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The numerous places of worship, wildlife sanctuaries, and stern fortresses offer loads of things to do in Kolhapur for wanderlust travellers. Coming over to this beautiful city, you will get a chance to explore some of the past wonders as well as get indulged in a spiritual air all around. You can offer prayers at the famous temples like Jyotiba Temple and Koppeshwar Mandir, head out on nature trails to the Kolhapur Zoo & Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to a diverse range of animals and birds, and in the evening hours, one can go out on various shopping errands to the famous street markets.

During your stay in this pristine city, you should try to spend time experiencing some of the unique activities to do Kolhapur like exploring the age old Panhala Fort and hanging out in the Rankala Lake. Or  strolling across shops in Shivaji Market, tasting the authentic Kolhapuri Cuisine, and strolling through the Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum. 
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New Palace

Take a look into the lifestyle of Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj with the New Palace that is built on the Bhavani Mandap Kasaba Bawada Road. If you are a history buff then this is one of the best tourist places in Kolhapur as it showcases the artefacts and belongings of Maharaja and his family.

The lower floor is converted into a museum where all the possessions are kept and the rest of the parts are closed for the visitors. The architectural style of the Palace is quite intriguing and is built in black polished stone.

Essential Information

- Location: New Palace, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416003

- Best Time: June to February

- Timings: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

- Price: INR 18 per person

 Panhala Fort

Located in the proximity of Kolhapur city the Panhala Fort is strategically built and is the largest Fort in the Deccan region. It connects Maharashtra to the Arabian Sea through Bijapur and those who love exploring history and geographies will get amazed by it and it is one of the best places to visit in Kolhapur.

The Fort showcases variants of motifs, bastions, and various other relics of different dynasties and the Indo-Islamic architecture is an add on. From here you can take a glimpse at the glorious past of the Maratha empire and also take a 360-degree view from the hilltop. So, add this edifice in your itinerary of sightseeing places in Kolhapur and make the trip even more fantastic.

Essential Information

- Location: Panhala Fort, Panhala, Maharashtra 416201

- Best Time: June to February

- Timings: 24 hours open

- Price: No entrance fees

Shree Mahalaxmi Mandir

One of the most peaceful places to visit in Kolhapur is the Shree Mahalaxmi Mandir that was built back in the 7th century in the era of Chalukya rulers. The temple has a deity of Goddess of Power “Mahalaxmi” and is one of the six abodes of ultimate power. Devotees from different regions come here to seek blessings and it is a prominent pilgrimage center of Hindus.

Essential Information

- Location:  Mahadwar Road, B Ward, C Ward, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416012

- Best Time: June to February

- Timings: 5:00 am to 11:00 am and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

- Price: No entrance fee.
Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary

Are you a wildlife lover? Add Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary in your list of tourist Places in Kolhapur as this is just the perfect place for you. Ranging from the variants of mammals, reptiles, and countless species of birds here you can witness each one of them and it is one of the amazing places to visit in Kolhapur

The Sanctuary is situated in Radhanagari and several rivers flow through it namely Bhogavati River, Dudhganga River, Tulsi River, Kalama River, and Dirba River. Boasting the exotic collection of flora and fauna, here you can witness sambar, giant squirrel, barking deer, mouse deer, and sloth bear in the majority.

Essential Information

- Location:  New Ambabai Temple Main Road, Radhanagari, Maharashtra 416212

- Best Time:  June to September, Monsoons.

- Timings: 7:00 am to 2:30 pm

- Price: Starting INR 120 per person.

Shri Binkhambi Ganesh Mandir

One of the most placid tourist places in Kolhapur is the Shri Binkhambi Ganesh Mandir and was built to honor Lord Ganesh. The architecture of the temple is quite interesting as the entire temple is carved out of one pillar and enthusiasts from different corners of the world flock here for this. Here you can seek blessings from Lord Ganesha and it is one of the best kolhapur tourist places.

Essential Information

- Location: Sawarkar Marg, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416002

- Best Time: June to February

- Timings: 5:30 am to 8:00 pm

- Price: None 

Kopeshwar Temple

Seek blessings from Lord Shiva at the Kopeshwar Temple that was built back in the 12th century. The temple is intricately built with elegant pillars that are carved with the embodiments of gods and goddesses. Apart from this, there are deities of a few more gods like Vishnu, Nandi bull, and many more and it is one of the best places to visit in Kolhapur.

The temple not only attracts devotees but also receives history lovers for its excellent architecture.

Essential Information

- Location: Khidrapur, Kolhapur District, Maharashtra 416108.

- Best Time:  June to September, Monsoons.

- Timings: 7:00 am to 11:30 am and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

- Price: None

Sagareshwar Deer Sanctuary

 Another one in the array of sightseeing places in Kolhapur is the Sagareshwar Deer Sanctuary and is a protected area of the Kolhapur district. This is a man-made forest that sprawls over a region of 11 square kms where the wildlife was introduced. Whether you are looking for an exotic collection of flora or fauna, this is just the perfect place for you to be.

Essential Information

- Location: Tupari, Maharashtra 415313

- Best Time: June to February

- Timings: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

- Price: None

Rankala Lake

Another one in the array of tourist Places in Kolhapur is Rankala Lake that is a popular attraction of the region. The lake was built by “Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj’ - King of Kolhapur and is a combination of Rajghat and Maraghat. It sprawls over an area of 107 hectares and the views that it extends are just beyond one’s imagination. The lake has an age-old history from old times and the locals believe that it is not a natural lake but was built by the Maharaj. If you are looking for a place where you can relax and soothe your soul then this is just the right spot for you. 

Essential Information

- Location: Kolhapur, Ranjala, Maharashtra

- Best Time: June to September

- Timings: 24 hours open

- Price: None

Jyotiba Temple

Snuggled right in the heart of the city the “Jyotiba Temple” is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kolhapur. The temple is laden with gulal or rang as it is offered to the deity as a symbol of sincerity. The temple is settled at an elevation of 3124 feet above the ground and from here you can gape at the breathtaking views of the town.

The temple has a deity of goddess “Jyotiba” who is believed to be a manifestation of three holy deities. The locals believe that the temple should be visited after seeking the blessing of the goddess “Mahalaxmi”.

Essential Information

- Location: Jyotiba Dongar, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001

- Best Time: June to February

- Timings: 5:30 am to 10:30 pm

- Price: None

Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum

Scanning for interesting sightseeing places in Kolhapur?  Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum of Kaneri is the right pick for you. Also called as the Kaneri Math, it is situated inside Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math and features a beautiful Shiva temple.

At this museum, you can witness the statues of wax and cement that depict the life of a villager. The entire museum sprawls over 7 acres and is surrounded by lush greenery from all the corners and it is one of the best places to visit in Kolhapur.

Essential Information

- Location: Kaneri, Maharashtra 416234

- Best Time: June to February

- Timings: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

- Price: INR 120 per person

Dyp City Mall

Situated on the Kolhapur Pune Road the DYP City Mall is one of the best malls in the region. At this mall, you can shop from the basic brands to the luxury ones as it has a number of shopping outlets. Apart from this, here are a few stores that sell cosmetics, jewelry, toys, and countless other things that you can shop. Not only this but it is even dotted with a number of eateries where you can relish various of cuisine.

Essential Information

- Location: Old Pune-Bangalore Hwy, Kawala Naka, Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416003

- Best Time: Throughout the year

- Timings: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

- Price: None

Tara Rani Statue

Signifying grandeur and power of Maratha women, the Tara Rani Statue at the Tara Rani Chowk is one of the best tourist places in Kolhapur. It is located right on the intersection of the city and can be revered anytime. The mighty statue is enveloped by the prominent hospitals, food joints, shopping complex, and various other restaurants. 

Essential Information

- Location: 88, Station Road, Tara rani chowk, Maharashtra 416005

- Best Time: June to February

- Timings: 24 hours open

- Price: None
Shalini Palace

Established on the banks of Rankala Lake, the Shalini Palace is one of the most frequented places to visit in Kolhapur. This opulent Palace was built back in the early 19th century for Princess Shalini Raje. At that time, the cost of making was about INR 800000 and the architecture justifies that well.

The Palace is surrounded by wonderful trails of palm trees and gardens and is a great spot for relaxation. Now, it is converted into a luxury hotel and is one of the royal stays of Kolhapur.

Essential Information

- Location: Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416012

- Best Time: June to February

- Timings: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

- Price: None

Teen Darwaja

Next, in the list of places to visit in Kolhapur is the Teen Darwaza that is the prominent entrance point of the Panhala Fort. Moreover, the gate or Darwaza is a double gateway that is elegantly built and is a must-visit spot. The inner side of the gate exhibits ornate carvings while the outer side has a protruding ceiling. Each and every inch is inscribed with inscriptions and the exceptional style of architecture will not fail to amaze you.

Essential Information

- Location: Panhala Fort, Panhala, Maharashtra 416201

- Best Time: Throughout the year

- Timings: 24 hours open

- Price: None

Kalamba Lake

One of the most striking places to visit in Kolhapur is the Kalamba Lake that sprawls over 63 hectares. This is the major source of water for the entire city and the views that it extends are exceptional. The lake originates from Katyayni hill and the soft flowing water comes close to the city. At this lake, at lot of migratory birds flock in the winter season and adds to the charm of the place. 

Essential Information

- Location: Kolhapur city, Maharashtra

- Best Time: June to September

- Timings: 24 hours open

- Price: None
Dream World Water Park

Slide down in the water and play with the vibrant water balls at the Dream World Water Park! There are as many as 8 slides of different colors where you can splash and splurge the water and have a fun-filled time with your family.

Apart from this, here you can swim in the sparkling deep pool or can just relax beside the shallow side of the pool. Not only this but here you can also relish lip-smacking delights at the cafe that is built inside the park.

Essential Information

- Location: Kasaba Bawada Main Rd, Near SP Office, Raman Mala, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416003

- Best Time: May to October

- Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

- Price: Starting from INR 500 per person

Vishalgad Fort

Locally called “Khelna” the Vishalgad Fort was one of the most prominent forts of the Maratha emperors. The Fort is established at a majestic elevation of 3,500 feet above the ground and the views that it extends will just melt your heart away.

The word Vishal means grand and the fort justifies its name. The fort was built in 1058 by Chhatrapati Shivaji and after being passed away to the Deccan rulers, it came back to the Maratha empire. From all the corners it is surrounded by the lush green boundaries and extends a perfect melange of history and nature.

Essential Information

- Location: Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416002

- Best Time: June to February

- Timings: 5:30 am to 8:00 pm

- Price: None 

Khasbag Wrestling Stadium

Khasbag Wrestling Stadium also famed as the Khasbag Maidan is one of the largest wrestling stadiums of India and is located right in the center of Kolhapur. At this stadium, you can hoot for your favorite wrestler as the stadium has a seating capacity of about 30000 visitors and hence a lot of people can be accommodated at once.

The Hound or the wrestling ring is right in the center of the stadium and you can even enjoy special seating facilities that is for the royal family.

Essential Information

- Location: SH-116, Mangalwar Peth, Manganwlar Peth, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416012

- Best Time: June to February

- Timings: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

- Price: None

Bhavani Mandap
Otherwise known as the oldest and the biggest building in Kolhapur, the Bhavani Mandap used to be the erstwhile court and palace of Chhatrapati Maharaj during his reign. As of today, the building has been converted into a public monument, and is considered to be amongst the important heritage structures in the city.

Inside the palace, you can find numerous statues, stuffed animals, wooden thrones as well as the sculpture of Shahu Maharaj. Built entirely of Blackstone, the palace is one of the earliest structures built in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture in the country and is a marvel to look at.

Location: C Ward, Near Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416002

Best Time: October to February

Timings: 06:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Narsinhwadi Datta Mandir
Located in Narsobawadi, a few kilometres from the centre of the city, the Narsinhwadi Datta Mandir is one of the most religious places to visit in Kolhapur. Dedicated to Narsinh Saraswati, the Purna Avatar and an incarnation of Lord Shri Dattatreya, the temple is built on the banks of the Krishna River. Devotees from all over the country visit this temple due to its religious significance.

In addition to enjoying a holy ambience, you can also find Lord Dattatreya’s charan padukas here. You can also see the confluence of the Krishna and Panchganga rivers here.

Location: 3rd Street, Kolhapur District, Shirol, taluk, Narsobawadi, Maharashtra 416104

Best Time: June to March

Timings: 04:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. 

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Kolhapur Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Kolhapur?

1. Explore the Panhala Fort: Panhala Fort happens to be one of the most important and strategically crucial forts in Kolhapur. It has got an amazing repository of history and visiting the same during your trip to Kolhapur, you will be able to learn more about the times gone by. The fort was constructed in the 12th century and his home to some of the  important structures like Teen Darwaza, Konkan Darwaja, Andhar Bavadi and the Kalavantinicha Mahal. You must include visiting this age old fortress in your Things to Do in Kolhapur.

- Timings: 7:00 am to 2:30 pm
- Entry fee: INR 120

2. Spend time with the diverse wildlife at the Kolhapur zoo: Kolhapur zoo is home to a green and picturesque setting in a small area that is just perfect to attract nature and wildlife lovers. The zoo is located close to the New Palace Lake and is famous for its avian exhibits including flamingos, peacocks, emus and a wide variety of deer. Coming over to this zoo, you can spend time with the animals and get to learn more about their behaviour as well. If you are wondering what to do in Kolhapur, then this would be one of the best Things to do in Kolhapur as you will be driving up to the zoo and relishing the ultimate lush greenery all around.

- Timings: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
- Entry Fee: INR 15

3. Hangout in the Rankala Lake: Rankala Lake is one of the most recognisable tourist attractions in the city of Kolhapur because of its picturesque setting. This lake has been serving as one of the most visited places for hanging out in the evening hours. Many native residents as well as tourists love to come over to this place in the morning hours as well as in the evening hours to relax. This has been one of the must things to do in Kolhapur. The lake complex has well laid out walkways and seating areas which is again surrounded by different gardens and green spaces.

- Timings: 7:00 am to 2:30 pm
- Entry Fee: Starting INR 120 per person

4. Stroll across shops in Shivaji Market: Shivaji Market is one of the popular shopping destinations in the industrial township of Kolhapur. It is one such place where you will get authentic Kolhapuri leather goods. You will find small and big shops selling a wide range of products starting from jackets to shoes. In the evening hours, the local market gets bustling with many local street food joints selling local delicacies. Shopping in evening hours is one of the most sought after activities to Do in Kolhapur.

5. Taste the authentic Kolhapuri Cuisine: The cuisine of Kolhapur is bit spicy and has got loads of influence from Maharashtra. Veg Kolhapuri is one of the most popular dishes in Kolhapuri cuisine that you must try out in various north indian and Maharashtrian restaurants. The seafood preparations and chicken curry also holds a good place in the list of most loved Kolhapuri dishes. In the course of your stay, you must visit Phadatare Misal Kendra, Patlacha Wada, and Dehati to try out some of the popular dishes prepared authentically. Relishing quality food must be present in your bucket list of things to do in Kolhapur.

6. Stroll through the Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum: Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum is one of the best places to visit in Kolhapur if you wish to know more about the village life of Maharashtra before the rule of Mughals. This unique exhibition hall depicts a number of aspects of the local village life through zillions of replicas of residential hutment, village shops, traditional farm utilities, traditional  medicine centres, temples, barber shops, and public water well. The museum is built over a seven acres complex located close to the Kaneri Math around Moola Kadsiddheshwar Shiva Temple.

- Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM.
- Entry Fee: INR 120

7. Offer prayers at the famous Mahalakshmi Temple: Mahalaxmi Temple in Kolhapur is one of the 108 auspicious Shakti Peethas of Hinduism which attracts millions of devotees from various parts of the country every single year. The place of worship has got a close connection with the Hindu Mythology. The place of worship dates back to almost the 7th century when the Chalukyas used to rule in Kolhapur. There is a notion that the presiding deities of the Mahalaxmi temple will on no occasion forsake their seat in the shrine even in the course of the Maha Pralay. Add visiting to this place in your list of activities to Do in Kolhapur and get the heavenly blessings of lord.

Which are the best Wildlife Sanctuary in and near Kolhapur?

1. Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary: Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary happens to be a wonderful wildlife sanctuary and natural heritage site that is located in Kolhapur District. The sanctuary is situated at the southern end of the sahyadri hills in the western ghats.

The sanctuary is home to more than 47 species of Mammals, 264 species of birds, 66 species of butterflies, adn 59 species of reptiles. During your visit to this place, you will also get a chance to sight Indian leopard, barking deer, sambar, wild dogs, and giant squirrel.

2. Karnala Bird Sanctuary: Karnala Bird Sanctuary is home to more than 222 different species of birds and has got an immediate sense of calmness. You will really fall in love with the relaxed atmosphere of the forests and get to see some of the rare migratory birds like there are Nilgiri woodpigeon, Malabar lark, Vigor’s sunbird, Three-toed kingfisher, White-cheeked Barbet, and many more.

3. Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary: Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary happens to be one of the most sought after wildlife sanctuaries that is home to some of the endangered birds and animals in India. The wildlife sanctuary is spread over an area of 5 square kilometer and the chance of sighting wild and rare species of animals is very frequent and common.

Which are the best Religious sites to visit in Kolhapur?

1. Jyotiba Temple: Jyotiba Temple happens to  be an ancient place of worship that was founded by Ranoji Shinde in the late 17 century. The temple is located at an altitude of about 3200 feet above the ground and the prime deity is Lord Jyotiba who is the amalgamation of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Mahesha.

2. Mahalakshmi Temple: Mahalakshmi temple stands as one of the most important places of worship for the hindu followers. The temple was constructed in the 7th century during the reign of Chalukyas. The temple is also listed in various puranas and as per the local beliefs, the divine couple - Lord Vishnu & Goddess Lakshmi reside here.

3. Nrusinhawadi Temple: Nrusinhawadi Temple happens to be a popular religious place in Kolhapur which is widely famous for being the capital of Datta Devotees. The temple is located on the confluence of Krishna and Panchganga and has a great role to play in Maharashtrian history. You can include visiting this place in your list of things to do in Kolhapur to seek blessings of the almighty along with your family members.

Which are the best places for shopping in Kolhapur?

1. Shahupuri Market: Shahupuri Market is very much famous for mouthwatering gud or jaggery. If you are a food lover, then this is one of the best places for you. This marketplace is also known for its fashion stores. You can purchase embroidered clothes as well as silk outfits at a very reasonable price.

2. Shivaji Road: Shivaji Road is truly a shopper paradise as you will come across a number of shops selling western and ethnic fashion. Apart from clothes, you can also get beautiful idols, utensils, intricately crafted metals, and much more. Shopping from Shivaji Road market  has  been one of the most sought after things to do in  Kolhapur.

3. V R Plaza Chowk: VR Plaza Chowk is yet another popular and busy marketplace in Kolhapur where you will find a number  of shops with well lit interiors selling a myriad of products. You can get Kolhapuri Saaj, crisp cotton saree, pretty sandals or a genuine leather article here. This place is also very much popular for its street food and local delicacies.

4. Mahadwar Road: Mahadwar Road is one of the oldest and crowded shopping areas in Kolhapur that is filled with various kinds of shopping items starting from clothes to accessories. Strolling on these busy roads is truly one of the best things to do in Kolhapur. 

What is famous in Kolhapur?

Kolhapur happens to be a heaven for shopaholics. The city is very much popular for its cotton textiles, Kolhapuri Chappals, and Leather Sandals. It is also famous for its SAAj, which is a necklace made with traditional patterns. The local cuisine of Kolhapur has also earned a good name in the middle of food lovers. Some of the popular recipes are Kolhapuri Pandhara Rassa, Tambda Rassa, and many others.

How to reach Kolhapur?

- By Train: Kolhapur is very well connected with the rest of  the country by the rail network. You will get direct trains to Mumbai, Pune, Tirupati, Bengaluru, and Satara. Once you arrive at the railway station, you can cover the rest distance by bus or auto.

- By Flight: Kolhapur is connected to the rest of the country by direct flights to many important destinations. You will find regular flights from carriers like Go Air, Indigo, Vistara, Jet Airways, and SpiceJet to various other cities.

- By Road: Kolhapur has got wonderful road connectivity with all its neighbouring cities. You will get overnight buses as well as state run buses for local movements.

What can I buy in Kolhapur?

In the course of your stay Kolhapur, you can purchase the following things as a souvenir for the trip:

- Traditional Kolhapuri sarees and blouse pieces
- Kolhapuri Saaj and jewellery
- Kolhapuri Chappals
- Kolhapuri Bhadang
- Kolhapuri Gud

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