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About Antalya

Antalya City is one of the prominent and modern cities of Turkey that has a number of tourist sites. As the city encompasses the Mediterranean coastline, it has plenty of stunning beaches and scenic destinations for tourists. Some of the regions have mountains on the backdrop along with the blue sea which makes them even more alluring and a must-visit in your Turkey Itinerary. The mesmerizing waterfalls, rivers and lush green of Antalya are exceptional.

An inevitable part of Antalya tourism is the rich past of the province. As Antalya had been a part of Byzantine, Ottoman, Greek and Roman Empires over the course of history, the tourist destinations here share a rustic past from the time they were built. There are remnants of ancient cities that give a lively feeling of how these cities of ancient Antalya had flourished once. There are various museums that exhibit the excavation findings from these sites in a sophisticated manner in order to simplify the otherwise complicated history of Antalya. The Old town Kaleici is particularly a major attraction of Antalya as it is a blend of the primeval Ottoman Empire as well as modernities.

Besides the natural beauty and historical places, Antalya also has a zestful nightlife. The city comes alive with the beats of music at the clubs, bars, and pubs. If you want to feel the essence of Turkey then you must visit the local bazaars of Antalya that keep buzzing with the locals and vendors. Since Antalya experiences a large number of tourists every year for various reasons, the city has got some most eloquent resorts and hotels which is why it is also known as the resort city. If you plan to visit Antalya then you must book a resort with a sea-facing because these are the ones that will give you the real pleasure of being at Antalya.

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Antalya FAQ's

Which are the must Attractions to visit in Antalya?

1) Hadrian’s Gate
Hadrian’s gate was upraised in AD 130 in the honor of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. This three-arched marble gate with sculptural carvings serves as the most alluring tourist site in Antalya City.

This gate not only speaks volumes about the Hellenistic and Roman times but it also possesses a rich history.

The lower half of the architecture was Roman while the upper part was rebuilt in thirteenth century AD under the reign of Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat and thus, it contains Arabic inscriptions.  

Location: Barbaros, Antalya

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2) Antalya Museum
The Antalya museum is an ideal place to immerse in Turkish history. The museum presents a dazzling collection varying from the Bronze age to Byzantium.

Besides, it displays the ruins of many civilizations that flourished in Antalya in the past as well as the museum boasts the findings from nearby excavation sites. Though the most prominent part of the collection at Antalya museum is Seleukeia’s mosaics, silver display from Aspendos and divinity statues of Perge. 

Entry Fee/Price: TRL 20
Timings: 8:30 am to 7 pm

3) Yivli Minare
The 13th-century mosque, Yivli Minare is the most sought destination in Antalya tourism. This mosque is built by the Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad and is an epitome of Slijuk’s architecture. With its corbelled gallery over a fluted octagonal shaft and a square base, the mosque is the place to get a picturesque view of the city.

This multi-dome church now serves as Antalya Ethnographic Museum and consists of things like kitchen utensils, ornaments, nomadic tents, clothing and much more.  

Location: Selcuk, Iskele Cd., Antalya
Timings: 7 am to 8 pm

4) Roman Fortress (Hirdilik Kalesi)
The Roman Fortress is a soaring cylindrical tower over the Old Harbor in Antalya. This 14 m high tower finds its way back to the 2nd century and it is believed to be a watchtower that kept a note about the busy harbor below.

In the present times, the tower fosters as a major tourist attraction for proffering a bird’s eye view of the town. People often visit the Roman Fortress to admire the sunset. 
The park at the Hirdilik Kalesi is a popular picnic place to sink in with the tranquil aura of the place. The vibrant flowers and lush green makes the escapade to this tower even more wonderful. 

Location: Karaalioglu Park, Kaleici 

5) Aspendos
Aspendos is one of the oldest and best-preserved Roman Theatres that was built in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. Aspendos has a seating capacity of 15,000 people and hosts occasional cultural events at the amphitheater. But the real charisma of this place lies in exploring the ruins of this Roman Theatre.

Although a part of the theatre is restored, most parts still carry the enigma of the 2nd century. This place is one of the must-include destinations for history buffs in Antalya tourism. It presents you with the joy of sight-seeing and strolling around with friends and family. 

Location: Serik, Antalya Province
Entry Fee/Price: TRL 20
Timings: 9 am to 7 pm

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6) Perge
The munted city, Perge once served as an opulent capital of the ancient Pamphylia. You can acknowledge a blend of both Greek and Roman architecture in the wrecked temples and the ruins of stadiums and arcades.

The place is not well preserved as compared to the other historic sites in the Antalya city which is why it attracts a lesser number of tourists. Nevertheless, this uncrowded space gives you an opportunity to peacefully stroll around and enjoy the intriguing wreckage of the Perge. 

Location: Barbaros, Perge Yolu, Antalya
Entry Fee/Price: TRL 20
Timings: 8 am to 5 pm

7) Karain cave
The Karain cave or the Karain Magarasi as it is popularly known is a primeval cave that roots to the Middle Palaeolithic Era. It is believed that the cave is 25,000 years old.

The excavations of bones, teeth, and weapons also back the argument of the cave being prehistoric. If you wish to delve into the history of ancient civilizations that thrived in Antalya, the Karain Cave is a must-visit place. There is also a small museum that displays the findings from the excavations in a sophisticated manner and offers a closer look. 

Location: Yagca, Antalya
Entry Fee/Price: 5 TL
Timings: 9 am to 7 pm

8) Olympos and the Chimera
One of the most visited places in Antalya is the near twin villages, Olympos and Cirali. These two ancient villages present an enthralling combination of fringe coastline and historic ruins.

The contrasting nature of the villages lies in the fact that Olympos is more popular among party bummers whereas Cirali offers a rather relaxing and tranquil aura. The people who visit these bygone villages never miss admiring the naturally occurring flames of Chimera that flicker from the rocky cliffs. 

Location: Kuzdere, Antalya
Entry Fee/Price: 20 TL
Timings: 8 am to 9 pm

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9) Damlatas Magarasi
The Damlatas Magarasi was discovered in 1948 by a fortunate accident during mining. This 45-50m long cylindrical cavity is formed of stalactites and stalagmites and thus presents a dingy yet charming look to the cave.

These substances hanging from the walls are formed over thousands of years which is why it is persisted that Damlatas Magarasi had been there for over fifteen thousand years. 

The caves are also known as Asthma caves for its peculiar ability to cure respiratory problems including Asthma. A number of asthma patients stay at the caves for a span of 21 days with 4 hours of exposure in the caves. In the past few years, more than 4,000 tourists have reported visiting the cave for its healing abilities and have also purported to do so. 

Location: Carsi, Damlatas Cd., Antalya
Entry Fee/Price: 5 TL
Timings: Patients- 6 am to 10 am, Tourists- 10 am to 7:30 pm 

10) Old Harbor
The Old Harbor of Antalya city looking out to the Blue Medditarenean sea was once the busiest place of the city. From the 2nd century to mid 20th century, the port was the major source of trade and opulence of Antalya and nearby regions. It is now a serene tourist attraction and a hub of shopaholics.

There are cafes, local bazaars, and small yachts to attract tourists. You can plan a day at the old Harbor for boating and swimming at the clean blue sea or lay back at the scarcely crowded beach. 

Location: Selcuk Mah., Antalya
Timings: 8 am to 6 pm. Closed on Saturday and Sunday

11) Termessos
Termessos is another famous tourist place in Antalya for its marvelous ruins of the ancient Pisidian city. Tucked in the dense pine forests with an altitude of 1000 meters, this place is well- suited to explore the history along with picturesque scenery. Termessos gets its fame from its rich history.

The Pisidian people who called themselves Solymi led a free life and protected the city from the Greek and Roman invasion. It is considered that even Alexander the Great could not conquer this city because of its fierce people and the surrounding natural barriers.

Location: Pisidia, Antalya Province 
Entry Fee/Price: 5 TL
Timings: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm 

12) Phaselis
The ancient Lycian city, Phaselis had been a prominent commercial port since 700 BC. The beautiful coastline near the wrecked old city is contrastingly interesting. The remains of temples, colonnaded streets and aqueduct are worth seeing at Phaselis. The prime attraction of the place is the remnant Hadrian’s Gate which was upraised during the AD 114. If you are interested in acquiring in-depth knowledge about the rustic past of Phaselis then you can visit the nearby museum that displays excavation findings from this site. 

Location: Camyuva, Antalya
Entry Fee/Price: 20 TL
Timings: 8 am to 7 pm

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Which are the famous things to do in Antalya?

1) Exploring the ruins of Aspendos: Just about 40 km away from the main city of Antalya, around 7 kilometers to the north-east of central Serik are the ruins of the ancient Greco- Roman city of Aspendos. It was once a major trade port of Turkey located on the banks of the Eurymedon River. 

Aspendos is well known for its antiquity theatre which was built around 150 AD to hold events of various kinds. One can easily roam through various sections of the theatre, reaching to its top and experiencing the kind of thrill it would have had to sit with a capacity of 8,000 people and watch ceremonies. 

2) Visiting the old city of Kaleici: If you ever pay a visit to Antalya, visiting the old preserved town of Kaleici is something you would not want to miss at all. The old town is located just adjacent to the busy and breathtaking harbor. The town is preserved and adopted by local Turkish authorities due to its archaeological as well as historical importance. You can roam around the town and visit mosques. 

3) Marveling at the ruins of Perge: You can choose to visit the ruins of Perge, the ancient capital city of Pamphylia Secunda and witness the famous pillar gate tower. There are many other examples of great Roman architecture at the Perge.

You can also visit the large preserved stadium of Perge, which is one of the biggest stadiums yet in the world. It has an audience capacity of around 14,000 people who could sit and watch enthralling events like chariot racing. 

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4) Be a part of Antalya’s Nightlife: The buzzing nightlife of Antalya is an inevitable part of Antalya tourism. Antalya and its neighboring towns are always alive and awake, even at night. The many clubs and music houses flourishing on the streets of the city have the finest trance, jazz-rock and a blend of Asian fusion.

You can have a full day of sifting through the archeological and historical sites but you should get to a glittering night club and sway on the thumping beats of music. 

5) Visiting over the Antalya archaeological museum: Antalya Museum is a great place to dip into the history and witness the preserved evidence of civilizations of Lycia, Byzantium, Perge, and others.

The museum is spread to a huge area and has a number of halls dedicated to the different Empires and civilizations of Antalya. It is well known for its House of gods that houses busts of Roman deities such as Zeus, Aphrodite, and others. 

6) Get Scrubbed in Turkish Hammams: Turkish hammams have become an international attraction. Antalya has got some traditional style Turkish Hammams where you can relax and rejuvenate in the ancient Turkish style.

These Hammams are usually vast and decorated with white marbles and the walls hoist some beautiful paintings. Sefa Hamam, Falez Hamam & Spa, and Onay Hamami are some of the popular Turkish Hammams in Antalya. Visiting a Turkish Hamam for a sauna, steam baths, oil and foam massage after a long day of touring around is one of the best things to experience on Antalya tour. 

7) Tour on a Pirate Ship
: Taking a Pirate boat trip in Antalya will give you the vibe of sailing like Pirates. This adventurous journey of boating in the Mediterranean sea will give you memories of a lifetime.

You can enroll in various water sports activities and munch on delicious lunch on the tour. Pickup and drop facilities are also included in the package for your convenience. 

8) Fun and Frolicking at Aqualand: Aqualand is a must-consider place if you are planning a trip to Antalya with the family. Amidst the natural beauty of Antalya, Aqualand has some amazing water rides and slides.

The theme park has 100 m long slides and a pool as well which is suited for both adults and kids. There is also a facility for lunch and drinks on the premises.

9) Discover the Sand Sculptures: Sandland near Lara Beach is one of the world's largest sand exhibitions that goes on round the year. Thousands of sand artists from around the globe take part and create marvelous sculptors. These include wonders like the Taj Mahal and Eiffel Tower.

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What are the most romantic things to do in Antalya?

1) Visiting Duden waterfalls: Duden waterfall is an amazing place for couples as well as newlyweds to go and spend some romantic moments together. The place is mesmerizingly beautiful with cafes, parks, and benches around it. You can go around the bridges and witness the Duden waterfall fall into the Mediterranean. 

2) Basking around Konyalti beach: Konyalti beach offers a great resort for those who love sea view and consider it as their choice of love. The beach is situated to the west of Antalya, surrounded by lavish hotels and stay ins to spend time in the area.

You can enjoy playing beach ball, basketball and biking around with your loved ones. 

3) Sinking in the history at Antalya Muzesi: Antalya Muzesi or Antalya museum is for history-loving aficionados turned couples. You can witness much time tested marble sculptures of Greek Gods and Goddesses, hand-carved sarcophagus and beautiful mosaics curated over years exhibiting their beauty.

This place is perfect to spend some time romancing while witnessing Antalya’s legacy.

4) Explore the marine life in Antalya aquarium: Antalya aquarium boasts of the world’s largest tunnel which gives a breathtaking view of the sea life with sharks and real-life replicas of ships in it.

The place is really good for people to take a walk through the kingdom of Poseidon. The place also has other sections like ice- room and rope skipping which are quite popular among people of all ages.

5) Shopping at Antalya Bazaar: Antalya Bazaar or the city market is another place to hang out while experiencing the local life, here. The place offers a wide range of clothes, Turkish delicacies, fresh fruits and jewelry at a good bargain and different varieties.

You can give an evening visit to this friendly market and pick up things as a souvenir of your trip.

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What is Antalya known for?

Antalya is particularly famous for the remnants of archeological sites from the Greek and Roman era. The sunny beaches and Mediterranean coastline with gliding resorts and hotels add on to the popularity of Antalya.

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How we can reach Antalya?

1) By Sea

The closest harbors from Antalya are Izmir and Kusadasi towards west, Mersin, and Tasucu to the east. Although there is no fixed time table chart for ships, boats or yachts to leave for Antalya, still a systematic waterways service is run throughout the year from international Marinas of Setur, Alanya, Kemer, and Kaleici throughout the year.

The journey through waters can be enjoyed by the scenic beauty of the southern and southwestern Turkish shores. You can also take a sea trip to nearby Greek islands by rented boats. 

2) By Air

Antalya is easy to reach using international flights that have transfer points at Antalya international airport. 

Various international airways put up their schedules for flights from Europe and the middle east to Antalya airport. Airlines such as Turkish airlines have domestic as well as connecting flights to Antalya Via Istanbul and Ankara. 

3) By Bus

There are various tour companies and travel agents who can help you find the cheapest and best road transport services. 

Some of the major bus routes include coaches from Istanbul (10-12 hrs), Ankara(5-7- hrs) and Izmir (6-8 hrs). There are various other tourist destinations you can stop by including Bursa, Ankara, and ?zmir. 

4) By Rail

Trains are available from various major cities in Europe. The nearest station from Antalya is Burdur.

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When is the best time to visit Antalya?

The best time to visit Antalya is from March to May and September to November. The months of June to August and December to January must be avoided for the overcrowded spaces and unpleasant Mediterranean climate.

The months of Spring and Autumn experience lesser footfall and best climate conditions to explore the Antalya city. On the other hand, summers are harsh but a whopping number of people visit the city to enjoy beaches and springs. Also, winters are the season to least consider for Antalya tourism as the wetness and humidity are at its peak.

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How is the weather in Antalya?

Antalya has typical Mediterranean weather with hot and arid summers and wet cold winters. During the course of the year, the temperature varies between 41°F to 94°F. July is considered to be the hottest month here whereas January is the coldest and December is the wettest.

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Do I need a Visa for Antalya?

Everyone except the British citizens requires a visa for visiting Antalya. Also, some cruise ships that visit only up to 72 hours are exempted from visa requirements.

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Is Antalya a safe city?

Antalya is an extremely safe city with a safety index of 74.5%, still, you must take care of pickpocketing and small incidents. Tourists in Antalya including women travelers are safe to travel anywhere in the day and night.

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How many days are enough for Antalya?

Three days are more than enough to explore the stunning beaches and the leftovers of primeval Pamphylian cities in Antalya. You can spend the first-day sight-seeing and the second day exploring the ancient Pamphylia. The third day can be reserved for going on a cruise or taking part in adventurous activities.

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How to reach Antalya from India?

The best option to reach Antalya from India is by air. There are multiple airlines like the Turkish airlines, Qatar Airways, and Emirates that fly frequently from prominent Indian airports like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, etc. to Antalya.

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How do you get around Antalya?

The ideal mode of traveling around Antalya is through public buses and mini buses as they cover major tourist destinations at lower prices. Also, you get an opportunity to have a closer look at the lives of locals. 

Another way which is less preferred is by trams. Getting around Antalya in trams is easy but these do not cover all sections of the city, hence, less convenient. 

Taxis are another fair option to visit all corners of Antalya with convenience and comfort. However, as many tourist attractions are distant from the city, taxi fares get pretty high.

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Is Antalya expensive?

Antalya is not exceptionally expensive. You can get around the city, eat a decent meal and shop without spending much. It would cost you nothing more than it would have in any other Turkish city. The cost for a day in Antalya is TRY 134 or Rs. 1,610 which includes TRY 37 (Rs. 444) for food, TRY 8.39 (Rs. 100) for transport and TRY 146 (Rs. 1,754) for a hotel.

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Is Antalya a party place?

Antalya is a decent party place with sprawling bars, pubs and clubs. The city experiences a large number of tourists that come here to enjoy the lively nightlife

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Is Antalya safe at night?

Antalya is safe at night and there is a negligible risk for thefts or pickpockets. However, it is suggested to take precautionary measures while being at lonely places at night.

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Why is Antalya Aquarium famous?

Antalya Aquarium is widely popular for being the biggest tunnel aquarium in the world. With a length of 131 m and 3 m width, the aquarium has themed sections. There is a Snow Room and an Ice Museum to enjoy the real snow as well as innumerable species of fishes and tropical snakes. You can also get souvenir pictures with a Hollywood green background.

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How much will it cost for a trip to Antalya?

On average, the trip to Antalya will cost TRY 37 for one person per day. The meals and transport in the city will price 8 TRY and 15 TRY per day, respectively. If you are traveling with family and kids then the cost may be less as most of the major tourist places have lower ticket rates for children.

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What are the traveler tips for Antalya?

1) Beach lovers should visit Antalya from April to October.

2) Do not take pictures of local women in black shawls and if you take photos of men you must ask them first.

3) Dress decently in full clothes with lighter tones while visiting mosques.

4) Do not forget to remove shoes before entering a house or mosque.

5) Drinking alcohol on the streets is prohibited.

6) Haggling is the key to shop at the local markets of Antalya.

7) Avoid buying clothes and jewelry from street vendors.

8) Avoid drinking water directly from taps, rather buy packaged water.

Which are the famous beaches in Antalya?

1) Lara Beach: Lara Beach is one of the places to revive in Antalya and spend a relaxing day with friends and family. The soft white sand, blue waters, and hills on one side together present nature at its best. You can rent jet-ski and paddleboards and enjoy water activities. Umbrellas and sun loungers are also available on rentals for those who want to enjoy the pleasant sun.

2) Cirali: This beach in Antalya is widely known as Olympos after the ancient town that thrived here. Unlike the other Antalya’s beaches, Cirali does not boast grand resorts on the coastline. Rather, it proffers a calm atmosphere at all times of the day. 

3) Konyaalti: Snuggled in the Beydaglari hills is the breath-taking Konyaalti beach. It is one of the most visited beaches in Antalya city and experiences a major footfall regardless of the season. This beach is stretched to a vast area, thus giving everyone their own space. There are also a number of resorts, restaurants, and cafes to relish your beach day at Konyaalti. 

4) Phaselis: The Turquoise Coast of Antalya city is unique in its own way. With the glorious residues of the old Phaselis city tucked in the lush green and the blue Mediterranean sea, the Phaselis beach is the people’s choice in Antalya. 

5) Patra Beach: Patra beach is the most scenic beach in Antalya which is just one hour away from the city center. The white sand extends to a large area and as the deep blue waves hit the shore, it presents the most pleasant experience. The specialty of the beach is that there is guarded space for Caretta-Caretta turtles who lay eggs at the Patra beach.

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What are the best adventure activities to do in Antalya?

1) Scuba Diving: Antalya tourism is incomplete without exploring the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean sea. Scuba diving is one of the most thrilling activities to do while on Antalya vacation. You can witness the colors of the aquatic life of the ocean and swim along with the turtles in the Mediterranean waters. It is well suited for novices and experts as you will be under the guidance of a certified instructor. 

2) Canoeing and Rafting: Rafting is the best activity in Antalya to sway with the waves in the Koprulu Canyon. This activity is best-suited for family and friends. It is also absolutely safe as you will be accompanied by an experienced guide during the adventure.

3) Parasailing: Antalya has a plethora of water adventure activities but the best of them is parasailing. As you glide over the sea strapped behind a boat you will acknowledge the scenic beauty of the beach and the sea. You will be engaged in a spine-chilling experience of parasailing yet the picturesque will give you memories of a lifetime. 

4) Paragliding: Paragliding is the best option if you are looking for adventure activities in Antalya City. You can participate in this activity to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing views of the Antalya. As you start from the Akali Hills and whizz past the clouds, you will witness the beauty of Taurus Mountains, Town Center and Cleopatra Lake in your 15-20 minute adventure.  

What is there to do in Antalya at Night?

1) Take a walk along the Konyaalti Beach: Konyalti beach has an enthralling nightlife with pubs and bars nearby. There is always a vibe of a party at this seashore and you can engage yourself on a sprightly night. Various concerts are also hosted at the Konyaalti beach time and again. Even if you are not much of a party animal, you can relax and enjoy the cool breeze of the beach.

2) Party at the Clubs: Antalya nightclubs are popular for brimming with party-goers. There are numerous clubs, bars, and pubs that are open till the wee hours. These include Aura Club, Jolly Joker, Hangar Bar and many more. If you are in Antalya then you must never miss to put on your dancing shoes and party at one of these clubs. 

3) Attend Concert at Aspendos: The ancient city of Aspendos is not just a historic site but it is also suited for the night owls. Aspendos hosts frequent concerts like the Fire of Anatolia Music and Dance Show and International Opera and Ballet Festival.

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Which are the best shopping places in Antalya?

1) Kaleici: Kaleici has a very rich and diverse market that exhibits Turkish carpets, shops, and markets that are the best place to hunt in search of a perfect holiday souvenir. The aura and the decor of this small town will take you back to its rustic past so you can relive the Roman and Greek era. 

2) Caglayan Bazaar: Caglayan Market in Antalya City is flooding with the locals buying everyday things. People come here to buy fruits, vegetables, spices, olives, and much more. This market presents you with an insight into the life of the locals and their everyday chores.

3) Antalya Kaleici Marina: This market by the seaside has got a range of local and international brands. You can buy anything and everything from here ranging from clothes to diving gear. After you are done shopping, you can sit back at a cafe sipping coffee and admiring the blue sea.

4) Lara Street Market: This Saturday market is buzzing with street vendors selling clothes, accessories, bags, herbs and many more. This is the place where you must put on your bargaining hat and buy the essence of Antalya.

5) Iki Kapili Han: This 15th-century bazaar north to Kaleici is your go-to place for getting souvenirs from Antalya. Iki Kapili Han is a covered bazaar that sells intriguing things like Iznik tiles, textiles and spices. As you visit this bazaar you must pay your visit to the local metalwork craftsmen, copper workshops and jewelers. 

Which are the best areas to stay in Antalya?

1) Kaleici: Kaleici has many historic tourist sites and the harbor is brimming with elite resorts and hotels to stay. Sibel Pension, Aspen Hotel, Gold Coast Hostel are some of the places that provide top-notch facilities. The major reason why you should stay in this area is the cobbled streets and the ancient Ottoman houses of the town. You can also visit the clock tower and prehistoric statue of King Attalus II of Pergamon.  

2) Konyaalti Beach: Staying near the mesmerizing beach in Antalya has its own charm. There are the most popular resorts lining the beach which proffers the best view such as Ozmert Hotel, The Corner Park Hotel, and Crowne Plaza Hotel. You can also easily visit the nearby Aqualand if you wish to have a fun excursion. 

3) Belek: Belek is a good area to stay in Antalya if you are one of the party animals or golf lovers. Undoubtedly Belek has some peppy pubs and nightclubs but it also has many beaches for those who want to soak in the sun. Some of the places to stay here are Ceres Hotel and Innvista Hotel.  

4) Olympos Beach: Olympos beach is an ideal place for having a lazy holiday. People often prefer this place for exploring the ruins of Olympos city and visiting mount Chimera. Palm Konak Hotel and Aida Hotel in Olympos area are most flocked with tourists and give a hippie vibe when you stay here.

5) Lara: Lara Beach is an area to stay with family in Antalya. This is in closer proximity to the main city hence, you can easily visit the main attractions of Antalya. Boating near the Duden river is an added perk of staying at Lara. The Lara Kapris Hotel and Holiday Inn Antalya are the preferred places by the tourists.

Which are the famous Museums in Antalya?

1) Antalya Archeological Museum: This museum is an integral part of Antalya tourism as it represents the major tourist places in the city. It includes Karain caves, the old city of Perge and all the prehistoric cities of the Lycian civilization. The museum covers 30,000 square meters and has separate halls such as Mosaic Hall, Prehistoric hall, Emperors and Gods and many more. 

2) Suna & Inan Kirac Kaleici Museum: This small museum in Antalya city is the most prominent ethnographic museum. It is an ideal place to delve into the trivial customs of the Ottoman Empire. There are exhibits of life-size dioramas that depict these customs. You can also have a closer look at the Canakkale ceramics.

3) Antalya Toy Museum: This museum interests kids and adults equally. This museum is quite new and well-established. There are more than 1500 toys on the display that are selectively picked from the auctions around the globe.

Antalya Reviews

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Reviewed: 20 Jul 2020
It was truly one magical trip we had with the team of Thrillophilia. As also we were completely dependent upon them and I must say they are reliable and trust worthy for your trip and everything related to it. Thank you.
Giriraaj Shah
Reviewed: 20 Jul 2020
It is beautiful country to visit, with various beautiful places with natural diversity. Loved the places and how it was managed.
Pushti Bandopadhyay
Reviewed: 26 Jun 2020
We were very satisfied with the arrangement of the tour during our stay in Istanbul. the tour guides were very friendly. The transport transfer was efficient. The hotels where we stay was great and comfortable.
Kin Naik
Reviewed: 26 Jun 2020
It was exactly as advertised and advised from the flights to tours to tour guides for a superb unforgettable experience.
Vishwamitra Chaturvedi
Reviewed: 19 Dec 2019
This is a great and amazing trip for 9 days of Magical Turkey, Istanbul, Kusadasi Antalya organized by Thrillophilia... The best part was the team to whom we had a word in planning our trip they were very polite, friendly, and professional with their work... they make us understand every detail of t... Read More
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