Ao Nang Beach Overview

Ao Nang Beach is the main beach of the Ao Nang region, which is known for its pristine water and vibrant tour boats. Endure one of the best sunsets in Thailand, as the sun takes a deep dive in the calm waters of Ao Nang beach. Take a delve into the fascinating beach of Krabi Island, featuring various water activities.

Ao Nang beach is a part of the pristine Krabi Islands present in Thailand, which is also the main beach of the Ao Nang province. Located in the heart of Ao Nang, it is easily accessible, making it one of the most popular beaches in Thailand that you must add to your bucket list while planning a Thailand trip package from India.

The place is not just famous for its location, but also for its picturesque arrangement. Luscious greenery backed with ragged limestones, offers the best sunset that can be witnessed on the Ao Nang Island. Capture the fascinating sky flushed with pink and purple tones as the sun sets deep inside the ocean, to remember it for a life.

A beach with many abilities also provides some of the best settings for water activities, such as swimming, kayaking, and boat riding tours. With long tail boats leaving every few hours for a mesmerizing ocean tour can make this place a little loud to one finding peace. 

But no worries, the eastern part of the beach is the one that is perfect for a quiet sun bath or book reading under the rare found lush green shade spots. There are also a set of swings, featuring some traditional Thailand symbols, which can be enjoyed by the public for free.


• Ao Nang beach is well known for offering the best sunsets that one can witness in the Ao Nang Resort Island.
• The place offers a decent setting for swimmers to swirl around the place with a free spirit.
• Allow yourself to enjoy some amazing sunbath setting at the eastern part of the beach.
• Grab a quiet and peaceful afternoon at Ao Nang beach, as there are less crowds even during the day, offering you to enjoy some private time with your loved ones.
• Offering some quality restaurants, and shopping places located at the borderline of the beach entrance, as a special feature for its visitors.
• Delve in the vibrant colors of exotic and traditional long tails boats, leaving for tous every few hours and capture some beautiful aesthetic photographs which are rare in Ao Nang.
• On the eastern side of the beach one can also discover the traditional swings of Thailand, surrounded with serene beach settings.

How To Reach

1. By Air: From Krabi International Airport, Ao Nang is located at a distance of mere 25 kms, offering different transport options from the airport to the Ao Nang region. One can use a taxi, a minibus, or a bus to transport to Ao Nang beach from the airport within THB 600, TBH 1000, and TBH 150 respectively.

2. By Car: If you are coming from Klong Muang or Tubkaek, you can hire a taxi that will charge you around THB 400 from Klong Muang and THB 500 from Tubkaek. It is one of the simplest ways to travel in Thailand.

3. By Local Transport: Krabi Bus Station to Ao Nang can be covered by the famous local transport of Thailand, the songthaew, which is also known as the cheapest way to travel in Thailand. Charging only TBH 60, songthaew can be grabbed in every 15-30 minutes from 7-Eleven at the corner of Soi 8 and Maharaj Road, to reach Ao Nang beach. Because of the simple color code method, it is very convenient to spot the right ride for tourists to find the correct songthaew, in this case one should board the white colored vehicle.

4. By Boat: This option is open only between the months of November and April, where a ferry ride is operated from Phi Phi Island, Koh Lanta, and Phuket.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Ao Nang beach is between the months of October and December, when the weather is pleasant and dry. It is the perfect time to explore all the outdoor activities at the beach such as swimming, sunbathing, and many more. Among these months October is considered more suitable for people who want to visit this place with less crowd, providing more opportunities for creative photography.

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Other Essential Information

Modes of transport to explore Ao Nang

1. Tuk-Tuk: The most local and straightforward way to travel around the Ao Nang Island is through the classic Tuk-Tuk ride, which only costs TBH 20 for traveling around the town. Explore from a locals point of view and gain unique stories during your travels.

2. Songthaew: Becoming the cheapest and easiest way to travel within the Island is through Songthaew. It offers a local and authentic experience of travel in Thailand, by charging around TBH 10 for one person. 

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3. Motorbike: To take matters into your own hands, and explore the town on your own terms, rent a bike for TBH 150- TBH 200. There are various renting shops available within the town, offering on a per day basis, some cool local motorbikes.

4. By foot: Believe in your stamina and walk your way through this small town, discovering the steepest and squeezies roads of Ao Nang. This method will save you some money and also provide you with some local insights.

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Travel Tips to Visit Ao Nang Island

1. Visit the eastern side of the beach to experience a quiet and surreal atmosphere.

2. For a quieter and calm day out at the beach visit the place during daytime, rather than night time.

3. Keep the beach clean during your visit, as people here believe in a clean and green environment. 

4. Upskill your bargain skills when buying anything from the shops located at the borderline of the beach, as people here tend to overstate the prices of several items, especially to tourists.

5. For witnessing the best sunsets in Ao Nang Island, visit the beach during late evening and book your perfect spot to capture aesthetic photos.

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Point of Interest for Ao Nang Beach
Things to do in Ao Nang Beach

Things to do in Ao Nang Beach

1. Swimming: Beside the rough sand and translucent water of the beach, one can still find this place a perfect spot for enjoying swimming. The eastern part of the beach is known for its calm waters, which is perfect for a relaxed swim.

2. Taking a swing: The eastern part of the beach has a pair of swings established for their visitors to enjoy a playful activity at the beach. Get clicked with a serene backdrop as you swing your way through the surreal sand of the Ao Nang beach.

3. Soaking the sunrays: The place is quiet and offers a perfect space for oozing out in the sun, for you to work on your tan, as they offer a calm and perfect setting for sun bathing to laze around a bit.

4. Dine and Shop: At one end of the beach, locals have set up their shops and stalls to offer some authentic Thai street food, and souvenirs for their visitors. Bargain your way through your shopping list and discover new palettes for your taste buds when in Ao Nang Beach.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Ao Nang Beach FAQs

Can you swim at Ao Nang beach?

Yes, visitors can opt for a swim around the waters at Ao Nang Beach during the days when most parts of the beach are empty. However, one cannot expect to swim freely in the waters when Ao Nang has peak seasons, as the beach would be covered by long-tail boats.

Is Ao Nang safe?

Yes, it certainly is very safe to visit Ao Nang. This beach town is spread over a small area and has a very welcoming ambience with friendly people who help fellow travellers in exploring the place. Being a major tourist attraction in Krabi, the safety of fellow travellers is a grave concern.

What is there to do in Ao Nang?

Ao Nang is the most happening beach town and offers endless activities to be done while one plans their stay at this place. Visitors can choose between a wide variety of options between snorkelling, a relaxing Thai spa or enjoy a picturesque view of the ocean. The adventure seekers can opt for climbing rocks at Railey beach or can enjoy an adventurous trail through the heart of the jungle via ‘Monkey Trail’ or rather rent a kayak to go and discover the nearby rustic islands. Ao Nang has something to offer to every kind of traveller.

What is there to do in Ao Nang at night?

Ao Nang offers a wild nightlife experience to its visitors, one could opt to spend their night at the Ao Nang Centre point, a three-storeyed entertainment complex which provides a variety of options for entertainment and is surrounded by bars with fine dining and loud music. One could also go for some shopping at night on the walking streets and also enjoy the lip-smacking Thai street-food. Visitors can also experience a quiet walk by the beach under the moonlit night.

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