Best Water Sports in Kovalam

Owing to an impressive collection of water sports in Kovalam, it is emerging as a major hub for adventure junkies in Kerala. This small but picturesque coastal town in Kerala has numerous marvels of nature in store for you. The tranquil atmosphere of Kovalam coupled with its clean beaches is a delight. However, the real treasure lies under the deep blue sea waters teeming with a wide spectrum of aquatic flora and fauna.

Explore the underwater world through scuba diving or catch enchanting sunsets on a wooden boat ride — there are plenty of options to choose from. With breathtaking scenery wherever your eyes look, Kovalam has efficiently catered to all kinds of visitors from honeymooners to vacationers. But most importantly, with a plethora of water sports offered by professionals, Kovalam is also a great choice for those who are willing to enjoy beach activities minus tourist bustle. If Kerala is on your bucket list, update your itinerary by adding Kovalam.

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Kovalam Water Sports FAQs

What are the different water sports that can be experienced in Kovalam?

1. Wooden Boat Ride: If you are in Kovalam to enjoy an authentic vacation experience, do not miss out on a wooden boat ride. One of the most common water sports in Kovalam, a wooden boat ride is an activity enjoyed by everyone. A wooden boat ride gives you ample scenic frames to capture and is hence loved by photography enthusiasts. Besides, this activity is a great choice to create some memories, feeling relaxed and soaking in the beauty of nature. If you wish to come across an extraordinarily beautiful scenery, take a wooden boat ride during sunset or sunrise.

2. Sea Life Safari: Arguably the most enticing surprise this coastal town in Kerala has in store for visitors, Sea Life Safari is an experience worth trying. Whether you are just someone curious to learn about sea life or you want your kids to discover something unique, sea life safari is one of the best water sports in Kovalam. The activity involves a marine biologist accompanying you and introducing you to the underwater world and its inhabitants. Sea life safari experience lets you be a part of the vibrant underwater world for a duration of almost 2.5 hours. Bringing together the elements of amusement and education, this activity is a must try for everyone.

3. Snorkeling: Swim with vibrant marine creatures and open your eyes to a different aspect of the natural beauty of Kerala. Among the water sports in Kovalam that make it an excellent attraction for thrill seekers, snorkeling claims unmatched fame. Snorkeling is a must try experience in Kovalam as it offers travelers a great opportunity to explore the aquatic species found here. The whole experience is sure to soothe your eyes and soul. Moreover, since all safety measures are taken care of by professional instructors, you can enjoy your time here without having to fear any lapses.

4. Rafting: Though there is a wide variety of adventure water sports one can try in Kovalam, rafting can definitely not be skipped. Whether you are planning a fun-filled holiday with family or friends, rafting is an essential part of your itinerary to give a perfect touch to your overall experience here. For an ultimate dose of thrill and excitement, there can be nothing better than struggling in the volatile waters of Kovalam and gaze at the pretty beach. While you take in all the pleasure of the adventure, professionals will be accompanying you to ensure you a safe rafting experience.

5. Bond Safari: Treat yourself with the most exclusive kind of underwater delight there is in Kovalam by trying Bond Safari. This is a unique experience designed to let you explore the underwater world of Kovalam teeming with colorful aquamarine species in an unusual way. What separates bond safari from scuba diving and snorkeling is that in this activity, you get to explore the sea on an underwater scooter tied to an air-filled container. Besides, this activity allows you to spend hours amidst thousands of various fish species, without wetting you at all. Bond Safari can be undertaken by everyone irrespective of the age. Some of the prominent fish species you can expect to spot during the safari are boxfish, butterfly fish, silver moony, and serjeants among many others.

6. Scuba Diving: Kovalam is picturesque both over the water and under the water, and a scuba diving experience is all you need to understand the statement. Bless your eyes and amuse your senses by diving deep into the blue sea waters housing a wide array of marine creatures. Suitable for kids as well as adults, scuba diving is one of the most popular water sports in Kovalam due to the breathtaking underwater views one gets to see during the activity. Different scuba diving packages are available in Kovalam so you can choose according to your budget and how much time you wish to spend under the water. And if it is your first time, rest assured because an experienced expert will be right beside you.

7. Dive Safari: Kovalam boasts of a fascinating aquatic ecosystem, and it is a spectacle created by nature that you ought to check. One of those water-based activities in Kovalam that have contributed greatly to pull in adventurers and aquatic life lovers to this beautiful holiday destination, dive safari is a must try activity here. This exciting underwater activity is one of the most rewarding things you can try during your vacation in Kovalam as you get to dive and swim across throngs of fish belonging to a wide range of species. With state of the art equipment and a professional guide accompanying you to offer you a delightful tour, dive safari in Kovalam is sure to become the highlight of your holiday experience.


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