Elephant Trekking in Krabi - Tour, Rides, Bathing & Feeding
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Elephant Trek Krabi

Browse through a wide range of Places for Elephant Trekking in Krabi is Nosey Parker's Elephant Camp, Phunaka Krabi of Thailand Elephant Trekking, Krabi Elephant Sanctuary, Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary, and many more.

Elephant trekking in Krabi is solely about exploring the wilderness of Thailand jungles on the back of Elephants. Elephant trekking in Krabi Thailand is undeniably the most mutually benefitting act of tourism for the Elephants and their mahouts. Where almost all Elephants at these camps age between 20 to 40 years, and have been around humans for quite a long time. Elephants can scale the forests like no other medium. The Krabi Elephant trekking excursion begins the moment you arrive at the camp.

From the green wetlands of Phunaka Camp to the beautiful mangroves of Nosey Parker’s camp: these treks traverse you across the pristine and unspoiled jungle trails where you pass through oily palms, coconut groves, and freshwater river pools. If you believe that the thrill is only limited to trekking behind the back of an Elephant then get excited for the post-trek activities at Ao Nam Mao Elephant Trekking and at Krabi Elephant house sanctuary. 

Activities such as mud bathing your giant friend, feeding it locally grown bananas, and making paper out of their dung- everything can be a part of your tour depending on what program you opt for.  Places like Ao Nang Elephant Sanctuary and Krabi Elephant sanctuary work for a noble cause of protecting the old and retired Elephants. Elephant trekking Krabi price varies according to the type of tour you choose and the camp you go to.

Here are some of the best places for elephant trekking in Krabi:

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Nosey Parker's Elephant Camp

Nosey Parker’s is quite a famous camp for Krabi Elephant trekking expeditions. Situated around 15 minutes from Ao Nang, this camp offers activities like canoeing in the beautiful mangroves of Thailand, trekking on foot as well as Elephant trekking, swimming, and even a scrumptious Thai meal is included in their programs.

The trek is majorly conducted around the “Karst mountain” and the surrounding cliffs. You often get to encounter monkeys and exotic birds along the forest trails. 

Location: Nong Thale, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand

Price: Trekking program 1- Adult 800 TBH and Child 400 TBH | Elephant trekking program 2- Adult 1,700 TBH and Child 900 TBH

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM daily

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Phunaka Krabi of Thailand Elephant Trekking

In Phunaka Krabi elephant trekking expeditions, you wander around the wild trails of the rainforest without disturbing the natural habitat. Simply imagine yourself perched on the back of an Elephant. Your seat is basically a sturdy saddle harnessed around the back of the Elephant while the guide rides on the shoulders.

You are sure to vouch for the best the Elephant Trekking Krabi price at this camp. 

155 Ban Sai Po Tai Tambon Nong Thale, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand

Price: 1800 TBH  per adult | 1500 TBH per child

Timings: 9 AM to 3 PM daily

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Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

The retired and overtired Elephants who have worked in the tourism, entertainment and logging industry for years cherish Krabi Elephant sanctuary as their safe haven. The camp aims at providing the healthiest environment to the Asian Elephants and to promote eco-tourism.

As a tourist you can interact, touch, bathe and feed the animals but you can’t ride them. The camp follows a strict policy that says no to chaining, abusing, beating or riding Elephants, hence, it is the happy home for the gentle giants that they absolutely deserve. 

Location: 83/13 Ao Luek Tai, Ao Luek District, Krabi 81110, Thailand

Price: THB 2,500 per Adult and THB 2,000 per Child (3-9  Years)

Timings: Daily Routine - 7 AM to 6 PM daily
                Morning visit - 7 AM to 12 noon 
                Afternoon visit - 1 PM to 6 PM

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Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary

Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary programs for Elephant trekking in Krabi are famous for various good reasons.  The camp runs a total of four programs as in Program A, you get 1 and a half hours feeding, bathing and jungle walking on the back of Elephants. Program B is a half-day tour of 5 to 6 hours that includes, bathing Elephants, feeding them, jungle walking, visiting Elephant hospital and a local authentic Thai meal.

You get to learn the process of papermaking from Elephant’s dung in program 3 with rest of the activities the same as A and B. Program D is the longest program for Elephant trekking in Krabi a full-day tour that includes all of the above as well as swimming in a natural river near the camp. 

Location: 1016, Tambon Thab Prik, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand


- Program A: THB 1,700 per Adult | THB 1,300 per Child (3-9 Years)
- Program B: THB 2,500 per Adult | THB 1,800 per Child (3-9 Years)
- Program C: THB 2,500 per Adult | THB 1,800 per Child (3-9 Years)
- Program D: THB 4,000 per Adult | THB 3,000 per Child (3-9 Years)

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM daily


Ao Nam Mao Elephant Trekking

Major camps for Elephant trekking in Krabi are situated around Ao Nang and Ao Nam Mao Elephant Trekking camp is just 7 kilometres away from Ao Nang Beach. The camp is easily accessible and promises sheer adventure as you ride the back of the Elephants, all this is further topped with a riverside Thai-style lunch.

Besides jungle trekking and riverside lunch, you also get to explore a marine saltwater fish park in Krabi and get to swim and relax in the natural river that runs through the Elephant Camp as a part of their half-day tours. 

Location: 155 
Ban Sai Po Tai Tambon Nong Thale, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand

Price: 1800 TBH  per adult | 1500 TBH per child

Timings: 9 AM to 3 PM daily

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Ao Nang Elephant Sanctuary

The programs at Ao Nang Elephant Sanctuary largely includes interacting with the rescued and retired Elephants, cook protein ball to feed them and lead them into a muddy bath in a mud spa pond surrounded by mountain and forest vistas.

There is simply no scope of trekking on the back of the Elephant at this sanctuary. Meet Tang Po and Malai, the oldest Elephants at the sanctuary, one is over 63 years old and another is around 45, both are friendly and healthy. 

272 Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81180, Thailand

THB 2,500 per Adult | THB 2,000 per Child (3-9 Years)

8 AM to 5 PM daily

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People Also Ask About Krabi

  1. What sanctuaries are famous for elephant trekking in Krabi?

    1. Nosey Parker’s Elephant Camp: Nosey Parker’s Elephant Camp is offered to its visitors where they stroll along a river running amidst the tropical jungles.

    2. Phunaka Krabi of Thailand Elephant:
    Phunaka Krabi of Thailand Elephant gives you the opportunity to interact with the elephant where you can also bathe them, feed them, and play with them too.

    3. Krabi Elephant Sanctuary:
    Along with interaction with retired elephants, Krabi Elephant Sanctuary provides you with refreshments and fruits too.

    4. Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary:
    Promoting a quality life among the retired elephants, Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary gives you insights of how one can keep a healthy interaction between them and the elephants.
  2. Which are the famous hiking trails in Krabi?

    1. Hot Springs Krabi: For those who are looking for a peaceful getaway from the chaotic tourist attractions of Krabi and relax in the natural spa of Thailand, hiking all the way into the wilderness to the Hot Springs of Krabi surely sounds like a perfect plan.

    2. Nosey Parker's Elephant Camp: This is definitely one of the most exciting elephant hiking expeditions in Krabi. This camp offers trekking on foot as well as on elephants, along with canoeing, swimming, and various other outdoor activities. You may even get to spot monkeys and beautiful birds on your trek at Nosey Parker’s Elephant Camp.

    3. Ao Nam Mao: If you wish to indulge in one of the best elephant hiking experiences in Krabi, it has to be in the beautiful vicinity of Ao Nam Mao. The Ao Nam Camp allows you an exclusive elephant trekking experience paired with a heart-warming riverside Thai lunch. You can even plan to take a dive or swim in the crystal-clear waters of the natural river crossing this camp.

    4. Punakha Krabi: Hiking at Punakha Krabi allows you to explore the beautiful wilderness of Thai rainforests, without actually disturbing its wildlife. Trekking at this amazing place allows you to trek along with the deep jungles and across knee-deep streams, exploring a completely different world.

  3. What is the best time to visit Krabi?

    The time from November to March is the best time to visit and explore the beautiful attractions of Krabi. This period receives the least amount of rainfall and is perfect for exploring all its outdoor attractions. This period receives the most tourists from across the globe.
  4. Which are the famous Elephant sanctuaries in Krabi?

    1. Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary: This Elephant Sanctuary in Krabi offers its visitors various different programs, including elephant trekking, bathing, feeding, and much more. You can also enjoy jungle walks, exclusive Thai meals, and take a swim in the natural river that flows near this beautiful elephant sanctuary.

    2. Ao Nang Elephant Sanctuary: A trip to this elephant sanctuary majorly involves meeting and befriending the lovely creatures rescued from various different places. You even get to cook the meals for these lovely creatures and take a bath in a beautiful natural pond surrounded by majestic mountains and beautiful scenery.

    3. Krabi Elephant Sanctuary: This beautiful place is a perfect abode for the retired elephants who have spent their entire lives serving the tourism and entertainment industry. This place takes eco-tourism to a completely different level and provides a healthy and playful living for these beautiful animals, whilst providing their visitors with an amazing time interacting with these friendly creatures.

    4. The Elephant Sanctuary Krabi: This elephant sanctuary allows its visitors to indulge in a number of activities with friendly elephants, ranging from feeding them with their hands, taking a mud spa, bathing an elephant, and much more.

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14 October 2019
I felt amazing being with my family and islands around. The best part was snorkeling.
I and my partner don't want to miss this chance that Thrillophilia offers to us, we are always happy with the service provided by them. The accommodations, foods, and location were very satisfying, The place is really beautiful the 4 island has a good view, beautiful flora, and fauna. We really enjoyed kayaking and explored the place which was fun. We had nice sightseeing at James bond island, and at Phi Phi Island we had greater leisure time at the beach, fun watersport activity, and even we visit the national park these are the places we covered and it was simply ' AWESOME' by its scenic beauty. Nice experience in the long tail boat and speed boat. Airport picked-up and dropped-off were on time... Really the trip was perfectly planned and well-executed. This is a good trip for family too. We are so happy that the whole trip was hassle-free throughout.
Went to this beautiful place on a 7 days trip with my partner. The trip was organized very well by Thrillophilia. We had a wonderful time and an unforgettable trip. The foods there were really good with the good quality they served us, the accommodations were very nice and felt comfortable the entire stay. Nicely arranged to transport the whole trip. Very beautiful and famous islands we visited with lots of fun. It was such an incredible experience we had...
No doubt from the name of the package itself we are happy and we are glad that our tour really turned out a splendid one. The way they organized the tour was absolutely great and the service we get the entire tour was excellent. The resorts arranged for us was beautiful and comfortable. Foods were incredibly delicious, We really loved the island's visit and we had a great activity there which was fun throughout. Nice photos we clicked. From the start till the end we really enjoyed the tour with lots of amazing memories. This is really worth recommending others.
So happy with this trip all it went so greatly as pre-planned by the team. Right from day 1 till day 7 it went exactly as the itinerary, we visited all the places and get all the activities as promised. We did not face any sort of problem anywhere. The accommodation and transport were very good and very spacious, Thank you for arranging a trip like this. Phi Phi islands, James Bone islands, 4-Islands are truly worth seeing a place.
Dhara Joshi Krabi 4 Islands Tour
Overall it was a nice experience. I must recommend this tour to everyone.

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