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A Zurich tour package curated by Thrillophilia promises an immersive experience in Switzerland's cultural and scenic capital. These meticulously curated Zurich vacation packages typically include centrally located accommodations, ensuring easy access to Zurich's iconic attractions. Travellers can explore the picturesque Old Town, stroll along the serene shores of Lake Zurich, and indulge in world-class shopping on Bahnhofstrasse. A Zurich travel package often incorporates visits to cultural landmarks such as the Swiss National Museum, providing insights into the nation's rich heritage.

Adventure enthusiasts can opt for excursions to nearby destinations like Mount Pilatus or Jungfraujoch, experiencing the breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps. The efficiency of Zurich's public transportation system is leveraged in your Zurich trip package ensuring a comfortable and seamless exploration of the city and its surroundings. Culinary experiences are woven into the itinerary, allowing you to savour Swiss delicacies like Zürcher Geschnetzeltes or enjoy a leisurely Swiss chocolate tasting adventure.

A Zurich tour package offered by Thrillophilia also offers flexibility, allowing you to customise your itineraries based on personal preferences and interests. With the convenience of well-planned transportation, guided tours, and often inclusive access to museums and attractions, these packages ensure a hassle-free and memorable exploration of Zurich's cultural richness and natural splendour. Whether seeking cultural immersion, Alpine adventures, or a mix of both, a Zurich trip package booked with Thrillophilia caters to diverse preferences, promising an enriching Swiss experience.

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Visa Requirements

When planning a Switzerland tour from India, securing a visa is a crucial step for Indian passport holders. The primary visa option for most tourists is the Schengen Visa, which offers a 90-day stay within a 180-day period and is valid for six months. Multiple-entry visas are also available for frequent travellers to the Schengen Area.

For a Switzerland holiday package from India, gather essential documents such as a valid passport with at least six months of validity and three blank pages, a completed visa application form, two recent colour photographs, a personal covering letter, an updated six-month bank statement, and Income Tax Returns for the past two years. Additionally, provide flight and hotel reservations, a detailed day-wise itinerary, and travel insurance.

Submit your visa application no earlier than six months and no later than 15 days before your planned trip. The processing time typically ranges from 10 to 15 days.

It's important to note that Switzerland does not offer visas on arrival for Indian citizens. Ensure all necessary documents, including proof of accommodation, a cover letter outlining your itinerary and purpose of visit, and evidence of sufficient funds, are arranged in advance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable Switzerland journey.

Best Time to go for Zurich Tour

Peak Season (June to August):

Zurich dazzles in summer, with temperatures between 19°C to 32°C. This peak season attracts global travelers for vibrant street life, outdoor adventures, and events like the prestigious Ascona Music Festival.

Shoulder Season (September to December):

As autumn sets in, Zurich enjoys temperatures of 8°C to 15°C. The Grape Harvest Festival in September and the scenic Rhine Falls make this a charming time to visit. The city is less crowded, providing a more intimate experience.

Waning Season (December to February):

Winter transforms Zurich into a magical wonderland, with temperatures ranging from -1°C to 4°C. Festivals like the Grindelwald World Snow Festival and winter sports events draw enthusiasts, creating a festive and lively atmosphere.

How To Reach Zurich

By Air: Travelers heading to Zurich from India have convenient options for direct flights from major cities like Delhi and Mumbai. These direct flights provide a seamless and time-efficient way to reach the Swiss city, sparing passengers from layovers and additional travel time.

Direct Flights:

  • To Zurich:
  • From: Delhi, Mumbai
  • Major Airlines- Swiss International Air Lines.

Best Places to Visit on a Zurich Trip

Here are some of the best places to visit in Zurich:

1. Uetliberg: Uetliberg, a well-known peak in the Swiss Plateau, is a mountain towards the northern end of the Albis chain and is found in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland. The peak offers a bird's-eye view of Zurich city, the Zurich lake, and the alps, making it the best point to be visited on the Zurich tour in the Albis hill range. You can go hiking, biking, camping, paragliding, and other activities at the crest of this mountain. Bike trips are always enjoyable; at the location, they are known as Toptrek Touren. 

2. Zurich Zoo: Zoo Zurich, which is tucked away in a luscious tropical forest, is the ideal place to book a Zurich tour package from the grind of city life and have an unforgettable experience with exotic animals. This zoo can be found in Zurichberg, Switzerland, in the Fluntern neighborhood and is known locally as Zurich Zoologischer Garten. The zoo has tropical diversity of more than 380 species, which expands to at least 2,200 animals and birds in total along with an aquarium of 70 species of fish. Every area of the zoo, including the largest courtyard, "Lewa Savannah," which is home to zebras, giraffes, and rhinos must be explored while you're there. Parrots, geckos, snakes, turtles, and many other rainforest animals can be seen happily residing in the zoo's "Masoala Rainforest," which is also a wonderful area of the zoo.

3. Kunsthaus (Museum of Fine Arts) : The Kunsthaus Zürich is a brilliant beacon of art that honors the contributions of numerous notable artists from the past and present, including Edvard Munch, Alberto Giacometti, Pablo Picasso, Backmen, and Claude Monnet. The museum has gained recognition on a global scale for housing a sizable collection of works of art, both ancient and new. The Kunsthaus museum is well-known for its exhibits as well as for the frequent kid-friendly events it holds. Additionally, it offers a guided tour, a space to celebrate birthdays, a study room, artifact stores, a restaurant, and kid-specific books.

4. Zurich Opera House : Zürich's Opera House, which can accommodate about 1100 people, is a popular destination for its opulent architectural design as well as for preserving the city's vibrant arts and culture. However, this structure is notable for more reasons than only the fact that it was the first Opera House in all of Europe to utilize electric illumination. The OpernHaus, as it is popularly called, was innovative in its use of amphitheater-style seating and large Roman-era murals that adorn the roof. 

5. Lindt Home of Chocolate: Indulge your senses at the Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg, Zurich. This immersive chocolate experience takes you on a journey through the history of Lindt and offers a tantalizing showcase of Swiss chocolate craftsmanship. Explore interactive exhibits, witness chocolate-making demonstrations, and, of course, savor an array of delectable Lindt chocolates, making it a must-visit for chocolate enthusiasts.

6. Burkliplatz: Bürkliplatz, a town square in the Swiss canton of Zurich, is a beautiful lakeshore promenade one must see on a Zurich tour. You may take a leisurely stroll around the tree-lined boulevards, visit the lively parks and verdant meadows, and take some breathtaking photos with the dock surrounding the square in the background. In addition to these, a twice-weekly vegetable market becomes a big draw where you can buy fresh local products such as vegetables and fruits. Many sporting events use this plaza as either the beginning or finishing line of the race to emphasize the significance of the square.

Location: Bürkliplatz is located on the shore of Lake Zurich in the historic locale of Alpenquai.

7. St. Peter Church : The lone baroque church in Zurich, St. Peter's, dates to the first century. It is renowned for having the largest tower clock face in all of Europe, measuring 8.7 meters in diameter. One of the five bells in the tower, which dates back to 1880 and weighs more than 6000 kg without clappers, is likewise of paramount importance. The church tower, one of Zurich's most well-known tourist attractions, served as a fire observation post from the Middle Ages until 1911. This location was once home to theologians and was also the final resting place of Zurich's first mayor. You can visit his memorial and tomb along the outside tower wall.

8. Zurich Botanical Garden : The Zurich Botanical Garden is a must-see if you're looking for picturesque landscaping locations to visit on a Zurich tour and the area is covered in lush greenery. The tropical greenhouses are also a wonderful sight, and you may visit them all year long. Admire the uncommon flora you don't commonly see as you stroll around taking in the scent of nature. Stop by to admire the lovely alpine roses that are in bloom and take a stroll across the area to delight in the sights while learning more about the plants that are all around you.

Things to do on Zurich Tour

Here are some of the best things to do in Zurich:

1.Watch a show at the Zurich Opera House : The Zürich Opera House is one of the top Zurich attractions on Zurich tour package to check out if you want to have an outstanding Swiss vacation. It is the center of music, and here you can see a wide range of magnificent performances by both rising stars and well-known artists. It received the Best Opera Company prize at the 2014 International Opera Awards.

2. Hike up Uetliberg Mountain: Visit Uetliberg Mountain for a birds-eye perspective of this lovely city with Zurich tour packages. The trail to the summit is ideal for biking and trekking since it winds through a picturesque landscape filled with dense forests and large expanses of vibrant green farmland. You can stop along the trail at any of the grilling stations and picnic areas for a quick cook-over. The "Path of the Planets," which contains markers to represent the proportional distances between the nine planets, is the most fascinating feature of this trail. At its peak, paragliding is enjoyable for adventurers.

3. Admire artwork at Kunsthaus Zurich: The Kunsthaus Zürich is a brilliant beacon of art that honors the contributions of numerous notable artists from the past and present, including Edvard Munch, Alberto Giacometti, Pablo Picasso, Backmen, and Claude Monnet. The Kunsthaus museum is well-known for its exhibits as well as for the frequent kid-friendly events it holds. Additionally, it offers a guided tour, a space to celebrate birthdays, a study room, artifact stores, a restaurant, and kid-specific books.

4. Take a magnificent view from Grossmunster: Because of its part in the Swiss Protestant Reformation, Grossmünster has a significant place in Protestantism; it stands as one of the top locations in Zurich tour packages. Along with Fraumünster, Predigerkirche, and St. Peterskirche, it is one of Zurich's biggest churches. Grossmünster, which literally translates as "big Cathedral" in German, is a significant architectural and historical structure.

5. Explore Old Town (Altstadt): Immerse yourself in Zurich's rich history by exploring the enchanting Old Town. Wander through narrow cobblestone streets lined with medieval buildings, discover quaint shops, and soak in the timeless charm of this historic district. Visit iconic landmarks like Grossmünster Church and Lindenhof for a glimpse into Zurich's cultural and architectural heritage.

6. Stroll by Lake Zurich: Take a stroll along the shores of picturesque Lake Zurich. Enjoy the serene atmosphere, with stunning views of the lake and distant mountains. The lakeside promenade offers a perfect setting for a relaxing walk, and you can pause at lakeside cafes to savour the beauty of one of Switzerland's most iconic lakeshores.

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Zurich Tour faqs

How to plan a trip to Zurich?

Nothing can enhance your trip to Switzerland’s largest city than a meticulously planned Zurich tour package that seamlessly blends cultural immersion and scenic exploration. Select centrally located accommodations, allowing easy access to landmarks like Lake Zurich and the Old Town. Pick a carefully crafted Zurich travel package with Thrillophilia that includes visit to iconic sites, museums, and indulge in the city's culinary delights. With thoughtful preparation, this journey ensures an enriching experience, unveiling the best of Zurich's charm and sophistication.

Are 2 days enough for a Zurich tour?

While two days in Zurich won't cover everything there is to experience in this phenomenal place, it is sufficient for a delightful taste of the city's highlights. Focus on iconic sites like Lake Zurich, Old Town, and the Swiss National Museum. Maximise your time here with well-planned Zurich vacation packages and use the efficient public transport system. While longer stays allow deeper exploration, a well-organised two-day tour ensures a memorable introduction and sneak-peek to Zurich's cultural and scenic treasures.

How much will a Zurich trip cost?

A Zurich travel package can range anywhere between INR 90,000 to INR 1,20,000 per adult for 5 days in Zurich. Cost of your Zurich tour package will largely depend on your number of days of stay, type of accommodation you choose, number of local excursions and activities you wish to include, meals and the preferred local transportation.

What is the best month to go on a Zurich tour?

A trip to Zurich is favourable all round the year and completely depends on your preferences and schedule. One of the ideal times to enjoy a Zurich tour package is during the summer months from June to August when the weather is mild, and outdoor activities abound. This period allows for pleasant strolls along Lake Zurich, exploration of Old Town, and enjoyment of cultural events. However, Zurich is also phenomenal in winter between December to March and is ideal for skiing enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

What are some of the famous adventure activities in Zurich?

  • Paragliding: Soar above Zurich's picturesque landscapes for a thrilling bird's-eye view.
  • Swiss Seilpark (Rope Park): Challenge yourself on high ropes courses amidst scenic surroundings.
  • Sailing on Lake Zurich: Navigate the pristine waters for a serene yet adventurous experience.
  • Mountain Biking: Explore nearby hills and forests on well-marked trails suitable for various skill levels.
  • River Rafting: Venture outside Zurich for exciting river rafting experiences.
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP): Glide along Lake Zurich's waters for a unique and refreshing adventure.

What is Zurich famous for?

Zurich is renowned for its incredible fusion of contemporary and technological civilization with a dash of the natural world. The city boasts its own mountain, the Uetliberg, as well as stunning hills and valleys all around it. Zurich is a must-visit destination for individuals of all interests because it has some of the best lakes, museums, and aviaries.

How many days do you need to explore Zurich?

It takes at least 5 days to explore Zurich where you can see all the important cultural and historical sites, takes in the breathtaking scenery and unusual wildlife, and sample a wide variety of Swiss cuisine.

How is the weather in Zurich?

Winter, summer, spring, and fall are the four distinct seasons of Zurich. The average daytime temperature in the autumn months (September-November) is around 2°C. In the winter months (December-February), snowfall, frost, and subzero temperatures are common. In the spring (March-May), the average temperature is about 20°C. In summer (June-August) the temperature is  around 24°C

What is the main food in Zurich?

  • Rösti: Golden-brown grated potato pancake, crispy on the outside, tender inside. A Swiss comfort food staple, perfect with various toppings.
  • Zürcher Eintopf: This is a hearty stew that has meat, potatoes, and vegetables in a flavorful broth. A warm and filling dish, perfect for chilly days.
  • Zürcher Eierschöberl: This is a Zurich specialty that is made of poached eggs in a creamy white wine sauce, served on toast. 
  • Birchermüesli: A healthy Swiss breakfast option, combining rolled oats, fresh fruits, nuts, and yoghurt. It gives a refreshing and nutritious start to the day.
  • Zürcher Pfarrer: Zurich-style sausage served with mustard and fresh bread. It is a flavorful street food, showcasing Zurich's culinary simplicity.
  • Luxemburgerli: These are delectable and delicate, bite-sized macarons from Zurich's famous Confiserie Sprüngli. These sweet treats offer incredible flavours in every bite.

Which are the best museums to visit in Zurich?

1. Museum Rietberg: Rietberg Museum, also called "Emerald," is a museum in Zurich, Switzerland, that houses a varied array of cultures from America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. The museum, which primarily emphasizes non-European arts and designs, has grown into a magnificent repository of medieval glories. It has around 17 acres of space and is the third-largest museum in Switzerland. It sprawls across the center of Zurich. Along with the museum, there are a number of historic structures on this huge parcel of land, all surrounded by lush vegetation. The Rieter Park-Villa, Remise, Wesendonck Villa, and Schonberg Villa are among these structures.

Location: Gablerstrasse 15, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland
Timing: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, on Mondays it remains closed. 

2. Kunsthaus Zurich : Picasso and Monet are two well-known painters included in the Kunsthaus Zürich, a well-organized museum. One of the most important art collections in Switzerland is housed here, and the collection spans from medieval to contemporary art. The docklands Kunsthaus Zürich's added benefit of merging the natural environment, fascinating architecture, and baffling art enhance the pleasure of museum visits. This well-liked art gallery in Zurich sees a lot of visitors because of its ideal setting and exciting exhibits.

Location:  Heimpl. 1/5, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
Timing: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm 

3. Museum of Design : Also known as Museum für Gestaltung offers visitors a lot in the way of design, history, and technology. This Zurich museum has progressively developed into one of the most well-liked tourist destinations, ranging from cutting-edge applications of science and technology to the finest artistic renderings. The Zurich Museum of Arts includes this museum, which annually hosts a number of study sessions in addition to its exhibitions. The Museum für Gestaltung has grown to be a well-known tourist destination over the years, so if you're in Zurich, you should definitely go there, especially if you enjoy the arts.

Location: Pfingstweidstrasse 96, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland. 
Timing:  Thursday to Tuesday 10 AM to 5PM, Wednesdays 10 AM to 8 PM. 
Entry fee- CHF 8 - CHF 12 

4. FIFA World Football Museum : The FIFA World Football Museum first opened its doors in 2016 with the intention of honoring the legacy and history of FIFA and World Football. In a sleek multimedia setting, the FIFA World Football Museum charts the history of World Football and FIFA over the course of more than a century. The entire museum has been designed to thrill, enthrall, and surprise soccer enthusiasts. Additionally, it honors the numerous facets of its culture that are frequently on display during games. Here, you'll find a special coat rack that's been created to look like a locker room. You may relive all the significant moments in football history in the interactive studios of the museum. Browse through libraries of books and historical materials pertaining to soccer here as well.

Location: Seestrasse 27, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland.
Timing: 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM, closed on Monday
Entry fee: CHF 14 - CHF 24

5. National Museum Zurich : The Swiss National Museum Zurich, is a  top attraction in Zurich, to learn more about the illustrious history of Switzerland. With a variety of passing exhibitions, it provides a glimpse into the rich fabric of the nation's culture and history. The museum's incredible collections of artwork, images, and written works take visitors on a journey from the late Middle Ages—when Switzerland first became a federal state—to the present. The museum claims to have 840,000+ pieces stored, this museum is a wealth of knowledge whether you're interested in learning about historical local culture, many battles fought in the area, or the history of Swiss watches, chocolates, etc.

Location: Swiss National Museum is located at Museumstrasse 2, Postfach, 8021 Zürich
Timing: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Entry fee: CHF 8- CHF 10

What should you pack for a Zurich tour?

  • For a Zurich trip, pack essentials like weather-appropriate clothing for changing seasons, comfortable walking shoes, a travel adapter for Swiss plugs, and a universal power bank. 
  • Carry your travel documents carefully, including passports and insurance details. 
  • Don't forget a camera for capturing scenic moments and a compact umbrella for those sudden showers. 
  • If you have booked a Zurich tour package in winter then do not forget to pack layers, gloves, and a warm jacket fit for Alpine excursions.

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