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Most Popular Places Around Antalya

What You Should Know More About Antalya

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Get to know all the rules and laws of Turkey before travelling as doing something against the law out of ignorance could lead to heavy penalties.

    • There are many tips that solo women travellers in Turkey can follow. You can always wear a ring even if you are not wedded, as it keeps stalkers at bay.

    • When travelling with a male company always introduces you as married.

    • Dress conservatively and do not wear revealing clothes when travelling anywhere except beaches.

    • Ask a woman for directions first before you ask a man.

    • When in queues women have a better advantage of being served first than men.

    • It is good to tip at the restaurants, though this is not a compulsion.

    • Women don’t have to be fully covered or wear burkha. You can wear casual, western clothes that are not tight or revealing.

    • Always travel with health and travel insurance in place.

    • Ask for permission before taking pictures.

    • Keep your passport and other important travel documents safe.

    • Use the right hand to greet someone, give or receive any item.

    • Do not take photographs of official buildings, as this is strictly prohibited.

    • You cannot display PDA’s in public places. Even kissing your wife or girlfriend will be resented and dealt with seriously.

    • Never litter in any of the places, as it is strictly against the law.

    • When asking for directions, never ask directions to a lady who is with her husband.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    It is legal to drink above the 18 years of age in Turkey. Alcohol cannot be sold to any person below the age of 24.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

    Kaleiçi The old quarter

    Kaleiçi, is an ancient city walls and is more peaceful than the rest of the town. There are shops and restaurants in the northern part of this town. The Hadrianus Gate was built by Roman emperor and is a popular historical site of this city. Fluted Minaret Yivli Minare has a 125 feet minaret and a mosque. The Clock Tower has an 18th century Pa?a Camii mosque. The Roman port Yat Liman? is a harbour that depicts Roman Era. There are many scenic historical sites in this part of the old town of this city.


    Kemer has two beaches. The Moonlight beach is a public beach. There are many fine looking beaches towards the southern part of this beach area. Lara is a sandy beach with a beautiful view. The rubble stones beach also known as the Konyaalti, is closer to the city. You can take boat excursions here and enjoy the  Düden Waterfalls. Side is a smaller beach and has a stunning harbour. There are many resorts on this beach. You will also find many bars and cafes at this beach.

    The Büyük Calticak is a sandy beach. It is surrounded by pine forests that are ideal for a hike. The Konyaalt? Beach has clear waters and a water park. Also, available are beach chairs and shopping centres nearby. The Kaputas Beach has clear waters and is fun for swimming and sunbathing. The Mermerli Beach is a small and a beautiful public beach. This is a beach good for diving, swimming, and underwater sports activities.

    Historical sites and ruins

    Perge exists since the time of Trojan War. There is a Roman theatre, stadium, columns, and ruins from the previous era. Belek is a resort closer to this city. It has a golf course, clubs, and many fine hotels and restaurants. Aspendos is an ancient theatre that is closer to this city. It has a large capacity of 20,000 spectators. Side is a romantic place where Cleopatra and Markus Antonius has their tryst. There are many ancient ruins here. The Roman Bath is an interesting archaeological museum. Manavgat is a coastal town closer to the city with sandy beaches, waterfalls, caves, restaurants, and historical sites. Hierapolis & Pamukkale is an ancient city that has many ruins and sacred pool where you are allowed to swim.

    Antalaya museum has sarcophagi and things like a jawbone that belonged to Santa Claus. You will also find collection of rugs and folk costumes at this museum. The Sandland is a specialty museum with sand structure of most popular historical sites from across the world. You will find sand structures from different periods of history at this museum. The Ataturk House & Museum has historical photographs, exhibits, telephones, coins, stamps, and other items from earlier era. The Tekeli Mehmet Pa?a Mosque is an Ottoman mosque built in the 18th century. It has verses from the Holy Quran written on its walls. The Antaliiskaya Fortress is a landmark that has an unusual structure.

    The Myra ruins are dated 1st century BC. There is also a Greco-Roman amphitheatre in this region. It is well preserved and has 38 row of seating area. There are ancient tombs here that are cut into cliffs and depict the scenes of daily life lead in that era. It is also the home of Saint Nicholas who is said to have inspired Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas Church is an old church that was rebuilt by Constantine IX. This is one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Christians in Turkey. The sarcophagus of the saint is found in one of the aisles of this church. This church has frescos and mosaic tiles.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    nightclubs and spa

    Club Arma has good music, tasty meals and gives a panoramic view of the Old City. Ally’s is a nightclub for the younger crowd and plays great music. They have a strict dress code. The food and drinks at the Zodiac bar are delish. Tudors Pub plays live music and serves great drinks. The James Dean is a nightbar that has wallpapers of James Dean movies. The drinks here are half priced and the bar is open 24 hours. Club Inferno has sexy dancers and great music. Thr Roof bar is a roof top bar where you will find good music played by international Djs. Jolly Joker is a pub that has hosts international live concerts.

    Rixos Royal Spa depicts the authentic Turkish culture. You can enjoy the Turkish baths here and listen to the Arabian Night stories. They have special Thai treatments in their spa centre. The Onay Hamami is a wellness and spa centre that offers Turkish baths.

    Outdoor activities and nature

    Termessos is an ancient city which offers scenic view of flora and fauna. It also has ruins of temples and a mountain fortress. Tünektepe is a great hiking site and is 618 metres above sea level. It offers a stunning view. The Karaalio?lu Park is one of the biggest parks of this city and has a theatre and a tower nearby. The old harbour is flanked in between cliffs and has cafes, restaurants, yatch rides, and excursion boating on its beach. Düden Falls is a waterfall where you can swim and take a boat cruise here.  

    Outdoor Adventure - River Rafting can be done by contacting the Novaraft that organises water sports like river rafting, cannoning and kayaking. Troy Aqua & Dolphinarium is a water park and has a wave pool and water slides. You can also like the sights of dolphins here. Antalya Aquarium gives a glimpse of the underwater life. Beskonak is a National Park that has farms and ruins. MiniCity Antalya is a mini city park and has miniature exhibits of all the attractions in Turkey.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?

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  • Q. Books

    The Secret of Atalaya (Carolina Cousins' Mystery Book 1) by Rhonda S. Edwards