Lone Pine Monument Overview

The Lone Pine Monument in Turkey commemorates the martyrs from the armed forces of Australia and New Zealand who fought in the First World War on the Gallipoli Peninsula. This is a monument that exists as a tribute to their bravery and is a symbol of remembrance and honour. The name of this monument gets its origin from the lone pine tree that was once a part of this battlefield.

 The locals believe that the lone pine tree was the sole witness to the war and represents endurance during adversity and resilience. The monument is located in a serene and calm atmosphere. There is a tall memorial with a plaque and inscriptions that commemorate the fallen soldiers. Visitors can also pay tribute to the fallen soldiers by laying wreaths and flowers as a token of remembrance. The monument also commemorates the resilience of the soldiers that you can consider when reflecting on the deeper understanding about human spirit.  


• Learn interesting trivia about the First World War and the battles fought in the Gallipoli region. 
• Pay tribute to the fallen soldiers from Australia and New Zealand in the Lone Pine Memorial.
• Visit the beaches near the memorial as part of a day trip from the Lone Pine memorial.
• Try out the local cuisine in the restaurant near the memorial while you are visiting the memorial. 
• Check out the nearby war memorials that commemorate the lives of the soldiers who were martyred in the war. 

How To Reach

By Car: The Lone Pine Memorial is 300 kilometres away from Istanbul. If you are planning to spend a day trip to this memorial the journey will take at least 3 to 4 hours. To reach this memorial from Istanbul, take the E84 and keep driving after crossing Tekirdag. However, if you are travelling from Gallipoli, it will take around 50 minutes to reach the spot as the distance from Gallipoli to this place is around 57 kilometres. 

Best Time To Visit

Since the Lone Pine Memorial is open throughout the year, you can plan your visit to this place at any time of the year. 

Months like April, May, September, and October are the best time for visiting this memorial as the weather is more likely to be favourable and pleasant.

The best day in the week will be any weekday as the crowds are most likely to be minimal at this time of the week, giving you more time to spend in the memorial.

The best time of the day would be the morning as you can visit the memorial with minimal crowds. This will also allow you will also have time to check out the surrounding places for a complete day trip.

Other Essential Information

Visitor tips

  • Since this is a monument, you are expected to remain silent while paying tributes as making noise can not only disturb the fellow visitors, but also affect the overall sanctity of the monument.
  • Do not litter the premises as it can spoil the cleanliness of the premises. To keep the place clean, carry your trash home. 
  • Opt for a guided tour to know a lot of interesting facts about the battle and the memorial.
  • There is a local restaurant that you can visit after visiting the memorial to try out the local Turkish food. 
  • This memorial is apt for those planning a day trip from Istanbul, so plan your day accordingly.
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Point of Interest for Lone Pine Monument
Pay respect to the fallen soldiers

Pay respect to the fallen soldiers

As this is a memorial dedicated to the soldiers who were martyred in the first World War, this is one of the most sought after places to pay your tributes. The memorial contains several graves with epitaphs of the fallen soldiers. You can lay a wreath or some flowers in the memorial and spend some time in silence honouring the fallen soldiers. When paying tribute, be mindful of your presence and spend some time in silence. 

Visit the beaches

Visit the beaches

A visit to the Lone Pine Memorial is incomplete without checking out the pristine beaches and the rest of the war memorials, like the CWGC Shrapnel Valley Cemetery and Shell Green Cemetery. Some of the most prominent beaches in this place include Kabatepe Pier that you can check out. Most of these places are nearby and come with a serene and calm atmosphere that you can visit to unwind after visiting the Lone Pine Memorial. 

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