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Kite Surfing Pattaya, Book Now & Get 2100 Instant Cashback 2H ₹ 7602 3.0 star View Details
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Kite Surfing Pattaya, Book Now & Get 2100 Instant Cashback
Kite Surfing Pattaya, Book Now & Get 2100 Instant Cashback



About the Activity:1 Day Kite Boarding Discovery If you can't spare 3 days, then we offer a 1 day discovery course which will give you a basic skill level and good understanding of kiteboarding and the equipment.. Enjoy the satiating experience of kite surfing course and make unforgettable memories.  Start this adventurous activity at around 11.00 AM after reaching the Blue lagoon Kite-boarding School, Pattaya. Slide over the waves of Pattaya beach and get guided by a certified instructor. End this exciting activity at around 01.30 PM.3 Day Beginner CourseIf you are a beginner you can avail a three day course, where you'll study the art of kite surfing. With this course we teach new riders all the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to kiteboard in a responsible and competent manner. The aim is to ensure that you are independent as a new kiter so that afterwards you can go away and practice safely. As any experienced kiteboarder understands, accidents can and do occur, but are generally the result of rider inexperience, negligence and lack of kite knowledge. We feel that this course offers the required time needed to achieve the goal of independence. We also understand that each student varies in their learning style ability and experience. Thus, our instructors are trained to adapt lesson plans to suit the student/s levels. The three day course includes DVDs, full set up gear and other merchandises.You will be provided with the latest kites, boards and accessories for students. Boards : Depending on your weight and skill level we use either of the tried and tested Airush Square 1, 2 or 3 boards. These boards are a bi-directional design with enough volume to prevent the board being an issue when you are learningKites: We use 2 line trainer kites, then progress onto short line small inflatible supported leading edge kites. as your skill level improves we move onto larger more powerful kites. we have large square one and squre 2 boards.
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38 Ratings

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