Spain Tourism: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2022
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Spain has 17 regions, each with its culture and style. Given the plethora of diversity in one nation, the tourist places in Spain basks in the richness of its culture, history and undoubtedly numerous historical monuments. The country has managed to preserve so much of what the Moors left behind way back from 1609. Subsequently, it has also developed and is keeping up along with the changing global trends in fashion and technology. Consequently, Spain has also been recognized as the safest, most inexpensive and cleanest place in the world for tourism by the World Economic Forum recently. This has been attributed by the country’s balanced offerings in terms of natural and cultural heritage centres and development in all fields leading to convenience.

It hosts some of the most famous monuments of the world, from ancient ones such as Sagrada Familia to comparatively newer attractions like the Guggenheim Museum, making it a great place for history and culture lovers. On the other hand, Spain has also achieved its status amongst nature enthusiasts by preserving and maintaining various natural sites. Adding on to the list of offerings, this country has some of the best beaches of the continents. Whether looking to relax, party your way through your holiday or explore new cultures, Spain has it all. You could never go wrong with your holiday in Spain, provided the planning is done well. These Frequently Asked Questions and answers will help you sort your vacation, when it comes to understanding the tourist places in Spain.

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People Also Ask About Spain

  1. Travel advice:

    You can take a cruise from France or Scandinavian countries to Spain; travel here by air from most of the countries around the globe. The public transportation is well-connected, and you can hire cars and bikes to commute within the city.

    • Make sure you have all the travel documents in place, have an international licence, and book the rentals in advance.

    • Spain is known for its food, coffee, art, and easy life. When in Spain greet people before and after lunch. A later dinner is usually followed with a stroll on the street.

    • Tipping is a common etiquette followed in Spain. You can tip porters, taxi drivers a small amount when you use their service.

    • It is a good etiquette to carry chocolates and wine when you get invited to anybody’s home for dinner.

    • Spain has variable climate in different regions. Check the climatic conditions before packing clothes and accessories.

    • Pick pocketing and bag snatching is common in Spain. Protect your belongings when in public and crowded places.

    • Do not accept help from strangers on the road.

    • Do not leave your valuables in the car that you hire.

    • Women must take care of their safety when travelling alone, as this country is high on sexual harassment cases for women.

    • Most of the cafés and restaurants in Spain have a Wi-Fi hotspot where you can connect to the internet easily.

    • You are prohibited from smoking in public areas, public transportations, eating joints, clubs, bars, and cafés.

    • Follow all the traffic rules when driving in Spain, as you will be charged on spot should there be a traffic offence.

    • Do not wear shorts in public places or walk home alone in the dark.

    • Do not eat with your hands. Use a fork even to eat a fruit or a hand food.

    • Do not get involved in any illegal activities like drugs, as the penalties are grievous in Spain.

    • Follow all the European dining etiquettes when in Spain. Spain is popular for late dinners. So not expect to dine before 10 pm.

    • Apart from visiting cities, also visit the countryside towns and villages for sightseeing and tourist activities.

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  2. When is the best time to visit Spain?

    Spain being large in size has a different weather in different regions.

    • Taking in consideration the whole of Spain, the best time to visit would either be spring, during the months from April to June, or during fall, September and October. These months enjoy good weather for all kinds of activities.
    • However, summers and winters are seen to have extreme weathers, too hot and too cold, and thus the months of July, August, December and January should be avoided for travel to Spain.

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  3. How to reach Spain?

    You will find flights from most metro cities in India to get to Europe. You will have to transit at one stop, usually via the UAE or UK. The most popular flight routes usually taken to Spain are either Barcelona or Madrid.

  4. Do I need a visa for Spain? How does one get a Spanish visa?

    Yes, you need a visa to visit Spain. You can get the Spain Visa or go for the Schengen Visa if you chose to travel to other places in the continent as well.

    You need to get your visa ready before you get there, there is no visa on arrival option available. You can either download and print the visa application form online or head to the Spanish Consulate nearest to your city. You will be required to have some documents ready such as passport validation, tickets confirmation,stay confirmation, etc. Once the consulate approves your document, your visa will be given in a week or two.

  5. What is the currency of Spain and where can I get my money exchanged?

    The currency used in Spain is called the Euro and the currency code is EUR. The most popular currency exchange is from the USD to EUR, with the exchange rate being USD $1.19 = EUR 1. In terms of Indian currency, EUR 1 = INR 76.40. It is always advisable to get your money exchanged at the airport as they always have good currency exchange rates. However, if you happen to need to exchange some money once you are in Spain, the postal banks in postal offices offer the best rates. You tend to lose about 8% to 10T when exchanging at banks or exchange booths.

  6. Which are the major tourist attractions in Spain?

    Spain being large in size, has many destinations to visit with Madrid and Barcelona being the most popular. Even the lesser visited destinations like Ibiza is now growing on the rise as a popular destination among youngsters. Here is a list of the major tourist attractions in Spain:

    • Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
    • Park Guell in Barcelona
    • Alhambra Palace in Granada
    • Casa Mila in Barcelona
    • Teide National Park
    • Royal Palace of Madrid
    • Plaza de Espana in Seville
    • La Rambla Square in Barcelona
    • La Bouqueria Market in Barcelona
    • Camp Nou
  7. What are the things to do in Spain?

    There are a plethora of things that you can do during your visit to Spain. Some of which are:

    • Relax and unwind on the beaches of Barcelona
    • Shop and experience the local culture by walking through La Rambla
    • Party in Ibiza alongside the beautiful water and sand
    • Hike at Picos de Europa
    • Football fans should visit Camp Nou
    • Try the local food at the streets of La Rambla or in La Boqueria
    • Witness the Flamenco show in Seville
    • Watch the famous bull fight
  8. What is the local food of Spain? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    Spain offers its own variety of dishes with a unique taste. The local food of Spain mainly consists of Tapas, Empanadas, Tortilla, Spanish Omelletes, Patata Bravas and Paellas. Some of the best places to taste this food are:

    • Local street food can be found anywhere
    • Can Majo in Barcelona
    • DiverXO in Madrid
    • La Castela in Madrid
    • La Barraca in Madrid
    • Restaurante Oriza in Sevile
    • Food stalls at La Rambla
    • La Boqueria
  9. What is the best public transport to commute around Spain?

    Spain provides very convenient modes of public transports. While private transport like taxi can take you directly to the doorstep of your destination, public transport turns out to be way cheaper. The modes of transport available in Spain are:

    • Metros – daily metro cards cost approximately around EUR 3 (INR 230 or USD 3.5)
    • Trains – ticket depends on the place to travel
    • Buses – EUR 1.50 (INR 115 or USD 1.75)

    The fares may vary according to the city you are in. You could also purchase card packages which may be cheaper.

  10. Do I need to have any vaccinations before the trip to Spain?

    No particular vaccination against illness is required to travel to Spain. However, it is advisable to have had the tetanus shot or any other vaccination program usually recommended before travel to any place.
  11. What is the local language in Spain and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    The local language of Spain is Spanish. Some of the commonly used greetings and sentences that maybe helpful for you are:

    • Hello - Hola
    • Thank you - Gracias
    • Good morning – Buenos Dias
    • Good night- Buenas noches
    • What is the price of this? – Cual es el precio de esto?
    • How far is the place? – a que distancia esta el lugar?
    • How are you? – Como estas?
    • I need help – necesito ayuda
    • See you soon – hasta pronto
    • Could I order...? – podria pedir....?
  12. Which are the best shopping places in Spain and what are they famous for?

    Spain has quite a few good shopping places. Some of the best ones are:

    • Diagonal Mar, Barcelona
    • Maremagnum in Moll D’Espanya – speciality is that it features an outdoor seating with restaurants that have an amazing view overlooking the water.
    • Rambla Catalunya – famous for easy on the pocket goods and the array of restaurants, food stalls and local art it has to offer.
    • Carrer Portaferrissa – famous for its range of designer shops.
  13. Here are the best tips Thrillophilia has to offer for your trip to Spain:

    • If you are visiting the south of Spain, Autumn would be the best time.
    • Summer would be the best time to visit the North of Spain.
    • Keep in mind that the Schengen visa can take up to 2 weeks, so apply on time.
    • Learn some basic Spanish phrases before your visit as English is rarely spoken in some regions of the country.
    • Exchange your currency in your bank before your trip as you might lose money on exchange rates once you get there.
    • A Eurorail pass will make your trip cheaper and more convenient.
  14. When does La Tomatina festival take place?

    La Tomatina is a popular festival that takes place on the last Wednesday of every August. It takes place at the Valencian town of Bunol, East of Spain. It is a festival where tomatoes are thrown at each other purely for fun. The fight lasts for about an hour, after which fire trucks hose down the participants and the whole place with water. Participants are required to buy a ticket to enter the arena and participate in this fun fight.

  15. Which are some famous beaches in Spain?

    Spain being on the coastal region has long stretches of beaches, each special for its own reason. Some of the famous beaches in Spain are:

    • Cala Llenya, Ibiza – good for families
    • Es Trenc, Mallorca – great waves
    • W Beach hotel, Barcelona – great for relaxation
    • Playa de Mazagon, Huelva – good for a tan nap
    • La Concha, San Sebastian – City beach
    • Playa de Illetas – great for relaxing
    • Gandia, Costa Blanca
  16. Which are some famous islands in Spain?

    Spain has a couple of islands perfect for a getaway. Some of the famous islands of Spain are:

    • Minorca – most number of beaches, more privacy available here.
    • Ibiza – known for its’ party scenes.
    • Formentera – popular for nude sunbathing
    • Fuerteventura – popular for windsurfing and kite surfing
    • Lanzarote – Unique setting of a volcanic landscape
    • La Palma – good for hiking treks nearby
    • Grand Canaria – popular beach holiday destination. Excellent place for diving, golf, surfing and hiking.
  17. Where to experience best nightlife in Spain?

    Spain delights in the fact that it has one of the most happening and varied night life scenes in the world. From Madrid’s city lights on all night to Ibiza’s beach parties buzzing with energy, Spain celebrates every night like it’s a festival. Some of the best places to experience nightlife are:

    • Madrid – La latina, Barrio de las Letras, Ananta
    • Barcelona – El Born, The Gothic Quarter
    • Ibiza – Eden, Calo des Moro, Pacha.
    • Marbella – Puerto Banus, Nikki Beach
  18. Which are some famous destinations and adventure sports in Spain?

    A country as large as Spain has 17 regions with varied geography and culture. Some top destinations to visit in Spain are:

    • Barcelona – Gaudi buildings, beach and Tapas
    • Madrid – Capital city hosting the Royal Palace and Prado Museum of Art
    • Ibiza – Night clubs and beaches
    • Seville – famous for flamenco dancing, rich in history.
    • Valencia – Silk exchanges, beaches.
    • Granada -
    • Majorca
  19. How is Spain as a honeymoon destination? What all romantic things can be done in Spain?

    Spain is already a well known tourist destination in Europe, however, it is also picking up as a honeymoon destination. Given its remarkable coastlines, buzzing cities, tranquil towns and a lot of budget friendly activities to do, Spain is a great spot to explore and unwind at for young couples. Some of the romantic things that can be done in Spain are:

    • Rent a bike and roam the beautiful town of Valencia
    • Hot air balloon ride in Barcelona
    • Row a boat in the Parc De La Ciutadella
    • Walk along the shore of The Playa Quemada Beach
    • Take a picnic at Paloma Park in Costa Del Sol
  20. Which are must visit historical monuments in Spain?

    Spain is quite rich in history and has numerous monuments built and left from the period of the Romans and Moors. Some of the must visit monuments in Spain are:

    • The Alhambra in Granada
    • Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
    • Gaudi’s Casa Mila in Barcelona
    • The Great Mosque of Cordoba
    • The Prado and Paseo del Artes in Madrid
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