15 Beaches in Phi Phi Island For A Sun-Kissed Getaway - 2021
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Maya Bay, Laem Tong Bay, Long Beach, Loh Moo Dee Beach, Loh Da Lum Bay, Nui Beach, Monkey Beach, Ao Ton Sai and many more

The water babies, the thrill enthusiasts, the travellers, and the explorers, Beaches in Phi Phi Island has something in store for everyone. Be it the popular world-renowned beach catering thrill-filled activities or the secluded beaches offering an escape from the weary lives. Surrounded by limestone hills, the beaches have numerous cliffs making it an ideal destination for water sports, hiking, and trekking.

These tropical Phi Phi Island beaches are blessed with the tranquillizing soft white sand and clear turquoise blue water making up to the ultimate travel list of the beach lovers.  In the meantime, enjoy the ferry, longtail boats, and the speedboat rides all through you’re scintillating holidays as there are no vehicles on these beaches.

The world-renowned Maya Beach or the isolated Phak Nam Bay have small-bungalow like hotels, which offer you the luxury of living in the wild. If the idea of watching a colony of monkeys, set loose on the beach excites you, then make way for your visit to Monkey Beach. Known for the mesmerizing scenic beauty with just the right sprinkle of peace and thrill, these beaches must be on your travel list.

Here is the list of best beaches in Phi Phi Island:


Maya Bay

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Encircled by the steep limestone hills on Koh Phi Phi Leh, lies the most stunning beach in Phi Phi Island. The popularity of this beautiful beach pacified after the super hit Leonardo Di Caprio movie -
“The Beach” got filmed here. Bustling with tourists from all over the world, Maya Bay is home to numerous sightseeing destinations.

With around 30 speedboats and longtail boats, and large ferry boats on the beach, you will never have an issue in getting on. An ideal spot for snorkeling this beach tops the list of the water enthusiasts adding spills and thrills to their experience.

Location:Koh Phi Phi Le, Ko Phi Phi, 81000, Thailand.

How to reach: Take a Long Tail Boat. Take a private long-tail boat instead of a speedboat.

Activities: Sightseeing and snorkeling.
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Laem Tong Bay

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Away from the hustle and bustle of the overcrowded Phi Phi beaches, Laem Tong Bay is a much-secluded beach among the others. With no roads to connect, the beach can only be reached by boat. It is a perfect escape for the weary souls to revitalize and indulge in the quest of self-exploration.

The turquoise blue of the clear water and the white sand add to the pristine serenity of the picturesque beach. With four upscale resorts in this surreal beach, it is an ideal destination for couples to spend their weekend together and strengthen their bond. Not to forget the nearby snorkeling spots – Mosquito Island, Bamboo Island, and Hin Klang making way for the water babies too.snorkeling

Location: Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand.

How to reach: The best way to get to Laem Tong is by long-tail boat.

Activities: Sightseeing and snorkeling.
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Long Beach

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Take a five-minute longtail boat ride to the whitest and softest of all the beaches in Phi Phi Island near the Tosai Village or pick up the enthralling short yet rocky jungle trail from the centre of Phi Phi Don( At your own risk!). Grab your sunnies and rugs to bask in the sun over the sand as this beach has no sun loungers.

An ideal destination for the water babies, this beach is just the right place for snorkeling and diving. But make sure you lookout for the ‘Shark Point’, a popular spotting point for the black-tip reef sharks as they aren’t human-friendly.

Location:Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand.

How to reach: To reach Long Beach hire a long tail boat from Ton Sai pier area to take you there.

Activities: Snorkelling, Diving, Kayaking.
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Phi Phi Island Tours Explore All (32)
Explore All (32)

Loh Moo Dee Beach

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In the opposite of the Long Beach, on the southern east tip of Phi Phi Don lays the isolated beach – Loh Moo Dee in the wild. This beach is underdeveloped preserving its raw and rustic wild features to the best. The water is crystal clear with a beautiful coral reef making it just the right place for snorkeling.

Get on our feet and explore the wild beach with glistening white sand and the vertical cliff pacifying its pristine beauty. You can also avail the luxury of living in the bungalow style resorts and restraints and dwell in this perfect getaway beach holiday spot for a while.

: Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi, Thailand.

How to reach
:Moo Dee Beach can be reached on foot from Tonsai East.

: Snorkelling, Boating.
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Loh Da Lum Bay

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Usually overcrowded during the peak period, Loh Dalum Beach lies enclosed within the limestone hills, near to overcrowded Sai Village due to which the water is warmer and more shallow than the other Phi Phi Island beaches. The beach does not feature high tides due to the enclosure it gets from the hills.

You can find many sun loungers and umbrellas during the day time so wake up early and find an ideal spot for yourself to sun bask. Though too overcrowded, the tranquillizing scenic beauty embarks you to pay a visit to this place. 

Location: Koh Phi Phi Don, Koh Phi Phi, 81000, Thailand.

How to reach: Take a ferry ride from Tonsai Bay.

Activities: Kayaking, Boating.
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Nui Beach

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Located on the west coast of Koh Phi Phi Don, Nui beach has all in-store to make your beach getaway a success. Offering enormous mountain climbing opportunities, snorkeling spots and adventure-filled activities, this beach will make your heart thump louder as the adrenaline surges through your veins.

Not to miss the Camel Rock – the large limestone outcrop from the sea, adding the extra tinge to the adventure. Hiking through the jungle to get to the Camel Rock along the steep trail is a must-try activity for adventure seekers when at the Phi Phi Islands.

Location:Phi Phi Islands Thailand.

How to reach:The access to Nui Beach is free if you decide to go there by yourself on foot or with a moped.

Activities: snorkeling, sea kayaking & Swimming.
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Monkey Beach

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The name says it all for this beach is home to a colony of monkeys. Beware! These ancestors of yours feel no hitch to climb up your legs in search of food. Make sure you don’t tease them and do anything that irritates these human-friendly creatures.

The beach mostly experiences high tide due to which there is no abundance of white sand unlike the other beaches in Phi Phi Island. Northwest of Loh Dalam Bay, you can reach the beach by foot, chartering a long tail boat or taking a canoe on rent.

Location:Ko Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand.

How to reach: First you can take part of a boat tour (speedboat or long tail boat, half day or full day trip).

Activities: Kayaking, Swimming & Boating.
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Ao Ton Sai

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Lay down your towels and relish basking in the sun all through the day on the warm sand. The glittering water invites you to the extraordinary marine life providing you with a coastal retreat and an experience larger than life.

Climb the rocks for the eye-feasting view of the tropical paradise and get ready to blaze your holidays in a way that fancies your heart. Stroll through the beach at the time of the high tide and make sure you try the mouth-watering local dishes in the nearby market.

:Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand.

How to reach
: From the Krabi bus station, the easiest way to reach Ton Sai is to get a tuk-tuk or taxi to Ao Nang Pier.

:Scuba diving, rock climbing & Swimming.
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Loh Lana Bay

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Located on the north-west coast of Koh Phi Phi Don, the spectacular 500 –metres long beach is completely underdeveloped along with the hotel left under construction since 2014. If you’re an adventure enthusiast looking for snorkeling opportunities then this splendid square-shaped bay is your go-to place.

The shallow waters make snorkeling even appealing for the newbies to try their hands over it.  It is not much of a popular beach in the Phi Phi islands but the raw ambiance makes it intriguing for the travelers on the quest of exploration.

Location:Phi Phi Islands, Tajlandia Thailand.

How to reach
:The easiest and quickest way to get here is by long-tail taxi boat from Lo Dalam Beach in the centre of Koh Phi Phi.

: snorkelling, Kayaking & Swimming.
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Rantee Beach

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Not much of a well-known beach, this beach is ideal for the ones demanding an escape from the crowd. The turquoise blue glistening clear water, the warm shade of the palm trees, and the soft white sand beneath, the pristine view of the Rantee Beach is yet another amazing experience to add on to your itinerary.

Though the beach gets a little hassled in the day, there is not much to intervene in your peace and you can always indulge in kayaking along the coast to explore more.

: Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand.

How to reach
: The main way to get to Rantee Beach is obviously by long-tail boat.

: Sightseeing, Kayaking.
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Tonsai Bay

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Arrival point like no other, the Tonsai Bay is a beautiful bustling beach due to the to and fro of the longtails, ferries, yachts and boat traffic carrying passengers and goods all throughout the day.

Being the main arrival and departure hub of the island, the water in the bay is not as clear as the other beaches in Phi Phi island. Various enthralling activities on the beach bring the tourists all year around.

: Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand.

How to reach
: If you are arriving from the Krabi bus station, the easiest way to reach Ton Sai is to get a tuk-tuk or taxi to Ao Nang Pier.

: Rock climbing, Kayaking & Swimming.
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Phak Nam Bay

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Yet another paradise for tranquility seekers, the Phak Nam Bay is an even smaller beach with just one resort to stay. You can visit the fishing village and experience the lifestyle of the local people. Engulf the serenity of this quiet beach and take back amazing memories of this getaway experience for the fast-paced life.

You will have to take the longtail boat to reach the beach or if you seek adventure take the rugged way across the hill on foot. Situated on the east coast of the Phi Phi Don this beach is the perfect escapade if you’re looking for a place away from the hustle-bustle of the world.

Location: Phaknam Bay, Phi Phi Island Ao Nang, Muang Krabi 81210, Thailand.

How to reach
: The main way to get to Phak Nam Bay is obviously by long-tail boat.

: Kayaking, Snorkelling & Swimming.
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Loh Bagao

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With luxuriant accommodation choices, the Loh Bagao Beach strikes a beautiful contrast between the futuristic beaches and the natural coconut grooving shelters. Emphasizing on preserving nature, this beach does not entertain the usage of vehicles at all. The jaw-dropping views of this fairly quiet and secluded beach add it up to the offbeat beaches in Phi Phi islands.

The stunning beach is surrounded by the mountain cliffs making it yet another beach for the adventure seekers to hop onto. The place is an ideal destination for walking, trekking, snorkeling, and climbing – isn’t that enough to meet any adventure seeker’s appetite?

: Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand.

How to reach
: To reach Loh Bagao beach cross Golden Gate Bridge of Phi Phi Island.

: Sightseeing.
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Moo Dee Bay

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Hidden toward the southeastern tip of Phi Phi Island, this remote island is an amazing snorkeling point. Enclosed by the coconut grove on one side and the thick rain forest on the other, Moo Dee Bay also has a unique local resto-bar that offers an array of delicious local dishes.

Hike through the forest to the Phi Phi viewpoint and experience the immaculate beach and make memories along with that will last forever.

: Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi, Thailand.

How to reach
:Moo Dee Beach can be reached on foot from Tonsai East.

: Sightseeing, Snorkelling & Swimming.
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Pi Leh Bay

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Also known as Ao Pileh, Pileh Lagoon, and Pileh Cove, this beach has an array of snorkeling opportunities in store. Grab your cameras to capture the beauty of the enticing emerald green water lighting by the shades of the tall limestone cliffs.

Surprisingly secluded, this beach is the most beautiful of all the beaches in Phi Phi Island, perfect for you to dream the day away from the worldly fuss. The tranquilizing aura makes it an unusual welcoming treat for all the visitors looking for an offbeat beach to relax.

: Andaman Sea, 81000, Thailand.

How to reach
: The ferry is by far the most popular method of reaching the islands. Ferries take about two hours from Phuket and 90 minutes from Krabi or Koh Lanta.

: Swimming, Kayaking & Diving.
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Phi Phi Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Phi Phi

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People Also Ask About Phi Phi

  1. What are the best Phi Phi island beaches for kids?

    1. Loh Da Lum Bay: This is one of the most popular beaches in Phi Phi island which is surrounded by limestone hills. Here the water is shallow and warm, making it ideal for kids who wish to take a dip in the sea.

    2. Pi Leh Bay:
    The emerald green water at this beach is sure to capture the imagination of kids. Here, the kids can take part in snorkeling activities with some supervision. This is a great place to relax and click some amazing photographs.

    3. Maya Bay:
    This beach is easily accessible via ferry boats and longtail boats, and is the ideal place for snorkeling. With magnificent limestone hills all around it, this is a good place for kids to have some fun.

    4. Monkey Beach:
    This beach is known for its monkey colony and kids will love these friendly creatures. There are boating, swimming, and kayaking activities available here.
  2. What are the romantic Phi Phi island beaches?

    1. Laem Tong Bay: This secluded beach is perfect for spending some quality time with your better half. The white sand and turquoise blue water of the beach adds to its beauty. There are luxury resorts on the beach where you can enjoy your stay. 

    2. Moo Dee Bay:
    This is a remote island known for its snorkeling activities. Here you can find resto-bars where you can enjoy some delicious local food with your partner. The rainforest and the coconut grove creates a tranquil atmosphere.

    3. Tonsai Bay:
    This is a popular beach where you can find yachts, ferries, and longtail boats bringing in visitors from all over the world. You can participate in swimming, kayaking, and rock climbing activities at this beach.

    4. Phak Nam Bay:
    If you are searching for tranquillity, there is no better place than Phak Nam Bay. You can reach this beach via foot or boat. The local fishing village here is also a place worth exploring.
  3. Which are the best water sports to do in Phi Phi Island Beaches?

    1. Scuba Diving: Phi Phi is without a doubt the most popular choice among tourists from all over the world, thanks to its crystal blue water and a wide range of water activities.

    The location is suitable for scuba diving because it is neither too deep nor too difficult for inexperienced divers to explore. Phi Phi islands also have a healthy reef with soft corals, anemones, and sharks.

    2. Kayaking: Kayaking in Phi Phi Island is one of the most sought after activities that attracts tourists from all over the world to enjoy its blue waters and beautiful beaches. You can kayak with your loved ones and enjoy the serenity of the place and also visit a number of nearby islands.

    3. Snorkeling: Taking part in the snorkelling tours at Phi Phi islands, you will be able to enjoy a diverse marine species in their habitat. You will get to witness the beautiful coral formations at some of the famous sites with your loved ones. You will be given introductory lessons as well as all sorts of professional equipment to attempt this activity.

    4. White Water Rafting: Spend a day on the island and enjoy an exhilarating eight-hour white water rafting trip. To ensure that you are always safe, you will be given safety training, helmets, life jackets, and paddles before you begin your incredible journey.

    So, while the wild currents propel you down the river on an adrenaline-pumping trip, manoeuvre through the wild river!

  4. What is the best time to visit Phi phi Island?

    The best time to visit Phi Phi Islands would be in between November and April. The climatic condition of Phi Phi Islands in this phase of the year remains cooler and it is very likely that there will be light to heavy showers.
  5. How do you get to Phi Phi Island?

    By air: You can take a flight to Phi Phi Island by booking flights to Krabi Airport and Phuket Airport that connect almost all important cities across the globe. After reaching these destinations you can take boats, ferries and speedboats to Phi Phi. You can also reach Phuket island and then cover the rest of the distance by road.

    By road: Travelling by bus is one of the cheapest options that you can find in Phi Phi Islands. You will get direct bus connectivity to Krabi, Bangkok, and Phuket.

    By water: One of the best ways to reach Phi Phi is by ferries and speedboats. You can book one from Krabi or from Phuket at nominal prices.
  6. Is Phi Phi island expensive?

    Phi Phi Island is considered to be one of the most expensive islands in Thailand. The cost of accommodation is a bit high. When you are heading out a vacation to Phi Phi Island, you will be spending around ?2,102 ($67) per day out of which you will spend ?333 ($11) on meals and ?202 ($6.46) on local transportation.
  7. What is Phi Phi island famous for?

    Phi Phi is famous for the following reasons:
    -Turquoise blue color of ocean waters
    -Rich marine ecosystem
    -Adventure activities like scuba diving and kayaking
    -Stunning beach destinations
  8. Is Phi Phi island worth visiting?

    Yes, Phi Phi island is definitely worth visiting as it will give you a memorable vacationing experience. You will not only get to spend time in relaxation but also enjoy loads of water based adventures.

    Phi Phi Island is very much famous for its corals and marine creatures which you can explore by taking kayaking tours and scuba diving sessions.

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