Galle Fort Lighthouse Overview

The Galle Fort Lighthouse, situated within the historic Galle Fort in Sri Lanka, is a picturesque maritime landmark with a storied past. Originally constructed by the British in 1848, the lighthouse stands proudly atop the fort's ramparts, offering panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and the charming coastal surroundings. Renovated in recent years, it continues to guide ships and stands as a symbol of Galle's maritime heritage, attracting visitors with its scenic allure.

Also renowned as Pointe de Galle Light, Galle Lighthouse is a prominent tourist attraction of Galle. Situated on the shores of Galle, the lighthouse makes a postcard-perfect scenario against the emerald waves hitting the fine beige sands of Galle. Also, it is situated inside the architectural marvel of the city, Galle Fort, which defines its scenic beauty further.

Taking shape in the year 1939, this lighthouse has been constructed as a replacement for the pre-existing lighthouse which was destroyed by fire in the year 1934. It is an automated lighthouse that is still in use as well as it serves a perfect tourist spot for the foreigners and locals alike. With a height of 26.5 meters, the lighthouse is 2 meters taller than the former lighthouse.

People come here to witness the classic beauty of the lighthouse and laze around the nearby beaches. Also, visitors love to engage in various water sports like swimming, scuba diving, surfing and many more offered at the nearby beaches. Must try the authentic Sri Lankan cuisines which are being sold by the local restaurants and food corners which you could pair with a refreshing king coconut drink.

Along with the lighthouse, one can also enjoy the Galle Fort, Dutch Reformed Church, Galle Dutch Fort and Galle Fort Clock Tower in the same premises itself. All these factors make this place a not-to-miss while visiting the Sri Lankan city of Galle.

How To Reach

Colombo International Airport is just 111 KM away from the Galle Lighthouse and it would not take more than 2 hours to cover this distance by road.

By Taxi:
You can easily get a hired taxi from the outside of the airport and it could drive you to the lighthouse within 2 hours.

By :
You can also travel this journey by bus where you have to catch bus number 187 from outside the airport and drop down at the Colombo Fort. From there you have to take another bus to Maharagama Bus Stand and from the stand, you would find a high-speed bus to Galle.

Please note that there are no trains or ferries which could take you from the Colombo International Airport to Galle Lighthouse.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Galle Fort Lighthouse is from December to March as this is the dry season of the island. These months receive the lowest amount of rainfall along with comfortably cool temperatures. Also, the humidity level is very low around this time of the year.

Adding to all these, this is the best time to enjoy the watersports in the nearby beaches, as well as the Galle Literary Festival, is also organized in the month of January here.

Other Essential Information

- Location:
 Galle 80000, Sri Lanka

- Entrance fee: LKR 200 per person

- Opening hours: Open 24 hours on all days of the week

History of Galle Lighthouse

Rooting back to 1848, Galle Lighthouse is considered the oldest lighthouse of Sri Lanka. It was originally built by the Britishers when the country was under their rule. However, it was destroyed by a fire in the year 1934 and this present lighthouse was planned to be constructed.

The construction of this lighthouse was completed in the year 1939 on a location around 100 meters away from the original lighthouse. The former lighthouse was 24.5-meter-high whereas the latter was made 26.5 meters-high. The original lighthouse was adorned with a lens of glass prism floating in mercury which was done to reduce friction.

Also, it gained power from a machine driven by weight. However, the present lighthouse is an automated structure which was designed by Geoffrey Bawa who is very well renowned in the country of Sri Lanka for his work. Since then, tourists from around the world come to the Galle Fort to relish on the spectacular scenes of the lighthouse against the blue waves and beige sands.

Tips for visiting Galle Lighthouse

In case you are visiting the Galle Lighthouse for the first time, these are some tips which might come handy while strolling around the place:

- Make sure to carry warm clothing as it might get colder with the dusk.

Do carry a picnic basket and a mat to have a great time at the coast.

Do plan to witness either sunrise and sunset from the shore as it is worth witnessing.

Do note that climbing to the top of the lighthouse is not allowed so if you wish to do so then make sure to gain prior permission from the concerned authorities.

Please note that it would be a crime to forget your camera as the scenes around the place are bound to be captured in the frame.
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