Krabi Island Overview

Krabi Island is getting its recognition for its scenic beauty, lush vegetation on shorelines, rough limestone formations, sprouting coral reefs, beautiful caves, and a stunning access point to the Andaman. It houses over 200 islands and several pristine and postcard beaches with stunningly modern but classic resorts and captivating surroundings, making it an ideal place for vacationing in Thailand.

Prominent for its stunning beaches with soft white sand, clear water, lush green vegetation, limestone formations, and water sports activities, the Krabi Island welcomes visitors from all over the world and allows them to experience the exotic island away from the bustling city life. 

Krabi Island is the most soothing fraction of Thailand with terrific activities like island hopping, scuba diving, snorkeling, bird watching, kayaking, swimming, and more. The beachfront resorts lend a five-star touch to the panorama. 

With over 200 islands laying off the Krabi coastline, the best way to explore all of them is to rent a boat from Krabi town and explore the postcard islands on your own. With Thrillophilia Thailand packages, tourists can also take some time off island hopping and visit the famous Thung Teao Forest Natural Park which is known for its natural beauty, Crystal Lagoon, also known as the Emerald Pool with warm crystal clear water. This natural park is the perfect spot for bird watching. 

Krabi Island is also home to a temple in a cave at Wat Tham Sua. There is a warren of caves located here with several monks living and worshipping here. The cave lets you explore tons of relics and icons, along with the "Footprint of the Buddha", which is a 1,237 steps climb to the top. The top of the cave lets you relish the 360 degree view of the whole Andaman Sea. 


• Krabi Island is home to 75 million-year-old Shell Cemetery, a stone plate (shells) derived from shellfishes compressed into a plate, thus creating a stone-like Beach. These shells date back millions of years in Krabi, Thailand.
• Hat Maya Bay in Phi Phi is one of the most pristine beaches in Krabi, sheltered by 100-meter high cliffs on 3 sides. Kayaking, snorkeling, and diving are the most preferred activities at the Bay.
• Krabi offers a completely fresh city tour where tourists can indulge in food tasting, learn about local cuisines, and even enroll in cooking classes.
• Krabi Island hosts a variety of festivities that attract thousands of visitors from all across the world such as Songkran festival (the Thai New Year), Sree Buddha's Birthday, Full Moon Day (Religious rite of Setting Adrift of Chao Le Boats), Asana Puja, Queen’s birthday (celebrated as Thailand’s Mother’s Day), Loi Krathong, and the Andaman Sea Festival.
• Many islands in the Krabi region attract tourism with hot springs, wildlife sanctuaries, sea caves, flourishing coral reefs, exotic marine life, limestone formations, rock-climbing, and more.

How To Reach

1. By Air- Several international and domestic flights land at the Krabi International Airport. The airport is roughly 15 kilometers from the city core of Krabi. Flights to and from major cities such as Bangkok, Koh Samui, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Chiang Mai run on a daily basis.

2. By Train- Although there is no direct train to Krabi Island, the nearest train station is Trang, which is around 2 hours away by bus to Krabi.

3. By Bus- Several buses to Krabi depart from Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal on a frequent basis. Each bus ride takes roughly ten hours. Buses that run between Phuket and Krabi can take up to 4 hours to reach the island. Air-conditioned, non-air-conditioned, deluxe, and luxury buses are available for tourists.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Krabi Island is during the high season which is from November to February. This is the time when the weather seems to be the most alluring as the average temperature stays around 28 degrees Celsius with a touch of cool breezes every now and then. This is also the perfect tropical timing to go on the island hopping spree with little to no rainy days.

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Other Essential Information

1. Aside from island hopping, adventurous activities, nightlife, and chilling, Krabi Island also lets you partake in Thai Cooking Lessons. There are locals who teach you Thai Cuisine and it's a fun activity to be performed with friends or partners. 

2. The Klong Thom lets you dive in the Hot Springs tubs that brim with perpetually flowing fresh spring water at a mild 35-42 degree Celsius. The water in this hot spring contains natural minerals, meant for healing and calming purposes. It costs just 10 baht per person. 

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3. If you have a knack for the daredevil, it is recommended to try out bungee jumping in Krabi. It costs around 1,600 baht per person and it gives a sudden adrenaline rush.

4. Krabi bungee jumping is the 5th highest jumping in Asia, and the highest in Thailand. Aside from bungee jumping, you can also go for the catapult, which lets you skyrocket in the air. 

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5. For the travelers who admire archeological stuff, Krabi offers an excursion to the Prehistoric Caves. The Khao Khanap Nam Mountains let you enjoy a walk to the prehistoric caves with a huge collection of stalagmites and stalactites. 

6. Krabi offers a wide range of restaurants, clubs, and bars that offers several cuisines from all around the world. The Carnivore Steak and Grill offers a choice of ten different side dishes with a great assortment of fish and other seafood delicacies. If you happen to adore vegetarian options, Khaothong Terrace Restaurant is your best option as they even let you customize your order.

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7. Krabi Island offers several luxurious resorts and bungalows with open-air showers, thatched roofs, private balconies, and of course, beachfront views. One such resort is the Saii Phi Phi Island Village located in Ao Nang. Another preferred option is the Pimalai Resort and Spa, located in Koh Lanta. This exotic resort is located into 100 acres of lush rainforests offering picturesque views of the ocean and luxurious stay at the resort.

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