Apollon Temple Overview

The Apollon Temple was a part of the ancient Greek city of Side and it dates back to the 7th century BC. Today, this town continues to have its ancient city walls, the resort and the stretch of sandy beaches that adorn the coastline.

History suggests that as the name suggests, the temple is dedicated to Apollo, the Greek god of healing. The temple was also one of the most famous places in the world that had an oracle too. Apart from the temple, tourists visiting this place can check out the museums that house the different types of artefacts and treasures that were excavated from this place. There are also the antique baths located close to the temple, and history suggests that Queen Cleopatra once bathed here. Overall, the temple continues to have an old world charm and is adorned with souvenir shops too, so once you are done exploring the temple, you can shop for some souvenirs to commemorate your visit to this ancient Greek temple.


• Explore the ruins of the ancient Temple of Apollon and learn about its historical significance.
• Shop for souvenirs and head to nearby cafes to try out the local cuisine and immerse yourself in the vibes that the region offers.
• Visit the Apollo temple beach located close to the temple and watch the sunset after you visit the temple.
• Take a guided tour, walk around the temple and learn more from an experienced tour guided about the hidden facts about this temple.
• Visit Side Antik Kenti to know more about the ancient slave trading traditions by exploring its premises and check out the structures and intricate artworks.

How To Reach

By Car: The Apollon Temple is located 20 kilometres away from the city centre and it will take 6 minutes to reach via the Side road. 

By Foot: You can reach the Apollon temple from the city centre by taking the Barbados road and it will take 30 minutes to reach.

Best Time To Visit

The Apollon temple is open throughout the year, so you can plan a visit to this place at any time of the year.

  • Autumn season is the best time to plan a visit to the Apollon temple as during the months of September and October, the climate is more pleasant to explore.
  • Weekdays are the best day to plan your visit to the temple as the possibility of crowds visiting this temple is relatively low.
  • The best time of the day will be in the morning and late afternoon due to less crowds and this is the time when the sun begins to set, making it apt to watch the sunset and get some great photographs.

Other Essential Information

Visitor tips 

  • Apply enough sunscreen before visiting this place as there are less places for you to get some shade.
  • Ground can be uneven in some parts of the temple, so wear comfortable shoes. 
  • Be mindful and bring a hat, if you are planning to visit the temple in summer. 
  • The best time for clicking pictures without any crowds will be during the morning. 
  • Since many parts of this temple have uneven terrain, many spots in the temple may not be wheelchair friendly, so getting close to the ruins can be quite a challenge. 
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Point of Interest for Apollon Temple
Visit Apollon Temple Beach

Visit Apollon Temple Beach

This beach is located close to the temple and is known for the cabanas and the number of people coming to this beach to unwind by sunbathing. Whether you want to sunbath or just go for a swim, this beach is the best place to do so. You can find a lot of resorts near the beach and restaurants too, so don’t forget to try out the local cuisine here.

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