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About Cappadocia

The historical region in Central Anatolia, the heartland of what is now known as Turkey, Cappadocia City is bounded by historical regions of Lycaonia to the Southwest, and Galatia to Northwest. Also, during your trip to Turkey, you will have the opportunity of experiencing this spectacular land to its fullest. Valley, Hills, all types of rocks, and chimney formations in vibrant colors display traces of the history that today offers grounds for amazing activities far away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities.

There is a reason behind the popularity of Cappadocia Tourism among local and international visitors too as there are many sightseeing attractions to witness in the city like Byzantine era rock-cut churches along with spectacular frescoes, villages carved out of hillsides, and also the labyrinthine underground cities, where once the early Christians hid from the invaders. Whether you are visiting here with your friends or family, you will have the best time of your life at this mesmerizing place that is dotted with substantial rock formations and crisscrossed with spectacular valleys. 

Lucky for you, Cappadocia is the magical wonderland filled with numerous exciting things to do that both history buffs and nature lovers can appreciate. There is a lot of hiking in this city that will at least take you 1 week to explore every diverse hiking trail here. Also, you can have an amazing hot air balloon ride that will live up to your expectations. Due to the high altitude and inland location, this city has a noticeably continental climate, along with snowy cold winters and dry hot summers. It is hugely semi-arid and rainfall is infrequent in the region. Both the winter and summer season in Cappadocia can have severe cold and heat. Although there is often snow accumulation of about 20-30 cm, it won’t hinder sightseeing trips held in the area.

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Cappadocia FAQ's

Which are the best attractions to visit in Cappadocia?

1. Kaymakli Underground City
In case you have decided to tour Turkey and search for the best places to visit in Cappadocia, don’t miss the tour of this exceptional underground city. The locals of Kaymakli village have built their homes around almost 100 tunnels of this underground city.

This region’s inhabitants still utilize the most suitable places in tunnels as storage areas, stables, and cellars that they access by the courtyards. While Kaymakli underground city contains 8 floors below the ground, you can only visit 4 of them in which spaces are well-organized around the ventilation shafts. 

Location - Kaymakli
Entry Fee/Price – 15 Turkish Lira
Timings –
- May-October: 8 AM-6 PM
- November-April: 8:30 AM-5:30 PM

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2. Goreme Open-Air Museum
Just outside of the Goreme Village is this UNESCO-protected site, the monastery cluster of monk-cells and rock-cut churches that hold amazing frescoes. There are many chapels and churches within this complex, however, the most significant are Apple Church (Elmali Kilise), with the Ascension fresco above the door and the chapel of St. Barbara (Azize Barbara Sapeli), with the red-ochre internal decoration. The majority of its churches are more than 1000 years old however have been preserved well that colors of its paintings are still deep and bright. 
Location – Merkez, Muze Cd., Goreme 50180
Entry Fee/Price – 45 Turkish Liras (free for kids under 8 years)
Timings – 8 AM-5 PM
3. Ihlara Valley
This verdant, narrow valley at the bottom of 100 meters deep gorge in rage Southwest Cappadocia is a perfect place for all the nature lovers out there. During the Byzantine period, Ihlara valley was the favored retreat for the hermetic monk communities, who sculpted monastery complexes and churches into the cliff face. The Fragrant Church (Kokar Kilise), Snake Church (Yilanli Kilise), and St. George Church (Kirk Dam Alti Kilise) are the best 3, however, there are many others to witness along the way.
Location - 68500 Ihlara/Güzelyurt/Aksaray
Timings –
- 8 AM-7 PM (from 1st April-1st October)
- 8 AM – 5:30 PM (from 1st October – 1st April) 
- The valley is closed on Tuesdays. 
4. Zelve Open Air Museum
This Museum once accommodated one of the biggest communities in Cappadocia and in addition to this, it is a spectacular cave town that is combed with the dwellings, secular and religious chambers. A lot of fascinating chapels are there to view such as Grape Church (Uzumlu Kilise) being the most pristine and the rather scenic rock-cut mosque. However, this site’s real joy is winding down its cliffside paths, taking a good look at the beautiful vistas over the nearby countryside, and exploring the cave dwellings’ fire-blackened interiors.
Location - Ayd?nl? Mahallesi, Yavuz Sk. No: 1 D: No: 1, 50180 Aktepe/Avanos/Nev?ehir
Entry Fee/Price – 10 Turkish Liras (3 Turkish Liras for parking)
Timings –
- Summers: 8AM-7 PM
- Winters: 8AM-5PM

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5. Uchisar Castle
Riddled with the tunnels, Uchisar Castle was used by villagers for centuries as the place of refuge when the enemy armies outstripped the neighboring plains. It is situated at the region’s highest point on the Nevsehir-Goreme road and is only approximately 5 km away from the Goreme city.

When you would travel to its top, be prepared to witness a splendid panorama of the adjacent area along with the Mount Erciyes in the distance. Enjoy the most magnificent view of the striking fairy chimneys and nearby towns with your friends and family. 
Location - Tekelli, 50240 Uçhisar/Nev?ehir Merkez/Nev?ehir
Entry Fee/Price – 8 Turkish Liras
Timings – 8AM – Sunset 
6. Derinkuyu Underground City
This underground city has more than 8 floors of underground, carved rock and is believed to house 20,000 people at one time. It is the region’s deepest underground shelter. Just like Kaymakli, Derinkuyu Underground city was utilized by early Christians for hiding from attack. There is also a vast chapel area along with several storages and living areas for exploration in the below-ground maze.
Location – Derinkuyu district, Nevsehir Province 
Entry Fee/Price – 15 Turkish Liras
Timings –
- 8 AM-7 PM (summer)
- 8 AM-5 PM (winter) 

7. Rose Valley
In this valley, the rippling and rolling rock face arc out throughout the countryside into the palette of yellow, orange, and pastel pink cliffs that are formed through a volcanic explosion in addition to the millennia of water erosion and wind.

Three individual attractions within this valley are Church of the Cross (Hacli Kilise), with the mammoth cross carved into cave ceiling, Columned Church (Kolonlu Kilise), and Church of the 3 crosses Uc Hacli Kilise, with the incredibly preserved ceiling carvings and interesting frescoes. Besides its bold beauty, Rose valley is also the paradise for hikers since there are a plethora of adventurous trekking trails. 
Location - Goreme Yolu Uzeri 
Entry Fee/Price – 6 Turkish Lira

8. Cavusin
One of the most aged settlements in the region is this village that lies midway between Goreme and Avanos, just at the foot of the Aktepe Mountain. The major attractions in Cavusin are 2 attractive Byzantine churches. By the entrance of the town is Cavusin Church, also called the Big Pigeon House Church that comes with the pretty interiors of the frescoes. In its old village center, after hiking high up on a ridge above the derelict houses’ tumble, is the St. John The Baptist’s Church. 

Location – Nevsehir Province

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Which are the famous things to do in Cappadocia?

1. Horse Riding
Get on the Arab horse or Anatolian horse’s back and take a tour of the unique landscape in Cappadocia. Choose between 2 or 4 trail rides and take a tour to various fascinating mountains and valleys. Feel free to ride among walnut, apricot, and apple orchards and you will also get the chance to meet local Turks while crossing the ancient villages. Get ready to enjoy the trail ride to escape the crowds for getting an authentic and unique tour experience through exceptional Cappadocia. 
Location – Meskendir Valley, Words Valley, Love Valley, and Rose Valley
2. Take a Hot-Air Balloon Ride
Viewing Cappadocia’s dramatic landscape from the ground is one thing, however, get ready to witness an entirely new experience by viewing it from above by taking the hot-air balloon ride. Soaring above the substantial rock formations and valleys, floating among the 100 other multi-colored hot air balloons, and peeking into caves and pigeon holes is nothing short of picturesque.

Location – Goreme, Ihlara Valley
Entry Fee/Price – $140-$250
3. Love Valley Trail to the Uchisar Castle
From the entrance to the Love Valley to the Uchisar Castle, this walk is 5 Km and it will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. You can conveniently hike through the Love Valley to Uchisar while passing by the well-known stunning rock formations up close.

Make sure to bring along a tiny backpack with sufficient water (a huge water bottle for every person must suffice), lightweight rain jacket, hat, cell phone with the downloaded offline map, snacks, athletic shoes, and camera. 

Location - 50180 Göreme/Nev?ehir Merkez/Nev?ehir
4. Trek to the Ihlara Valley
Do not waste your time wondering what to do in the region and take a trek to the Ihlara valley, the most popular Cappadocia attraction. Along the trek extending up to 16 km, you will experience the region’s best sceneries.

For some hours, you can forget that you are out in the desert, dry as you will experience the forest’s sounds while walking beneath the tree arches, clambering over the boulders and strolling through grassy openings. The wildflowers of every imaginable color paint the path’s sides to lead the eyes off your trail and toward those towering cliffs on either side of the gorge.
Location - 68570 Ihlara/Güzelyurt/Aksaray

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5. Go on the moonlight tour to discover Gulludere Valley
Regarded as one of the most fun things to do in the region is trekking under the moonlight into the magical valleys of Cappadocia, during the full moons. The region’s magical landscape, along with the serene night, transforms an ordinary hike into an inspiring experience. Argos and Uzunetap Culture organize the walks between April & October. This tour begins at 8:30 PM in front of the Royal Balloon in Goreme.
Location – In Front of Royal Balloon, Goreme
Entry Fee/Price – 150 Turkish Liras
Timings – Tour begins at 8:30 PM
6. Pigeon Valley Hiking Trail
Follow the path along picturesque valleys as you know about the natural habitat’s history that dates back to the 4th century. Please note that this region is known for the spectacular hiking trails and that is why you should give it a try.

You will be able to go on the nature hike through following the directions, and you will not feel like having to hire the tour guide. Along this route, you will witness earth pillars, ancient paintings, cave dwellings, and, needless to say, pigeons.
Location - A?a??, Adnan Menderes Cd. No: 50, 50240 Uçhisar/Nev?ehir Merkez/Nev?ehir
Timings – 10AM-4PM
7. Hike in the Zemi Valley
Hiking in the Zemi Valley offers a few exceptional views of this city. The 6 km hiking trail takes approximately 4-5 hours at a leisurely pace. There are 2 possible routes - begin from Goreme, next to Open Air Museum and then do the loop, or you can follow the linear path for finishing on a road near the Urgup town. Have a nice time hiking through this valley which is full of astonishing rock formations besides having hundreds of the fairy chimneys. 
Location – Goreme
8. Golf the Ball
The national park, Cross Golf utilizes landscape’s natural features for challenging even the highly experienced golfers. Every year, from May to October, Cross Country Golf Tournaments are organized. Whether you have an undying love for golf or you are just a casual admirer of this game, golfing amid attractive rock formations, fairy chimneys, and the unique landscapes will give you a memorable experience. 
Location - Yukar? Mahalle Göreme cad. No.33 Uchisar, 50240 Merkez/Nev?ehir
Timings – 8AM-6PM 

9. Join Cappadox Festival
In the past 5 years, Cappadox Festival has hosted the likes of Sun Ra Arkestra, Dhafer Youssef, Mercan Dede, Acid Pauli, Karsu, Husnu Senlendrici, Mum and Rhye. It is held in only the even-numbered years, hence called biennial festival.

This festival merges nature walks, music, gastronomy events, and yoga into a 1-week extravaganza with the blend of Cappadocia’s authentic beauty and modern culture. Feel free to join yoga sessions, cycling, and nature walks for exploring the area. Also, there are running activities at a comfortable pace.

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What are the most romantic things to do in Cappadocia?

1. Going on the Turkish Tea Date
There is no better way to soothe your mind with your better half than sipping Turkish tea as it is an instant way to relax and destress yourself so that you can have a heart-to-heart conversation with each other. So, kick back to slow down from the region’s frenetic scenes, go to a cafe with incredible views of the city and enjoy this delicious drink while confessing your never-ending love to the partner. 
2. Watch hot air balloon rides at the time of sunrise
Whether you are a mush pot or not, climbing to your hotel’s rooftop with your better half and viewing sunrise with hot air balloons as the backdrop will leave you feeling lovey-dovey. Have you noticed that whenever you google pictures of this region, you see those beautiful images of cute couples watching over hot air balloons from the rooftop? If yes, then you know what we are talking about.

3. Explore Love Valley
When it comes to getting your full dosage of romance, there is no better place than this valley. Situated in Goreme, the formations in this valley are like the phallic-looking structures.  This is a cute area and there are plenty of sections where you can enjoy the private time along with reminiscing on the budding love between both of you. 
4. Witness sunset at the Red Rose Valley
This valley’s rock formations can be seen throughout the city and when you view the sunset here with your partner, this place becomes the definition of romance for you. Head to Red Rose Valley nearly 1 hour before sunset. Take along your picnic basket, find a spot to relax, and watch as the sun sets while walking hand-in-hand with your better half.

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5. Stay in the stone room or a cave
The stone rooms and cave are quite cozy along with being romantic due to the way they are constructed. Moreover, staying in the cave room comes with all the comforts i.e., comfortable beds, private modern bathroom, central heating, flat-screen satellite Television, maybe even the kitchenette, and Wi-Fi Internet. Some of the suites are royally outfitted and a few of them provide you with private fireplaces and living rooms. 
6. Enjoying a date night in the traditional Turkish Restaurant
A date night in the traditional Turkish restaurant with your significant other is all you need to spice up your love life. Be it your anniversary or your partner’s birthday, you can easily get the last minute reservation at the fancy, popular traditional restaurant in Cappadocia and make this your memorable day. In terms of food choices, you have a lot to choose from i.e., pottery kebab or testi, simple kebabs, Lahmacun, Menemen, Corba, and Baklava etc.
7. Take pictures at Galerie Ikman
From scenic tea cafes to Stoney backdrops, Galerie Ikman is a lot of couples’ favorite spots. Take out your camera, click some amazing pictures with your partner as you feel like Princess Jasmine sitting on the magic carpet with your Aladdin. Ceiling to the floor and wall-to-wall of intricate and beautiful carpets, a few even historical, this place is an ideal one for capturing some perfect shots.

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Why is Cappadocia so famous?

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of Cappadocia City is because of its regular hot air balloon flights. Each morning, (if weather permits), you can see a lot of balloons filling the sky which is a magical sight. From lunar landscapes to fairy chimneys, and natural spears which protrude in the sky, you will be mesmerized by its landscape.

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How to reach Cappadocia?

By Flight –
Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport is the nearest one located at the distance of 43.5km from the main city. It is also connected to other nearby cities like Antalya and Istanbul through service providers like Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines. 

By Train –
Kayseri is well connected to the whole country through rail. 

By Road –
In case you plan on traveling by road, hire the taxi or private car from cities such as Ephesus, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmi, in addition to Antalya and then head to the city. You can also take direct buses to Goreme and the region’s other places. This way, you can also admire the natural beauty and scenic roads while driving through quaint neighboring cities adjoining the region.

When is the best time to visit Cappadocia?

The best time for going to Cappadocia is from the end of April to June and also, September & October. Days are warm and nights are cool during this period along with a possibility of rain. If you don’t want to miss balloon flights, avoid visiting Cappadocia during April’s first few weeks as due to plenty of winds, the flights can be cancelled.

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Do I need a visa for Cappadocia?

If you are a citizen of a country like Austria, Australia, Canada, Belgium, India, China, Mexico, Ireland, Norway, The Netherlands, South Africa, Portugal, The UK & USA, Taiwan, and Spain, then you require a visa for Cappadocia. Furthermore, you can apply for E-visa online at Turkish diplomatic missions or can also be acquired through interactive kiosks that are available in Turkish airports.

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Is Cappadocia a safe city?

Walking in the valleys of Central Cappadocia is an amazing experience and must not be missed, however, solo travelers not wanting to hire the guide must buddy up before traversing through more isolated areas.

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How many days are enough for Cappadocia?

2-3 days in Cappadocia is the perfect amount of time for fully exploring this region. View every big site like Goreme Open Air Museum or Kaymakli Underground City. Fix one entire day for a bit of hiking and then you can go for a hot air balloon ride or explore the nightlife of the city.

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How is the weather in Cappadocia?

This region has a continental climate, along with cold winters and hot/warm summers, usually with notable snowfall. Cappadocia’s climate is temperate and warm. From May to Late June, and sometimes, until early July, you will notice cool nights and warm days while in the spring season, the average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. You will witness some snowfalls in the winter season with 15 cm being a lot for a single storm and, on the other hand, summers are hot and dry but not oppressive.

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How to reach Cappadocia from India?

To reach Cappadocia from India, you will have to first take a flight to Istanbul and then from there, you can choose to travel through any buses which daily run to Cappadocia. The direct flights from New Delhi and Mumbai are operated by Turkish Airlines and Air India. From every other international airport, flights have connecting routes to Istanbul.

Is Cappadocia expensive?

On average, you should expect to spend approximately TRY116 (INR 1384) per day on the tour as this is the standard daily rate. Meals for 1 day will cost you TRY26 (INR 310) and local transportation will charge you TRY24 (INR 286). For a couple, the hotel’s basic rate is TRY99 (INR 1181). Thereby, your Cappadocia trip will charge you TRY1622 (INR 19356), on average.

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Is hot air balloon in Cappadocia worth it?

Hot air balloon in Cappadocia is worth your time and money. After all, to quietly fly over colorful and unbelievably shaped rock formations is once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience! As the hot air balloons’ kaleidoscope majestically glides across the Anatolian sky, they dip, rise, along with dodging each other, and fairy chimneys in their paths.

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Where is the hot air balloon in Cappadocia?

The hot air balloon in Cappadocia is on Müze Cd. No: 46/1, Göreme, 50180 Göreme/Nev?ehir Merkez/Nev?ehir. Furthermore, there are several hot air balloons to opt from as per your preferences in terms of balloon’s capacity, cost, and length of the flight.

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How far is Cappadocia from Istanbul?

The distance between Istanbul and Cappadocia is 567 km. When it comes to road distance, it is 735.4 km. You can also go to Cappadocia through the plane, high-speed trains that connect Istanbul with Konya and Ankara via Eskisehir, the night bus or by car.

What is the local food of Cappadocia?

Try out the tasty “pottery kebab” based on vegetables and meat cooked in the terracotta jars. Do not miss the signature recipe of Kayseri which would give a retreat to your taste buds. Also, Turkish Manti is a great dish to try as what makes it different from the normal Manti is that it is stuffed with meat along with the cheese version which looks just like ravioli.

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Is Cappadocia safe at night?

Yes, Cappadocia is safe at night however, it is suggested to avoid unlit roads and valleys between the villages in the evenings.

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How much is a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia?

As per the company you choose along with several people in a basket, the hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia can cost you between 130-180 Euros per person.

What can you do in Cappadocia in one day?

Once you land at the airport, after having breakfast, you can go for the hot air balloon ride. However, you have to make sure that reservations have been made. Take any one of the tours i.e., Blue/Green/Red Tour as each one of them consists of different places to visit. At night, be a part of the Turkish Culture Night, Dinner & Show and then head to your nearest airport or bus station.

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What are the traveler tips for Cappadocia?

1. Bring your hiking shoes to the city
Traveling this region means that a few trails will be slippery slopes.

2. Take Vitamin C in addition to the Cold Medicine
Cappadocia rocks’ volcanic ash material can cause you the issue of sore throat and that is why having the medicine beforehand will help you in time. 

3. Give the trip at least 4 days
Yes, you can do a handful of it independently through scooter, on foot, or bus, you might also wish to visit the hike trails for witnessing more sights. 

4. Release the inner troglodyte and check into the region’s cave hotels -
View the beauty of this city from a different perspective altogether.

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Which are the best shopping places in Cappadocia?

1. Goreme
The tribal stack in the form of historical accuracy, simple handiwork, and artwork takes the cake in terms of having the most amazing carpets accessible in the area. This place also provides you with an extensive collection of contemporary, classy, and delectable handmade ceramic products. These items come in both traditional and modern selections, and that is why there is something to appeal to both the old-school and trendy tourists. 
2. Kayseri|
Head to the well-known market in Kayseri to look for every requirement regarding retail items, household products etc. Set in ornate archways of Cappadocia's oldest buildings, Kapali Carsi is a vibrant life-force of the enterprising locals, who advertise there, often handmade wares.
3. Uchisar
As a tourist in this city, you would love to go through the handy and small collection of vines that are displayed outside. In the mood for wine tasting? Well, the Kocabag Wine Shop should be your next stop. At the main road of its town square, stocks of several types of wines and free wine tastings appeal to tourists from every part of the country. 
4. Pottery and Ceramics at Avanos
Situated at Ceramics Quarter, the Pottery Workshop also houses the popular Hair Museum. Avanos has a lot of shops where you can buy the most famous pieces like ancient Hittite imitation pieces which include donut-shaped wine bottles along with its colorful designs and unique shape. 
5. Soganli Village Bez Bebekleri
The Soganli village is a bit further out from Nevesehir towards Kayseri and is famous as a place where decorative dolls in conventional dress are sold all over Cappadocia. In case you buy any hand-made doll while shopping in the city, it can beat a mass-produced fairy-chimney ornament along with helping the local economy as well. You can also get a lot of handcrafted products at discounted rates, especially in winters as you can buy thick socks and gloves. 
6. Onyx Gemstone Items, Uchisar
There are a lot of items here that are crafted from Onyx, which is a gem from Cappadocia City that magnificently reflects light. In a rush? Don’t worry as all the shopping in this region can be done at the well-known Ozler Art Center. From Tobacco to fairy chimney ornaments, and jewelry, you can buy a lot of things during your stay in Uchisar.

What are the best adventure activities to do in Cappadocia?

1. Jeep Safari
The Jeep Safaris start from the city of Goreme for taking you away from crowds to this region’s least visited and most spectacular places. The routes might vary but the majority of them visit Pigeon Valley, Uchisar, Cavusin, Gomeda Valley after leaving Goreme. 

Make sure to choose open-top jeeps for getting an unobstructed view of the churches, valleys, along with other cultural high spots. Time to discover the amazing old structures and hidden charms of the city in addition to checking out a lot of cave hotels.
2. Take an exceptional sunset Hot Air Balloon Ride
As the sun gradually sets over the nearby slopes with creative rock formations, it makes for the splendid panorama. In case you are not scared of heights, you can jump into the hot air balloon basket for floating above the ancient lunar landscape at the perfect time of sunset. Soaring above significant rock formations and valleys, floating among the many multi-colored hot air balloons, and peeking into caves and pigeon holes will be a spectacular experience of your life. 
3. Trek through the city
One of the picturesque and best-marked trails run from Goreme Village's outskirts through Love and Pigeon valleys, walking through cinder cones and fairy chimneys to Uchisar Village. Here, you can visit the Uchisar Castle for a brilliant view over Cappadocia or enjoy lunch in one of the several cave cafes. 

Or, you can also go for a relatively simple trail that passes through Ihlara valley besides taking you along Melendiz river. You can also go for a trek to Uchisar Castle where the path first leads you into the castle’s caves before you emerge for walking up the stairs on its exterior.
4. Go for ATV Riding through the region’s landscape
The ride begins in Swords Valley and then makes its way to Rose Valley and Red Valley, where one can view the Cavusin ghost village that has hugely been abandoned since the 1950s. Given Cappadocia’s rough terrain, the ATV is a nice option for helping you traverse through the region’s rock formations and natural wonders. With a nice balance of flats and hills, dirt roads that stretch for miles in each direction, and great scenery, this region is the best place for ATV riding. 
5. Horseback Riding
Opt for between the 2 or 4-hour trail ride to traverse through a lot of fascinating mountains and valleys, ride among walnut, apple, and apricot orchards in addition to meeting the local Turks while crossing ancient villages. During day trips, you will be taken past the iconic areas which include Gulludere valley, Kizilcukur valley, Baglidere, Kiliclar valleys, and Ask valley. This activity calls for brave people as the trails often run sharply down or up the loose scree slopes, under the bright sun, and over the dry land.

What is there to do in Cappadocia at night?

1. Visit Angel Cafe Bistro Bar
This cafe cum bar also provides you with one of the most amazing Turkish live music performances in the region which will calm your mind and will teleport you to the other dimension. You cannot even imagine the best nightlife in Cappadocia without Booze as it is a significant ingredient and this is what Angel Cafe Bistro Bar is a pro at providing.

Regarded as a “cool” place by most of the customers, affordable prices and great service is what make this place more extraordinary. This is the perfect place to visit at night after a long, tiring day of exploration and enjoy the best nightlife in Cappadocia. 
2. Enjoy Cappadocia Sunset & Night Tour along with Dinner
Explore the magnificence of the region at night during the private tour which features various famous sightseeing destinations that shine once the sun goes down. During the night, set out for the Uchisar Castle to watch the sunset.

Then, you can head to the overlooks in Ortahisar, Urgup, and Goreme for gazing over otherworldly landscapes. Make sure to stop for the dinner at the local restaurant, and then you can finish with a visit to Cavusin and Avanos. 
3. Explore La Vita Cafe Pub
With the availability of decent soundtracks, this pub also hosts frequent live music evenings for the guests. As far as the atmosphere is concerned, it is warm and lively, rates are appropriate, and wines are delicious. The tourists and travelers come back here again and again especially for the hot wine and fireplace as its ambiance will give you a homely feeling. Time to spend your night in the region by chilling out your friends, have some drinks, and groove on the tunes of the amazing Turkish Music.
4. Visit Cafe Safak
Famous among the locals and the tourists for its meatballs, latte’s, daily specials, and wholesome lentil soup, this place is a must-visit on your trip to Cappadocia. They also make scrumptious sandwiches and gozleme, savory pancakes and also include the choco-banana combo apart from whipping up the picnic packs for hikers who head to the stunning valleys.

Here, nights wear different shades every day of the week. In a nutshell, Cafe Safak brings you everything which makes for the best mood setter so that your night at one of the most beautiful places in the world remains a memorable one. 
5. Relish the beauty of Turkish Night
In case you are only visiting the region for a short while, you might like to pre-arrange the night out which is a fine example of what you can do in this stunning region. Be a part of the Turkish Night Show to experience the traditional dances and Turkish culture. Also, there will be a live music performance by a conventional custom band. Enjoy folk dances from distinctive parts of the country, Traditional Turkish Wedding Ceremony, Belly Dancer, and Fire Dance.

Which are the best areas to stay in Cappadocia?

1. Goreme
For all intents and purposes, it is the center for all tourism in the region and thereby is the sensible choice in case this is your first visit to the city. Also, do not forget to check out the exceptional genuine rock formations at the Devrent Valley. 

2. Uchisar
The most amazing Uchisar hotels provide you with exceptional views of the fairy chimneys landscape as this is the highest point in the region. If you are someone who would love to stay in a luxury hotel that offers you awesome views of the city, then head to Uchisar as in this town, there are a lot of lavish hotels to stay. 

3. Urgup
When it comes to Cappadocia Tourism, this place is for a person who likes things local, however, equipped with the latest amenities. Needless to say, wandering through the Instagrammable, the magical old town of the area won’t disappoint you. 

4. Cavusin
It is best for visitors looking for a quieter remote stay, access to the views of sunrise balloons and hikes. If you are someone who is looking to stay in a calm location within the national park itself, then Cavusin is the perfect option for you. 

5. Avanos
Staying in Avanos will make you feel as if you almost have the town to yourself as you can conveniently wander around narrow lanes that snake up into Anatolian hills. Recently, this town has become a lot busier appealing to not only the foreign tourists but also the Turks from nearby popular cities who flock there for a weekend getaway.

Which are the famous museums in Cappadocia?

1. Zelve Valley Open Air Museum
Being a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is also one of the most famous places to view in Cappadocia City where travelers might experience wide and sharp-pointed fairy chimneys. 
2. Goreme Open Air Museum
This museum is the rocky settlement area that has hosted the extreme monastery life between the 4th-13th centuries D.C. The region also forms the valley which includes chapels, churches, sitting rooms, and dining halls at rock-cut blocks. 
3. Chez Galip Hair Museum
The private museum situated in Avanos, this is among the most fascinating museums across the world, having over 16,000 women’s hair samples being exhibited here. Every part of this museum is covered with hair’s locks from women along with the addresses on those papers which hold on these hair locks. 

4. Cappadocia Museum of Art & History – Doll Museum
Over 2000 pieces of Turkey and across the world’s handmade dolls in their innovative costumes, the historical star windows, rooms, yards, accessories, and dorms of the mansion, and wall paintings of the Kostas Meletiyadis can be appreciated at this museum.

What are the best landscapes in Cappadocia?

1. Pasabag
Take out some time for exploring the area as you will get a lot of scenic locations for getting stunning shots. Follow the way to the ridge’s top for getting an incredible view. 
2. Cavusin Village
This old village is located between Goreme and Avanos towns. In today’s era, you can view several abandoned houses here. Though not a lot of tourists visit this little village however those who do get the opportunity of taking in the real Turkish scenery.  
3. Red Valley’s Sunset Point
Do not just leave the spot after the sun sets as it gets even better after sunset since it gets a bit empty. In case the red valley is not red enough, things get a bit crazy after sunset. 

4. The Hot Air Balloon Landing Site
Balloons have different landing sites as per the wind’s direction. Before you head to the site, ask the hotel manager or balloon company regarding the landing site for that specific day. 
5. Uchisar Castle
It is on Uchisar’s highest point while it also overlooks nearby towns. This looks as if the aliens created it in a rush while not paying any heed to symmetry.

What are the places in Cappadocia from where I can see amazing views?

1. Pigeon Valley
Stretching between Uchisar and Goreme, this valley houses several ancient hollowed-cut dovecotes and a lot more pigeons. Make sure to keep the lunch packed away or you will find yourself in the feathered frenzy. 
2. Balloon Launch Site
In case you go on the balloon flight or are planning to spend some mornings in the city, visit the site where balloons take off. This is an amazing spot for getting an incredible close up of the dozens of spectacular balloons. 
3. Love Valley
Cappadocia is well-known for the volcanic rock formations. Also, you will witness the most unique examples from the Love Valley lookout. 
4. Goreme Sunset Point
Goreme is an interesting mix of modern buildings and ancient dwellings in Cappadocia City, a sight specifically admired from Sunset Point.
5. Ortahisar Castle
There is a reason why this castle is one of the major reasons behind the increasing significance of Cappadocia tourism. You will have a crystal clear view of the region from Ortahisar Panorama. The precariously settled houses sweep up the mountainside towards crowning glory i.e., Ortahisar Castle.

What are the best adventure activities to do in Cappadocia?

The whole town offers its visitors a diverse option of adventurous tours as well as activities. While some general events can easily be found in other corners of the world, there are some unique activities which make the adventures at Cappadocia stand out of that lot the activities are:

1. Flying Expedition at Goreme: The joy ride of hot air balloons starts at five in the morning and is one of the most adventurous things to do in Cappadocia. The tourism department has licensed several agencies offering flying expeditions in the valley at competent rates. All you need to do is book yourself a package and board the flying balloon. With your aircraft being kilometers high from the town itself, you can also perform jumping activities, an exciting adventure in itself.

2. Traveling through the Underground Cities: The towns of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu have several underground passages offering detours to the infamous underground cities. The narrow and squeezing caverns have some spooky aura around themselves. With towns such as Kayamakli, the tourists get into an adventure tour of passing through narrow caverns, squeezing passages, and hard to cross pathways hidden underneath. There are some caves, and restricted places allowed with special permission, the adventurer in you is surely going to love traveling the situation around.

3. Hiking down the Valleys: Hiking is among the top-rated adventurous things to do in Goreme Valleys. The offloaded valleys such as Rose Valley, Red Valley are some of the best scenic attractions, but the significant perks out there are walking through the steeps. While hiking through these valleys, you would get the one of a kind experience of walking in between the hard-cut rocks and the lows and highs of the narrow valley.

4. Trekking: Trekking through all four significant cities of Cappadocia town is a popular activity among all the tourists. People usually travel down the Uchisar Castle and some other renowned valley to have the bird-eye view of the whole town. Moreover, people also opt for trekking through the valleys of Goreme and see intricate moonscapes and rock-carvings of the ancient civilization.

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Cappadocia Reviews

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Siddharth Sathiaseelan
Reviewed: 30 Oct 2022
Cappadocia was great ! Stayed @Tekkaya Cave hotel which gave us the cave livin feeling as the hotel rooms are all built into the rocks . The hotel gives a good view of the hot air balloons which was definitely the highlight of the stay. Tour of North Cappadocia which included views of the Goremme,... Read More
Siddharth Sathiaseelan
Siddharth Sathiaseelan
Siddharth Sathiaseelan
Siddharth Sathiaseelan
Siddharth Sathiaseelan
Siddharth Sathiaseelan
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Shyama Patnaik
Reviewed: 17 Jul 2022
Once we were in the air, the experience was magical. The pilot took us to almost 900 ft high and the view was superb. The sunrise view was magnificent. The pilot was very friendly and engaging. However, the pilot did not take us to see the fairy chimneys from the top. According to the pilot, the win... Read More
Shyama Patnaik
Shyama Patnaik
Shyama Patnaik
Shyama Patnaik
Shyama Patnaik
Shyama Patnaik
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Rohan Singhi
Reviewed: 14 Sep 2022
Awesome Time, everything was perfect from the pick up to Flight experience. 
Rohan Singhi
Rohan Singhi
Rohan Singhi
Manish Kumar
Reviewed: 24 Aug 2022
It was a wonderful experience. The staff was very helpful. They picked us at 4:50 am and it was good flight experience. The pilot was very funny. He keeps cheering in the whole hot balloon experience.
manish kumar
manish kumar
manish kumar
Shruti Garg
Reviewed: 16 Jul 2022
Hot air balloon Cappadocia was the highlight of my trip to Turkey and thrillophillia made it an awesome experience for us. I was offered the best service ta best price. Couldn't have asked for more.
Adripathi Dutta
Reviewed: 01 Jul 2022
Awesome experience! I loved everything about the hot air balloon ride. The staffs were polite, the pilot was friendly and the ride itself was truly a unique experience. The pilot expertly drove the balloon through the cone-like rocks offering a wonderful view of the landscape and gave us a smooth la... Read More

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