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Nandi Hills Drive in Camp, Bangalore 2D 1N ₹ 1250 5.0 star View Details
Go Camping at Foothills of Nandi, Bangalore 2D 1N ₹ 1500 5.0 star View Details
Melkote Nandi Ride 1D ₹ 500 4.0 star View Details
Cycling Tour to Nandi Village in Karnataka 1D ₹ 2500 4.0 star View Details
Team Outing at the Foothills of Nandi Hills 1D ₹ 850 4.0 star View Details
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    Nandi Hills Drive in Camp, Bangalore
    Nandi Hills
    d2 Days n1 Night

    Nandi Hills is a set of beautiful small hillocks located at a small distance of 60 km from Bangalore, Acquiring their name from the tall statue dedicated to the Lord Nandi built on the top of the hills, the place is a favourite of the visitors coming from almost all the ...

    Multiple fun filled activities!

    Excellent 5.0
    728 ratings

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  • Featured
    Go Camping at Foothills of Nandi, Bangalore
    Nandi Hills
    d2 Days n1 Night

    Event Dates: 23rd and 24th Nov, 2018Nandi Hills is a set of beautiful small hillocks located at a small distance of 60 km from Bangalore, Acquiring their name from the tall statue dedicated to the Lord Nandi built on the top of the hills, the place is a favourite of the ...

    Excellent 5.0
    83 ratings

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    Nandi Hills
    d1 Day

    About the activity : If cycling is one of your favourite sports, then a 30km trail around the pristine Nandi Hills towards Melekote through the Devarabetta forest range is perfect for you, even if you are a beginner! If the intimidating heights of the hills scare...

    Very Good 4.0
    40 ratings

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    Cycling Tour to Nandi Village in Karnataka
    Nandi Hills
    d1 Day

    About the activity: The Nandi village, located at the base of Nandi hills has great historical significance and a few hidden gems that will unearth for you on this trail. Along the trail of this monolith rock you’ll experience the beautiful temples with influence...

    Very Good 4.0
    36 ratings

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    Nandi Hills
    d1 Day

    TO BOOK, CALL ON ​9358833240!Located right at the base of the famous Nandi Hills, this campsite is one of the best team outing spots near Bangalore. Spend an entire day in the scenic spot, enjoying some of the most adventurous and exciting activities, all the while being...

    Very Good 4.0
    26 ratings

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Traveller Tales from Nandi Hills


Balaguru Sivakumar

02 December 2018

Nice place for corporate outing. Staff were very supportive & flexible to our requests. The team building & rope activities were fun, the food was tasty. There is no kids play area, which is a letd

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Nithin Fernandes

16 December 2018

"amazing place. worth of every single penny. won't regret visiting the place.. "

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Siddhartha Mitra

07 July 2019

"Amazing hospitality and a tranquil atmosphere. Perfect getaway to unwind over the weekend."

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piyush bathwal

10 December 2018

Very supportive and courteous staff..they were very flexible with our demands and were very helpful. Overall a nice experience with awesome food and good activities. I suggest to skip the tracking acti...

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Sumit Goswami

04 October 2018

"It's very good experience with Adventure camping trip.with good food and activities.guys try this it's worth it ."

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Lakshminarayana erla

10 December 2018

"friendly staff......superb place"

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Gs KrisHna

13 February 2019

"It's a wonderful place to chill and the assistance from the management is unreal.. 110% customer satisfaction.. Would highly recommend it... The place is really cool to chill... Every penny is worth i...

  • 1550044641_img_20190212_230019.jpg

Anindita Varma

27 February 2019

You should definitely try this experience, the nandi hills are magical and mesmerizing. Me and my friends had a great time doing the adventure trek through the Nandi hills and also visited the nandi te...


Gajabahu Dubashi

12 December 2018

The beauty of Bangalore is incomplete without Nandi Hills, and I'm glad I got to explore it. We could admire the beauty of the Western Ghats for hours, while we got to camp overnight with a cafe! The a...

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