Fossil Shell Cemetery Krabi (Susan Hoi) Overview

Housing fossils believed to be from millions of years ago, Fossil Shell Cemetery is an archaic shell cemetery located not far from Krabi Town. According to the local folklores, these fossils may have been here even 75 million years ago. The uniqueness of the spot lures in a number of tourists every day to explore this attraction demonstrating nature's way of salvation.

The place is especially of importance to those who are interested in geology. Best tour packages for Thailand offer a unique opportunity to explore this fascinating destination. Besides, there is a Chinese temple located nearby which can also be explored while you are here.

Highlights: A lesser known tourist spot featuring fossil deposits from millions of years ago.  

Location: Sai Thai, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi

Getting there: Travel by taxi from Krabi Town and hire a guide.

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