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  • If you are a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast visiting Panna and Chhatarpur districts of Madhya Pradesh, there are attractive resorts in Panna National Park equipped with luxurious amenities, which will offer you a rejuvenating experience.

    These resorts have shown promise to many wildlife enthusiasts to visit the national park to explore the unseen wildlife. Most of the resorts are built with materials obtained from forest estate and neighboring villages, which gives a feeling of living in the lap of nature — something a nature lover craves for in today’s hectic life.

    Resorts near Panna National Park are also closely located to must visit places like Pandav Falls and Caves, Diamond Mines, Raneh Falls, and the Ken Gharial Sanctuary, Mahamati Prannathji Temple, Jugal Kishore Temple, Baldeo Temple, Padmavati Devi or Badi Devi Temple. These temples exhibit a perfect blend of Hindu-Muslim architectural style. Owing to their mythological importance, the temples successfully attract a large number of pilgrims from all over the country. 

    Apart from the temples, the district is brimming with evergreen trees, rocks, hills, and forests which give a satisfying experience to explorers. The rise in a number of tourists has led to an increase in the number of resorts in Panna which aim to satisfy the needs of any traveller. These resorts have varying prices ranging from luxurious to economical packages according to the amenities and recreational activities they provide.

    Here’s the list of 5 best resorts in Panna National Park:

  • 01Ken River Lodge

    Ken River Lodge

    This lodge redefines the meaning of wildlife tourism and conservation as it is set in a scenic landscape near Panna Tiger Reserve. The huts and cottages give a luxurious experience to the explorers. Located amidst the forested area, it is spread over a vast area of approximately 50 acres.

    This forested area is an abode to various species of mammals, birds, animals, and reptiles. The lodge is equipped with a machan—more commonly known as tree house which gives breathtaking views of the river Ken and serves delicious home cooked food.


    6 Village Style Air-Conditioned Cottages
    5 Family Cottages
    - Tree Top Restaurant


    - Jeep Safari
    - Boat Safari
    - Night Safari
    - Angling
    - Bird Watching
    - Nature Trails
    - Overnight Camping in Reserve Forest

    Price: The indicative price for the luxurious cottage starts from INR 7000.

    Distance from Khajuraho Airport & Railway Station: The Ken River Lodge is located in the town named Mandla of Madhya Pradesh. It is 26 km away from the Khajuraho Airport and 21 km away from the Khajuraho Railway Station.

    Location: Panna National Park, Village Madla, 1/2 Km from Madla Police Station, Panna, Madhya Pradesh, 488001

    Homestays in Madhya Pradesh can be enjoyed by all kinds of travellers whether you are into budget or luxuries, managed by amazingly friendly families, the homestays are a great retreat.

  • 02Pashan Garh

    Pashan Garh

    One of the best resorts near Panna National Park is Pashan Garh; also more popularly known as “The Stone Fortress”. This luxurious resort has 12 cottages, equipped with modern amenities, located on the top of a small hill that gives magnificent views of the dense flora surrounding the hill.

    The design of this jungle lodge is inspired from the stone houses of the Panna region and is spread on a sprawling area of 200 acres of wilderness. The relaxing guest areas open up to courtyards and stone decks giving an overlook of the expanse of the dense forest. 

    There’s a lookout tower that helps the nature lovers with bird watching during the daytime and photography enthusiasts to stargaze after sundown. The vintage lamps and stone desks complement the natural surroundings and amaze the visitors. After a tiring day in the wilderness, visitors can enjoy the massage given by trained in-house masseurs.


    - 12 Luxury Stone Cottage
    - Swimming Pool
    - Spa & Gym
    - Palanquin Dinner


    - Jungle Safari Drives
    - Natural Trails
    - Stargazing
    - Junior Naturalist Program
    - Private Massage Desks

    Price: The indicative per day price starts from INR 23,000.

    Distance from Khajuraho Airport & Railway Station: Surrounded by dense forests, this stone fortress is located at a distance of 31 km from Khajuraho Airport and 43 km from Khajuraho Railway Station.

    Location: Panna National Park, Amanganj Road Panna, Panna, Madhya Pradesh, 488001

    Madhya Pradesh is popular among local and foreign tourists for featuring a rich collection of natural and cultural heritage, Waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh is one major highlight of the state's nature collection.

  • 03V Resorts Camp Panna

    V Resorts Camp Panna

    In the heart of hills, farms and forests sit one of the most beautiful and elegant Resorts in Panna National Park—V Resorts Camp Panna. It is just a 15 minutes’ drive from Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. It is situated on the banks of one of the cleanest rivers - Ken, which gives picnic lovers a delightful experience of a riverside picnic, boating, and other such activities.

    Book lovers can have a quiet place filled with serenity, and the only possible noise would be the soothing sound of the enchanting river. It is surrounded by wide green spaces and has sat out areas facing greens, a bamboo roofed gazebo perfectly made for outdoor meals on the meticulously placed dining tables overlooking the river.

    The in-house restaurant serves delicious Indian food, but packing a picnic basket from the resort and getting on a tour around the property sounds like a better idea.


    - Luxury Tents & Deluxe Cottages
    - Conference Room
    - Bamboo-roofed Gazebo


    - Jungle Safari
    - Badminton
    - Fishing
    - Pottery

    - Birding
    - Indoor Games
    - Bush Dinner

    Price: The indicative price per day starts from INR 4000.

    Distance from Khajuraho Airport & Railway Station: The resort is located 12.6 km away from Khajuraho Airport and 24 km from Khajuraho Railway Station.

    Location: Panna Khajuraho Rd, Near Panna Tiger Reserve, Khajuraho, Basata, Madhya Pradesh, 471101

    Temples in Madhya Pradesh are known for their art and architecture, visiting one of these temples is an experience that will cherish forever.

  • 04Panna Tiger Resort

    Panna Tiger Resort

    Panna Tiger Resort is located in Mandla village of Panna district. The resort is spread over a vast area of 4 acres on the banks of the river Ken. It consists of 12 deluxe air-conditioned cottages with elegantly designed bathrooms, highly equipped rooms, private verandah and relaxing seating arrangement to overlook the brimming river. The resort is equipped with a standby generator for full power backup in case of an electricity failure. 

    The ground shows you beautiful greenery and lounging spaces which are the venues to enjoy the local folk performances. The rooftop restaurant gives a beautiful view of the forest while serving hot and delicious multi-cuisine food. Panna Tiger Resort is also one of the prominent resorts in Panna National Park which strive for environment-friendly atmosphere and are committed towards the ecological norms.


    12 Deluxe Air-Conditioned Cottages
    - Roof Top Restaurant


    - Jungle Safari (Morning and Evening)
    - Boat Ride
    - Nature Walks
    - Crocodile spotting
    - Bird Watching

    Price: The indicative per day price starts from is INR 6,500.

    Distance from Khajuraho Airport & Railway Station: It is 13 km away from Khajuraho Airport and 43 km away from Khajuraho Railway Station.

    Location: Village Mandla, Panna, Madhya Pradesh, 488001

    You can trek and hike through dense forests to reach magnificent waterfalls or you can indulge in river rafting on the volatile waters of Betwa and Narmada, there are endless options when it comes to adventure activities in Madhya Pradesh

  • 05K Raj Tiger Resort

    K Raj Tiger Resort
    Image Credit :

    Resorts in Panna National Park are known for their luxuries and hospitality, and K Raj Tiger Resort lives up to the expectations of travelers. It provides all the comforts at reasonable prices. The resort is located in the heart of Panna district and was established in 2013. The grandeur of the resort is maintained by the blend of modern amenities with a traditional touch. The interior of the resort surely gives visitors a homely feeling to relax.

    The comfortable accommodation has warmly and delicately decorated luxurious rooms. The front yard gives an unobstructed view of the jungle and the bank of the river, pleasing nature enthusiasts. The resort has 13 cottages, each having attached modern bathrooms with 24 hours hot and cold water supply. Evenings are as beautiful as days, as sitting on beautifully carved porches gives you a view of a magnificent sky lit with stars.


    - Deluxe Rooms
    - Business Center with Internet Access
    - Dining Hall


    - Picnic on the Banks of the River
    - Bird Watching

    Price: The indicative price per day starts from INR 1200.

    Distance from Khajuraho Airport & Railway Station: K Raj Tiger Resort is located on the bank of the gushing river Ken. It is separated by 26.9 km from Khajuraho Airport and 24 km from Railway Station.

    Location: Panna Khajuraho Road, National Highway 75, Madla, Madhya Pradesh, 471101

    Madhya Pradesh has a great history and when it comes to forts, there is an endless list of forts in Madhya Pradesh and each one has something unique to offer.



Kandariya Mahadeva Temple

Decidedly the grandest Hindu temple among the Khajuraho Group of Temples, the origin of Kandariya Mahadev Temple traces back to 1050 BC. The temple was built as a tribute to the Hindu Lord Shiva and houses a magnificent Shiva Linga crafted with pure marble. 

Adorned with intricate carvings and great sculptures, countless statues and spires grace the temples interiors, the most remarkable of which is the main spire that replicates Mount Kailash in miniature!

Timings: The temple is open from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

Entry Fee: The entry fee is INR 10 per person.

Location: Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Sevagram, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh.

Distance from Khajuraho Bus Stand: The temples sits nearly 1 km away from Khajuraho Bus Stand.

Discover the best of things to do and activities in Khajuraho


Lakshmana Temple

One of the oldest structures amongst the temple groups of Khajuraho, Lakshmana Temple was built by the Chandela kings. The divine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva graces the entrance of the temple, though the temple is really dedicated to the Hindu Lord Vishnu, and harbours a portrayal of Vaikuntha-Vishnu as its sanctum. 

The exceptional architecture is enhanced by over 600 deities whose images are aesthetically showcased on the exteriors of the temple.

Timings: The temple is open 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM every day.

Entry Fee: The entry fees is INR 10 per head.

Location: Lakshmana Temple, Sevagram, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh.

Distance from Khajuraho Bus Stand: The temple is located at a distance of 900 m from Khajuraho Bus Stand.

Madhya Pradesh is famous for holy places, check out ancient temples in Madhya Pradesh.


Matangeshwar Temple

Established by Chandra Dev of the Chandela dynasty in the ninth century, the temple was built as a shrine of Lord Shiva, housing an eight feet tall Shiva Lingam crafted with yellow limestone. The morning aarti is a delightful experience.

Unlike its neighbouring temples, the pillars are quite plain, while the roof is beautifully blanketed with figures. It is truly one of the best places to visit in Khajuraho.

Timings: The temple allows visitors in from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM every day.

Location: Matangeshwar Temple, Rajnagar Road, Sevagram, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh.

Distance from Khajuraho Bus Stand: The temple is built at a distance of 900 m from Khajuraho Bus Stand.

Experience the rich heritage of forts in Madhya Pradesh for time travelling into ancient India.


Adinath Temple

Forming a part of the famous Jain Group of Temples, the aesthetically appealing Adinath Temple was built in the 11th century. It was designed as a memorial to the famous Jain Saint Adinath.

A long-standing reflection of the Indo-Aryan architectural style, the temple is embellished with gorgeous ancient sculptures and images of Yakshis. Though partly in ruins now, the feeling of awe that one feels here is gripping.

Timings: The temple is open to visitors every day from 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

Entry Fee: The temple charges no entry fees to visitors.

Location: Adinath Temple,  Eastern Group of Temples, Sevagram, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh.

Distance from Khajuraho Bus Stand: The temple is located at a distance of 1.5 km from Khajuraho Bus Stand.

Here are some of the best historical places in Madhya Pradesh known for its ancient heritage.


Javari Temple

Forming part of the Eastern Group of Temples, Javari Temple is distinguished for its remarkable architecture and fine interior carvings. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the temple walls exhibit exquisite images of various men and women in different postures.

The beauty and splendour of the temples never fail to leave you spellbound, making it one of the most inspiring Khajuraho tourist places.

Timings: The temple is open to visitors from 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM every day.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee for visitors.

Location: Javari Temple, Eastern Group of Temples, Sevagram, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh.

Distance from Khajuraho Bus Stand: The temple is seated at a distance of about 1.3 km from Khajuraho Bus Stand.

Iconic sites in Madhya Pradesh got serene views for sightseeing with family and friends. Must do in your travel checklist.


Jahaz Mahal

Built under the reign of Mandu Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din Khilji who had a vast harem of about 15000 women. In order to accommodate the ladies in a proper building, this monumental palace was constructed. Jahaz Mahal is located in the Mandu Fort near Munj Talab along Gada Shah Mahal and Hindola Mahal.

This double-storeyed palace is encircled by twin ponds that give an impression to the spectators that it is a floating structure. If you are visiting Mandu fort, this can be one of the places to visit in Madhya Pradesh that will intrigue you with its phenomenal architecture.

Location: Jahaz Mahal Internal Rd, Sulibardi, Madhya Pradesh 454010

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week.

Entry Fee: INR 5 per Indian adult.

Suggested time required: 1 to 2 hours.

Distance from Mandu Bus Stand: Approximately 1 KM.


Bee Falls

Imagine volumes of water plummeting from a height in the lap of a scenic jungle. Bee Falls is one of the popular places to visit in Pachmarhi and the moment you trek down the hundreds of steps and arrive at the fall, you can't help but admire it in awe. You will find small vendors sending snacks and tea around the fall.

Not only that you can eat and admire the beauty but you can also take a leap into the natural freshwater pool for a dip.

Height: 35 meters.

Location: Bee Fall Road, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461881, India

Entry fee: INR 15 per Indian adult.

Best Season to Visit: Throughout the year, go in the monsoon for enjoying a large volume and in summers for bathing in the pool.

Distance from the Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 3 KM.

When temperatures soar, jump in a pool and beat the heat, Water Parks in Bhopal offer you an escape from the heat in the most fun way.


Dhuandhar Falls

The incredible sight of smoke coming out of a gushing waterfalls makes Dhuandhar Falls one of the best Jabalpur tourist places and attracts a huge rush of tourists to come to witness this extraordinary spectacle of nature. The word ‘Dhuandhar’ literally translates to ‘smoke + flow’ which can be interpreted as a ‘smoky cascade’.

Created by Narmada River, these 30 feet tall falls are located in Bhedaghat of Jabalpur district. The roaring sounds of the waterfalls are powerfully soothing. These waterfalls add grace to the scenic beauty of Bhedaghat and make it a must visit place in Madhya Pradesh for nature lovers and photographers.

Cable car service is also available at Bhedaghat which can be availed to witness the beauty of these spectacular waterfalls from a different perspective.

Timings: 6 AM to 8 PM

Location: Bhedaghat, Jabalpur

Distance from Jabalpur Bus Stand: 27 km

If you wish to explore the state beyond what it is generally known for, add some waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh to your bucket list.


Panna National Park

Founded in the year 1981, Panna Reserve is the fifth Tiger Reserve of Madhya Pradesh and the twenty-second in India. Home to several species of wildlife like Jackal, Nilgai, Chinkara, Sambar, and Wild Boar, Panna National Park is an absolutely perfect respite for trekkers and nature lovers.

Another treat in the form of the beautiful cascading Pandav Falls awaits you in the park!

Timings: The park is open from 06:00 AM to 05:00 PM every day.

Entry Fee: The entry fee is INR 15 per head.

Location: Panna National Park, NH 75, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Distance from Khajuraho Bus Stand: Located at a distance of nearly 92 km from Khajuraho Bus Stand.

Where to Stay in Panna National Park: Best resorts & places to stay in Panna National Park.


Hathi Mahal

The massive disappropriate dome and the thick pillars give an impression of a standing Elephant to the spectators. Originally built as a pleasure resort, Hathi Mahal today looks like an abandoned landmark in Madhya Pradesh where traces of decorative tile-work and the planned external architectural nuances still leave an impressive mark on the minds of the visitors. 

The masonry moldings, the humongous dome. The octagonal high base and the three arched-opening on all sides look as if it was planned like a Baradari. Places like this are hard to miss and this is among such places to visit in Mandu.

Location: Elephant Palace, Mandav, Madhya Pradesh, India

Timings: 24 hours. Best to go between sunrise to sunset hours.

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Suggested time required: An hour and a half.

Distance from Mandu Bus Stand: Around 2 KM.


Raneh Falls

Forming a 30 feet deep canyon with pure, beautiful crystalline granite adorned with a multitude of colours, Raneh Falls is undoubtedly one of the most dumbfounding Khajuraho Tourist Places! Mother nature has endowed it generously, luring travellers and nature lovers into its enchanting realms every year. 

The area is replete with an array of small and large waterfalls at nearly every turn. Its lush green forested surroundings give it a truly surreal feel and captivate the mind, body and soul of all who wander there.

Timings: The falls is open for visitors from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

Entry Fee: The entry fee per person is INR 15.

Location: Raneh falls, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Distance from Khajuraho Bus Stand: The waterfall is located at a distance of around 21 km from Khajuraho Bus Stand.

If you are a nature lover, there are various other beautiful waterfalls of Madhya Pradesh which you should not miss. Click to know about them.


Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat

Bhedaghat is a prominent spot for tourists and picnic-goers in Madhya Pradesh owing to the natural wonders it holds and the exciting activities it offers. Bhedaghat proudly houses a gorge of 100 feet high rocks, letting Narmada River flow through them, as one of the most wonderful gifts of nature Madhya Pradesh is blessed with.

The river water has carved a 3 km long gorge out of these rocks which is a sight to behold. In order to witness the glory of this gorge up-close, you can either row boats through it or take a cable car ride to go across it. The site welcomes huge rush of tourists all round the year, but the popularity of this site is at its best during monsoon.

Timings: 7 AM to 7 PM; 8 PM to Midnight only on Full moon Nights

Location: Bhedaghat, Jabalpur

Distance from Jabalpur Bus Stand: 27 km

If you want to see something that is way beyond usual, there is a range of natural wonders for you to explore in Madhya Pradesh.


Rani Roopmati's Pavilion

This vintage place bestows you with an unparalleled view of the river Narmada. The Pavilion has a backstory of a medieval romance that started between King Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati. Earlier this hilltop structure was used as an army ground to keep a watch around and guard the kingdom. 

The pavilion has two watchtowers and beautiful courtyards as well, making it one of Mandu tourist places which are mandatory parts of every itinerary. It is said that Rani Roopmati was an accomplished classical singer and the pavilion was made acoustically so it served her better. It is one of the most exceptional places you should visit in Madhya Pradesh.

Location: Mandu, Mandav, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh 454010

Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week.

Entry Fee: INR 5 per Indian and SAARC countries adults.

Suggested time required: Over 2 hours.

Distance from Mandu Bus Stand: Around 5.5 KM.


Satpura National Park

Spread over the Satpura Hills, this national park covers a large part of the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. Satpura is a Sanskrit word for saying “seven-hills,” which was named after the series of hills in the highlands of central India.  As a part of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve, it covers an area of 524 sq. km.

On your safari ride in Satpura National Park, you will come across deep gorges, untrodden forests, wriggling rivulets accommodating a wide array of animals such as Water Buffaloes, Leopards, Elephants, Barasingha, Malabar Whistling Thrush, Honey Buzzard, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Paradise Fly-catcher, and the endemic  Rhesus monkeys.

Timing: 7 AM to 6:30 PM on all days of the week.

Entry Fee: Permit can be availed by paying INR 1250 and Gypsy can be availed at INR 2100.

Location: Satpura National Park, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, 461001, India.

Suggested time required: around 6 hours or half a day, if going on a safari.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Approximately 210 KM.

if you wish to take a closer look at the vivid wildlife, and adventure sites of the city, there can be no better way than staying at jungle resorts near Bhopal.


Mahadeo Hills

The basin of Narmada is separated from Wardha and Wainganga rivers on the North by Mahadeo Hills. The hills follow a general trail of East to Northeast where the north slope is gentle but the southern is steep and drops abruptly.

The plateaus of the hills and the slopes were formed during the Carboniferous period, millions of years ago. Mahadeo peak is one of the three highest points in Pachmarhi where you can visit the holy shrine of Lord Shiva in the cave temple Gupt Mahadev. Apart from Gupt Mahadev, this temple houses another sanctum dedicated to Lord Shiva which is Bade Mahadev. Both of these temples are revered and largely worshipped. The pristine clear view of nature and the greenery will calm your senses.

Timing: 24 hours.

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Location: Satpura Range, Pachmarhi, India

Suggested time required: 2 to 3 hours.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 10 KM.

An adventurer or a nature lover or just someone who is looking for an escape, treks near Bhopal serve everyone great.


Lord Shiva Statue at Kachnar City

Attracting local devotees and tourists alike in huge numbers, this 76 feet tall statue of Lord Shiva is a sight that will leave you spellbound. This huge idol of Lord Shiva, situated in the ancient city of Kachnar, is considered as one of the most popular religious sites in Madhya Pradesh.

The statue has been built over a cavern that houses replicas of 12 Shivalingams from the major Shiva Temples in the country. The site holds a calming blend of serenity and spirituality in its air, so a visit to this site is sure to soothe you inside out. This is, indeed, a great site to visit with family.

Cave Timings: 5 PM to 8 PM

Location: Vijay Nagar, Kachnar City

Distance from Jabalpur Bus Stand: 11 km

Madhya Pradesh temples are a must go for every traveller, you feel rejuvenated in the company of God.

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