15 Best Things to Do in Kumarakom - 2021 (With 1300+ Reviews)
If you are searching about, ‘things to do in Kumarakom,’ then your search has sent you on the right place. Being a beautiful village on Vembanad lake of Kerala, Kumarakom attracts countless tourists every year. Kumarakom is a beautiful city in Kerala, which has hidden many activities in its abode which can to be done on a vacation.

If you are adventurous and sporty by nature, then you can enjoy several variants of engaging activities, which include hiking up the bewildering trails, angling, boating and a whole lot more.
Whether you are touring with your family, friends or partner, Kumarakom will offer you a long to do list. Activities in Kumarakom are so fascinating that they can make your entire vacation a memorable one. With pristine backwater scenario of the town.

Here you can delve in an amazing count of activities like fishing, boating, houseboat stay, and numerous others. However, plan a long duration vacation to Kumarakom to unveil all the things, but a short trip can also give a remarkable return of your investment on the trip!

Here are some of the best things to do in Kumarakom:


Have a Look at Birds of Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

The sweet chirruping of birds adds a lot into a naturally blessed place. This bird sanctuary is located on Vembanad lake and is a house of various species of birds. Few birds are migratory while others are residential.

The list of bird includes Parrots, herons, Siberian Cranes, Egrets, owls, waterfowls and darters. Moreover, the outlandish view of nature with these birds can prove to be one of the best things to do in Kumarakom.

Entry charges
: Charges to see this bird sanctuary is very nominal, you will just have to pay 50 INR if you are Indian resident and 100 INR if you are a foreigner.

Opening hours are 6:30 Am to 5 pm and is open for seven days a week.


Witness the Beauty of Aruvikuzhy Waterfall

If you are surfing on the internet with the term, things to do in Kumarakom and you are not visiting Aruvikuzhy waterfalls in Kumarakom then precisely you are missing something really precious. This is a stunning waterfall which attracts tourists to a large extent. While standing near this waterfall, you will feel that you have found heaven on mortal earth.

You will just have to take a two kilometers trek to enjoy the beauty of this incredible waterfall where you will find eye attracting greenery and milk-white waterfall from the upland. It is not a challenging trek and is doable.

Entry Charges: 
 Do not worry, god really won’t charge you for seeing his astounding creation. So, if you are visiting Kumarakom, then do enjoy this blissful waterfall.

As per your convenience.


Witness the Beauty of Vagamon Hill Station

If you are wondering about activities in Kumarakom, then one of the best suggested in this list is, visiting Vagamon hill station. Vagamon is one of the treasured hill stations of Kerala. It will prominently fill the gallery of your phone or camera with uncountable photographs of hill views, sightseeing, green valleys, spectacular waterfalls and what not.

So, if you are a hill lover then in such case, Vagamon is definitely a place for you to visit.

Entry Charges:

Timing: Best visiting time is 6 AM to 6 PM.

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Stare the Beautiful Sunset

Nothing can be more beautiful, charming and alluring than a sun setting on the horizon. Now imagine such a setting sun over a beautiful lake in a naturally blessed place. Well, for sure you could imagine a sky painted with a mixture of red, yellow and orange color.

On a sky blue canvas when the sun will spread its color, the earth will be scenic and blissful. In your trip to Kumarakom, one epic thing to do will give your eyes an honor to witness the amazing sunset over Vembanad lake. Do not miss to see it in the evening time, the perfect sunset will be there for just five minutes, you got to see this on perfect timing.

Entry Charges: 
No entry charge for the public place.

Try visiting when the sun sets perfectly on the horizon.


Experience Boating in Backwaters and Lakes

If you are visiting Kerala and you are not enjoying boating then for sure your trip to Kerala is gone waste. Lakes of Kumarakom are surrounded by green coconut trees. You can imagine how beautiful the environment will be when you will be boating in between the lake and surroundings will be of lush green trees. Boating can be one of the best things to do in Kumarakom.

With the waves of serene lake and cool breeze, you can enjoy the weather to the fullest. In the backwaters of lakes of Kumarakom, boating can be a memorable experience.

Entry Charges: 
The charges of normal boating are nominal, ranging from 350 INR per person for about an hour.

From eight in the morning to five in the evening.


Enjoy Kathakali

Kerala is known to be a land of vivid culture and vivacious traditions. One most famous tradition of Kerala is the attractive and unique dance forms, Kathakali is one such dance form which is being practiced in Kerala, but is popular all over the country.

This dance is well known for its unique mudras, incredible facial expressions by the performers. These dancers are exceptionally talented that often they depict the entire story through their dance. Thus, you must give a visit to this dance form in your visit to Kerala.

Entry Charges And Timing:
 Evening shows are common for this dance, you just need to check your hotel about timings of this show. You will love the performance and will learn about the culture and heritage of Kerala.


Stay in a Houseboat for Entire Day and Night

Dwelling in a houseboat and cruising through the curious and enchanting backwaters is a standout amongst the best activities in Kumarakom. The stunning scenery, rich green manors along the banks, and dazzling Vembanad Lake (framed by the union of 10 Malabar Rivers) pulls a lot of sightseers to lease a houseboat and voyage in it.

The houseboats are blessed with all basic and extravagance conveniences and kept running by expert offices whose aptitude lie in offering most extreme enjoyment while investigating the top to bottom impeccable Malabar beauty.

As per your choice, you can stay for some hours or even an entire night in the houseboat.Usually, stay starts
 with lunch and end with breakfast the next morning.

Entry Charges:
 Charges are approximately 9000 INR for a 22 hours stay.

Make a comfortable stay for the entire day and night.

Have Fun at the Trunk Call Bar

If you are visiting Kumarakom then you must be searching for a good place to make your stay comfortable and memorable one, then you must stay at trunk call bar in Zuri resort and spa, which has an exotic lake view. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of nature with all comforts and luxuries.

Also, here you can chill out in all possible ways. Be it enjoying the drinks or signature cocktails, here you can find all of it. After all what kind of vacation that would be which does not include fun of cocktails and clubbing.

Entry Charges: 
Will depend on services taken by you.

11 am to 11 pm. For your own fun and joy, make one thing sure that you are not visiting here on a dry day.

Enjoy Ayurveda Spa at Maya Spa

Add one more in your list of activities in Kumarakom. The serene wonder of Kumarakom where you can experience unwinding of mind, body, and soul. What's more, when we talk about the equivalent, Maya Spa of Zuri Resort possesses the best most position in the rundown. With plenty of Ayurvedic rubs, Maya Spa Kumarakom in Kerala is possibly the charming restoration goal.

As an esteemed victor of Green Leaf confirmation for realness and magnificence of spa, it offers aptitude and expert administration brilliance in Ksheeradhara, Shirodhara Padabhyanga, face massage, Patra Potala Swedam, Njavarakhiji, and Udwarthanam.

Entry Charges: 
Entry Charges will vary with your services.

It is open for all seven days from 8 am to 8 pm. It is popular among tourist, thus, prior booking is a must for it.


Have a Look at Nehru Snake Boat Race

Nehru Trophy Boat Race is the most popular of the popular races of Kerala, this could be one of your things to do in Kumarakom. This yearly regatta is hung on the Punnamada Backwaters of Alappuzha locale on the second Saturday of August. So if you are visiting in August then you must give a look to this splendid race.

The occasion is a remembrance of the visit of the late Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, in 1952. On the incredible conduits of Kerala, savage Vallom Kallies (boat races) and water jubilees emit each year in a sensational scene and hold a huge number of individuals hypnotized, cheering the activity, laying wagers, spurring the boatmen to push quicker and a whole lot more.

Entry Charges: 
You need to check the official website of KTDC for entry charges as they are variable but it begins from INR 2,000.

Timing vary every year, so before visiting check festival calendar for timing.


Wander in the Local Streets

Are you are shopaholic? then strolling along the markets is undeniably on the top of the list of things to do in Kumarakom. So, if you are going on a vacation then you ought to carry lots of memories in your heart and bags. With emerging technologies, these memories can be saved in your phones and laptops by the means of pictures, but how about bringing memories in form of buying something as a souvenir.

One must explore the nearby road markets of Kumarakom, which holds exquisite Kerala silk sarees, antique crafted works like bronze and metal statues, wood carvings, camel-bone carvings, weaved screw pine mats, and Kathakali covers are the best things to shop while you are touring the quarter.

Entry Charges:
 Wait, are you looking for prices? Well, that totally depends on your will to shop.

Usually shops open at 10 in the morning and closes at 8 in the night.


Stay in Exotic Resorts

When you have really planned for a vacation, then you must make your entire travel, luxurious and memorable. You should give a little concern about the money you spend on your stay. Kumarakom have a long list of exotic resorts that can help you stay in lavish rooms and villas.

You can enjoy private rooms, private pools, natural view in your resort itself and many more things. Also, you will be surprised to know that you can enjoy staying in a resort at affordable prices too.

Entry Charges: 
 Starting prices are just 1000 INR for such resorts.

As per your convenience.


Give Utmost Pleasure to Your Taste Buds at Cocobay

If you are a foodie kind of person then the foremost things to do in Kumarakom will be finding out best restaurants where you could give utmost pleasure to your taste buds. Do not worry at all, Kumarakom will never disappoint you when it comes to restaurants and resorts.

Grannery is a prevalent restaurant in Abad hotel which is well known for serving grilled fish in banana leaf, Karimeen Pollichatu, and palatable appam. Cocobay resort has a specialization in Cheemen Ularthu and Meen Molee.

Entry Charges: 
Depends on food ordered by you.

Usual opening timing of such restaurants are 11 am to 11 pm


Try Fishing

You are visiting a land of beautiful lakes and beaches and henceforth, you must add fishing in the list of things to do in Kumarakom. Well, it does not have any charges too, you just have to take your own kit and in Vembanad lake, you can exclusively enjoy fishing.

Imagine, you are sitting with your partner on the bank of a beautiful lake and enjoying the most popular activity of coastal areas. Well, you never know, how simple fishing can help you bring sweet memories at home. Thus, do try fishing too on your visit to Kumarakom.

Entry Charges: 
You can enjoy fishing for free.

Nature welcomes you as per your convenience.


Visit the Local Village of Kumarakom

When you are done with all other things to do in Kumarakom, then after all those, you must visit the local village of Kumarakom. This is because, every tourist place hide in itself a unique, traditional and attractive local life.

You must visit in such local villages to experience on your own, what kind of lifestyle do they people live? You may be surprised by their way of living or you may be impressed too. Locals will welcome you by all their heart and will entertain your visit in here.

You will experience eating food on banana leaves, sleeping under stars in night etc. All such experiences will definitely load your heart with enormous lovable memories, moreover, you will have knowledge about the local lifestyle of Kumarakom.

Entry Charges: 
Local villagers will not charge you for visiting, in fact, they will be overwhelmed by your visit.

You can visit as per your convenience.

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