Jungle Beach Overview

Jungle Beach in Sri Lanka is a pristine coastal haven, tucked away near Trincomalee. Accessible through lush jungle trails, this secluded paradise boasts golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and a serene ambiance. Surrounded by dense vegetation, it offers a tranquil escape for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts alike. Jungle Beach is renowned for its untouched beauty, providing an idyllic setting where visitors can relax, unwind, and immerse themselves in the natural splendor of Sri Lanka's coastline.

Located west to Unawatuna, Jungle Beach is a pretty bay nestled in a forested area. It is one of the secret gems of Sri Lanka which has everything to make your holiday experience one of its kind. The place retains its pristine natural charm as it is not ventured by a large number of tourists throughout the year due to its secluded location.

Jungle Beach offers a plethora of water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, boat ride and many more. The reefs jutting out of water a few metres offshore make a good site for snorkelling which introduces you to the exotic marine life of the region. Apart from schools of colourful fishes you will spot moray eels, encounter crabs, barracudas, trigger fish and many other reef dwelling creatures. The other activities you can indulge in Jungle Beach include whale watching, visiting historical ruins, jungle hiking and many more.

There are top notch resorts and cabins at Jungle Beach furnished with plush amenities and offering you a tranquil retreat amidst the jungle settings. The resorts and cabins have private walkways which will lead you to the calm shoreline caressed by the lapping waves of the Indian Ocean. You can savour traditional Sri Lankan cuisine in a communal restaurant or enjoy private dining on a beachside restaurant. In a nutshell, Jungle Beach is the place which awaits you to explore its hidden treasure and spend your vacation in style and luxury.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Jungle Beach is during the dry months (December- March). During this time of the year tourists head to the sun bathed beaches for various pleasurable activities.

However, the months between April and November are called as the shoulder season which falls between monsoons. The region experiences a mixed type of weather with alternate sunny and rainy days. For rain lovers this is an ideal time to witness the unspoilt beauty of nature in Jungle Beach.

Other Essential Information

- Location:
Jungle Beach, Kuchchaveli dist. Sri Lanka

Local Restaurants near Jungle Beach 

1. Wasantha's Sri Lankan Cuisines-
Explore the local cuisines of Sri Lanka and a bash of the owner's cooking course at this family run restaurant. You will have a memorable experience  here made specially by so much warmth and hospitality by Wasantha, the owner and her daughter Sasangi. Don't forget to taste their prawn curry made by homemade spice mix.

Timings: 12pm- 10pm
Price: Rs. (142-1,209)

2. The Hideout Unawatuna- In a relaxed and eclectic ambiance you can enjoy amazing home cooked meals. The menu has a variety of vegan and non vegan options. Some of the recommended dishes of this restaurant are chicken burritos, mushroom tacos and others. It is located parallel to the Jungle Beach off the main road.

Timings: 12pm- 4pm
Price: Rs. (782-1,423)

3. Love Gelato- Located just next to Unawatuna Beach Love Gelato is ice cream lovers' ultimate destination. You can taste delicious natural ice creams of varied tastes made by the owner. They specialise in vegan friendly ice creams for their vegetarian customers and if you choose you can taste a sample of any ice cream before making an order. Coconut, mango, papaya, lime, dark chocolate flavoured vegan ice creams are highly recommended favours of this ice cream parlour.

Timings: Tuesday-Sunday from 12pm- 9pm. Mondays are closed.
Price: INR (118-294)

4. Chutney's- The South Indian restaurant fairly boasts of its neatly designed menu comprising of over 200 cuisines from all parts of South India. Sitting in a chic ambiance, you can enjoy a motley of gourmet cuisines that without even pinching your pockets. If you happen to drop by the restaurant on a Tuesday night, do pamper your taste buds with their weekly vegan buffet.

Timings: 12pm-2:30pm (for lunch) and 7pm-11:pm (for dinner). For Fridays and Saturdays the restaurant remains open till midnight.
Price: Rs (197- 1,573)

5. Cafe Japan- Connoisseurs of Japanese cuisines should head straight away to this restaurant which is located a short distance from Galle Road. The unique speciality of this restaurant is it prepares your platter according to your taste. Some of its signature dishes are Katsudon which is steamed rice with a non-veg topping. Sushi lovers, do not miss out a chance to savour this traditional Japanese delicacy at Cafe Japan.

Timings: Everyday between 11am- 2pm and 5:30pm -9pm. Tuesdays are closed.
Price: INR (1,376-1,966)

Tips for Visiting Jungle Beach

Since you are travelling to a foreign land there are some insider tips for you to enjoy a hassle free vacation. Following are some useful tips that will help you make the most of your secluded vacation at the Jungle Beach:

1. Make sure you carry sufficient water and other essentials if you have hiking in your itineraries since it is a hot and humid place.

2. The minimum age limit of drinking is 21 years. Drink responsibly if you visit the beachside pubs.

3. Drug abuse rate is quite high in this area. Roam around carefully on the beach as you may get drug offers from the dealers.

4. The beaches near Unawatuna are dangerous and prone to accidents. Keep children away from water in these beaches.

5. You need to apply for an electronic visa or eVisa while making your tour plan for the Jungle Beach since Sri Lanka does not offer a visa on arrival.Be careful while filling out the visa form.

6. If you have a Buddha tattoo hide it while travelling to Jungle Beach. Sri Lankans have zero tolerance for tourists with such imprints on their skin. There are earlier instances of tourists being arrested by the police for having Buddha tattoos.

7. Stick to bottled water while travelling to avoid health risk.

8. Carry a few US dollars or Euros and get them exchanged from a bank in case your card doesn't work. Most of the banks in Sri Lanka closes at 3pm.

9. Supermarkets in the Jungle Beach area are high end shopping joints. So, if you are on a budget trip you should consider shopping from places away from beach towns.

10. While crossing the woodland area of Jungle Beach, make sure you keep your bags closed as you will meet a lot of playful monkeys on your way.  
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Jungle Beach FAQs

Is Jungle Beach open to the public?

Yes,Jungle Beach is open to public and common tourists as it is a secluded island destination nestled in a dense rainforest area. Besides appreciating the haunting charm of this offbeat tourist spot, you can also indulge in a surfeit of adventurous activities in and around the island.

Are there any restrictions at Jungle Beach?

There are few restrictions you need to consider while visiting Jungle Beach:

- Women are not allowed to buy alcohol.
- Nudity and indecent exposure is a punishable offence in this area.
- Practising homosexuality is a strict no-no here. That does not imply that LGBTQ travellers are unsafe in Jungle Beach. But all they need to take care of is to refrain from showing public displays of affection. It is safer not to let the public know your sexual orientation.
- Carrying illegal drugs viz. Cocaine, Marijuana etc. is a punishable offence.

Are there facilities such as lockers, toilets and sun loungers at the beach?

There are sun loungers on the Jungle Beach. Lockers and toilets are available in the beachside resorts.

Can I hire sunbeds on the Jungle beach?

Yes, you can hire sunbeds on the Jungle Beach on which you can sit back and relax or enjoy sunbathing.

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