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  • Kerala boasts of some of the best resorts in Kumarakom, taking advantage of the strategic location of the backwaters, lakes, islands, lagoons and Hill stations. Resorts are offering stay in sprawling acres of greenery with opulence and grandeur and world-class amenities.

    Most of the resorts in Kumarakom organize activities such as fishing, canoeing, water sports, local sightseeing, luxury cruise and several other packages customised to the need of their guests. Kumarakom resorts have the best possible amenities and services to make one’s stay luxurious, comfortable and a holiday worth remembering.

    A few resorts have been carved out of hundred-year-old heritage mansions giving a feel of old world charm while a few resorts are chic and have a modern outlook in interiors. Ranging from top-range luxury hotels to mid-range pocket-friendly resorts, it is all there in Kumarakom to be explored. So book your tickets, choose a resort, pack your bags and get going.

    Here are some of the best resorts in Kumarakom: 

  • 01Cocobay Resort

    Cocobay Resort
    Image Credit :

    Cocobay literally is stippled with lines of Coconut trees neatly arranged along the banks of the backwater to give one of the views of the sunset amidst the swaying palms.

    This resort is aptly seated in the seam of the water body thus is accessible only via water on a boat. Designed along the lines of traditional Kerala architecture, the rooms open up to spacious verandahs giving a splendid view of the greens and the houseboats plying on regular intervals. Experience Shirodhara at the ayurvedic spa for eternal bliss and a sense of rejuvenation.

    Kumarakom North, Near Taj Vivanta Kottayam, Chakrampady, Kumarakom.

    Activities & Amenities:
    Bar, restaurant, outdoor pool

    Rs.4,000/- to Rs. 7,000/- per night.

  • 02Coconut Lagoon Resort

    Coconut Lagoon Resort

    Out of all the Kumarakom resorts, discover a pearl amidst backwaters. Rooms built out of the remnants of old traditional mansions, ever flowing backwater, coconut groves and a plethora of amenities to choose from sets the tone for the perfect holiday in Kumarakom.

    Experience a traditional art form of poetry, Ottam Thutthal artistically performed by the nearby villagers, explore the Kuttanad ecosphere in a traditional canoe armed with binoculars and cameras and dine amidst paddy fields beside a placid lagoon. With so much to do and so little time, yet another visit to Coconut lagoon would be a promise.

    Location: Kumarakom Kottayam, Kavanattinkara, Kumarakom.

    Activities & Amenities: Indoor and Outdoor Pool and Bar.

    Price: Rs.13,000/- to Rs.38,000/- per night.

  • 03Aveda Resort and Spa

    Aveda Resort and Spa
    Image Credit :

    This luxury boutique resort in Kumarakom is the newest place to be on the banks of Vembanad Lake enjoying the gorgeous backwaters. The Lake view luxury villas with the plunge pool are the finest rooms of the property offering all the solitude, comfort and delight one looks for in a relaxed holiday.

    Regale yourself with daily sessions of yoga asanas with a yoga guru to de-stress body and mind. Spaveda, the in-house ayurvedic spa offers both short term and long term ayurvedic treatments for various ailments.

    Location: V/240-A, Ammankari Road, Near Nazareth Church Kottayam,, Athikkalam, Kumarakom.

    Activities & Amenities: Fitness centre, Spa, cultural program, Curio shop, Salon and swimming pool.

    Price: Rs.12,500/- to Rs.18,000/- per night.

  • 04Saro Lake County Resort

    Saro Lake County Resort
    Image Credit :

    A boutique lake resort in Kumarakom which cannot be expressed through words but can be justified only through a stay is the best definition of this property. An exclusive accommodation on the bank of Lake Vembanad with an alluring view of backwaters, a close glimpse of village life, occasional crisscrossing of houseboats and unlimited greenery.

    Chef Kunjoong who is a seasoned cuisine at Saro tantalizes your taste buds to his speciality dishes of Fish Molly, Oyster and Karimeen. A hammock by the Lake is the most sought after place for either cuddling up to read a book, watching the placid blue waters or just snoozing away to glory.

    Location: 1/392, Kumarakom, Bankpady, Kottayam.

    Activities & Amenities: Restaurant, tour packages, Ayurvedic massage, organic farming and indoor games.

    Price: Rs.3,000/- to Rs.6,000/- per night.

  • 05Lakesong Resort

    Lakesong Resort

    Lakesong is an architectural marvel amongst the many resorts in Kumarakom. It’s typical traditional Kerala style architecture narrates several tales of an era bygone. The gabbled red-tiled roof of the cottages with un-plastered walls gives a rustic look.

    The interiors though speak of modernity with every amenity nearly placed for ultimate comfort and warmth. Indulge to strongly brewed coffee served with a choice of quick bites while you park yourself for leisure. Browse through various artefacts which are handmade locally by skilled artisans and carry back souvenirs back home as a memory to be cherished.

    Location:  Ammankari Road, 686563 Kumarakom,, Athikkalam, Kumarakom.

    Activities & Amenities: Coffee shop, Ayurveda spa, Boat cruise, Curio shop and Gym.

    Price: Rs.7,000/- per night.

  • 06Tharavadu Heritage Home Resort

    Tharavadu Heritage Home Resort
    Image Credit :

    Right at the heart of Kumarakom is an abode which has been offering a homely stay at mansions which have a history almost 140 years old. This eco-friendly villa has established a strong connection with mother-nature and has strict rules against the use of plastic wares.

    With close access to the jetty, you can enjoy a host of water-related activities throughout the day ranging from fishing, canoeing, cruising through backwaters in traditional boats or plunging into the water like the village munchkins.

    Kumarakom Vaikom Rd, Kumarakom, Kottayam.

    Activities & Amenities
    : Water sports, fishing, home stays, motor boats and kids play area.

    Rs.2,500/- to Rs. 4,000/- per night.

  • 07Vismaya Resort

    Vismaya Resort
    Image Credit :

    A boutique Villa with a 400-year-old house renovated on Lake Vembanad ensures a magical experience of the paradise called Kumarakom. Quaintly nestled on a peninsula with the lake on all three sides, Vismaya lets you experience a holiday of a lifetime.

    A clutter-free basic Kerala style architecture with every modern amenity makes you feel at home while you relax and curl up to read a book or watch the various hues of the skyline.

    Dine on gourmet traditional Kerala cuisine to satiate your senses. Vismaya has a team of trained Chef from Italy to take you through a gastronomic journey across continents.

    Location: Chenganda Bridge, Cherthala.

    Activities & Amenities: Swimming pool, Spa, Open air lounge and Wi-Fi.

    Price: Approximately Rs. 15,000/- per night.

  • 08Lake Resort

    Lake Resort

    25 acres of lush green vegetation with an enviable coconut grove, private pools, hot tubs and luxurious villas best describe the Kumarakom Lake resort, which has featured as one of the most luxurious holiday destinations in the world. Manas, the 16th century traditional home of Kerala have been reconstructed into luxurious villas with open-roofed bathroom and artistically crafted courtyards.

    Ettukettu, the speciality restaurant, Vembanda, the seafood bar, Thattukada, the traditional tea shop and the pool pavilion spoil you for choice. Consult with an in-house ayurvedic doctor and opt for the various traditional ayurvedic treatments.

    Location: North Post, Vayitharamattom, Kumarakom.

    Activities & Amenities: Ayurvedic Spa, Business Centre, Jacuzzi, Bar, Kitchenette, Cycling, weaving and Fitness centre.

    Price: Rs.23,000/- to Rs.35,000/- per night.

  • 09Taj Resort

    Taj Resort

    Vivanta by Taj is one of the most sought after resorts in Kumarakom with opulence and grandeur par excellence. The little gem of Kumarakom is all about the 150-year-old colonial bungalow built by Henry Baker, an English missionary who had fallen in love with the people and place.

    Spend a lazy afternoon by the lakeside watching the many birds soaring across the open blue sky or pamper yourself to a relaxing Kerala style ayurvedic massage. The Chef awaits your presence at the restaurant for the authentic Kerala food cooked with much ado and patience.

    Location: 1/404, Kumarakom, Kottayam.

    Activities & Amenities: Hot tub, Pet-friendly rooms, Business Centre and Spa.

    Price: Rs 19,000/- to Rs. 29,000/- per night.

  • 10The Zuri Resort

    The Zuri Resort

    Straight out of a grand movie, The Zuri Kumarakom is undoubtedly the best place to spend the much awaited holiday. Zuri spells of opulent comfort, monumental luxury, stately presence and an imposing property.

    Breathe in a slice of fresh air at the Body temple with an hour of divine meditation and soulful yoga refreshing body and mind. Experience fishing at the lagoon for a fresh catch while Natya, the amphitheatre entices you with an evening of traditional shows. Take a gastronomic tour of Kerala with their trademark seafood and vegetarian delicacies.

    Location: V 235 A1 to A54, Karottukayal, Kumarakom.

    Activities & Amenities: Restaurant, Spa, Yoga and meditation, Fitness centre and fishing at the lagoon.

    Price: Rs.40,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- per night.

  • 11Backwater Ripples Resort

    Backwater Ripples Resort

    Choose from a host of rooms waiting to make a memorable stay. The Heritage Villa is highly recommended for its privacy and exclusive dining arrangements amidst the green.

    Laze in a hammock surrounded by thick foliage and watch little children enjoying their play. Indulge a day in water sports or canoeing through the meandering backwaters of Kumarakom. Cordon-Bleu will spoil you for choice from an exhaustive multi-cuisine menu, while the Tap Room, similar to an Irish Bar will help you chill out with an array of wine and whiskey to choose.

    Location: Nazareth Church Road, Kumarakom.

    Activities & Amenities: Bar, Restaurant, Fitness centre, water sports and Hot tub.

    Price: Rs 5,000/- to Rs. 10,000/- per night.

  • 12Niraamaya Retreats Backwaters & Beyond Resort

    Niraamaya Retreats Backwaters & Beyond Resort

    Niraamaya can be defined as the ultimate getaway in Kerala for a soulful and relaxed holiday. This Kumarakom resort regales you with luxury on the banks of Lake Vembanad with a  breathtaking view of the backwaters.

    The sprawling property has 27 luxury villa each an abode of opulence, cheer and warmth with an outdoor swimming pool to plunge into deep relaxation. Indulge your taste buds to mind-blowing gourmet cuisine dished to the finest local and global cuisine.

    The luxury private pools, the interior of the bathrooms and the bedrooms have been designed keeping minute details of comfort and luxury in mind.

    Amenities: Business center, restaurant, spa, outdoor pool, yoga.

    Location: Pallichira Road, Vayitharamattom, Kumarakom.

     INR 16000 onwards.

  • 13Paradise Resort

    Paradise Resort
    Image Credit :

    A paradise amongst all the resorts in Kumarakom, where you connect with nature every moment and carry back bag loads of memories to cherish for a lifetime.

    Oottupura, the multi-cuisine restaurant not only overindulges you with their signature seafood dishes but serves food with style in a typical traditional setup and also candle-lit dinner on request. Ayurveda claims to have a cure for every chronic disease, try your luck at the Spa set up within the premises.

    Location: Near Nazareth Church Kumarakom South.

    Activities & Amenities: Outdoor pool, restaurant, Fishing, Houseboat cruise, Outdoor sports and Barbecue.

    Price:  Rs.4,500/ to Rs. 9,000/- per night.

  • 14Illikkalam Lake Resort

    Illikkalam Lake Resort

    This Lakeside resort is an absolutely fascinating place to be in during the summers to spend a great holiday with family, friends or even solo. The Kumarakom resort which helps their guests to be one with nature with cottages lined along the bank of Lake Vembanad backwaters is spread over one and a half acres of greenery.

    Sitting relaxed on the armchair in the sit out balcony watch the backwaters changing colour as the Sun moves toward the horizon after a full day of glory. The restaurant happily serves fresh, healthy and pure food devoid of any taste enhancers or colour keeping in mind the wellness of their guests.

    New Nazarath Road, Kumarakom.

    Activities & Amenities:
    Restaurant, houseboats and organic garden.

    Rs.1,500/- to Rs. 4,000/- per night.

  • 15Manor Backwater Resort

    Manor Backwater Resort

    An ultimate place for recreation with friends and family over the weekend or during the vacation, this is an ideal place to relax and unwind. The sprawling 4 acres of greens with 40 elaborately designed luxury suites are all for you to reside and make it your home for a few days.

    The spaciously done up suites in traditional Kerala style is a way to bring the backwaters indoor. Suruchi the restaurant spoils you for a choice of delicious food to choose from to satiate your gastronomy.

    Location: Kareemadom Road, Cheepunkal, P.O, Kumarakom.

    Activities & Amenities: Outdoor pool, Fitness centre, Restaurant, Ayurveda Spa and indoor games.

    Price: Rs.2,000/- to Rs. 7,000/- per night.

  • 16Whispering Palms Resort

    Whispering Palms Resort

    This elegantly designed resort situated by the enchanting backwaters is a quintessential getaway for a holiday in the south.

    The 53 mindboggling rooms designed to perfection has been positioned at different places of the property to give a varied feel to the guest with a connection to nature, being constant. Bamboo villas, garden facing cottages or lake facing villas, choose a den that describes you the best for a few days at Kumarakom.

    The elaborate and grand board room is usually used for huge get-togethers and meetings. Tickle your taste buds to finest of glocal food ranging from Seafood to desserts that have been a speciality with the Whispering Palms.

    New Nazarath Road, Konchumada, Kottayam, Kumarakom.

    Activities & Amenities:
    Multi cuisine restaurant, spa, Outdoor pool, Souvenir shop and massage on request.

    Rs.6,000/- to Rs. 8,000/- per night.

  • 17Vembanad Lake Villas Resort

    Vembanad Lake Villas Resort

    This resort has been approved by the KTD as a Diamond category stay with an eco-friendly approach to pamper their guests and make them feel at home with comfort and delicious food. The Lake view villas and cottages are an absolute course to a relaxed and an idyllic holiday at Kumarakom.

    The low-key yet soothing environ of this property help you unwind from the maddening city life and help you calm down with fresh vigour to triumph. Aroma of un-matched home cooked food made the traditional way not only fills your tummy but your olfactories too.

    Location: Palackal, Panambukadu, Vaikom, Kottayam.

    Activities & Amenities: Canoeing, pedal boat, fishing, access to the lake for water sports and country boat cruise.

    Price: Rs.2,500/- to Rs.4,000/- per night.

  • 18Waterscapes KTDC Backwater Resort

    Waterscapes KTDC Backwater Resort

    An ideal stay for a holiday amidst water on all three sides and lush and thick foliage to provide all the fresh and cool air. The cottages have been done in traditional Kerala style carrying large roofs with green tiles. There are cottages which are on the water, cottages on land and cottages midway between land and water, so choose the room you want to stay.

    Every room promises a spectacular view of mother-nature in her different forms and colour. The interiors of the rooms are all eco-friendly and every material used have been sourced locally. Spend a few days here and appreciate the bounty of nature.

    Location: KTDC Backwater Resort Kumarakom North, Kottayam.

    Activities & Amenities: Barand restaurant.

    Price: Rs.6,500/- to Rs.9,000/- per night.

  • 19Backwater Retreat Theme House Resort

    Backwater Retreat Theme House Resort

    A gem of a resort in Kumarakom, this is the most preferred destination for honeymooners, friends and also nature lovers. The property is dotted with coconut trees and trees of several kinds all over only to provide as much fresh oxygen, calmness and a sedative environment to its guests.

    Senior citizens can avail to a special package custom made for them to travel and relax in comfort with added safety. Enjoy fine dining within the cosy comforts of your rooms as the staff are more than happy to extend their hospitality on request.

    Location: Near, Kumarakom, Aymanam, bridge, Pulikuttissery.

    Activities & Amenities: Boat service, massage, Wi-Fi and Restaurant.

    Price: Rs.2,000/- to Rs. 5,000/- per night.

  • 20Kalathil Lake Resort

    Kalathil Lake Resort
    Image Credit :

    A waterfront resort and is considered to be the Queen of Vembanad Lake. A bird’s eye view of the property gives an incredible view of the location and its key positioning. This luxury backwater Kumarakom resort can take your holidaying experience at a different level with meandering waters, endless coconut groves and manicured lawns.

    Spacious rooms with broad doors open up to balconies overlooking the wide open Lakes and water bodies. Guests have access to pedal and canoe boats, however, a backwater cruise on a houseboat during the sunset is highly recommended to explore the area 360 degrees.

    Location: North of Kumarakom, Near Indo American Hospital, Chemmanakary, Akkarappadam P.O, Vaikom.

    Activities & Amenities: Fitness centre, restaurant.

    Price: Rs.3000/- to Rs. 20,000/- per night.

  • 21The Royal Grove Resort

    The Royal Grove Resort
    Image Credit :

    The serene and tranquil surrounding of this Kumarakom resort with palm-fringed water body is an ideal setting for a quiet holiday with family. The beauty of this place lies in the architecture of the resort which is partially built over Lake Vembanad.

    The resort greets you with a well-manicured garden which will immediately put you to ease. Every room of the resort leads to a large balcony giving a 360-degree view of palm-fringed Vembanad Lake, coconut groves and a horizon beyond.

    Location: Ward-9, Block 2, Kumarakom South, Kumarakom.

    Activities & Amenities: Bar, Coffee shop, Wi-Fi and en-suite bathrooms.

    Rs.7,000 to Rs. 10,000/- per night.

  • 22Royal Riviera

    Royal Riviera

    Experience luxury, serenity and comfort in the cosy interiors of Royal Riviera rooms overlooking the lake. Ayurmana, the in-house ayurvedic spa has professional experts taking care of specific ailments and providing customised treatments.

    Spend an afternoon at the fish pond if you are keen on fishing to enjoy a few fresh catches. Royal Riviera which believes in, “Atithi Devo Bhava” pampers you to royal dining with their speciality Seafood dishes. Along with Karimeen and Konchu, Crabs happen to be the hottest choice in their list of delicacies.

    Location: Cheepunkal, Kavanattinkara, Kumarakom.

    Activities & Amenities: Fitness centre, Outdoor pool, Restaurant, Pet corner, kids play area and Spa.

    Price: Rs.3,000/- to Rs. 6,500/- per night.

  • 23Green Fields Resort

    Green Fields Resort

    This Resort in Kumarakom is aesthetically done up with spacious rooms, modern amenities and surrounded by lush green paddy fields is worth to spend every penny.

    The fresh breeze from Lake Vembanad refreshes your sensation every moment acting as a stress buster and getting you ready to face the world with zeal. The chef at the Whispering Winds restaurant treats your palate with exquisite native and global cuisines which would further enhance your stay at Green Fields and make it memorable.

    Location: Kottayam - Kumarakom Rd, Kaippuzhamuttu, Chengalam South.

    Activities & Amenities: Spa, Bicycling trip, Village walks, boating and multi-cuisine restaurant.

    Price: Rs.3,000/- to Rs. 5,000/- per night.

  • 24Edassery Kayal Resort

    Edassery Kayal Resort
    Image Credit :

    Resorts in Kumarakom as a whole have defined the tourism industry of Kerala. This resort has every amenity that a guest would love while on a holiday in Kumarakom either for adventure or for an idyllic one to relax.

    Wake up to the call of chirping birds and ripples of water, enjoy your morning cup of tea beside the lake while the sun is still subtle on the ground. Relish mouth-watering cuisine at the restaurant with a promise to visit the property yet again for a memorable trip.

    Location: Ward 09, Block 12, Near Nasrath Church, Kumarakom South, Kottayam.

    Activities & Amenities: Beach access, outdoor pool, Snooker, money Exchange and restaurant.

    Price: Rs 2,000/- to Rs. 3,000/- per night.

  • 25Lakshmi Hotels and Resorts

    This charming and exotic abode in Kumarakom greets you to the warmth of traditional Kerala cottages with red tiled roofs and coconut groves in plenty. One can establish an immediate bonding with this place due to its simplicity, feel at home ambience and generous staff to make your stay comfortable and relaxed.

    Along with an array of traditional, time –tested ayurvedic massages for the body, there are skin glow and de-pigmentation facials using exotic oils and recipes all handpicked locally. Enjoy an hour of Yoga or meditation surrounded by the rhythm of gently swaying palms and ripples of backwaters together making a silent chant.

    Location: Kumarakom North, Kottayam.

    Activities & Amenities: Ayurveda spa, multi-cuisine restaurant, boardrooms and customised tour packages.

    Price: Rs. 4,000/- per night.

Sightseeing in Kumarakom

Adventure in Kumarakom

Attractions in Kumarakom

Nature and wildlife in Kumarakom



Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

There are umpteen holiday destinations to go to, but Kumarakom bird sanctuary in Kerala is one of those rare places where you can go bird-spotting throughout your holiday. It is one of such unprecedented places in India that appeals to a specific type of tourist – the bird watchers.Set across 14 hectares of lush, sprawling green lands, the large sanctuary houses some of the rarest and most amazing seasonal birds.

Siberian Crane, Night Herons, Pelicans, Parrots, Larks, Flycatchers, Wood Beetle, Golden-backed Woodpeckers are some of the birds that migrate to India all the way from Siberia and Himalayas, They travel to elude subzero temperatures and ensuing lack of nutrition.

Along with uncountable migratory birds, you can also spot some indigenous cormorants and Kingfishers standing apart with their vivacious colors.
The sanctuary is well conserved by the Government of India which welcomes the birds with open arms. The government also takes care of the beautiful towering coconut trees and overall natural haunts of the birds as per a stringent routine.

The magnificent beauty of the bird sanctuary befriends you and makes you feel like you belonged there all your life.
During the migratory season, thousands of birds arrive and loaf in the ostentatious nature of this sanctuary. It is absolutely astonishing to see them stay close to each other in a small radius. It is almost like they're interconnecting with each other and have opted to stay in a clique.

Though it’s not easy to spot these birds, people who are true bird enthusiasts or have been birdwatching since a long time can easily spot a rare species even at a single glance. The tourism department of the Kerala state government also manages a beautiful age-old mansion in the sanctuary called the 'Baker's Mansion.' The mansion is more than 70 years old and is a part of the sanctuary since the time it was known as 'Baker's Estate’. The estate was created by an Englishman named George Alfred Baker.

The sanctuary is pretty clean and well maintained. As you visit the reserve, you will find a circuit of paths that will take you along the entire sanctuary. There is about 2 km of road that will help you witness every neck of the woods in the sanctuary. You can also go to the interpretation center in the sanctuary built by the government, should you like to know about the birds that visit during the migratory season.

The sanctuary is positioned on the beautiful banks of Kavanar River. After you are done exploring, you can take a boat ride in the Kavanar River or Vembanad Lake just to spectate the charm of the place.

Not only the place is at par with heaven for bird aficionados, but it is also a delight for the people who’d love to spend some time in tranquility away from their homes and the ever-bustling cities. It is one of those places in India that you must unquestionably include on your bucket list.


Kumarakom Beach

The entrancing backwater destination in Kerala, Kumarakom Beach is one of the most popular travel terminuses nowadays. With enchanting natural beauty and charm, the destination can be best described as a town of beautiful cluster islands that are widely surrounded by the Vembanad Lake.

The heart of the backwaters, the Kumarakom beach is an ideal place to rewind your life. A perfect place to enjoy, the beach is located right near the bank of the largest lake in Kerala, Vembanad Lake, at the Kottayam District.

With its pristine sand, alluring natural beauty and smooth water flowing by – the beach attracts thousands of visitors from across the country. A perfect spot for the adventure lovers, the beach is all about the outdoor fun. From various water activities to volleyball, skiing to water polo – there are plenty of things that you can do on the beach which will give your adrenaline rush a perfect push.

The beach is on the walking distance from the Kumarakom town. With a number of restaurants and resorts all around, the visitors can enjoy a great stay and a perfect meal whenever they want at the beach. However, while at the beach, there are a few things that travelers should follow in order to enjoy their stay. For example –

If you are looking for ways to manage the heat of the sun, then carry sunscreens, caps, and hats.
If you are planning to get wet, do not forget to carry an extra pair of clothing.
The climate of the locality is quite humid. So, ensure that you keep your body hydrated. Drink a lot of water, juices and other fluids while on the beach.
If you are new to the place or you are visiting for the first time, then do not worry. There are trained professionals and guides who are always available for your help. They can guide you through the various activities that you can do on the beach.

After a long day of the historical tour in the Kumarakom town, visiting the beach can be a great way to unwind your mind. The rejuvenating experience can help you to connect with your true self and find peace within. A lot of people love visiting the beach for a morning meditation and yoga session as well. The clean and serene surrounding of the beach really helps people connect with the divine to a much deeper level.

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