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Camps in Dhanaulti

Camping in Dhanaulti is one of the best ways to spend a refreshing vacation in the realm of lower Himalayas. An ideal holiday spot for backpackers and adventure enthusiasts, not far from major cities like Dehradun and Delhi, Dhanaulti guarantees a memorable camping experience in the lap of nature.

Cradled amidst the lush green foothills of Garhwal Himalayas, this tiny hill station in Uttarakhand is an absolute delight to spend some quality time at. Moreover, Dhanaulti is just 29 km away from the prominent hill station Mussoorie, which makes it a convenient spot for those who wish to enjoy a hill staycation, away from the bustle of tourists.

With the scenic beauty of undulating hills covered in pristine foliage of nature, Dhanaulti qualifies for a great camping destination and houses a number of camping resorts. There is an extensive range of camps in Dhanaulti
that offer a comfortable staycation. From tents that let you enjoy basic amenities without burning a hole in your packet to tents that come with luxury facilities, there are plenty of options to choose from. Bringing together the pleasure of nature and luxury of comfort, these camps will make you forget the pleasure of staying at hotels.

Here are some of the best places to go for camping in Dhanaulti:


Whispering Pines

Whispering Pines

If you think you must find a hotel to enjoy luxury amenities like library and spa, Whispering Pines is there to change your conception with their top-notch accommodations. Apart from lavish tents designed to meet all your accommodation needs, they also organize various types of adventure activities like trekking, rappelling, and mountain biking for their guests.

Surrounded by lush forests of pines, cedar, and oak trees, the camp offers vistas you would love to capture on your camera. Counted among the best luxury camps in Dhanaulti, Whispering Pines is the most recommended option where you can enjoy an uninterrupted hill staycation.

Location: Mussoorie - Chamba Road, Dhanaulti

Facilities: Garden, Restaurant, Luxury Tents, Activities, Tours, Airport Shuttle, Library, Spa.

Price: Starts from INR 6500

How To Reach: Hire a taxi from Mussoorie to reach.


Camp Awara

Camp Awara

Designed to cater to the wanderers visiting Dhanaulti, Camp Awara promises a memorable camping experience to their guests. The idyllic location of the camp ensures an unending availability of peace and solace. Whether your idea of a vacation in Dhanaulti is to relax and enjoy the scenery or you wish to indulge in a plethora of adventure sports, Camp Awara will fulfill your desires in the most graceful way possible.

From basic tents that will not hurt your budget to Swiss tents that will let you revel in luxuries, they have a total of 25 tents pitched in an area of 1.25 hectare. They also have a range of activities deducted to corporate team building which is why it is also an ideal camp for corporate outings as well.

Location: Dhanaulti Eco Park, Dhanaulti

Facilities: Luxury Tents, Meals, Valley Crossing, Parallel Rope, Giant Flying Fox.

Price: Starts from INR 1500

How To Reach: Take a cab from Mussoorie to reach Dhanaulti.


Camp Dhanaulti Magic

Camp Dhanaulti Magic

Experience a purely magical camping experience in the charming hills of Dhanaulti at Camp Dhanaulti Magic. One of the best luxury adventure camps in the region, Camp Dhanaulti Magic is totally worth your time and money. They have different categories of tents available at different tariffs so one can choose as per their requirements. Apart from a wide array of adventure activities, the camp also has a range of amenities and games ideal for corporate trips, making it a great choice for curated team building experiences. Besides, the delicious food that is served here will make your stay here a great success.

Turturia Bend, 21 km from Mussoorie

Facilities: Luxury Tents, Dining, Bonfire, Adventure Activities.

Price: Starts from INR 1900

How To Reach: Cabs for Dhanaulti are easily available from Mussoorie.

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Camp O Royale

Camp O Royale

Run by a team of professionals dedicated to adventure, Camp O Royale is a perfect recipe for a wholesome Dhanaulti camping experience. The camp does not only offer a variety of tents designed to provide comfort, but also a plethora of adventure pumping adventure activities.

Whether you are traveling with your family or friends, this camp qualifies for ideal accommodation with a wide range of amenities and activities. Moreover, Camp O Royale also has well-designed packages covering a whole spectrum of activities for corporate, school and college trips. All in all, whatever kind of guest you are, this camp is definitely going to create an unforgettable experience for you.

Location: Lambdhar, Dhanaulti

Facilities: Garden, Luxury Tents, Meals, Adventure Activities.

Price: Starts from INR 2500

How To Reach: Hire a cab from Mussoorie


Camp Garden

Camp Garden

With excellent camps like Camp Garden, lodging is the last thing you need to worry about in Dhanaulti. Offering panoramic vistas of the grand Himalayas to mesmerize your senses and enchant your soul with, Camp Garden is your key to rejuvenation in Uttarakhand.

In addition to classy accommodations in the form of luxury and Swiss tents laced with modern amenities, the thrilling activities like zip lining, trekking, skywalk, etc., are also organized by the camp. Besides, they have a well-trained staff with years of experience in hospitality at your service, so you can rest assured to spend a memorable holiday at Camp Garden.

Location: Kanatal, Dhanaulti

Facilities: DJ Night, Bonfire, Luxury Tents, Meals, Adventure Activities, Team Building Activities, Garden.

Price: Starts from INR 2100

How To Reach: Hire a private cab from Mussoorie to reach here.


Incredible Camp

Incredible Camp

Undertake the most authentic experience of camping in Dhanaulti at the most affordable tariff by booking a tent at Incredible Camp. From its scenic location to its extensive range of tents, everything at this camp is truly incredible.

With an impressive selection of amenities, the camp efficiently caters to all kinds of guests. So, whether you are on a trip with your friends or you are on an office trip, your camping experience is going to be wholesome. The home-cooked taste of the food that is served at the camp will add new flavors to your overall experience in Dhanaulti.

Location: Chamba - Mussoorie Road, Dhanaulti

Facilities: Garden, Meals, Adventure Activities, Customized Experiences, Trekking.

Price: Starts from INR 1000

How To Reach: Take a cab plying between Mussoorie and Dhanaulti to reach here

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Dhanolti Camps

Dhanolti Camps

A garden, a shared lounge, a view that will take your breath away, and classy tents laced with amenities - Dhanolti Camps has it all. This is one of the best options for camping in Dhanaulti and is a complete holiday package in itself.

If you want to enjoy the fun of being outdoors along with the comfort of a hotel room, Dhanolti Camps have the best luxury tents at your disposal. The in-house restaurant serves freshly cooked mouthwatering meals. Besides, the scenic location of the camp makes it an excellent choice for landscape photographers. To be sure to get a tent here, book online in advance.

Location: Kaddukhal, 6 km from Dhanaulti

Facilities: Garden, BBQ, Wifi, Meals, Adventure Activities, Tours.

Price: Starts from INR 1300

How To Reach: Hire a private cab from Mussoorie to reach here


Camp 5Friendss

Camp 5Friendss

Located at Marora Pul, Camp 5Friendss qualifies for one of the most suitable options for camping in Dhanaulti. This camp in Dhanaulti is quite popular among those who visit this Himalayan paradise time and again.

Offering the best of both worlds to their guests, this camp is known to create an authentic camping experience without compromising with one's comfort and enjoyment. From comfortable stay experience to enthralling adventure sports, you will get it all at reasonable tariffs here. They have classified their tents in different categories according to their tariffs and amenities.

Location: Manj Gaon, Marora Pul

Facilities: Meals, Garden, Adventure Activities, Team Building Experiences, Fishing, Indoor Games.

Price: Starts from INR 1250

How To Reach: Private cabs from Mussoorie are available


Camp 180 Heights

Camp 180 Heights
Taking the concept of adventure camping in Dhanaulti to another level, Camp 180 Heights is one of the most recommended camps in the region. Though they have excellent well-equipped accommodations on offer, the major attraction is the panoramic view of the Garhwal Himalayas one can enjoy from here.

The exquisitely designed tents at Camp 180 Heights are spacious and well appointed, assuring a comfortable, warm stay experience. In addition to providing accommodations, they also organize various tours and activities so that you can enjoy every aspect of Dhanaulti while you are here.

Location: Jaripani, Kanatal

Facilities: Restaurant, Garden, Adventure Activities, Tours.

Price: Starts from INR 1800

How To Reach: Take a private cab from Mussoorie

Dhanaulti Woods Mountain Camp

Dhanaulti Woods Mountain Camp
Make the most of your Dhanaulti camping by choosing Dhanaulti Woods Mountain Camp over a hotel that would disconnect you from the surrounding nature. Letting you take in the undiluted charm of the Himalayan mountains and vegetation, this camp promises a refreshing holiday experience.

You can indulge in a number of indoor and outdoor activities during your stay here. Apart from luxury Swiss tents, this camping resort also offers some affordable holiday packages that cover all the major activities and attractions you can find in and around Dhanaulti.

Location: 25 km from Mussoorie

Facilities: Swiss Tents, Fun Obstacle Course, Meals, Bonfire, BBQ, Corporate Training Programs, River Rafting.

Price: Starts from INR 2500

How To Reach: Private cab from Mussoorie
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If u are looking out for offbeat experience with affordable price then this village camp is recommendable. The tents are decent enough but there is a scope to be more cleaner. We had also gone for some adventure activities near the campsite and in the evening camp staff arranged bonfire for us. It’s perfect place for family or group of friends for a weekend trip from Delhi.
I love this village camping near mussorie! It is truly a wonderful place to visit , the host were amazing and the views was breathtaking. Thanks thrillophilia for this amzing tour.
I have been visiting this surreal destination since 2005, almost once every six months with my family and friends and it never fails to amaze and enthral me with the stunning landscapes and warm hospitality such that is rare to experience even in five-star hotels. This is possibly the best mountain resort in the Himalayas and as an avid traveller, I can say that with great conviction. I would like to highly recommend Whispering Pines Dhanaulti/Kanatal as the best pick for friends and families.
This campsite was simply amazing. It offers an experience of living in the pristine nature. I had so much fun with my friends and family. Everything was well managed and perfect. Thanks thrillophilia.
02 January 2019
We celebrated our new year's eve of 2018 at Mussoorie. I had an amazing time with my family and friends. It was the best camping experience. Everything was well managed and perfect. Thanks thrillophilia for this wonderful tour.
02 January 2019
For the New year 2019 I went camping near Mussoorie with my family, We had an amazing time there, the New Year Party was so amazing, The DJ was so good, my kids totally enjoyed the entire campping experience, The tents were cozy and warm. The firworks at midnight was so beautiful. It was a fantastic New year Eve.
Last year we had celebrated the new year eve in Mussoorie doing camping in beautiful mountain ranges in the freezing cold. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we enjoyed a lot. Did so many activities, went for a nature walk, also I would like to mention the food and stay. Tents were clean and comfortable, food was very delicious and healthy as well. Overall it was an amazing experience, All thanks to Thrillophilia and team.
Village Camping experience was a very good idea. had an amazing time at the campsite.it was Perfect Mixture of Camping and Offbeat, bornfire was also there, and the best part was Panoramic View Of Nature Around us. Thanks to Thrillophilia.
It was an an amazing experience. I had great time with my friends. We also enjoyed trekking to some vantage point to witness the spectacular view of the valley and the hills. Thanks thrillophilia for this wonderful tour.

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People Also Ask About Dhanaulti

  1. What are the best camps in Dhanaulti?

    These are the best camps in Dhanaulti that you can choose to stay at during the vacation.

    1. Whispering Pines: As the name implies, the camp is encompassed by dense pine, cedar and oak forests. This is a luxury accommodation situated in the lap of nature. During your stay here you get comfortable and spacious tents, a restaurant, garden, spa and a library on the premises. Moreover, the camp also arranges many activities including trekking, mountain-biking and rappelling.

    Entry Fee/Price:
    Starts from INR 6500.

    2. Camp O Royale: This is a luxury campsite in Dhanaulti is situated in the most naturally boastful locations that also presents a plethora of adrenaline-filled activities to the guests. The site has several tent accommodations to choose from, a garden, a friendly staff and delicious meals that makes the entire camping experience unforgettable.

    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 2500.

    3. Camp Garden: A comfortable lodging option in Dhanaulti, camp garden offers the best of luxury and Swiss-tent accommodations with the views of the lower Himalayas. The camp apart from having a range of facilities and a hospitable staff, also arranges many fun activities including trekking, Sky-walking, Zip-lining etc. Moreover, during your stay here you can enjoy BBQ, bonfire, DJ-night and more.

    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 2100.

    4. Camp 180 Heights: Among the most recommended camps in Dhanaulti, the place is situated in lush grasslands that offer panoramic views of the Garhwal Himalayas. The site along with offering spacious and well equipped accommodations, also arranges several activities and tours in the surrounding areas. The premise also has a garden and a restaurant.

    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 1800.

    5. Dhanaulti Woods Mountain Camp: Surrounded by the majestic Himalayas and sprawling alpine vegetation, this campsite is among the best in Dhanaulti. You get to stay in Swiss-tents that are equipped with all facilities. Moreover, the camp also arranges many indoor and outdoor games, adventure activities, bonfire and team building exercises for the guests.

    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 2500.
  2. Which are the best luxury camps in Dhanaulti?

    Here is a list of all the best luxury camps in Dhanaulti.

    1. Camp Dhanaulti Magic: This camp is situated in the hills of Dhanaulti, surrounded by lush scenery. It is a luxury hotel campsite that has different tent accommodations to choose from, each laced with proper amenities. Apart from that, the place is also known to arrange bonfires, corporate events and many adventure activities for the guests.

    2. Camp Garden: This camp like its name is surrounded by vast green gardens and the views of the Himalayas in Dhanaulti. During your time here you can stay in luxurious Swiss-tents with all modern amenities, a friendly staff, features like bonfire, BBQ as well as many adventure activities like trekking and rappelling.

    3. Camp O Royale: A luxury campsite, it is located in the verdant and untouched terrain of Dhanaulti. The site has different tent accommodations, a gardening area, a kitchen - all of these are also laced with modern facilities. During your stay here you can also enjoy many activities and games that the camp organizes.

    4. Camp Awara: This Dhanaulti camp is an ideal escape for a relaxing vacation as well as an adventurous one. People who want some solace would love the secluded location with the views of the gigantic hills. Also, the thrill-seekers would appreciate a plethora of adventure activities that are offered. Apart from that, the camp also has 25 different types of tents, a selection of different facilities and a hospitable staff.

    5. Whispering Pines: This is a prime campsite in Dhanaulti that can give hotels a run for their money. The place offers several tent accommodations, a spa, garden area, a restaurant, a library. The facilities and staff at the camp are all excellent. You can also indulge in many different activities that are offered by the camp.
  3. What are the best adventure camps in Dhanaulti?

    These are all the best adventure camps in Dhanaulti.

    1. Dhanaulti Woods Mountain Camp: This camp is one of the best adventure camps which also offers enchanting sights of Dhanaulti's naturalness and the Garhwal Himalayas. The place is known for its activities, on-site games and team building events. Moreover, they also offer comfortable Swiss-tent accommodation laced with a range of facilities.

    2. Camp 180 Heights: Settled in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas is this campsite. Along with offering a comfortable accommodation with facilities and panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains, the site also makes available several activities like trekking, rappelling etc. to satiate the adventure-loving souls of the guests.

    3. Camp Awara: Settled in the hills of Dhanaulti, the camp is a favored spot for people wanting a relaxed vacation. It is also hugely popular among adventure junkies as the camp arranges several activities like Sky-walking, Valley-crossings, Flying-Fox among others. During your stay here you can enjoy the virginal views, comfortable accommodations and a refreshing atmosphere.

    4. Camp O Royale: Tucked away in the lush landscapes with the Himalayas in the backdrop is this luxury adventure camp. The place offers its guests many adventure activities like trekking, rappelling and others. Apart from that, the camp has spacious Swiss-tents, a garden space, a kitchen, all of which is equipped with all modern amenities.

    5. Camp 5Friendss: Situated on Marora Pul in Dhanaulti, this campsite is the perfect amalgamation of comfort and adventure. At this camp you can stay in luxury tents and wake up to the views of the chains of Garhwal Himalayas. Moreover, you can also participate in a range of activities outdoor and indoor games, and team building exercises.
  4. Are there any luxury camps in Dhanaulti?

    Dhanaulti is a quaint hill-station in Uttarakhand and also a popular camping destination. There are several campsites in the town, including a few luxury camps as well. You can choose to stay at camps like Whispering Pines, Camp Garden, Camp Dhanaulti Magic among others to get a comfortable and luxurious holiday experience.
  5. Is Dhanaulti worth visiting?

    Yes. Dhanaulti is a quaint hamlet in the Garhwal Himalayan range of Uttarakhand. The place has several campsites that let you stay amid lofty mountains and lush surroundings. Also, the place has several exciting attractions and points of interest that would make your holiday worthwhile.
  6. How do I get from Dhanaulti to Dehradun?

    Many public buses and private taxi services are available in Dhanaulti that commute to Dehradun. You can opt for either of these two options to complete the journey. The distance between Dhanaulti and Dehradun is around 37 km from Theva Maldevta Road and it can take about 1.5 - 2 hours to reach.
  7. How far is Dhanaulti from Delhi?

    The distance between Dhanaulti and Delhi is 291 km via Saharanpur Road. It can take anywhere between 7-7.5 hours to complete the journey one way. The fastest and direct way to travel is from your personal vehicle or a taxi rental. Moreover, trains, buses and flights are also available.

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