10 Picnic Spots Near Kolhapur In 2024: Updated List

One Day Picnic Spots near Kolhapur

Amba Ghat, Amboli, Ajara, Malvan, Olavan, Panhala, Rajmachi, Tarkarli, Ganpatipule and Ratnagiri.

If you are looking for one day picnic spots near Kolhapur, you will be pleased to know that places ranging from hill stations to temples and forts waiting to enchant you. The tourist places around the bustling Kolhapur offer the ideal weekend getaway in nature’s lap.

While hill stations like Amba Ghat and Ajara are close to Kolhapur and can be visited for a laidback sojourn, you can also explore Ratnagiri or Tarkarli to explore lush greenery and impressive coastal regions around Kolhapur.The hill stations near Kolhapur have emerged as popular tourist destinations for people living in Kolhapur and surrounding regions owing to their rawness and rich heritage.

Located on the banks of river Panchganga, the city offers places to explore in the form of forts, museums, temples, beaches and an exotic wildlife sanctuary in the vicinity. Be it a nature lover or a shopaholic, every picnic spot near Kolhapur is for one and all.

Here are some of the best picnic spots near Kolhapur:

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Amba Ghat

Being the highest point in Kolhapur district, Amba Ghat is one of the best places to visit near Kolhapur within 100 km if you want to spend a day in nature’s lap. Immerse yourself in the views of the valley from the curvy ghats as mist engulfs your surroundings.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, there is a lot in store for you at Waghzara as the place houses several tigers and other wild animals in their natural habitat during the jungle safari. Experience tranquillity by visiting the backwaters of the Manoli Dam which is surrounded by lush greenery and exotic flora.

Amba Ghat makes for one of the most ideal picnic spots near Kolhapur due to Its proximity to the city, allowing you to plan a one-day getaway.

Distance from Kolhapur: 71 km.

Best time to visit: October to March.



The birthplace of Shivajirao Sawant, Ajara is located on the banks of Chitra and Hiranyakeshi rivers, offering a serene getaway in the lap of nature. The small, bustling town offers a unique experience with tourist attractions like Mahalaxmi Temple, Shahuji Chhatrapati Museum and Rankala Lake amongst many others, and most of the places can be explored in a day, making it one of the popular one day picnic spots near Kolhapur.

The greenery in Ajara is at full bloom immediately after monsoon, offering a pleasant sojourn to visitors who are looking for places to visit near Kolhapur in winter. For a rejuvenating experience, visit the Ramtirth Waterfall near Ajara and experience a blast of freshness. 

Distance from Kolhapur:
86 km

Best time to visit:
October to May



This one is for all the adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers and history buffs out there. A visit to Panhala is incomplete without the Panhala Fort, which is located on a hilltop and offers a sneak peek into the culture of the erstwhile Maratha rulers. Other places of tourist interest include Parashar caves, Jyotiba Temple, Sajja Kothi and Mahalaxmi Temple.

Spend a mesmerising evening with your loved one at the sunset point to witness the spellbinding sunset and feel romance in the air. Panhala also offers treks to Pawankhind and Panhalgad, making it one of the best one day picnic spots near Kolhapur if you are looking for adventure activities during the weekend.

Distance from Kolhapur:
18 km

Best time to visit:
October to May



If you want to test your trekking skills, conquer the Konkans by trekking to the Shrivardhan peak and the Manaranjan peak located in Rajmachi. Reach atop the Rajmachi fort by trekking uphill as you are greeted by lush greenery on all sides. Rajmachi makes for an exciting picnic spot near Kolhapur as you can undertake night treks and witness the fireflies adorning your sky.

Explore Rajmachi Village to get a cultural insight and live with the locals to experience their way of living. The Kondane caves located in the Karjat region offer an exciting journey through the unexplored landscapes near Kolhapur.

Distance from Kolhapur:  80 km

Best time to visit: October to March



Amboli remains pleasant throughout the year due to the high amount of rainfall it receives. Enjoy the gushing waterfalls and streams that dot Amboli, offering greenery and tranquillity on your sojourn. Amboli makes for an ideal picnic spot near Kolhapur, whether you are travelling solo, with family or friends as there are plenty of adventure activities coupled with historic places to explore.

While monsoon may spoil your chances of exploring the place due to heavy rainfall, the flora in Amboli is at full bloom immediately after monsoon, making it one of the most pleasant places to visit near Kolhapur in winter. The major tourist attractions in Amboli include Amboli Waterfalls, Madhavgarh Fort, Shirgaonkar Point and Hiranya Keshi Temple.

Distance from Kolhapur:  119 km

Best time to visit:
October to June
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Located in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, Malvan is as quaint as it can get for its minimal human penetration, offering you the right blend of privacy and joy on your picnic. Malvan is popular for its clean beaches and historic forts located off backwaters.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you will be delighted to indulge in the exciting water adventure sports on the beaches of Malvan. Enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling and boating at Malvan beaches, and munch on some exotic seafood at the beachside shacks at Malvan.

Distance from Kolhapur:  157 km

Best time to visit:
October-end to February

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Fulfil your dream of dipping your toes in the white sand and enjoy a splash of pristine waters at Tarkarli. It is one of the few white sand beaches in the Indian mainland, making it a unique picnic spot near Kolhapur. Relish on the mouth-watering Malvani food while staring into the endless sea as cool breeze kisses your cheeks.

Enjoy a laid back weekend picnic at Tarkarli beach, which is dotted with tamarind and coconut trees. The Konkani-styled cottages along the beach are an ideal place to laze around. Take a stroll on the beach at midnight, and if you are lucky, you may also spot turtles laying their eggs on the beach.

Distance from Kolhapur: 160 km

Best time to visit: October-March

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Located in the Radhanagari tehsil of Kolhapur, Olavan is one of the best places to visit near Kolhapur within 100 km if you are looking to unwind yourself with a day’s picnic. The gushing Rautwadi waterfalls in Olavan, surrounded by lush greenery, will rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, explore the Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary to witness the varied species of mammals and birds in their natural habitat.

Distance from Kolhapur: 60 km

Best time to visit: October-May



Nestled in western part of Maharashtra, Ratnagiri has a rich heritage value attached to it, attracting a large number of history buffs and culture enthusiasts throughout the year. Explore the captivating Guhagar beach and feel enchanted by the pristine waters coupled with a cool breeze and it is one of the amazing picnic spots near Kolhapur.

If history and culture interest you, a visit to the Ratnagiri fort, Marleshwar temple and Shri Devi Bhagwati temple is unmissable. Ratnagiri is an ideal blend of ancient temples, lush green mountains and peaceful beaches, suitable for travellers across age groups with varied interests.

Distance from Kolhapur: 132km

Best time to visit: October-May

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If you are looking for a laidback getaway from the hustle-bustle of everyday life, there is no better place than the serene beaches in Ganpatipule to soak yourself in nature. Explore the Konkan seashore, untouched by urban life and chaos.

While the sandy Malgund beach and Ganpatipule beach take your breath away with serenity and mesmerising views of the sunset, the 400-year old Swayambhu Ganpati temple explains the historic importance of the town.

For an enriching experience into the history, explore the mighty Jaigad Fort which is located overlooking the vast sea.

Distance from Kolhapur: 153 km

Best time to visit: October-April

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People Also Ask About Kolhapur

  1. Which are the best one-day picnic spots near Kolhapur?

    1. Ganpatipule: Along the Konkan coast of Maharashtra lies the small beach town of Ganpatipule. The place finds great importance and association to the Hindu Lord Ganesha and has many attractions that strengthen the connection between the folklore. Besides this, one can visit the beaches and enjoy water sports during a one-day picnic from Kolhapur.

    2. Ratnagiri: Ratnagiri is a port city that is the perfect escape for a one-day picnic during the summers. Famous for its massive harvest of mangoes each season, you can also get the best of Alphonso back home. Other than that, there are many historical landmarks and attractions, spots for adventure activities and sights of the sea worth enjoying.

    3. Amboli: This is a quaint hamlet in Maharashtra, located at about 120 kilometres from Kolhapur. Gifted with nature’s best, Amboli is also one of the top Picnic Spots Near Kolhapur during the monsoons. The greenery in the region looks exquisitely radiant, the waterfalls have a stronger flow, and the place transforms into a picturesque perspective. 

    4. Rajmachi: Rajmachi is a quaint village which is best defined by the presence of the Rajmachi Hill Fort. Perched at an elevation of 2710 feet above sea level, this palatial establishment is prominent trekking and viewpoint in the region. Besides rigorous hikes, one can also enjoy camping, sightseeing, a picnic at Valvan Lake etc.

    5. Amba Ghat: This is a mountain pass that connects Kolhapur and Ratnagiri Roads in Maharashtra. Situated at an elevation of 2000 feet in the Western Ghats mountains, this place has over the years become a popular picnic spot for families, couples and friends. One can savour the alluring mountainscapes, indulge in adventure activities like wildlife safaris and treks, and have a picnic by the Manoli Dam.
  2. Which are the best picnic spots near Kolhapur in the rainy season?

    1. Olavan: A part of the Radhanagari tehsil in Kolhapur, Olavan is a small and quiet village that has preserved the beauties of nature. Enveloped by rolling hills and verdant lands, there are places like the Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary to see the wildlife and Rautwadi waterfalls to take on a trek and a luncheon with a view.

    2. Amboli: Ambloi, a serene hill station in the Sahyadri Hills is one of the best Picnic Spots Near Kolhapur to visit during the rainy season. With offerings of vibrant landscapes, gushing waterfalls, many outdoor activities and a tranquil environment, you and your loved ones have plenty to explore and make memories.

    3. Ajara: This is a petit town located on the banks of Chitra and Hiranyakeshi rivers, and is a natural wonderland which makes it among the best Picnic Spots Near Kolhapur, especially during or after the monsoon season. Ajara can be enjoyed and explored within a day during which you can visit the riverside, local attractions as well as partake in outdoor activities.
  3. Which are the famous one-day picnic spots near Kolhapur in summer?

    1. Ganpatipule: One of the best coastal towns in the Konkan stretch is Ganpatipule, which is also a great summer picnic destination. Known for folklore and mythological associations to Lord Ganesha, this place other than the pristine shores is best known for its Ganesha monolith, temple and other sacred sites.

    2. Ratnagiri: This South-Western city in Maharashtra is essentially a port town set against the Arabian Sea on one end and the Sahyadri Hills on the other. Ratnagiri is a loved tourist destination in the region, especially during the summers when one can also buy the best quality Alphonso mangoes from here. Other than that, the place also attracts many with its charming sights, historical importance and adventure activities.

    3. Tarkarli: This is one of the many remarkable and picture-perfect beach towns in Maharashtra, making it a great holiday and picnic spot. Whether you have one day or ten, this place will have something exciting for you to explore. During the visit, one can visit the villages, indulge in water sports, try local foods and visit the many regional attractions.

    4. Malvan: A part of the Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra, Malvan is a coastal township that is ideal as one of the Summer Picnic Spots Near Kolhapur. A scenic and adventurous getaway for one and all, a day in Malvan opens up opportunities such as - sightseeing, water and adventure sports activities, boat rides and much more.

    5. Amba Ghat: This is one of the best picnic spots to visit near Kolhapur in summers. Surrounded by lush greens and a thriving ecosystem, Amba Ghat is every nature and wildlife enthusiast’s dream spot. Located with 100 kilometres from the city of Kolhapur, one can enjoy the enthralling sceneries, visit the Manoli Dam backwaters and a wildlife safari at Wagah Zara.
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Superb trip I ever had!!! the operator was very approachable and careful about our safety, Our guide was informative shows all the attractions of the place and explained in details the dam, the waterfall, and the viewpoints were mesmerizing and breathtaking, The jungle safari was one of the kind moment that we are waited for so long. The rooms here were clean and spacious with good hospitalities, good meals at a cheaper rate. The nice locale with the natural beauty of nature... Many things to express but I have no words only "WOW". So satisfied and extremely worth it tour.
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Sweet memories with my friends on this trek. This trek was easy and long but everything was under control as the team handles it with care. Our guide was knowledgable kindly told us the beautiful history of the place in a beautiful way. The stay was very comfortable and the best part was that we are able to interact with the owner of the house and kids. In general, everything goes perfect and reach back home safely with full memories.
Nice adventurous life with my cousins. The trip was fulfilling. So satisfying stay and activities with good support from the entire team. Paddle boating was quite amazing, stunning scenic and great sightseeing. Learn alot from this sanctuary. Good pictures and over the top excitement. Good price with a huge experience.
Each and every step was well done and we all agreed to follow it. Our guide gave us more than the itinerary in which on the way allowed us to clicked pictures in anything which attracts us. During break-time we shared our eatables all together, Nice long walk, Breakfast, lunch, and dinner was fresh, Driver and transport were good too.
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