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    Image Credits- Karthick Ramachandran- Flickr

    Exotic flora and fauna, along with breath-taking beauty, boating and fishing experiences intermingled with the sound of backwaters is what makes Kumarakom one of the best destinations to visit in India. The sleepy little village is situated 13 kilometres away from Kottayam District and offers incredible sights.

    Located in God’s Own Country, Kerala, this destination is a hub for migratory birds, exotic animal species and plants along with fascinating sights and places of interest. And when it comes to Kumarakom, travellers can enjoy a mystic, elegant holiday by choosing to stay in Kumarakom Houseboats. These houseboats are known for amalgamating the best of the fascinating land.

    Why should you take a houseboat :

    • Kumarakom is a unhurried destination. That is why when you stay in houseboats in Kumarakom, you get to experience backwater smatters and top-end sleeping options.
    • If you are an avid bird watcher, then this place gives you the opportunity to spot birds with its renowned bird sanctuary. While staying in these houseboats, one can run away from the hustle of a city and nestle in less crowded canals.
    • Its natural beauty invigorates mind, body and spirit. The place is so popular for its surroundings that Booker Prize Winner, Arundhati Roy based her novel, ‘The God of Small Things,’ on this place.
    • For the best experience of Kumarakom, travellers are recommended to opt for houseboats. These kumarakom houseboats aren’t just plain boats, they are lavish, elegant and ecstatic, giving travellers a chance to feel rejuvenated and revitalized.

    Some of the best houseboats available in Kumarakom are mentioned below :

    1. Paradise Houseboat (Kumarakom)

    Image Credit- Paradiseresorts Website

    These Kumarakom houseboats are the most recommended ones in the area. The beautiful floating delights offer great hospitality that makes your experience more comfortable and convenient. The stay is a memorable one and serves as value for money.

    One of the most popular in this area, Paradise Houseboat offers an incredible accommodation experience. To cater to different needs and budgets of travellers, these houseboats provides variety of rooms and services to choose from. Travellers can choose between one or two bedroom rooms and get bed and breakfast service, if required.

    The houseboat also serves traditional Kerala cuisine and has a special restaurant to take care of the needs of the visitors. Guests, particularly families can reel in the joys that these floating dwellings offer.

    Special recreational activities are organized here. Family vacationers can opt for motor boats and speed boats for cruising through the waters of Vembanad Lake. Customized recreational facilities such as trekking and hiking can also be arranged on the request of travellers.

    2. House Boat- Indraprastham

    Image Credit: Jiths

    Kumarakom Houseboats are known for offering a travel experience of a lifetime as Kerala’s backwaters are found nowhere else in the world. The amalgamation of 44 rivers and Arabian Sea give these backwaters an irresistible charm that is best explored through the houseboat and cruise offered by Indraprastham.

    Indraprastham Houseboat is known for giving travellers the opportunity to experience the unique heritage of The Kettuvallams. Their houseboats are usually 110 feet in length and crafted meticulously without the use of single nail.

    These fascinating delights are furnished in luxurious manner, including one or two attached bathrooms, open lounge area, well equipped kitchenette, oarsmen, cook, deck and a guide for travelling through the area. They travel through lagoons and give unique, breathtaking views of the area.

    Typical facilities offered here include double rooms, sitting room, sundeck, European Toilets, mosquito nets, common living area and specialized services. These boats take travellers through small and non-crowded canals of this region.

    They are best for couples who want a secluded, romantic environ for themselves. Also provided are several activities for overall recreation of travellers.

    Food here is cooked by the crew who use local fishes such as black spot or other marine animals like tiger prawns and scampi for cooking wide variety of Kerala style entrees, mains and desserts.

    Offering panoramic views of Kumarakom destination, this is that Kumarakom houseboat that must be opted by those who wish to bond with nature.

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    3. White House Houseboat, Kumarakom

    Image Credits- Amit Rawal

    Those who wish to spend an amazing time in Kumarakom Houseboats can opt for the White House Houseboat, which is docked at the ML Road. Located 84 kilometres away from Cochin Airport and 48 kilometres away from Kottayam Railway Station, it offers an enchanting way of spending time in this alluring region.

    These houseboats are in close proximity to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. Avid bird watchers and enthusiasts can opt for recreation trip to the sanctuary while enjoying their stay in these houseboats.

    Nestled in the waters of Lake Vembanad, these floating vehicles can also be used for visiting several proximal destinations in and around Kumarakom. Travellers can visit Pathiramanal Island, Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls and other areas to enjoy a memorable, mesmerizing visit.

    Each houseboat here comes with comforts and luxuries. They have well furnished bedrooms along contemporary, European style toilets, living room areas, well equipped kitchenette and balcony for witnessing migratory birds.

    Other amenities include housekeeping services, transportation and phone services, laundry bags, newspapers, private bathroom, parking, air conditioning and doctor on call.

    The stay also offers breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner facilities. There is a crew to cook food. Travellers are also given the option to prepare their own food. Double, single, triple and four bedroom houseboats are available here.

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    4. Lake View House Boats

    Image Credits- Wikipedia

    Houseboats or The Kettuvallams are a pivotal part of Kerala’s culture and heritage. They are known for being the state’s craft. Measuring up to 110 feet, these marvels are famous for their elaborate detailing.

    Today, they are present at backwaters, poled along by two men and used for travel and tourism purposes. At Lake View Houseboats, these boats are meticulously crafted to provide the feel of a bygone era while ensuring that all modern amenities and services are available to travellers. The majestic boats are now are sought after in Kumarakom.

    At Lake View Houseboats, different types of packages and travel/tour services are available. Travellers can enjoy elephant safaris, Ayurvedic massages, trekking and plantation tours during their stay. Also given is the opportunity to enjoy variety of backwater cruises. Traditional art forms and related recreational activities are organized for travellers.

    Variety of packaged tours are provided by this houseboat accommodation, including Kumarakom tour, involving Alleppey Railway Station and Kottayam, Kochi – Munnar Houseboat Tour, Kochi, Munnar and Thekkady Houseboat and Kovalam Trivandrum houseboat tours.

    Special packages are offered for one bedroom luxury houseboats, premium apartments, two bedroom premium, three bedroom premium and eight bedroom luxury apartments to cater to different types of travellers.

    These floating delights are representative of majestic, antique culture of Kerala. With lovely interiors, great crew and superb food, they offer an experience of a lifetime.

    5. Tharavadu House Boats

    Image Credit- Saad Faruque- Flickr

    Float on a mediating trip over the deep blue backwaters of Kerala. On a houseboat by Tharavadu one can enjoy the romantic charm of Kettuvallams in the Lake Vembanad.

    These quaint dwellings take one through the backwater cruises through the majestic canals, streams and distributaries. It offers an exhilarating boating, fishing and sightseeing experience to travellers.

    Tharavadu Houseboats operate from Kumarakom and can give one the opportunity to enjoy tours of Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, which is an ornithologist paradise and world famous destination. The cruise also takes one through Alleppey, Pathiramanal Island, R-Block and other destinations.

    Some of the features of these houseboats include fully furnished living and bed rooms, dining space, bathrooms attached to bedrooms. Special sunbath decks are also available.

    Well equipped kitchenette, uniformed and trained staff is offered here. Travellers are served traditional Kerala, North Indian and Jain food, depending upon their requirements.

    Food and beverages provided in these houseboats include welcome drink, fruits, lunch, evening tea and coffee along with snacks, dinner and breakfast options.

    Tariffs are different for non AC and AC deluxe rooms. The tariffs only change in the month of December, which is the on-season for travel here.

    Kumarakom is a destination that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Opt for these Kumarakom houseboats for an ultimate accommodation and travel experience.

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Houseboat in Kumarakom

Houseboats in Kumarakom

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