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Traveller Tales from Malvan


Gopaal Devar

20 December 2015

Malvan is such an awesome place with beautiful scenes all around. I Had visited the place with my friends during summers. It was really a great time for us, enjoyed those adventurous water activities and best part was scuba diving. That was the best experience of my life.

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Inder Gandhi

01 May 2015

From the dive to the island visits, gossips beside the bonfire to the snorkelling experience; everything we did on this tour was so amusing. Had great times in Malvan. Even the other water activities were very enjoyable. Guides, instructors and diving experts were very friendly and taught us some of the techniques we hardly knew before. During our stay in Malvan, we were offered the best of hospitality and treatment; thanks to the entire team for such a wonderful trip.

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Chandani Mishra

19 April 2016

The entire vicinity was extremely rich with natural beauty. But the diving experience stole all the attention. There were a lot to see under water and once you are there, you will never feel to get back to the shores. But one thing, we should be careful about conserving the beauty of the marine life and stop water pollution. Or else we will end up losing this beauty.

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Girindra Deshpande

06 July 2015

There were a lot of water sports activities to try there but I really enjoyed the scuba diving. It was a great fun really. I was scared in the beginning as I am not a good swimmer actually I never swim in sea before so. But the experts and trainers guided me and their instructions helped me a lot. When I was inside the water , believe me it was so beautiful to see the marine life a complete new world of beauty. I wish I could have captured those in my camera. I am visiting Malvan with my family in next summer. The perfect holiday destination for all.

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Kin Naik

10 April 2016

From the first day to the last day, every moment of this trip was so exciting. Got to enjoy various water activities and that too in an amazing surrounding. There was no rush anywhere and the instructors gave our group all the time we wanted. Our group leader even arranged parasailing for us; we had to pay additional charge as it was not included in the package. Scuba diving and snorkelling on the second day was so great. Never thought the underwater life is so gorgeous. Everyone should try this experience with Thrillophilia and enjoy it to the fullest.


Mangala Menon

11 August 2015

I 'm a big time 'water baby'. prior to Tarakarli I've had snorkeling experience at Goa and Andaman's. Ofcourse those places have options but what I liked bets about snorkeling at Tarakarli was that this place is still unknown and so no crowd no waiting....and you have ample time to enjoy yourselves. Amazing experience, descent place...a good start for those who are just beginning to explore the aquatic world.


Gandharv Asan

26 October 2015

A hidden beauty in Maharastra. I never knew about Tarkali until one of my friend went there and posted some great underwater shots in FB. I decided that my next trip will definitely be Tarkali. However, I wasn’t about this trip,but the marine life experience along with the beautiful stay made it a good purchase.. The overall experience was blissful. Thanks to the hassle free planning. Kudos!


Tanushri Trivedi

29 February 2016

It was an exciting trip for our family. Tarkarli is really a heaven for scuba diving. The depth of water was not so much and even the family members who were in for the first time didn't hesitated to go for the dive. And after the dive, they had only one word to say: "WOW". Thanks to all the guides and coordinators for arranging things as promised on the behalf of all our family members.


Chandrakin Arora

12 June 2015

Loved this excursion to Malvan beach. I always had the feeling that Goa is the best place for water sports but now I certainly change my perception. Amazing experience. For the entire two days we were engrossed in the number of water sports and the experience is just something that will leave you dazzled for a lifetime. Loved it!

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