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What You Should Know More About Spain

  • Travel advice:

    You can take a cruise from France or Scandinavian countries to Spain; travel here by air from most of the countries around the globe. The public transportation is well-connected, and you can hire cars and bikes to commute within the city.

    • Make sure you have all the travel documents in place, have an international licence, and book the rentals in advance.

    • Spain is known for its food, coffee, art, and easy life. When in Spain greet people before and after lunch. A later dinner is usually followed with a stroll on the street.

    • Tipping is a common etiquette followed in Spain. You can tip porters, taxi drivers a small amount when you use their service.

    • It is a good etiquette to carry chocolates and wine when you get invited to anybody’s home for dinner.

    • Spain has variable climate in different regions. Check the climatic conditions before packing clothes and accessories.

    • Pick pocketing and bag snatching is common in Spain. Protect your belongings when in public and crowded places.

    • Do not accept help from strangers on the road.

    • Do not leave your valuables in the car that you hire.

    • Women must take care of their safety when travelling alone, as this country is high on sexual harassment cases for women.

    • Most of the cafés and restaurants in Spain have a Wi-Fi hotspot where you can connect to the internet easily.

    • You are prohibited from smoking in public areas, public transportations, eating joints, clubs, bars, and cafés.

    • Follow all the traffic rules when driving in Spain, as you will be charged on spot should there be a traffic offence.

    • Do not wear shorts in public places or walk home alone in the dark.

    • Do not eat with your hands. Use a fork even to eat a fruit or a hand food.

    • Do not get involved in any illegal activities like drugs, as the penalties are grievous in Spain.

    • Follow all the European dining etiquettes when in Spain. Spain is popular for late dinners. So not expect to dine before 10 pm.

    • Apart from visiting cities, also visit the countryside towns and villages for sightseeing and tourist activities.

  • Drinking laws

    In Spain 16 years of age is the legal drinking age. But if the children are accompanied by parents, they can drink beer or wine.

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