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Traveller Tales from Malvan


Gopaal Devar

20 December 2015

Malvan is such an awesome place with beautiful scenes all around. I Had visited the place with my friends during summers. It was really a great time for us, enjoyed those adventurous water activities ...

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Ranish ismail

15 April 2019

"simply awesome??"

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05 April 2019

"it was an amazing experience. i really loved it "

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Chandani Mishra

19 April 2016

The entire vicinity was extremely rich with natural beauty. But the diving experience stole all the attention. There were a lot to see under water and once you are there, you will never feel to get bac...

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Inder Gandhi

01 May 2015

From the dive to the island visits, gossips beside the bonfire to the snorkelling experience; everything we did on this tour was so amusing. Had great times in Malvan. Even the other water activities ...

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Abhishek kuchipudi

19 April 2019

"An amazing experience deep dive into the water and the best part you will never find the best app than thrillophilia which offers packages at low prices and exciting offers"

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Girindra Deshpande

06 July 2015

There were a lot of water sports activities to try there but I really enjoyed the scuba diving. It was a great fun really. I was scared in the beginning as I am not a good swimmer actually I never swim...

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Sumithra Krishnan

05 March 2018

It was a mind-blowing experience. We totally loved it. I would recommend this activity to all those who'd love to have a glimpse of life under the vast deep seas and oceans. A perfect getaway from the

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Anwesha Kumari

18 July 2019

"nice experience"