Easy Treks in Auli

Auli Easy Treks Packages

Duration Price
Gorson Bugyal Trek with Camping Book-1 days
INR 2,559

Gorson Bugyal Trek, Chenab Lake Trek, Gwaldam Trek, Chattarkund Trek, and more.

Get introduced to trekking in the Himalayan terrain with Easy Auli treks from Thrillophilia. Thrillophilia offers a plethora of trekking packages from Auli to let you explore and cherish the Garhwal region of the Himalayas.

The Gurson Bugyal Trek tops the list of Easy Auli treks. The trail winds through lush meadows and dense forests and showcases the serene beauty of the Himalayas. You can enjoy panoramic views of several snow-capped peaks that stand majestically right in front of you. The Chenab Lake Trek takes you through remote alpine landscapes and culminates at the breathtaking Chenab Lake. The Gwaldam Trek trail traverses through quaint villages, terraced fields, and dense forests. The Chattrakund Lake Trek is one of the best Easy Auli treks that takes you on a picturesque journey to the stunning Chattrakund Lake, nestled amidst towering pine forests and majestic mountains.

All the Auli easy treks from Thrillophilia are guided by expert trekkers who have sound knowledge about the trail and challenges. Our Auli trekking packages are inclusive of base camp transfers, food and stay and can be further customized based on your preferences. We also offer on-ground assistance to ensure your safety.

So, what are you still thinking about? Book easy trek tours in Auli from Thrillophilia and gear up for an amazing trekking experience through the Himalayan ranges in and around Auli.

Here Are Some Easy Treks in Auli

Gorson Bugyal Trek

This is one of the easy treks in Auli that lets you awe at the beauty of Garhwal region of Himalayas. The trek trail is ideal for beginners and is usually covered in 1 night and 2 days. You will hike through verdant grasslands and dense forests covered with alpine trees like oak and deodar. En route, you will witness unhindered views of peaks of mountains like Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat, Doonagiri, and Bithartoli.

Chenab Lake Trek: 

This is one of the least explored easy treks in Auli that takes you to the glacial Chenab lake at 4,966 feet (1,514 meters) over 2 days. The trek takes you through quaint mountain villages like Dang and ends at Chenab meadow where you will be rewarded with stunning views of the pristine Chenab lake.

Gwaldam Trek: 

Gwaldam is a beautiful hamlet perched between Garhwal & Kumaon regions of the Himalayas. Because of its strategic location, Gwaldam serves as an important base station for various treks like RoopKund Trek. These easy trek tours in Auli take through several dense alpine forests where you can spot the animals like Himalayan musk deer and mountain goats and picturesque Himalayan villages.

Chattrakund Lake Trek:

Nestled amidst dense forest, Chattrakund Lake is a natural sweet water lake located about 4 km from Auli. You will trek through lush green alpine forests and meadows before reaching the pristine Chattrakund Lake. You can marvel at the engulfing Himalayan scenery and even pitch your tents besides the lake. If you are looking for easy Auli treks with camping, this is your best bet.

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Auli Easy Treks FAQs

Which is the best easy trek for beginners in the Auli?

The Gorson Bugyal trek is one of the easy treks in Auli for beginners. This 1 night 2 days trek takes you through gentle slopes with lush green meadows and beautiful alpine forests. The trail is well marked and is pretty straightforward. This makes Gorson Bugyal trek an ideal choice for beginners to get introduced to trekking in Auli.

What is the average cost for treks in Auli?

The average cost for treks in Auli varies depending on factors like duration, group size, and inclusions. Sho and easy treks in Auli like Gorson Bugyal trek INR 2,559 per person at Thrillophilia. Longer treks like Pangarchulla Trek with Kuari Pass which is covered in 7 days and 6 nights cost INR 12,000 per person including guides, accommodation, and meals.

What is the best time to trek in Auli?

The best time for going for the easy treks tours in Auli is during the summer and autumn months from May to October. During this period, the weather is mild with clear skies. If you want to experience snow trekking, you can choose the winter months from late December to early March.

How much weight will I have to carry for easy treks in Auli?

For easy treks in Auli, you will need to carry around 5 to 10 kilograms in your backpack. This includes essentials like water, snacks, extra clothing layers, a first aid kit, and personal items. 

Which type of shoes should I bring on the Auli trekking tour?

For easy trek tours in Auli, you need to wear sturdy hiking boots with good grip to trek on diverse terrain. Your shoes should give you good ankle support to avoid injuries and pain. It is recommended to wear waterproof or water-resistant shoes to handle any snow or wet conditions. 

Auli Easy Treks Reviews

Minakshi Devar
Reviewed: 15 Feb 2020
Going on the trek in Auli was the best decision we made. The trek offers a completely different view of the Auli and we just loved camping there.
Ashlesh Khanna
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2020
Our friend went through this trek last year and suggested we go to Thrillophilia. The trek went really amazing and we had seen the best of the mountain views and a great amount of snow during the trek. It was the best way to welcome the New Year. Thanks, Thrillophilia for a wonderful trekking experi... Read More

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