Hidirlik Tower Overview

The Hidirlik Tower in Antalya, Turkey, is a great example of how creative and skilled the Romans were at building. It was built as a square tower at first, but in the second century CE, it changed into a cylinder-shaped building. This shows how design and engineering changed during that time. 

The 14-meter-tall tower stands out because it looks so big and impressive from the harbour of Antalya. Hidirlik Tower was both a defence fortification and a lighthouse, so it was very important for keeping the city safe and directing sailors along the coast. As the years have gone by, it has seen the ups and downs of history, showing how time passes and how different cultures change culture.

Travellers are still drawn to Hidirlik Tower, whether it's for its stunning architecture, stunning views, or cultural importance. It makes them want to learn more about the mysteries of the past while enjoying the beauty of the present.


• Enjoy stunning views from the Hidirlik Tower from the Roman era standing over Antalya's harbour. 
• You can observe Antalya's metropolis, coastline, rich history, and natural beauty from the top. 
• Look around the inside of the tower to see the rough-cut stonework and hard work of the skilled artisans. 
• Find out about the tower's past, from its time as a Roman wall to its later use as a lookout and defence fortress. 
• See the magical glow of the Hidirlik Tower during dusk offering shades of golden colours. 

How To Reach

1. By Car: It takes about 16.6 km to get from the airport to the tower by car. If you drive, the quickest way to get there will take about 16 minutes. 

2. By Tram: There isn't a straight tram line from the airport to Hidirlik Tower, but people can take one from the city centre. But this trip would take about 45 minutes if you count the time it takes to switch and walk. 

3. By Foot: The distance from the airport is too far for people who want to explore on foot. However, once travellers get to the city center, they can take a leisurely walk to the tower, depending on how close they are.

Best Time To Visit

Hidirlik Tower in Antalya, Turkey, is open year-round, with the best weather and sunsets in spring and autumn. 

Year-round opening: Visitors can enjoy Hidirlik Tower all year long, with new things to do in each season.

Best season: The attraction is best seen in the spring and fall when the weather is nice.

Best day in the week: During the week, there are usually fewer people there, making the experience more personal. 

The best time of the day: Antalya's changing sky is most beautiful at sunset, which is the best time to go. 

Other Essential Information

  • Hidirlik Tower is quieter if you arrive early and will strengthen your connection to this historic site. 
  • Comfortable shoes are essential for climbing the narrow tower stairs and enjoying the stunning views. 
  • Remember to bring your camera to capture Hidirlik Tower's stunning view, especially during the sunset. 
  • Before your trip, check the weather forecast to avoid missing any changes that could impair your experience and to fully enjoy the tower and its environs. 
  • Consider how essential Hidirlik Tower is to Antalya's history and culture to make its past more meaningful and your stay more enjoyable. 
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