Corbett is famous.

Location: Forest Compound, Ramnagar

Kyari Camp

Kyari Camp sets deep within the Kotabagh valley with the surrounding dense forest landscape, making it one of the fun places to visit in Jim Corbett. This complex is a complete village styled home, so if you want to get a taste of a rural setting, this is a place to be. It is a no electricity location to provide visitors with a complete village experience.

At night, kerosene or solar lanterns lit the entire place. And in the morning, you can perform various recreational activities like vegetable sowing in farms, rock climbing, nature trails, diving in the river pool, and rappelling across the waterfall. Thus, forget a city lifestyle for a while and immerse yourself in the village experience.

Location: Syat, Uttarakhand

Sitabani Forest Reserve

Sitabani Forest Reserve is a naturally enclosed site found on the opposite side of the famous National Park. The foothills of the mighty Himalayas surround this reserve. It's one of those tourist places in Jim Corbett that is home to diverse wildlife such as tigers, leopards, elephants, spotted deer, sambhar, wild boar, and much more in its thick Sal forests.

Thus, one more perfect spot for a Jeep safari to meet the animals up close and personal. Further, this place is also famed for its rich flora like Sheesham, Sal, Dhak, Kanju, Haldu, Mangos, Pipal, and Rohini trees.

Location: District Nainital, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

Kalagarh Dam

This dam is encompassed by the picturesque landscape of the Corbett National Park and thus, it is an Insta-worthy location. Also known as Ramganga Dam, this water barrage's construction started in 1961 and completed in 1974.

The birdwatching lovers get to experience a lot of avian species flocking the area. A lot of wildlife lovers also reach this region of the sanctuary for locating the waterfowl that migrates at this dam in the winter season. So, if you have some extra time during your expedition to the National Park, add this location in your list of places to visit in Jim Corbett.

Location: Pauri Garhwal District, Uttarakhand

Kosi River

Kosi River flows alongside the Corbett National Park, creating the eastern border of the Park. Many adventure lovers flock this river to indulge in river rafting activity. While here, you can take part in the grade II as well as grade III of the white water rafting.

It is always exciting to ride on the storming rapids of streaming water. River rafting is the next favorite activity that visitors like to do here, after their trip to Jim Corbett National Park. Additionally, this river pulls in several species of migratory birds. So, it's amongst the notable places to visit in Jim Corbett for bird watchers to catch some vibrant photographs. 

Location: Ranikhet Road, Jim Corbett National Park

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Jim Corbett Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Corbett?

Corbett is the oldest wildlife sanctuary in the country and is one of the most concentrated areas when it comes to animal and plant varieties. Over 500 varieties of both animal and plant types are present in this forest itself. Exploration of this vast forest is a challenge by itself to the tourists. Some of the best things to do in Corbett are –

Take a jeep/cantor safari around the forest to spot animals
Take an elephant safari in the forest
Bird watching in Dhikala
Trekking in the Almora ranges
Rock Climbing and other activities in Corbett Adventure Resort
Fishing and Angling in the Kosi or Ramganga river

What are the best adventure activities to do in and around Corbett?

Corbett has the scope of many adventure activities in and around it for tourists. The rocky terrains and the freshwater rivers in and around it provide a scope for many activities that can be done by the tourists while visiting Corbett. Some of the best adventure activities to do here are -

Elephant Safari
Jeep Safari
Canter Safari
River Rafting
Rock Climbing

Where and when can I do an elephant safari in Corbett?

An elephant back safari is one of the unique things that you can do in Corbett. The tourists ride on the back of elephants steered by experienced mahouts, which is the peak of ecotourism. It is a special treat where one can roam on the back of these majestic animals while exploring the stunning forests and other plant and animal varieties. The elephants follow a designated route only.
The elephant rides are permitted only in Bijrani and Dhikala tourism zones, and it can be done throughout the year.

How much will a jeep safari cost in Corbett? What are its timings?

Jeep safaris are another popular mode of exploring the forest in Corbett. Trying to spot a tiger or an elephant while viewing the picturesque sights of the Almora ranges, the dense forests and lovely display of wildlife is truly an exciting experience that one can have. Corbett is one of the rare few areas in the country with a huge concentration of animals in it and the only way to get to discover as many of them are by a jeep or canter safari.
The jeep seats a maximum of 6 people per jeep and costs INR 4500 per jeep for Indians and INR 8000 per jeep for foreigners. The jeeps run in two time slots, one from 5:45 AM to 9:15 AM and another from 3:00 PM to 6:15 PM.

Which are some adventurous treks in and around Corbett?

The presence of rough terrains and hills in and around Corbett makes it a trekking option for the tourists as well. The trek-loving crowd loves to explore Corbett and its surrounding areas on foot. The routes around here are through dense forests, hidden lakes and ancient temples. These treks around Corbett are short and simple, not very long, which makes it a warm experience.
Adventurous treks around Corbett are -


KunjKharak – A 4-day trek exploring Corbett and a vast variety of terrain and jungle in the Lower Himalayas

Sitabani Temple – The short trek to Sitabani temple passes through the dense forests around Corbett and the scenic route hence is popular with the tourists.

Where can I enjoy fishing in Corbett? What is the best time for it?

Fishing and angling are two of the most favourite leisure time activities to do for the visiting tourists. Searching for the Mahaseer fish and the big Catfish in the river is also an enjoyable experience for the tourists. The Mahaseer is a big fish found only in the freshwater areas of the Himalayas having varieties like Golden Mahaseer, Silver Mahaseer etc. Fishing in Corbett is done in the Kosi and Ramganga rivers. One needs to take permission from forest officials beforehand in order to be able to fish in those two places. The Corbett visiting season of mid-November to mid-June is also the best time for fishing here.

Where can I do river rafting near Corbett? What are its charges?

River rafting is another adventure sport that one can engage themselves in while visiting the Corbett National Park, although it can only be done during the monsoon season. River rafting near Corbett is done in the Kosi river. It is not as challenging as the Ganges but one can experience a Class II or a Class III rapid and that is quite enjoyable for rafting. The charges for rafting depends on the resorts and can be around INR 2000.

Where can I do rock climbing near Corbett? Is it safe to do so?

The vast stretch of Corbett also covers hills and rough terrains of the Himalayas which provide excellent spots for the popular adventure sport of rock climbing. Using safety gears and trained instructors, tourists come here for experiencing some thrill in the form of rock climbing. Other than inside the park, rock climbing can also be done in Corbett Adventure Resort in Ramnagar. Rock Climbing in Corbett is very safe, as it uses top quality safety equipment and trainers.

How much will a canter safari cost in Corbett? How many people can be there in a single canter?

Dhikala is the most well-known tourist centres in Corbett. The very popular Canter safari begins from Dhikala, which is a popular way to explore the National Park. Canter Safaris can only be done in the Dhikala Zone and is a magnificent way to discover the parts of the forest with the most concentration of wildlife and plants. It maximises one’s chance of spotting a tiger or an Asian elephant.
A canter safari costs INR 1500 for Indians and INR 3000 for Foreigners. A canter seats 16 tourists, accompanied by an expert naturalist and forest gunman.

Where can I do mountain biking near Corbett? Which are some popular routes?

Mountain Biking is not just about biking, it's also about exploring the nature and its beauty. A mountain biking expedition near Corbett means one gets to witness the spellbinding beauty of the Himalayas, the snow-capped peaks, the lush valleys and relaxing lakes and rivers. Mountain biking has become a very popular activity in India. A 7-day biking tour from Kathgodam to Jim Corbett National Park is very popular and is the only biking route covering over 300 km. It is one of the best things to experience for an adventure lover.

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