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Kumarakom Packages

Duration Price
Best Kerala Family Tour | FREE Cheeyappara Waterfall Tickets4 days & 5 nights
INR 19,450
Glorious Kerala - Romantic Escape | Free Sri Chitra Art Gallery6 days & 5 nights
INR 23,500
Kerala Couple Delight with Trivandrum | FREE ticket to History Museum7 days & 6 nights
INR 26,500
Kerala Family Vacation5 days & 4 nights
INR 20,300
Kerala Honeymoon Package5 days & 4 nights
INR 21,200
Luxurious Escape to Kerala6 days & 5 nights
INR 31,200
Kumarakom  Tour Packages- Browse through a variety of Kumarakom packages from Thrillophilia which offers various amazing deals. Get a chance to avail a perfectly planned Kumarakom holiday packages with exciting deals & offers.

Experiencing Kerala's lush green landscapes, backwaters, and vibrant culture is a dream of many. However, with Thrillophilia’s hand-curated Kerala tour packages, this dream can be a reality. While there are a plethora of destinations to explore in Kerala, one beautiful destination that stands out is Kumarakom. It is a tranquil haven that attracts millions of tourists every year from across the globe. The Kumarakom tour packages, curated to perfection, unfold the beauty of this enchanting destination.

Thrillophilia’s Kumarakom packages are crafted to immerse you in the natural beauty of Kerala and showcase the unique charm of Kumarakom. From houseboat cruises along the serene Vembanad Lake to Bird-Watching at the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Thrillophilia’s Kumarakom travel packages ensure an unforgettable experience for everyone. The best part about our packages is that we cover all the things you want, from accommodation to transfers, breakfast, and thrilling activities.

At Thrillophilia, we go beyond the conventional with activities that allow you to delve into Kumarakom’s rich tapestry. With our tour packages for Kumarakom, you can explore traditional village life, savour authentic cuisine, and discover the hidden gems which make this place truly special. So, pack your bags and embark on an extraordinary adventure with our thoughtfully crafted packages for Kumarakom.

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Best Time for Kumarakom Tour:

1. Peak Season (November to February): Experience the enchantment of Kumarakom during the peak season from November to February. This period offers mild temperatures and clear skies, creating an ideal setting for booing Kumarakom tour packages. The backwaters beckon, providing a serene backdrop for outdoor activities. The pleasant weather makes it a favoured time for travellers seeking a delightful experience in Kumarakom's natural beauty.

2. Shoulder Season (March to May and May to October): March to May and May to October constitute the shoulder seasons in Kumarakom. During these times, the region enjoys pleasant weather with fewer crowds, making it an opportune period for budget-conscious travellers. This season allows for a more intimate connection with Kumarakom's beauty, ensuring a tranquil experience away from the hustle and bustle.

3. Waning Season (June to September): Embark on a journey to Kumarakom during the waning season from June to September with Kumarakom packages. Witness the transformation as lush greenery blankets the landscape and the monsoon charm takes over. This time is perfect for those who appreciate the tranquillity that accompanies rainfall. Kumarakom becomes a paradise, offering a peaceful retreat amidst the natural splendour.

How To Reach Kumarakom:

1. By Air: To reach Kumarakom by air, the nearest airport is Cochin International Airport (COK) which is approximately 80 kilometres away. After reaching the airport, you can hire a taxi or use public transportation to reach Kumarakom. By road, it will take approximately 2 hours to reach Kumarakom.

2. By Road: If you come by road, you can take the NH66 from Cochin (Kochi), covering the distance of 85 kilometres in approximately 2 hours. Taxis, private cars, and buses are also available from nearby destinations, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable road trip to Kumarakom.

3. By Train: To reach Kumarakom by train, the nearest railway station is Kottayam, approximately 16 kilometres away. The journey from Kottayam to Kumarakom takes around 30 minutes by road. Also, trains from major cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kochi, Bangalore, etc. operate to Kottayam regularly by both direct and stopover trains.

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Kumarakom Tour FAQs

How much does the Kumarakom package cost?

Kumarakom tour packages range from approximately INR 5,000 for a 1 night/2 days weekend to INR 20,000 or more for a 6-night/7-day tour. Prices vary based on factors like duration, inclusions, and the travel agency. Explore scenic spots like the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and backwaters to enhance the overall experience with your Kumarakom packages.

Is Kumarakom expensive to visit?

No, Kumarakom offers a wide range of experiences, making it a perfect destination that caters to every budget. While there are luxurious accommodations and premium experiences, there are also affordable homestays and activities available. Additionally, the local cuisine is reasonably priced, allowing visitors to immerse in the culinary scene without breaking the bank. The diverse options for activities, cuisines, and accommodations make it accessible to a wide range of travellers, ensuring that every visitor can enjoy the charm of this enchanting backwater destination.

What sort of climate can I find in Kumarakom?

Kumarakom boasts a delightful climate throughout the year, ensuring a positive experience regardless of the season. From November to February, Kumarakom offers mild temperatures, while June to September brings lush greenery. However, from March to May, Kumarakom provides mild temperatures that are perfect for outdoor exploration. Each season in Kumarakom brings a unique charm, making it perfect for diverse and enjoyable experiences throughout the year.

Is 2 days enough for Kumarakom?

Yes, 2 days are enough to savour its tranquil backwaters and explore some key attractions. However, it is recommended to book your Kumarakom tour packages for at least 5 to 6 days. During this timeframe, you can better delve into its rich tapestry and explore the hidden gems that make this place special. Each extra day you spend here will ensure a deeper connection with Kumarakon’s attractions and serene beauty. While two days offer a glimpse, more time allows for a richer and more fulfilling experience.

Is it safe to travel to Kumarakom?

Yes, Kumarakom is one of the safest destinations to travel in India. The local community is welcoming, and the area is known for its tranquil atmosphere. Like any other travel destination, it is still advisable to practise standard safety precautions. Be mindful of personal belongings, follow local guidelines, and stay updated on travel advisories. With these precautions in mind, you can have a great time with your family in this beautiful destination.

Is one day sufficient for Kumarakom?

Yes, the Kumarakom tour packages are enough to get a glimpse of its beauty. However, it is advisable to book your Kumarakom packages for at least 5-6 days for a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. When you spend more time here, you can enjoy local activities, explore the serene backwaters, and savour the tranquillity. Also, more days will unveil hidden gems which make this place unique to visit. So, one day in Kumarakom will only give you a taste, but spending more days here is highly recommended.

Which are the best heritage tours in Kumarakom?

Kerala is a land of the unrevealed treasure of heritage sites; the history and the rich tradition of the place speaks volume about the place. Some of the heritage sites in Kumarakom which can be visited are:

  • Juma Masjid – The most visited heritage site in Kumarakom that is a thousand-year-old mosque.
  • St Mary’s Church in Cheriapally – It is one of the oldest churches in Kerala
  • Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple – A sacred temple which is dedicated to Lord Nataraja.
  • Vaikom Mahadeva Temple –This pilgrimage site is an architectural masterpiece.
  • Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple – This is one of the old temples shrouded in myths and stories from the past.

Which are the most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Kumarakom?

The invigorating waterfalls, the scenic and serene lake water, the rippling waves of the backwaters, the rustic and remarkable houseboats and the aromatic spas; Kerala leaves no stones unturned in trying to make you fall in love with your partner in pure bliss. There can be many things that you can do on a honeymoon in Kumarakom, some or all of which you can pick from the list below.

  • Sail through the backwaters and live in a boathouse.
  • Birdwatching and photographing at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
  • Relax in a Spa together and take some aromatic massage
  • Witness the traditional dance of Kathakali
  • Trek together to the gorgeous Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall
  • Stroll around the Vembanad Lake with entwined fingers
  • If visiting during the Nehru Snake Boat Race, do watch it
  • Satiate your taste buds at Granary, Cocobay, and Baker’s Gourmet

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