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Turkey Hot Air Ballooning Packages

Duration Price
Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon, Turkey1 hour
INR 260

With Turkey tour packages, set off on a magical journey to see the stunning scenery from a hot air balloon. This hot air balloon ride above Turkey presents you the perfect opportunity to soak in the country's fascinating history, and lively culture. When the sun comes up, its golden rays light up the beautiful landscapes below. As you fly over the fairy chimneys and beautiful valleys, you take in the stunning views. The Turkey hot air balloon ride is fun for people of all ages. As it provides a calm and easy adventure perfect for people of all ages and physical capacities. 

For couples looking for a romantic experience, Turkey honeymoon packages include a hot air ballooning session. You and your partner soar effortlessly above the old cave homes of Goreme Town at sunrise. Then, you see hundreds of other balloons floating above the ground in a setting straight out of a fairy tale. You have to have this experience at least once in your life.

Places to Do Hot Air Balloon Rides in Turkey 

Pamukkale: With its one-of-a-kind scenery, Pamukkale is a breathtaking Turkey hot air balloon place. The Pamukkale Balloon Adventure starts early in the morning and takes you on an amazing trip. Get picked up early to start your trip, and before the flight, enjoy a buffet breakfast. Your professional pilot will show you the most beautiful places in and around Pamukkale. You get to see the "Cotton Castle" a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Enjoy watching the magnificent setup of the balloons while recording special moments. Ascend to about 1000 feet after a safety advisory and enjoy the brilliant colours of a new day. The hour-long flight gives you stunning views of the falls and ruins at Pamukkale. When you get off the plane, party with a glass of champagne in a beautiful setting. You will always treasure and remember this moment. 

Cappadocia: Cappadocia is widely famous for being Turkey's best hot air balloon place. These tours are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to fly over the beautiful landscapes of Cappadocia. These include its fairy chimneys, open-air museums, and rock forms. Hot air balloon tours in Cappadocia usually include a light breakfast. Then, you ride from the hotel to the launch site before dawn. You attend a safety lecture from experienced pilots. 

As the sun rises, you are taken up into the sky and treated to stunning views of the area. From above, you can take beautiful pictures and be amazed by Cappadocia's unique beauty for about an hour. As a way to celebrate your amazing trip, you traditionally raise a glass of champagne on landing. Additionally, hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia are a magical and unforgettable experience. These give you a fresh view of the area's natural beauty.

Best time to go on a Hot air balloon ride in Turkey 

You can go on a hot air balloon ride in Turkey throughout the year.

Peak season: The spring (April to June) and fall (September and October) are the peak seasons to enjoy a hot air balloon ride. With bright skies and quiet winds, the weather in Cappadocia is mild and pleasant during these months. Thus, flying conditions are also perfect. This is the best time to go on a balloon ride as the beautiful scenery of Cappadocia is at its most vivid.

Shoulder season: The shoulder seasons, early spring (March) and late fall (November) are the ideal time to try hot air ballooning. During this time you enjoy a quieter place and cheaper prices. The weather is ideal for flying. Moreover, as there are fewer crowds, the trip is a lot calmer.

Waning season: To save money and to enjoy the cooler weather, you can come during the low season. The winter, from December to February makes for the perfect time to try hot-air ballooning. Even though it's colder, Cappadocia's snowy landscapes make your flight feel magical and enchanted.

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Turkey Hot Air Ballooning FAQs

How long is a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia hot air balloon rides usually last between 45 minutes and three hours. Duration changes depending on the tour plan you pick and the company you book with. For example, a ride in the Standard Program lasts 45 to 65 minutes, while a ride in the Deluxe Program lasts 90 minutes.

What are the important things to keep in mind while experiencing a hot air balloon ride in Turkey?

Check the weather condition and book the flights well before experiencing a seamless hot air balloon ride in Turkey. Plan your calendar and land up a night in Turkey before to cherish the sunrise the next day for witnessing some refreshing views. Also, it is advisable to bring your sunglasses and dress in layers, for added comfort.

How many passengers can fly in a hot air balloon?

A hot air balloon can accommodate a maximum strength of eight people, including the pilot. The size of the hot air balloon decides the number of passengers.

How much does a hot air balloon ride cost in Cappadocia?

The hot air balloon Turkey price ranges from about ₺6,098 (INR 15,749 approx) to ₺11,233 (INR 29,011). You could also reserve the whole balloon for ₺87445 (INR 225844 approx). The hot air balloon Turkey price may also change based on the season you visit.

What is the best time to go for a Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia?

The best time for a relaxing hot air balloon ride in Turkey is between April and November due to a favourable climate, avoiding any flight cancellations.

Is the hot air balloon ride safe?

Yes, Turkey's hot air balloon rides are generally safe. These balloons are checked for safety and are flown by experienced pilots who put your safety first. Additionally, the weather is closely watched, and flights are frequently delayed or rescheduled if the conditions are not good for flying. Furthermore, you are also given information on safety procedures ahead of time. This guarantees a smooth and risk-free flight.

What should I wear on a hot air balloon ride?

Wear apparel that is appropriate for the weather on the day of your Turkey hot air balloon journey. Add layers to your outfit because the temperature of the balloon can change. To be safe, you can wear shoes with closed toes. You must avoid wearing clothes that are too open and could get caught in the balloon's gear. To stay safe in the sun, bring sunglasses, a hat, and apply sunscreen.

Which place is known for the hot air balloon rides in Turkey?

The most famous Turkey hot air balloon place is Cappadocia. It is a beautiful place to go on hot air balloon trips because of its varied landscapes and unusual rock formations. A hot air balloon ride over the stunning Turkish scenery is a popular way for tourists to see this area.

Is a hot air balloon in Cappadocia worth it?

Yes, a Turkey hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia is definitely worth it. It offers you a once-in-a-lifetime experience to float over the exceptional scenery of fairy chimneys, valleys, and rock formations. From above, especially at sunrise, you get to enjoy sweeping views of Cappadocia's open-air museums, and cave hotels.

What is the best month to visit Cappadocia?

April through November are the best months for visiting Cappadocia. The weather is nice at this time of year, and there aren't as many hot air balloon ride cancellations because of high winds. Furthermore, these months are perfect for enjoying outdoor activities and discovering the area's beautiful landscapes.

Turkey Hot Air Ballooning Reviews

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Shyama Patnaik
Reviewed: 17 Jul 2022
Once we were in the air, the experience was magical. The pilot took us to almost 900 ft high and the view was superb. The sunrise view was magnificent. The pilot was very friendly and engaging. However, the pilot did not take us to see the fairy chimneys from the top. According to the pilot, the win... Read More
Shyama Patnaik
Shyama Patnaik
Shyama Patnaik
Shyama Patnaik
Shyama Patnaik
Shyama Patnaik
(2+)View All
Rohan Singhi
Reviewed: 14 Sep 2022
Awesome Time, everything was perfect from the pick up to Flight experience. 
Rohan Singhi
Rohan Singhi
Rohan Singhi
Manish Kumar
Reviewed: 24 Aug 2022
It was a wonderful experience. The staff was very helpful. They picked us at 4:50 am and it was good flight experience. The pilot was very funny. He keeps cheering in the whole hot balloon experience.
manish kumar
manish kumar
manish kumar
Shruti Garg
Reviewed: 16 Jul 2022
Hot air balloon Cappadocia was the highlight of my trip to Turkey and thrillophillia made it an awesome experience for us. I was offered the best service ta best price. Couldn't have asked for more.
Adripathi Dutta
Reviewed: 01 Jul 2022
Awesome experience! I loved everything about the hot air balloon ride. The staffs were polite, the pilot was friendly and the ride itself was truly a unique experience. The pilot expertly drove the balloon through the cone-like rocks offering a wonderful view of the landscape and gave us a smooth la... Read More
Saumik Parikh
Reviewed: 07 Jul 2022
It was awesome and made our life time memories worth remembering 

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