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What You Should Know More About Spain

  • About the destination

    Spain is a country with diverse culture. It ends at the coast of Mediterranean sea. Spain is popular for its exotic landscape view, vibrant and active night-life, parties, music, cuisine, culture, and festivals. When you visit Spain to seek its medieval history, you will discover interesting folklore and distinct architecture. Madrid is the capital of Spain and has many historical landmarks with diverse architecture. The inhabitants of Spain are known to be friendly and having a good time. As a tourist, Spain is a country you can explore for night-life, fun times, outdoor activities, historical, art, cultural tours, and more. Spain has autonomous regions and independent cities. The Valencia region and the Balearic Islands are autonomous.

    There are breathtaking beaches with clear waters where you can go beach hiking and enjoy waters ports and other activities. Enjoy different climatic conditions, seaside resorts, clubbing, walking and skiing sites, and trekking in lush green forests. In Spain people speak Spanish, one of the romantic languages in European countries. People also speak in Portuguese, French, Romanian, Catalan, and other medieval languages. There are art museums, basilicas, historical sites, that you can visit in your day time by taking cycling, walking, or bike tours.

  • Travel advice:

    You can take a cruise from France or Scandinavian countries to Spain; travel here by air from most of the countries around the globe. The public transportation is well-connected, and you can hire cars and bikes to commute within the city.

    • Make sure you have all the travel documents in place, have an international licence, and book the rentals in advance.

    • Spain is known for its food, coffee, art, and easy life. When in Spain greet people before and after lunch. A later dinner is usually followed with a stroll on the street.

    • Tipping is a common etiquette followed in Spain. You can tip porters, taxi drivers a small amount when you use their service.

    • It is a good etiquette to carry chocolates and wine when you get invited to anybody’s home for dinner.

    • Spain has variable climate in different regions. Check the climatic conditions before packing clothes and accessories.

    • Pick pocketing and bag snatching is common in Spain. Protect your belongings when in public and crowded places.

    • Do not accept help from strangers on the road.

    • Do not leave your valuables in the car that you hire.

    • Women must take care of their safety when travelling alone, as this country is high on sexual harassment cases for women.

    • Most of the cafés and restaurants in Spain have a Wi-Fi hotspot where you can connect to the internet easily.

    • You are prohibited from smoking in public areas, public transportations, eating joints, clubs, bars, and cafés.

    • Follow all the traffic rules when driving in Spain, as you will be charged on spot should there be a traffic offence.

    • Do not wear shorts in public places or walk home alone in the dark.

    • Do not eat with your hands. Use a fork even to eat a fruit or a hand food.

    • Do not get involved in any illegal activities like drugs, as the penalties are grievous in Spain.

    • Follow all the European dining etiquettes when in Spain. Spain is popular for late dinners. So not expect to dine before 10 pm.

    • Apart from visiting cities, also visit the countryside towns and villages for sightseeing and tourist activities.

  • Drinking laws

    In Spain 16 years of age is the legal drinking age. But if the children are accompanied by parents, they can drink beer or wine.

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    Cities and places to visit

    You can go on sightseeing tours in Madrid and visit the city for its night-life, food, art museums, and architecture. Visit Barcelona for its beaches, historical monuments, art culture, and vibrant night-life. If you love funfair and take a peek at the 4000 year old history, visit Cadiz. Seville is popular for outdoor activities, cathedrals, museums, and Flamenco shows. Valencia is popular for its exuberant night-life, hot springs, beaches, and many tourist places for taking biking and walking tours. If you visit Spain in August, you can participate in the La Tomatina festival in Valencia.

    The Logroño is popular for tapas cuisine and wine bars. The Valladolid is an autonomous community and you can enjoy the night-life and take sightseeing tours of museums and historical sites in daytime. Enjoy the snow capped mountains, monasteries, chapels, and many other historical monuments in Granada.

    Beaches and villages

    Ibiza, Majorca and Mallorca Islands are popular beach islands on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. They are popular for Djs, music, and night-life. Costa Blanca in Alicante province and Costa Brava in Catatonia have sandy and pebble beaches. Tenerife has exotic lush green forests, splendid beaches, and deserts and mountains for sightseeing.

    Outdoor activities

    You can take up rafting in the eastern Pyrenees, canoeying and hiking in Parque Nacional de Ordesa, skiing in Sierra Nevada, and go water skiing on the coastline of Mediterranean Sea. You can take a biking, horseback riding and national park tour in Barcelona.

  • What you will like here?

    Sightseeing, night-life, and food

    Food, culture, and night-life are the best things most of the places in Spain offer. You can also visit Spain to know about their diverse culture, history from medieval to modern times. The cathedrals, plazas, and basilicas are magnificent and not to be missed on your itinerary list of things to do. You can taste paella in Valencia, and pizzas, coffee, pastas, and exotic Spanish food delights at various cafés and restaurants throughout Spain.

    Beaches, water sports and outdoor activities

    Most of the cities, villages, and towns in Spain offer biking and hiking tours within and in and around the city. You can visit the Catatonia, Majorca, Ibiza, and Mallorca for water sports activities, beach walking, and to have the best of nightlife. Clubs in Ibiza invite the most celebrated Djs in the world, and you can groove to their music.

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