15 Best Hill Stations Near Nagpur- 2024 (With Photos & Reviews)

Love the misty greens? Vacation at the majestic hill stations near Nagpur, which are not only a treat to the eyes but also rejuvenate each and every quarter of the body. From the ever fantastic Lonavala to the land of lush greens Panchgani, this place has everything in its platter and awaits to be explored.

Whether you are up for a family trip or wish to tour the highlands with your partner, the soothing vibes of these hill stations make them a perfect choice. If you are planning your trip of hill stations near Nagpur, then you’ll be delighted to know that there is a long list of such retreats.

Be it Matheran, Chikhaldara, Bhandardara or Igatpuri, each one of them has something unique of its own and hails out of the tourists from all the regions. Apart from the picture-perfect backdrops of the uplands, there is a lot more you can do like trekking, rafting, nature walks, and countless other activities which add up to your memorable getaway!

Here are the best hill stations near Nagpur:

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Lying in the lap of Sahyadri, cozy Matheran is the first pick amongst all other hill stations near Nagpur. Spectacular and serene vistas are what embraces its elegance ten-fold and attract tourists as a perfect rescue from their city clutter. It stands amongst those few places where you can not travel in your private vehicles to maintain the place free from pollution.

No sooner you step in here, you will see yourself encircled all around by lush greenery throughout. There are approximately 36 viewpoints here to adore the beauty of this pristine place. Every viewpoint stares at the vastly stretched Sahyadri ranges with dignity.

Distance from Nagpur:
653 km

Best time to visit:
As Matheran is blessed with a dense forest cover, post-monsoon period sounds excellent and worthy to visit here. Gushing waterfalls and a rainwash land reflects this place as a heaven for nature dwellers.

Average temperature:
Matheran experiences an average annual temperature of about 23.2 degrees.



Embrace the sweet smell of coffee enchants as soon as you step in at Chikhaldara. There are many lakes, panoramic points to view, and exotic floral and faunal species to keep you engaged throughout your stay here.

Standing at a height of around 1118 m, Chikhaldara makes the best escape for a real summer’s retreat. Bhimkund, Melghat Tiger Project, Narnala and Gwalior Forts, Muktagiri and Bir Lake are some of the major attractions of Chikhaldara.   

Distance from Nagpur: 231 km

Best time to visit:
 July to September is the best season to plan your Chikhaldara visit for a post-monsoon bash.

Average temperature:
Chikhaldhara experiences an average annual temperature of about 22.5 degrees.



Encircled all around by lush greenery, Bhandardara homes to a lot of humble waterfalls. Throughout your route to Bhandardara, you can unveil the hidden beauty of green-capped mountain ranges as Bhandardara nestles amidst the mighty Sahyadris.

Once here, you can head towards Umbrella Falls, Wilson Dam, Kalsubai Peak, Randha Falls, Ratanwadi Village, and Arthur Lake. At the end of the day, reach Agastya Rishi Ashram to seek blessings of this divine Rishi.

Distance from Nagpur: 677 km

Best time to visit: You can enjoy the spellbinding charm of this hill station near Nagpur anywhere in between June and March.

Average temperature: Bhadardara receives an average annual temperature of 28.3 degrees.



There is a lot to capture at this picturesque destination for a nature photographer. Nature lovers, as well as adventure enthusiasts, finds Igatpuri a convenient and affordable exit from their busy schedules.

Greeting tourists all around the 365 days of the year, Igatpuri has a lot of things to do. You can either keep yourself engaged in Rafting or Kayaking or other adventurous activities or plan your religious visits. Top places to visit here are Tringalwadi Lake, Vihigaon Waterfall, Camel Valley, Bhatsa River Valley and so on.

Distance from Nagpur: 702 km

Best time to visit: Both monsoons and winters sound good to visit this place near Nagpur.

Average temperature: Igatpuri experiences an average annual temperature of around 24.3 degrees.



Out of all the hill stations near Nagpur, Jawhar is the one to be blessed with a stunning beauty coupled with pleasant weather throughout the year. This hill station is a blend of both nature’s beauty and some of the astonishing man-made marvels. Loaded with heaps of tourist attractions, Jawhar homes to some of the leading picturesque destinations.

There is an exotic forest cover to explore the hidden floral species endemic to this region. Some attractions of this hill station are Damdara Dam, Jai Vilas Palace, Sunset Point, Shirpamal, and Hanuman Point.

Distance from Nagpur: 735 km

Best time to visit:
Although you might not get a chance to enjoy adventurous activities, still staying indoors and watching the incessant showers makes it heaven. It is best if you plan your visit anywhere in between July to September.

Average temperature:
Jawhar experiences an average annual temperature of around 20.4 degrees.



The most popular hill stations of Maharashtra, Lonavala homes to a lot of lakes, hills, and waterfalls to enjoy. It is a breath-taking point for real-life adventurers such as hikers and trekkers. All around it is a lush green and dense forest cover to admire for long hours. Lonavala is With an altitude of approximately 2047 square feet, Lonavala marks as a hill station for a romantic escape from all chaos.

Tiger’s leap, Bushi Dam, Lonavala Lakes, Imagica Adlabs, Rajmachi Fort are some tourist attractions here. You can even head towards City Shopping for some crunchy and delicious chikkis which is a trademark of Lonavala. Bhaja Caves, Visapur Fort, Tikona Fort, Valvan Dam, and Ryewood Park are more to add-on to the list.

Distance from Nagpur: 759 km

Best time to visit: According to tourist poll, the period from October to May is the best to plan on your Lonavala itinerary.

Average temperature: Lonavala experiences an average annual temperature of around 24.1 degrees.


Perched on Sahyadri’s foothills, Khandala makes a perfect weekend respite for Nagpur tourists. Right from the peaceful valleys to the misty waterfalls, this is one of the lovely hill stations near Nagpur. Besides being reckoned for Bollywood shooting, this hill station homes to a lot of adventurous things to do.

It is indeed a pleasing and an eye- soothing experience to gaze at the meandering waterfalls gushing its water on glittering lakes. There are around 22 tourists spots to enjoy here. To list a few of them are Rajmachi, Lohagad and Visapur Forts, Bedsa caves, Tiger’s Leap, Duke’s Nose, Kune waterfalls, and Reversing Station.

Distance from Nagpur: 763 km

Best time to visit:
Khandala looks adorable in the monsoon months of July to September.

Average temperature:
Khandala experiences an average annual temperature of around 34.1 degrees.



Reckoned as a new hill station of India, Lavasa resembles Italian town in its entire planning. Sprawling over a land stretch of around 25000 acres, Lavasa is a blend of nature’s blessing and man-made beautification. Right from luxurious hotels to giants of IT firms, Lavasa homes everything.

Annual Cultural Festival of Lavasa is worthy of visiting where you can easily mingle along with the locals of this region. Top tourist attractions of Lavasa are Lakeside Promenade, Bamboosa, Temghar Dam, and Lakeshore Water sports.

Distance from Nagpur: 768 km

Best time to visit: Enjoy your family outing in Lavasa in between September to March.

Average temperature: Lavasa experiences an average annual temperature of around 23 degrees.



Panchgani is so named as it is encircled by five high hills accounting the best viewpoints to gaze at the sky both during sunrise and sunset. Standing high at 1134 m, Panchgani offers a picturesque view of mighty lush green hills and valleys. Holding its prominence as a summer spot from British era, Panchgani has quite a lot of things to do. Historical freaks can explore the mighty colonial establishments here.

Other than that, you can head towards Kaas Plateau, Mahabaleshwar, Table Land, Kate’s Point, and Mapro Garden. Amongst the list of other hill stations near Nagpur, Panchgani is the one with a substantial volcanic plateau called Table Land. Never miss on to snap some picture perfect moments of Dhom Dam Lake from Sydney Point.

Distance from Nagpur: 800 km

Best time to visit: You can either plan your visit to Panchgani either in winter or during the onset of monsoon season.

Average temperature: Panchgani experiences an average annual temperature of around 24.1 degrees.



If you are in search of a destination to beat your boredom and indulge in tingling activities, Karjat is the place for you. River Ulhas originating through Karjat enhances its overall allure further. Reckoned for the adventurous trekking as well as historical spots, Karjat reflects a perfect getaway from chaotic routine.

River rafting, hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing are some of the pleasant things to do here. Kondana Caves, Kothaligad Fort, Jain Temple, Ulhas Valley, Kondeshwar Temple, and Bhor Ghat are some good tourist spots to see.

Distance from Nagpur: 793 km

Best time to visit: Karjat looks exceptionally stunning in Monsoons.

Average temperature: Karjat experiences an average annual temperature of 26.9 degrees.



A pristine land for strawberry culture, Mahabaleshwar homes to numerous free-flowing rivers and magnificent cascades. There are majestic peaks for adventurers to trek or hike all their way to the top. Right from ancient temples to manicured hills and valleys of Mahabaleshwar are worthy of visiting.

Charming panoramic views of the enticing valleys here gives a delightful twist to your vacation mood. To list a few of the nearby spots to visit are Elephant’s Head Point, Chinaman’s Falls, Dhobi Waterfalls, Pratapgad Fort, Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar, and Krishnabai Temples.

Distance from Nagpur: 819 km

Best time to visit: This hill station is best to visit during monsoons to loose in the sweet, earthy smell spread all around.

Average temperature: Mahabaleshwar experiences an average annual temperature of around 20 degrees.



Known as a Maharashtra’s mini Kashmir, Tapola is the next to be listed amongst the top hill stations near Nagpur. Quaint lush green valleys of Tapola is a picture perfect scenic beauty to experience the true nature. The dense forests here, homes to many unknown forts where adventurers can spend their time rejoicing themselves.

Shivsagar Lake here permits for a wide array of water activities. Other places worthy of a visit are Vasota and Jaigad Forts, Kas Pathar, and Banmoli.

Distance from Nagpur: 846 km

Best time to visit: Post monsoon period is the best time to head towards this hill station accompanying your family and friends.

Average temperature: Tapola experiences an average annual temperature of around 26.3 degrees.



Panhala is the next to find its place in the list of favorite hill stations around Nagpur homing to verdant hills and omnipresent mist. All along the route are highly flaunting banyan trees resembling a beautiful archway. Standing at the height of around 3177 m, Panhala offers an excellent panoramic view of the surrounding location.

Experiencing salubrious weather all around the year, Panhala. Once you reach here, you can head towards Panhala Fort, Parashar Caves, Sunset Point, Jyotiba Temple, and Sajja Kothi.

Distance from Nagpur: 897 km

Best time to visit: October to December exhibits ideal weather to visit this hill station near Nagpur.

Average temperature: Panhala experiences an average annual temperature of around 26.9 degrees.



Situated at the height of 1100 m, Pachmarhi hill station homes to exquisite ancient caves dating back to the Buddhist era. There are many alluring waterfalls here to give you a relaxing retreat from all your worries, anxieties and depressions.

You can spend some quality time walking bare feet on the lush green grass cover near your place. Do not forget to visit Bee Falls, Jata Shankar and Pandava Caves, Dhoopgarh, Handi Khoh, Duchess Falls, and Satpura National Park.

Distance from Nagpur: 227.1 km

Best time to visit: Although it is worthy of visiting Pachmarhi at any point of time, tourists find October to June to be the best season for a perfect weekend escape.

Average temperature: Pachmarhi experiences an average annual temperature of about 25 degrees.



Tucked amidst the mighty ranges of Sahyadri, Mhaismal is amongst the alluring hill stations near Nagpur. This pristine place offers you with an absolute nirvana delight of undulating terrains and a rich and luxurious verdure. Mhaismal is well-known for its thick brown-bamboo forests sprawling over thousands of acres.

A perfect place where undefiled nature lives in harmony with cherubic surroundings is sure shot to attract you for a long haul. Some mesmerizing attractions of this place are Grishneshwar Temple, Girija Bhawani Temple, Ajanta Caves, Ellora Caves, and Tomb of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

Distance from Nagpur: 512 km

Best time to visit: Rainy season spanning from June to September is the best time to visit Mhaismal to adore its real magnificent beauty.

Average temperature: Mhaismal experiences an average annual temperature of around 24 degrees.

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