Monkey Beach Overview

Nestled in Yong Kasem Bay, Monkey Beach lies on the west coast of the larger island of Phi Phi Don. Home to wild monkeys, this beach is one of the best snorkeling spots in Thailand. The surroundings of white sand, lush limestone cliffs, crystal clear water present beautiful scenery. Whereas, the presence of exotic coral reefs and a vast variety of colorful fishes makes this place a great attraction for marine life lovers.

Monkey beach is easily accessible from Phi Phi Don. You can opt for a kayak and make your way to the beach. Or, book a long-tail boat tour from Tonsai jetty that stops at this amazing beach to have a look at these wild creatures or for a thrilling snorkeling adventure. And, if you are staying overnight on Phi Phi Don Island, visit the beach either early morning or later in the afternoon. These are the best times to enjoy the beauty of the place without the crowd. But if you want to see monkeys in full swing, plan a trip in the afternoon, when the beach gets flooded with these cute creatures.

If you are a wildlife and marine life lover, Monkey beach is a must-visit place while on your trip to Thailand. Watching these little naughty animals or a school of fishes amidst beautiful seascapes is truly a lifetime experience. You can even have a human interaction experience on the beach. Click pictures or make videos of the monkeys jumping or playing around and share it with your friends or on your social media handles.

If monkey attacks make you worried before visiting the beach then don't worry, it is pretty safe to be there and roam around. But you need to be careful and follow the guidelines issued by the wildlife conservation department. However, you will find some tourists feeding monkeys with bananas. It is advisable to stay at a distance from them, keep your belongings safe, and don’t give them anything to eat.


• Monkey Beach is a 150 m long coastline with powdery white sand and a backdrop of a steep and lush limestone cliff.
• The beach is a beautiful destination to see Macaque species of monkeys as the cliff serves as the natural habitat of these cute creatures.
• The place is also known for its snorkeling activities, crystal clear water, coral reefs, and schools of colorful fish.
• The beach is easily reachable from Phuket and Krabi as several fun speedboat tours stop here to see monkeys and click pictures.
• Renting a kayak and reaching the beach on your own is the best option if you like experiential traveling.
• Many eateries are available near the beach to indulge in some delicious food after a fun day.

Other Essential Information

Places to visit near Monkey Beach

Ko Phi Phi Lee: Nestled amidst the marine wonders of the Indian Ocean, the Ko Phi Phi Lee is a collection of six small beautiful islands. The hub of several water adventures and sports, it also features marine biodiversity near Monkey Beach. It is one of the most-visited islands in Thailand for its vibrant nightlife and lively ambiance of shops, bars, restaurants, and resorts.

Ton Sai Beach: Nestled between dense limestone cliffs, Ton Sai Beach is an amazing getaway from the hectic city life. Housing a few prominent hotels, this quiet beach offers extreme serenity. Scuba diving and kayaking are the ultimate water sports that can make you feel a rush in your adrenaline. Also, the beach is famous for its traditional delicacies. 

Ko Bida Nok: Embellished with a beautiful limestone cliff, the Koh Bida Nok is one of the two southernmost islets of the Phi Phi Islands. It is famous for marvelous diving opportunities and extreme natural beauty. You can even enjoy snorkeling here and cherish the biodiversity and even find zebra sharks and stingrays lying on the sand. For experienced cave-divers, a beautiful cave is also here that can make their trip full of pleasant experiences.

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Phi Le Lagoon: Also known as Ao Pileh, its wonderful canyon-like structure is a blissful delight to the eyes. A little far from the Viking Cave, this island is home to several picturesque spots and pristine waters. If you are a photography or snorkeling enthusiast, do not forget to put the Phi Le Lagoon on your bucket list. Its emerald-colored waters and stunning limestone cliffs make the place really amazing.

Ko Mai Phai: Renowned as Bamboo Island, it is one of the most favored tourist spots of the Great Phi Phi Islands for its pristine white sand beaches and magnanimous bamboo forests. Just 30 minutes away from Ton Sai Beach, this destination houses several natural wonders and presents a sight to behold. You can enjoy calming experiences at its seashores or soak in the beauty of the lush biodiversity of this region. Ko Mai Phai island is a not-to-miss destination of the Great Phi Phi Islands.

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Places to Eat near Monkey Beach

1. Aroy Kaffeine: One of the most favored eateries near Monkey Beach, the Aroy Kaffeine Restaurant offers a bohemian and vintage ambiance. Open for all 3 meals of the day, the kitchen here serves a diversified menu of food and drinks. 

2. The Mango Garden: As its name suggests, this small but amazing cafe serves a huge variety of dishes containing mango or its flavors. Ideal for a refreshing breakfast and light snacks, this cafe also pleases its guests through a delightful aroma. Head to this cafe for a small coffee or smoothie break and beat the heat with some refreshing drinks.

3. The Oasis Bar and Restaurant: Designed as a small village, the Oasis Bar and Restaurant is known for its exotic outlook and lovely ambiance. Furnished with bamboo-based wooden infrastructure, this place offers an exquisite seafood experience. The place is also famous amongst nightlife lovers and serves a variety of cocktails and mocktails.

4. The Jasmin BBQ Restaurant: Settled right at the seashore, this restaurant is a great place to relax and rejoice near the beach waves. Offering lip-smacking dishes at reasonable prices, this restaurant is a favored place for lunch and dinners. Known for its authentic Thai food, it also serves a range of vegetarian dishes.

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Places to Stay Near Monkey Beach 

1. Phi Phi CoCo Beach Resort: One of the most loved resorts near Monkey Beach, it features a beautiful garden, vast terrace, astonishing swimming pool, and free Wi-Fi connection. You can enjoy a comforting stay here at a reasonable price. 

2. Mama Beach Residence: If you are someone who likes to stay near the beach, the Mama Beach Residence is for you. Offering a private beachfront, lavishing room with wonderful balcony views and ensuite open-air bathrooms, free breakfast, Thai restaurant, this resort is very well-reputed. 

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3. Chongkhao Resort: Looking for tropical accommodation? Book a stay at the Chongkhao Resort. Offering a cottage-like accommodation with several gardens in the vicinity, this resort offers several picturesque treats to the eyes. The entire property offers a comfortable stay complete with modern amenities like free Wi-Fi all over the property, daily housekeeping, well-equipped rooms, gift/souvenir shop, restaurant, and much more.

4. Phi Phi Sand Sea View Resort: You can find superb water sport activities and comfortable accommodation all in one place, at the Phi Phi Sand Sea View Resort. Well-equipped with Wi-Fi services, a beautiful private balcony, multi-cuisine restaurant, garden, and beachfront views, the resort is indeed a place to have a refreshing staycation. 

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Point of Interest for Monkey Beach


Monkey Beach offers stunning surroundings, shallow and crystal clear water, and beautiful coral and fish. Get equipped with snorkeling gear. Witness the majestic underwater world and swim with a wide variety of fishes.

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Human Interaction

Human Interaction

Enjoy a small human interaction with naughty monkeys. Click a quick photo before they snatch your camera or find them swimming along with you in the azure sea.



Rent a sea-kayak to paddle out to Monkey Beach by yourself and have an experience that you will always cherish. The beautiful views while paddling in the calm sea make all the efforts worth it.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Monkey Beach FAQs

Is it safe to visit Monkey Beach?

Monkey Beach is considered to be safe for travel purposes. The beach is free from any criminal activities. However, you might have to beware of the wild monkeys present there. Stay away from them, don't feed them, and keep your belongings either tightly strapped or with your boat itself.

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How do I get to Monkey Beach?

Monkey Beach is not connected through conventional road routes and lacks air transport services. Being a part of a group of islands, it is well-connected via the water. The best way to reach Monkey Beach is either by speedboat tours, long-tail boat tours, or paddling a rented kayak through the serene waters.

What is Monkey Beach famous for?

Travelers remember more than the exotic species of monkeys after their visit to Monkey Beach. This place is an amazing destination for adventure water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, kayaking, swimming, and even photography.

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Is Monkey Beach worth visiting?

Monkey Beach is known as one of the most exquisite gems of Krabi. It is a great destination to see long-tailed Macaques monkeys, witness & capture natural beauty, enjoy snorkeling, swimming, or diving, and experience kayaking.

What will we see at Monkey Beach?

As you travel and explore the astonishing Monkey Beach, you will see several picturesque sceneries. The place is a haven for nature lovers and amuses with its beautiful limestone cliff and lush vegetation. Here, you will find a friendly species of monkeys and rich marine biodiversity. It is also the place to capture the beautiful beach setting and sunset scenery.

What is the best time to visit Monkey Beach?

Monkey Beach is an all-year-round destination. However, the winter months (December to February) are the best for enjoying day trips. Also, early mornings and late afternoons are preferred to avoid sun, crowd, and monkeys.

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