10 Best Beaches in Galle - 2021 (Photos & 2100+ Reviews)
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Beaches in Galle is a reflection of what unmatchable spectacles of nature look like where you can find adventure as well as tranquillity. You might have never watched sunrise and sunset the way you will on these beaches formed from the Indian Ocean that surrounds Sri Lanka on all sides. Since Galle is a city that is a mix of several cultures, you will be able to try some amazing dishes on the beachside hotels that serve dishes from various cuisines; seafood can never taste better than it does on these coastlines. 

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Some of the Galle Beaches are also prominent for stilt fishing which you can watch and partake in if you get a chance to. Almost all of these seashores are clean with the availability of sunbeds on rent that make the day an opportune one to just laze around with the sounds of the ocean swaying one into slumber. You can go swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing on these beaches based on its location. 

Choose what you want from a beach visit in Galle; a tourist place where you can participate with other people from around the world in adventure water sports, or some quiet time with your partner in one of the many quiet beaches. You are sure to find everything that you are looking for during your beach visit in this marvellous city of Sri Lanka

Check Out These Famous Galle Beaches-


Jungle Beach

Seclusion, clear waters, active marine life and surreal splendour is everything that you will witness when you visit the Jungle Beach. Since it is set off a little away from the other beaches, you might be able to evade the regular crowd and might probably see just a few who themselves are there for some quiet time. 

One needs to make a small trek through the jungle to reach this beach; do not stop when you reach the bay, walk further ahead to find a lonely bay with hardly any people. 

Location: Rumassala, Unawatuna

Timings: Open Twenty-four hours 

Activities: Snorkeling is one of the preeminent things to do here since the water is very clear and you can watch the diverse marine life in this region. You can also rent a sunbed, and just lay until you do not want to return. There are a restaurant and bar on this beach where you can grab a bite after a relaxing day. 

Distance from Galle Dutch Fort: 6km (fifteen-twenty minutes ride)


Dewata Beach

Experience surfing like nowhere else on Dewata Beach, where even beginners can try their balance on the surfboards. The waves are high enough to give you the surfing experience, but low enough to let you practice with ease. The area around this bay is surrounded by many surfing schools who would train you well that you can go surfing on any one of the beaches in Galle. 

This beach is not as clean as the others in Galle, but it is also the only place where surfing is found and experienced at its peak! You must visit The Shack Beach Café if you are on Dewata Beach for an ideal beach meal. 

Location: A2, Galle

Activities: Surfing is practised by almost everyone who visits this beach. 

Distance from Galle Dutch Fort: 10.9km


Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Galle that is on the itinerary of every traveller who visits this country. A lot of local people love taking a dip in this beach in noon early evening with their families. This seashore is always teeming with people who find delight in this hypnotic long stretch of coastline with golden sand. 

You can get a better look at everything that is happening on the beach if you take the stairs on the west and climb the hill. There are a number of luxury hotels and restaurants right on the beach to make your stay a comfortable and beachy one! 

Location: Unawatuna

Timings: Open Twenty-four hours

Activities: Snorkeling is one of the best things to do here. You can also take a guided tour and explore the lagoons, go Scuba Diving, take a dip, or go canoeing. 

Distance from Galle Dutch Fort: 6.2km (twenty to twenty-five-minute ride)

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Koggala Beach

A little untouched by the commercial sector of Sri Lanka as compared to the other Galle Beaches, Koggala Beach has found limelight for its long coastline, as well as for being amongst the hushed beaches where you can actually listen to the sound of the waves clash with the sand. Take a little walk ahead of the beach to reach the placid Koggala Lake which looks like a scene from a movie’s set. 

Stay at one of the beach hotels, or try out some of the local dishes available around the beach. You can also practice your surfing skills on the very adjusting waves of Koggala Beach where they also provide one with lessons and schooling. 

Location: Koggala; 12km from Unawatuna Bay

Timings: Open Twenty-four hours

Activities: You can surf on this beach or take some surfing lessons from professionals. Swimming and snorkeling is also an option. Observing the stilt fishermen at work is one great way to spend time here. 

Distance from Galle Dutch Fort: 13.8 km (28 min to ride)

Mihiripenna Beach

Mihiripenna Beach is amongst those beaches in Galle that allows one to have a finger in any kind of beach fun, be it relaxation or emprise. The natural coral reef that forms a private pool like a beach of its own is a super spot for snorkeling as well as getting an undisturbed view of the vast sea. 

This region of the sea is calm and is home to several aquatic animals that lay in the shallow waters to make friends with humans. Sea Turtles are very common here, and you will not get enough of playing with them. 

Location: 8.74 km from Galle railway station, Galle

Timings: Twenty-four hours; you can watch the stilt fishermen during sunrise and sunset

Activities: Some activities you can do here are swimming and snorkeling. You can even try your hand at stilt fishing by taking guidance from the fishermen. For those who want to relax, there is an availability of sunbeds on rent. 

Distance from Galle Dutch Fort: 9.5km (half an hour ride)


Dalawella Beach

If you are a fan of quiet time, and want to be on the beach to take regular swims, then Dalawella beach is the most perfect of all the Galle Beaches.  Even though small in size, it is an entertaining stretch of coast that keeps tourists staying by a happy bay in the hotels lined up right on the beach. Open the door of your hotel and step right on the dry sand; one cannot ask for my time-out! 

One of the best things you will notice about Dalawella Beach is its cleanliness and the shade from the trees where you can set camp and gaze at the sea for as long as you want to. 

Location: Unawatuna 

Timings: Open Twenty-four hours

Activities: You can go on a turtle treasure hunt because this region welcomes a lot of them in some months of the year. The pristine water makes snorkeling an amazing experience here on this beach. No other beach can beat this one as far as swimming is concerned since the current and waves don’t intend to scare visitors at all.

Distance from Galle Dutch Fort: 8.5km  


Akurala Beach

An impeccable blend of calm and play, the Akurala Beach is truly amongst the most beautiful beaches in Galle. Honeymooners should make a visit to this seaside for it is a quixotic abode like nowhere else in Sri Lanka where you can hold hands and take long walks in this dream-like setting. 

If you are lucky, you could catch some of the local bands in their practice sessions since this coastline has a very soothing environment that unifies with melodious music to create an incredible atmosphere. Chomp as much as you can in the food shacks that lay in the shadow of the beach serving delicious local cuisines. 

Location: Near Hikkaduwa Bus stand, Akurala

Timings: Open Twenty-four hours

Activities: Akurala Beach also has a seamless amount of current that lets one revel in the fun of swimming in the sea and then dry off on the golden sand. 

Distance from Galle Dutch Fort: 26.9km


Sahana Beach

This beach is a paradise for those want to learn, polish and be proficient in surfing. You will find a number of classes and instructors on this beach who are skillful in this thrill for the water at Sahana Beach is perfect for surfing. It is amongst those Galle Beaches around which you can find more than a few hotels that offer mesmeric views of the Sahana Beach side of the Sri Lankan coast.  

Location: Matara Road, Galle

Timings: Open Twenty-four hours

Activities: Surfing, swimming and food tasting of local delicacies in one of the many eateries that hover this beach. 

Distance from Galle Dutch Fort: 3.6km


Pitiwella Beach

Lying centrally around many of the local attractions in Galle, the Pitiwella Beach is an appealing little ecstasy for travellers to get their ‘me time’. Since there aren’t many people all over the place, it is apt for beach plays with family and friends. This beach is also a haven for beach resorts and homestays that offer outstanding views of the landscape. 

Not everywhere in Galle will you find bed and breakfast facilities, but for the hotels around Pitiwella Beach where you can take an early morning swim while watching the day break.

Location: Galle Road

Timings: Open Twenty-four hours

Activities: Swimming and beach play. 

Distance from Galle Dutch Fort: 7.5km

Beach of Bonavista

Beach of Bonavista is among the surfing beaches in Galle where you can revel in the thrill of surfing on the challenging yet adaptable waves that hit this shore. Walk around on this beach and explore the best of Sri Lankan sand. Children who visit this beach have a memorable time building sand castles and digging holes as there is enough space to do so. 

The accommodations around this beach are a flawless way to soak in every bit of Sri Lankan air from the winds that blow to your room from above the sea. The restaurants around this seaside are famous for tingling taste buds with authentic Sri Lanka cuisine from where you are sure to take back some recipes. 

Location: 10km distance from Koggala Airport, Galle

Timings: Open Twenty-four hours

Activities: Surfing and swimming

Distance from Galle Dutch Fort: 4km

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