Ko Phi Phi Don Overview

The largest among the six islands that form the Phi Phi Island group, Ko Phi Phi Don offers beautiful beaches and ideal spots for diving and snorkeling. It’s a non-volcanic island composed mostly of limestone reserves, along with lush tropical forests and flourishing marine life. The Island is known for offering a serene and peaceful environment for all its visitors.

Located about 38 km southwest of Krabi islands, Ko Phi Phi Don is a quintessential Thai beachscape which welcomes you with its unbound natural setting, great seafood, electric nightlife and a wealth of adventure activities. It is believed that this area houses one of the oldest Thai communities that date back to prehistoric times. Ko Phi Phi Don is the largest island of the archipelago Ko Phi Phi which was inhabited by Muslim fishermen during the 1940s. Sea gypsies, labourers and migrant workers from Thailand’s north-eastern coast, China and Myanmar add to the cultural and social diversity of the island.

The island boasts of emerald green waters, exotic tropical forest, thriving marine life and sand white palm fringed beaches. Many of the islands in the archipelago are just limestone rocks jutting out of the ocean floor where there is no sign of human settlement and have to go only for a sojourn by speed boats or ferries. The unspoilt beauty of nature makes the islands look no less than a slice of paradise on earth.

There are luxury hotels and resorts located in the remote areas of the island where solitude seekers visit for a secluded hideout during their trip to Thailand at Ko Phi Phi Don. The properties are well appointed with luxury amenities, great food, night party and beautiful views of the forest and sea. From budget to boutique hotels, you can get accommodation in this beautiful island as per your budget.

Ko Phi Phi Don is blessed with some of the best diving sites of Thailand and a favourite of adventure buffs. Under the guidance of a professional trainer, you can get to explore the exotic marine life by diving in the crystal waters of the Andaman Sea. In a long tail boat ride, you can visit places like the Viking Caves or Monkey Island for a day trip. Start preparing your itinerary and get set go for your dream vacation in the tropical paradise of Asia.


• Cruise across the turquoise Andaman Sea and touch down at the pristine locations of Ko Phi Phi Don in traditional long tail boat trip.
• Visit the Monkey Beach and watch monkeys in their playful gestures.
• Make your way to the Shark Point where you can spot blacktip reef sharks preying on smaller fishes.
• In a speedboat cruise, touch down at the Phang Nga Bay National Park and marvel at the spectacular rock formations cropped out of the sea waters.
• Take some sunbath in its pristine beaches or try snorkelling in the shallow sea waters of the Bay.
• Marvel at the enormous limestone cliffs silhouetting against the sky at Phi Leh Lagoon.
• Unwind your stress of journey amidst the tranquil vibe of Maya Bay which is famous for being the shooting site of Leonardo De Caprio’s film “The Beach ''.
• Explore the islands around Koh Phi Phi Leh.
• Arrive at the Viking Cave and learn about the history of the Vikings from your tour guide.

Other Essential Information

Attractions near Ko Phi Phi Don

1. Ko Phi Phi Lee- An uninhabited island stretching for about 1.5 Km off the southernmost tip of Phi Phi Don calls for spending private vacation and making the best of memories. Sandy beaches, coral reefs, vertical ridges capped with thick foliage and a pleasant tropical climate are all that attract tourists to visit this location over and over again. 

2. Viking Cave- An open attraction on Phi Phi Island will take you back to the Viking days. You can visit this place on a day trip to the Pileh Lagoon. Your guide will inform you from time to time about the history of these caves and the stories hidden behind the paintings on the cave walls. The Viking Cave is a major site for collecting the valuable swifts’ nests- a component for preparing Chinese birds’ nest soup. The nests are collected in darkness by galloping up a fragile bamboo framework up to the roof of the cave to reach the nests. Visitors are not allowed inside the cave however; boats slow down near the Viking Cave to facilitate visitors a better glimpse of the place.

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3. Phi Le Lagoon- Phi Leh or Pileh Lagoon is one of the must visit spots of Phi Phi Islands which is located next to its sister island Maya Bay. The oval shaped bay surrounded by emerald sea waters and colossal limestone cliffs offer a stunning backdrop to still and video photography. If you want to steal away some moments from your itinerary and spend private moments close to nature, opt for a longtail boat ride to the small sandy beach of the island. If sightseeing is not enough for your Pileh tour, navigate your way through the nooks and crannies and explore the lagoon through a different lense. 

4. Ton Sai Beach- A hidden gem of the Krabi island is a favourite of solitude seeking tourists for its laid back vibe and endless options to spend a dream vacation. Being lesser known than its counterparts, Tonsai Beach has a more rustic charm to the bohemian backpackers. It is also a hub of activities ranging from rock climbing, kayaking, hiking and more. Evenings at Tonsai Beach take up a lively spirit with the art of fire dance on the beach and Reggae music drifting from the nearby pubs. Although Southern Thailand is terribly expensive, Tonsai is still a place where things are available for quite little.

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5. Monkey Bay- Popularly known as the Ao Ling in Thai language is a favourite of marine adventurers as it offers plenty of opportunities to snorkel, swim or even relax on the white sandy beach. Located at the mouth of the Dalum Bay, Monkey Bay is a small cove which is inhabited by a colony of crab-eating macaques- hence the name. The small hamlet which has a population of 15,000 is located a few miles off the main road keeping Lake Malawi northwards. Sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs lying some 50 metres off the beach, offer excellent snorkelling opportunities. The best way to reach Monkey Bay is by hiring a long tail boat or by paddling a kayak either of which takes about 30 minutes. 

6. Koh Bida Nok- Koh Bida Nok is possibly Phuket’s best diving site which is swarmed by divers from far and near. From sandy bottoms, slopping reefs, rugged crevices and a massive population of colourful fishes, the place fairly boasts of its diverse underwater topography. Ko Bida Nok is accessible to divers of all ability ranges and therefore provides great entertainment to one and all. It is also one of the best snorkelling destinations in Phuket which allows snorkelers to get up-close with the reef fishes and the black tip reef sharks. You may also spot Leopard Sharks stealing a look from the sandy bottoms or turtles and colourful Nudibranchs around you. If you are lucky, you may also spot the rare Ghost Pipefish lurking in and around the massive coral mounds.

Places to eat near Ko Phi Phi Don

1. Only Noodles- Experience savouring various forms of noodles with toppings of shrimp and chicken etc. and pad Thai in generous portions at Only Noodles. A highly recommended dining venue after a long day of water activities.

2. Mama Ping- Great food, relaxing ambiance, friendly staff and everything you get as a good value for money- that’s what Mama Ping makes a hot favourite for epicureans. You can also opt for vegetarian cuisines that are prepared by fresh organic ingredients. 

3. Unni’s Restaurant- Steak lovers should not miss an opportunity to visit this eatery which prepares Australian beef steak exactly the way you want. Unni’s also has a good reputation among food lovers as one of the best joints for savouring steaks. 

4. Patcharee French Bakery- If you want to get a taste of some European platters, head straight to Patcharee French Bakery. Crisp toasties, pancakes, chocolate croissants, fresh fruits, smoothies and oatmeal are some of its signature dishes for breakfast. The cosy little café is located close to the pier and is a great venue for families with kids.

5. Ruan Thai- Enjoy sumptuous Thai food sitting in the cosy and romantic ambiance of Ruan Thai which is known for its welcoming staff to serve you. The food served exudes freshness and is bursting with flavours and textures. Marvel at the stunning seascape if you manage to grab a window side seat!

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Places to stay at Ko Phi Phi Don 

1. Phi Phi Villa Resort- The Thai style boutique resort located on the scenic island of Ko Phi Phi is a popular retreat mostly for being the shooting site of Leonardo De Caprio’s film The Beach. One of the most amazing features of this resort is its private beach overlooking the panoramic view of the Andaman Sea. With 62 rooms, bungalows and villas the property is located at a 15 minutes’ walking distance from the jetty where ferries arrive and depart for Phi Phi. The property boasts of its popular beach chillout bar Carpe Diem within its complex which offers night entertainment options including a vibrant fire show. 

2. Ibiza House Phi Phi- Located on one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, the Loh Dalum Bay, the property offers great options for stay and activities. The resort organises Pool Bar Party twice a week where you can spend happy hours during your stay. With 20 well-appointed rooms, a poolside bar, seating area, wide range of water sports options and all major attractions within walking distance, Ibiza House Phi Phi promises you of a memorable vacation experience in Ko Phi Phi. 

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3. P P Charlie Beach Resort-The idyllic beachfront resort provides a blissful escape into a tropical paradise located on the shore of the Andaman Sea. You will be greeted by friendly staff who are ready to provide you with the best service during your stay. The property offers a wide range of accommodation options, alfresco dining, amazing Thai food, water sports and principally a luxury retreat in a romantic setting. Being located on Loh Da Lum Bay, you can enjoy panoramic views of the bay while pampering yourself in unbound hospitality and comfort. 

4. Phi Phi Andaman Beach Resort- Tucked peacefully in the white sandy beach of Ton Sai Bay, this property offers a secluded hideout amidst lush greenery. Designed with luxury amenities such as sea facing seating area, free Wi-Fi, sundecks, massage treatment, gift shop, swimming pool and many others the resort ensures you a comfortable stay. The best thing about this property is it facilitates you to experience some of the best attractions of Ko Phi Phi such as The Mango Garden, Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint, Aroy Kaffeine and Unni’s Restaurant.

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Point of Interest for Ko Phi Phi Don
Hike to Phi Phi viewpoint

Hike to Phi Phi viewpoint

The main village of Ko Phi Phi Don is located on a 100 metres strip of sand between the Dalum and Tonsai bays. You can hike 186 metres up well-trodden paths to the viewpoint and witness the beautiful view of the Phi Phi Leh, Loh Dalum and Tonsai Village. The view of the H shaped island atop the viewpoint is a sight to behold.

Scuba diving at Ko Phi Phi Don

Scuba diving at Ko Phi Phi Don

Scuba diving in Koh Phi Phi allows you to explore the underwater marine life like nothing else. With colourful reefs, rugged limestone caves and colourful fishes the topography of the island there is a lot to discover for you.

Whether you are an expert or an amateaur diver, the shallow waters of the island make a great way to explore the underwater world of the Andaman Sea. The activity should be executed under the supervision of a professional guide. Children below the age of 12 years are not allowed for scuba diving in Phi Phi Island.

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Cave exploration

Cave exploration

Want to discover this idyllic location in a unique way and make some memorable experiences? Hike through an ancient jungle amidst lianas, palm trees, tropical trees, butterflies and flowering plants and soak up the tranquil vibe of the forest floor. Visit the caves that have been standing there since time immemorial. End your day trip by watching a breath-taking sunset amidst the trees.

Take a Thai Massage

Take a Thai Massage

After a long day’s tour what can be more relaxing than a Thai massage in a soothing ambiance? Most of the resorts in Ko Phi Phi are equipped with massage parlours where you can get yourself pampered in therapies and massages.

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Ko Phi Phi Don FAQs

What is Ko Phi Phi Don famous for?

Ko Phi Phi Don is famous for being the shooting location of Leonardo De Caprio’s famous movie The Beach which was set in the stunning Maya Beach of the Phi Phi islands.

How do I get to Ko Phi Phi Don?

Ko Phi Phi is located at a distance of 46 km from Phuket and approximately the same from Krabi. There are basically two options to reach Ko Phi Phi- ferry service and by speedboat.

Ferry: It is the most popular mode of conveyance to reach Koh Phi Phi and takes about 2 hours from Phuket and 90 minutes from Krabi. Book your seats well in advance of your journey during the high season, if you want an unobstructed view of the sea. The boat timings are between 7am- 6:30pm.

Speedboat: There are private speed boats that provide flexible departure and drop off. Speedboats are more expensive but for a big group they will give you good value for money. 

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Is Ko Phi Phi Don worth visiting?

Yes, Ko Phi Phi Don is certainly worth visiting and is one of the most popular travel destinations. It is the only inhabited island and has the best accommodation facilities. The island has something for everyone.Whether it is boat ride, snorkelling, free entry to the pool, exploring the underwater topography, relaxing in the standing beaches or nature hike, the island is a must visit destination for nature lovers.

What will we see at Ko Phi Phi Don?

A slice of tropical paradise with emerald sea waters, idyllic beaches, craggy cliffs, dense tropical forest, numerous hidden treasures and an infectious beach vibe are all that you can see in Phi Phi Island. Some of the must include sites in your trip are the Mosquito Island, Viking Caves and Bida Islands.

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What is the best time to visit Ko Phi Phi Don?

The best time to visit Ko Phi Phi Don is between the months of November to April. Average daily temperature ranges between 25°C to 30°C. The climate is breezy and cool with occasional light downpours. It is also the high season for tourism. 

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