Panthéon, Paris: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Panthéon

The Panthéon is a major monument in Paris which was built before the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. The monument offers a panoramic view of the city and is visited by tourists in large numbers. This historic monument was built between 1764 and 1790 as a church. Later, after a few decades, the building was converted into a mausoleum.

Panthéon has undergone many architectural changes and modifications due to the damage done during the First and the Second World War. Due to the various modifications done to the Pantheon, tourists can witness an amalgamation of various architectural styles in the monument.

The monument is admired for its architecture and designing. Panthéon has the Gothic style of architecture with a blend of Corinthian architectural patterns. With its detailed engravings on the walls and the pillars, Panthéon is one of the most architectural and beautiful monuments.

How to Reach Panthéon

1. By Metro: Metro stations near Pantheon are Mairie Du Ve (150 metres), Lycee Henri IV (170 metres), College De France (340 metres) and Monge-Mutualite (420 metres).

2. By Train:
Trains from L, N and TER lines can take you to Panthéon.

3. By Bus:
Bus no 38, 75,84 and 89 commutes from different parts of the city to Paris.

What Not to Miss at Panthéon

1. Foucault’s pendulum:
Foucault’s pendulum is a large pendulum suspended on the dome of the Pantheon. There are many Foucault’s pendulums which are located around the globe such as in Ranchi, New York etc. The pendulum in the Pantheon is the very first pendulum and is very popular among tourists. Tourists visit the place and see this wonder of physics.

2. Visit the crypt and see the graves of the greatest French citizens: 
Housing the graves of greats like Voltaire, Rousseau, Jean Moulin, Louis Braille, Victor Hugo, Jean Jaures, Marie Curie and many more, the Crypt in Pantheon is a popular place. The beautiful graves of these French nationals are surrounded by the beautiful architect of Pantheon.

3. One of the best views in Paris: 
Pantheon is located in the heart of the city and it offers a 360-degree view of the city. Offering one of the best views of monuments like Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Champs-Elysees and other popular monuments, Pantheon is visited by tourists in large numbers.

Places to Visit around Panthéon

1. Statue de Corneille: 
Statue de Corneille or Statue of Corneille is a statue of the great French play writer Pierre Corneille. It is located on the left side of the main entrance and is the main tourist attraction of Pantheon. The statue was originally a bronze statue but was later rebuilt in stone in around 1908.

2. Statue de Jean Jacques Rousseau: 
Jean Jacques Rousseau was a Genevan philosopher and writer who made notable contributions in the French Literature. There is a statue of him in the Pantheon complex which was built and constructed in 1834. Statue de Jean Jacques Rousseau or the statue of Jean Jacques Rousseau is one of the prime attractions in the Pantheon complex.

3. Saint-Séverin: 
One of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in the city, Saint-Séverin stan's next to the Pantheon near the left bank of the river Seine. It is one of the highly visited places of worship in the entire city and attracts many international visitors. One of the finest features of the church are the spiral pillars of the church are one of a kind.

4. Église Saint-Étienne-du-Mont de Paris: 
Église Saint-Étienne-du-Mont de Paris is a church located near the Pantheon. It is one of the oldest churches in Paris dating back to the late 15th and early 16th century. The church is over 70 metres tall and is a prime place to visit around Pantheon. Église Saint-Étienne-du-Mont de Paris houses the tombs of Blaise Pascal and Jean Racine.

5. Pont de l'Archevêché: 
A bridge connecting the 4th arrondissement and the 5th arrondissement, Pont de l'Archevêché is a tourist destination near the Pantheon. A lot of tourists visit the bridge to click photographs of the Seine river and Pantheon.

Other Essential Information About Panthéon

-Opening Hours:
Daily 10 AM to 6.30 PM

Place du Panthéon, 75005 Paris, France

Interesting Facts to Know about Panthéon

Pantheon which resembles its twin structure in Rome has a lot of hidden facts. From its historical background to the modernity, the monument has witnessed many events.

Below mentioned are some interesting facts to know about Panthéon:

1. Pantheon has a twin in Italy.

2. Pantheon is Paris is inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, Italy. Representing the neo-classical architecture of medieval France, the Pantheon has its roots in Rome.

3. Pantheon is the resting place of many French writers.

4. Many popular French citizens were buried in the Pantheon but it is also the burial ground of many traditional French writers. Notable writers like Victor Hugo, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, Alexandre Dumas, etc. were buried in the Pantheon.

5. Women were not buried in the Pantheon until 1995.

6. With its long-run history, the Pantheon is a notable monument which has attracted many tourists to the graves of famous French citizens. Among these graves, no grave of women was buried until 1995.

Places to Eat Near Panthéon

Paris is amongst the most popular city in gastronomy. Many tourists are attracted to the city for its amazing and various luxurious restaurants.

Below are a few places to eat near the Pantheon.

1. Les Trublions: 
Located at 34, Rue de La Montagne, Les Trublions is a popular restaurant. With its famous dinner menu in the locality, Les Trublions is visited in high numbers by tourists. The restaurant serves some of the finest dishes in its popular lunch and dinner buffet.

2. L'Estrapade: 
Situated at 15, Rue de l’Estrapade, L'Estrapade is a popular restaurant near the Pantheon.  L'Estrapade is a small french bistro which serves some of the finest breakfast items and desserts.  The restaurant is around 5 minutes walk from the Pantheon and is visited in large numbers by International tourists.

3. Le Florimond: 
With its popular decor and interior, Le Florimond is a popular restaurant located near the Pantheon. Le Florimond was started in 1993 and has been a popular joint in the locality. Le Florimond is known for its Vegan items and fruit juices.

4. Pasco: 
Located near the Pantheon, this royal restaurant is popular among the visitors of Pantheon. Pasco serves lunch from 12 PM to 2.30 PM and Dinner from 7 PM to 10 PM. The restaurant serves special dishes during festivity and is visited in large numbers.

Places to Stay Near Panthéon

The city of Paris is home to some of the finest hotels in Europe. With the extravagant services of the various hotel and the lovable culture of the city, there are many hotels in Paris providing the perfect stay.

Below are some of the places to stay near the Pantheon.

1. Villa Panthéon: 
Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter near the Pantheon, Villa Panthéon is a popular hotel among the International tourists. With its amazing bar, lobby, terrace and meeting halls, the hotel is a hotspot among the visitors of the Pantheon. The hotel is also home to many local concerts and events.

2. Hôtel Les Dames du Panthéon: 
This 4-star amazing hotel located near the Pantheon is a popular hotel styled with Chinese and Japanese interior designing. The walls of the hotel are painted with some Chinese and Japanese historical events. The various floors of the hotel are themed with cultures of different countries.

3. Hôtel des Grands Hommes: 
Among the most popular 3-star hotels in  Paris, Hôtel des Grands Hommes is among the favourite hotels for tourists. With its spacious bedrooms, suites with personal balcony, Hôtel des Grands Hommes is a hotspot for perfect family stays.

4. Hôtel Monge: 
This prestigious 4-star hotel is located in the heart of the Latin Quarter is the best hotel to stay near the Pantheon. The design of the various rooms of the hotel is inspired by the World of Books and nature.

Traveller’s Tip Before Visiting Panthéon

Due to its location in the centre of the city,  Pantheon can be reached from various corners of Paris by bus, cab or metros.

2. On average, one would need 1-1.30 hour to visit the Pantheon. Although if you wish to see the crypt, it would take your another 30-40 minutes.

3. For international tourists, there is an audio guide available at the entrance counter in English, Polish, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian and Russian. The cost of these audio guides is 3 Euros.

4. It is expected from the visitor that he/she will maintain discipline and silence in the premises of the Pantheon.
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People Also Ask About Panthéon

  1. What is Panthéon famous for?

    With more than 150 years old, the Pantheon is a prime tourist spot of Paris. Formerly a church, this monument is a popular spot for history and art lovers. Pantheon is popular because of its amazing structure and the various graves of the great French citizens. The monument houses the graves of Victor Hugo, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Marie Curie, etc.
  2. Is the Pantheon in Paris free?

    No, the Pantheon is totally not free. The detailed fee structure of the Pantheon is as follows:

    1. 3 Euros to visit the upper part of Pantheon (April to October).

    2. Free admission on the first Sunday of the month from November to March.

    3. Free admission for visitors of the citizens of the 26 countries of the European Union
  3. What's inside the Pantheon Paris?

    Pantheon was a church which was dedicated to St. Genevieve and her relics. After a few years, it was modified from a church to a secular mausoleum and is home to the remains of many famous French citizens.
  4. Who is buried at Pantheon Paris?

    Voltaire, Rousseau, Jean Moulin, Louis Braille, Victor Hugo, Jean Jaures, Marie Curie and many more great French citizens are buried at Pantheon.

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