15 Best Picnic Spots Near Nagpur - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

Picnic Spots Near Nagpur

The Pench Tiger Reserve, Chikaldhara, Ambazari Lake, Adasa, Ramtek, Navegaon National Park, Futala Lake, Waki Wood, Khekranala, Amba Khori, Dhapewada, Sitabuldi Fort, Telankhedi Garden,  and Ram Dham.

The picnic spots around Nagpur make the city an enticing one with an option for every boring holiday or weekend. The best part is, there is something for every kind of person. There are religious places like Ramdham, Ramtek, Dhapewada and Adasa to name a few alongside some really enjoyable places like Waki Wood and Khekranala where one can partake in adventure activities.

Besides that, who doesn’t like a day in a National Park? The Pench Tiger Reserve and The Nalegaon National Park are blissful experiences that will stay close to your heart for long. Amba Khori Waterfalls and Chikaldhara are well known picnic spots around Nagpur which has something to look forward to in every season.

The gardens and lakes like Futala Lake, Khekranala Dam and Telankhedi Garden are the retreats you have been looking forward to for your off-day! All these picnic spots are wrapped with great accessibility from the city and therefore puts them on the bucket lists of city people, and tourists.

Here are some of the best picnic spots near Nagpur


Waki Wood

Waki Wood

Waki Wood is amongst those picnic spots near Nagpur that make a holiday seem like a well-spent one with plenty of things to do. Apt to visit with family, friends, colleagues or students, this resort is hitched close to the Waki Dargah which is visited by many who pass by Waki.

Hardly 30 km from the city, this spot is an outstanding choice for those who do not want to travel far to spend an exhilarating day in trekking. You will walk through a thick forest to reach the resort as you pass a lake and some wildlife too.

Activities: Camping, trekking, riding, archery, bird watching, jungle trails, etc.

How to reach: Move to Kharadi road from Nagpur city which leads to Patansavangi until you reach a railway crossing. Look out for signboards to check if you are on the right track ahead from there.

Best time to visit: October to March to avoid the monsoons




A favourite of many living in Nagpur for weekend getaways is Adasa, a religious village that boasts of natural exquisiteness. This off-the-wall place is not just religious, but also has a lot of history clung to it and it is one of the picnic spots near Nagpur.

It is a great choice to stop by when you want to make the most of your long drive. You can worship the Ganapati Temple, sit on at the hill peak where the temple is sited and close down on your family time.

Activities: Visit Vithoba Temple, Picnic by Bhima River.

How to reach: One hour drive by road via NH47

Best time to Visit: Winter and Monsoon season




Ramtek is certainly the most visited picnic spots near Nagpur owing to its religious connotation. People worship at this temple regularly where it is believed that Lord Rama resided when he was sent into exile.

One can spend quality time here and get an eyeful of the architecture of this place. This fort temple has ample space to sit and enjoy a day with your people.

Activities: Walk in nature, Bird watching, Visiting the Jain temple, dam and River Pench.

How to reach: There are direct passenger trains from Nagpur to Ramtek which is a convenient option. You can also drive down the distance of 47.5km via NH44.

Best time to Visit: October to March; November is the best month to visit if you want to witness the Kalidasa Festival.




Khekranala is all about nature and for nature which is an idyllic destination for a one-day-picnic. A lot of youngsters visit this place since it offers trekking opportunities. This water reservoir is surrounded by lush green trees all around with peeking mountains in the background and is best for picnic spots near Nagpur.

Anyone who visits this place will fall in love with the quaint place that Khekranala is where you reach after driving through the jungle. You can sit by the dam, cook your own meals there or just walk around until you are hungry enough to eat at the canteen in the vicinity.

If you haven’t had enough and want to stay by for the sunrise, then you can get comfortable accommodation with MTDC rooms.

Activities: Trekking, Water sports, Animal spotting, Take a dip when the dam is not open

How to reach: 56.7km by road via NH47

Best time to Visit: October to March


Amba Khori

Amba Khori

Amba Khori is a serene place which is very close to River Pench. One can spend an entire day by this waterfall, and still wouldn’t have had beheld enough of its beauty. For a second there, you might wonder if you are still in your own land, or in a country far far away!

This fast-flowing vertical stream allures people to visit the Totladoh Lake Dam which is believed to look a lot like Shakuntala’s crying eyes. If you want to visit this picnic spot around Nagpur, then make sure that you adhere to the regulations and timings imposed for our safety.

Activities: Visit the dam, take a dip in the waterfalls

How to reach: Drive down on Nagpur-Jabalpur Highway (80km distance); you can also hire a bus for big groups

Best time to Visit: Throughout the year


The Pench Tiger Reserve

The Pench Tiger Reserve

The Pench Tiger Reserve falls under the “Save Tiger” campaign which aims at protecting our endangered tigers. This one-day-getaway is for everyone who loves animals. They conduct safaris and excursions twice a day where you can ride in a jeep that will take you around the area for tiger spotting and is very famous picnic spots near Nagpur.

Carry some carpets with you, and have a pot-luck picnic by the Kohka Talab after an exploratory safari morning.

Activities: Safari, Excursion, Cycling, Bullock cart ride, Village Walk, Spa, Meditation, Barbeque, etc.

How to reach: It is a 101km drive from Nagpur via NH44. You can also take a bus to Suktara or Khwasa, and change your bus from there or take a taxi. 

Best Time to Visit: November to June; Best sightings between February to April




Chikaldhara is an amalgamation of a perfectly-spent holiday close to Nagpur city. This enchanting hill station stands tall at an altitude of 1118m and cuddles nature’s most splendid views and fauna. It is also prominent for being the only coffee-growing area in the region the smell of which will arrest your senses.

Activities: Sightseeing of places like Bhimkund Waterfall, Melghat Tiger Project, Narnala Fort, Gwalior Fort, etc.

How to reach: Luxury buses are available from the city; you can also either hire a taxi or drive down 750km. If that seems like a lot on the road, you can take a train till Amravati, and then travel the remaining 100km by road.

Best time to Visit: It has something pleasant to offer in all seasons


Ambazari Lake

Ambazari Lake

The entire idea of Ambazari Lake was for a human cause of supplying water to officials in the city many years back. Even though it isn’t used for the same today, it draws a lot of people to picnic. Residents of Nagpur take a tiny trip to Ambazari Lake every now and often because of its meditative landscape.

This largest lake in the city made space for the Ambazari garden adjacent to it, which keeps from kids to senior citizens entertained with appropriate walking track, fountains, amusement rides, and many benches. Enclosed by mango trees all around, Ambazari Lake is the source of River Nag which is an awe-striking sight to watch.

Activities: Walking, Jogging, Boating

How to reach: It is easily accessible from anywhere in the city through public transport like bus and auto.

Best time to Visit: November to February

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Navegaon National Park

Navegaon National Park

Navegaon National Park is one of the famous picnic spots near Nagpur and it provides for diverse wildlife like sloth bear, fishing cat Python, etc. where you can spend an entirely magical day spotting many of them. You can opt for the jeep safari which will take you around the jungle and rekindle your love for animals in their natural habitat.

Walk around the National Park until you reach Navegaon Dam which is a historic location. Amidst this jungle, you can take a boat ride to the middle of the lake which will take you to a watchtower sited right in the middle of the water body. Climb up to watch the marvel that the entire National Park is.

Activities: Read at the library, visit the museum, Go bird watching at Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in the premise, Boating, Relax at the garden, Visit the Deer Park, Stay at Tibetan camp, etc.

How to reach: You can take a train to Deulgaon and take local transport from there. You can also drive down this 140km or take a bus that is easily available right till Navegaon National Park

Best time to Visit: October to June if you want to catch the migrating ducks and April to May to spot other fauna.


Futala Lake

Futala Lake

If you wish to spend some unperturbed time where you can laze around and catch up on life with friends or loved ones, then you should head to Futala Lake. It is one of the most preferred picnic spots near Nagpur because of its proximity to the city.

It shines radiantly after sunset when the fountains beam under the moonshine. Forests enclose the lake, but one end is open for eateries. This lake doesn’t fail to rejuvenate one to face the week ahead!

Activities: Horse carriage ride, View the halogen light lit fountains, relish street-food, Bathe in the southern Ghat.

How to reach: Public buses are available which drops at a common point from where one can take autos.

Best time to Visit: October to March

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Dhapewada is the exact place that houses the famous Vithoba Temple where people visit very often. Lying peacefully on the banks of River Chandrabhaga, this picnic spot is very close to Ramtek hill. Once people bow their respects before the holy shrines, they move to Khindsi Lake nearby to spend some passive time by the quaint water.

Activities: Water sports

How to reach: There are regular state bus transports available from Nagpur, or you can drive down to cover this distance of 36km.

Best time to Visit: October to March


Sitabuldi Fort

Sitabuldi Fort

The Sitabuldi Fort in Nagpur is of immense prominence to Indian history as it encloses the prison where Mahatma Gandhi was confined. It is on these two mighty hilltops where the Battle of Sitabuldi was fought back in 1817.

You can cover the entire fort in a few hours and then glorify the landscapes from that height. This place is now also dedicated to the brave hearts who were martyred in this battle.

Activities: Sightseeing

How to reach: It is located in the heart of the city, so you can take any means of local transport, public transport or self-drive

Best time to Visit: October to March

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Telankhedi Garden

If you haven’t got enough of the water and gardens, then you must visit this evening heaven, Telankhedi Garden and Lake. Also spread across a large area of land and water, this is amongst those picnic spots near Nagpur that captivates one into spending more than a few hours.

The garden is every child’s paradise with a play area and some common rides. Adults usually take long walks and hark back upon life, or sit by on the white sand and stare at the calm water.

Activities: Sightseeing, Visit the temple, Visit the Aquarium, Play at the garden, Walking, Sit on the sandy shore, Spot fishes in the water pond.

How to reach: Since it is close to Nagpur, it is accessible via public transport.

Best time to Visit: October to March to beat the heat


Ram Dham

RamDham is indeed amongst the riveting picnic spots near Nagpur for its distinction in replicating the large temples in this premise. It is also famous for bordering the largest Om Statue in the world.

This cultural theme park often holds cultural events which people attend in plenty. RamDham is for everyone who wants to go on a country-wide pilgrimage in just a day.

Activities: Cultural events, Witness Folk Dances, Toy Train, Games for Children, Magic shows, Laser Show, Stone exhibition, Horror show, etc.

How to reach: It is a short drive from Nagpur with a distance of 42km only. One can also take a train to Ramtek, and then opt for local transport from there.

Best time to Visit: Throughout the year
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Never thought that the monsoon would be a good time to go trekking but I had such a great time on this trek, and it is definitely now on my top 5 treks of all time. The surrounding looked extra fresh and green during that period, and we had a good guide, Kumar, who made sure we all kept up and were all rested enough to go in with the trek.
The trek started from Silent Valley and our guide took us to the famous Rhodo valley of Meesapulimala. The forest trail leads to the most breathtaking views. After that we camped for the night and it was nice. The meals served could be better, but in all it was good
I had a fun time enjoying the scenic landscapes and raw nature during the trek. Any beginner with no experience in trekking can and should easily partake this trek.
our driver, Nitin picked us from railway station on time and dropped us as well. he was soft spoken and well mannered. we started our trek from Amravati and explored Chikhaldhara region on day 1. next day was all about activities and jungle camp. it was great tour organised by thrillophilia. kudos!!
Nature's paradise is this place. Can't believe my eyes. Such a pretty place I have never come across. Trek was easy. We reached the location pretty late than the expected time due to delayed pick up. After reaching the location, we felt like we were in heaven. Thanks to the guides and the cook. Great food and service.

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People Also Ask About Nagpur

  1. Is Nagpur a safe city?

    Yes, Nagpur is a safe city. With a very low rate of crimes and violence, the city is quite safe for female and solo travellers as well. However, just like with any other city, it is good to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings, while keeping a watchful eye on your belongings when visiting Nagpur.
  2. What is special about Nagpur?

    Known as the Orange City, Nagpur is known for:
    - Its oranges
    Deekshabhoomi, the largest hollow stupa in the world
    Futala Lake
    Khekranala Dam
    Telankhedi Garden
    Ambazari Lake
    Pench Tiger Reserve
    Sitabuldi Fort
  3. How can I reach Nagpur?

    Nagpur is located in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. If you wish to reach Nagpur by air, direct flights to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport connects the Orange city to the rest of India. Nagpur is also a major junction for Indian roadways. You can reach here via the NH7 and NH6 which pass through Nagpur on a regular basis. Additionally, the Nagpur Railway Station also connects the city to the rest of India.

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