20 Best Things to Do in Alleppey - 2021 (With 1900+ Reviews)
If you are planning an adventurous holiday in Alleppey, it is necessary to know about the things to do in Alleppey which will keep you engaged throughout the trip. From backwater cruises and house boating to spa and trekking, there is an endless list of activities that one can enjoy at this place. A quaint town situated on the land of Kerala, Alleppey is bestowed with immense natural beauty.

With a perfect blend of traditions, splendor, adventure, and spirituality, it attracts adventure enthusiasts, devotees, as well as, nature buffs, in large numbers. In addition to this, the town of Alleppey is blessed with many solitary spots and if you wish to spend some alone time, there could not be a better way than exploring the traditional villages of the town.

Popularly known as the “Venice of the East”, this town of Kerala welcomes the tourists with its mesmerizing beaches, sky blue lagoons, and endless backwaters. These are the prominent activities and places that have won millions of hearts from all around the globe.

Check out the best things to do in Alleppey:


Have Fun Time at Backwaters

On your visit to Alleppey, it is almost impossible to avoid its mesmerizing backwaters. Tourists from all around the globe want to add the Alleppey backwater cruise in their bucket list. One can spend around 1-2 days in the luxury houseboats and enjoy a laid back time with their loved ones.

Whether you want to go for a romantic date with your loved one or enjoy a leisurely stay at Kettuvallams with your family and friends, Alleppey backwaters have something for each one of its guests.

On your visit to this place, you will also get to treat your eyes with the spellbinding views of the paddy fields sprawled over a large area. You can avail these houseboat rides on Pukaitha river, as well as, Pallathuruthy river.

Explore the Royal Krishnapuram Palace

Are you interested in exploring the history and culture of the Alleppey town? If yes, then there is no better way to begin than paying a visit to the grand Krishnapuram Palace. Popular as the historical foothold of Travancore kingdom, this grand palace was built by Anziham Thirunal Marthanda Varma.

The historical beauty stands tall as an epitome of Kerala architecture and is certainly a treat for architecture lovers and history buffs. The palace is now transformed into a museum which stores several priceless sculptures, canvas paintings, bronze antiques, and other relics.

The architectural style of the palace comprises dome-shaped windows, gabled roofs, and narrow corridors, which reflects the classic art of South India.

Rejuvenate Your Body With Ayurveda & Spa

If your vacation to Alleppey is planned during rainy season or winters, Ayurvedic Massages is something that you can’t miss out on. There are several Ayurvedic centers and spa where specialists sweep away your stress and body pain by offering you a massage with medicinal plants oil.

Though there are many modern massage centers where you can relish the experience of massage, the traditional massage centers offer the most authentic service. One can try a different kind of massages for different body ailments.

There are some specialists who offer massages on the beach as well. However, it is advisable to avoid those body treatments as they don’t offer an authentic service.

Enjoy Your Stay in Kuttanad

Covered with the lush green blanket, this place is truly a paradise for nature lovers. Kuttanad is situated in a serene location, away from the city clamor and if you are looking out for a peaceful escape from your hectic life, this is an ideal getaway destination for you.

Sprawled over a large portion of Alappuzha and some of the areas of Kottayam district, Kuttanad is considered as the rice bowl of Kerala. The most peculiar thing about Kuttanad is its geography. The place is situated around 2 meters below the sea level which makes it the lowest altitude place in India.

In addition to this, a trip to this place will also serve you with the most charismatic sceneries that will make your holidays unforgettable.

Delve into Spirituality and Religion

Amid all the fun and adventure, this beautiful town of Kerala managed to preserve its spirituality and religion. Yes, Along with its numerous captivating sites, Alleppey is also known for bountiful of temples which sees a huge influx of travelers every now and then.

The oldest temple of Alleppey is Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple. The temple is known for its beautiful carvings and pond. The “aarti” is organized in the evening hours which is attended by many locals and tourists. After the Aarti, the devotees are offered with Paal Payasam, a scrumptious offering of milk porridge.

If you want to spare some time for religion at this beautiful land, exploring the temples is one among the major things to do in Alleppey. Nagaraja Temple, Latin Catholic Church, Florence Forane Church, St. Mary’s Church, and Chettikulangara Bhagavathy Temple are some of the well-known religious sites in Alleppey.

Attend the Popular Snake Boat Festival

Apart from the natural landscapes and serene locations, Alleppey also amuses the travelers with its enthralling adventure sports. One of the most recognized sport practiced here is the snake boat festival. The visual of long boats racing down the Punnamada Lake water is truly spectacular.

Each boat houses around 20-50 participants and the enthusiasm of these participants is worth an applause. The race is being held in the August month during the Onam festival and it fascinates many sports enthusiasts and photo fanatics. However, if you miss the boat race, you can still watch the practice sessions.

For all the adventure enthusiasts, this is certainly a golden chance to try something new and eventful.

Witness the Beautiful Sunset View at Pozhiyoram

There is no better way to calm down your senses than viewing sunrise and sunset views in the beautiful landscape of Alleppey. If you are not a morning person, you are not missing out much as Alleppey is largely known for its alluring sunset views.

A mesmerizing beach in Alleppey, Pozhiyoram is popular for water sports and sunset scenes. One can also see the confluence of rivers into the backwaters from this beach. Pozhiyoram beach is certainly a treat for photo fanatics and nature lovers. People, in large number, visit this place to capture the breathtaking shots of the beach with sunset on its backdrop.

So, if you are preparing your to-do list prior to the vacation, don’t forget to include it as the most essential thing to do in Alleppey.


Book A Luxurious Homestay

Are you afraid of leaving your homely comforts while traveling? If yes, then bid farewell to your fears and book room in a luxurious homestay. Offering you an experience of home away from home, homestays are the best option for a cozy vacation.

This place is ideal for backpackers and all those people who have an undying love for traveling. Homestays in Alleppey provide you with personalized services which further enhances the fun of the trip. Along with the best amenities, they also give you the much-needed privacy and an opportunity to spend your vacation in your own way.

If you have always spent your vacations in a resort or hotel, booking a cozy homestay is one of the best things to do in Alleppey.

Enjoy Shopping at the Floating Triveni

Your vacation is incomplete without exploring the shopping streets of Alleppey which are popular for handicrafts items and affordable jewelry. If you want to keep the experience alive on your way back home, it's better to carry some beautiful handmade artifacts from the Alleppey market.

The most popular markets in Alleppey is Floating Triveni. This market floats on water and the boat sells everything from rice, vegetables, and refrigerators to television at pocket-friendly prices. The main market of this town is also known for its unusually styled South Indian jewelry, small trinkets, handicrafts, and artifacts.

You can also find high-quality spices in the small shops at the cheapest price. One of the most peculiar things that you can carry along with you are the maritime items which can be found in Alappuzha Zakariya Market.

Treat Yourself With the Wonderful Food

If you are a foodie who loves to explore the traditional taste of different regions, then you are probably in the right place. Alleppey offers a wide range of food choices that include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. In most of its restaurants, the food is traditionally served on banana leaves.

The delicious cuisines of the region will leave your taste buds happy with its moderate spicy flavor. Some of the most popular food choices in Alleppey comprise Vada, Fish Curry, and Chickpea Curry.

Head for Campfire And Nightwalk

If you are clueless about the things to do in Alleppey during the night time, you must stop worrying. The quaint town of Alleppey looks even more adorable when explored during the night hours. The peaceful surroundings and sound of backwater will leave you in awe of this place. If you are with your friends or family, you can explore the beautiful streets of the town and have a lot of fun.

If you further wish to add to the thrill, go for a campfire night at a peaceful place and return in the morning with a rejuvenated mind and soul. You can also capture some of the best sunrise shots before you head back to your place.

Pay A Visit to the Coir Museum

The International Coir Museum in Alleppey is a place where you will get to see a wide range of products composed of dried coconut husk. From bags, ornaments, and wall hangings to birds and animals, this place has something for everyone. After exploring its products, you can also see how coir is processed and given different shapes.

In addition to this, you can shop handicrafts and souvenirs at the souvenir shop. If you wish to delve into the rich culture and traditions of Kerala, this is the right place to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Learn the Special Art of Kalaripayattu

One of the most interesting things to do in Alleppey is watching martial artists exhibiting the ancient martial art called Kalaripayattu. If you too want to learn this art, there are several training centers in the town where you will be trained by expert martial art trainers.

One can also relish the Kalaripayat treatment which is exclusively given to martial artists to keep their body fit and energetic. For all the fitness lovers and adventure enthusiasts, this is an opportunity to add a new skill in their list.

Visit Ambalapuzha Temple

Reckoned as the oldest temple of Alleppey, Ambalapuzha Temple is a temple devoted to Lord Krishna. The temple flaunts beautiful interiors with paintings all around and it also has a massive pond which quadruples its aesthetic appeal. It is advisable to visit the temple during the “Aarti” as it is a worth-seeing tradition of the temple.

After the Aarti, you will be served with Payasam made up of rice and milk pudding, which is popular among the locals and tourists for its sweet and delicious taste. If you are a Lord Krishna devotee, paying a visit to this temple is the most important thing to do in Alleppey.

Enjoy Sweet Milk Porridge at Ambalapuzha Temple

Every temple has some edible offerings which are served to the devotees. Well, if you have been to Ambalapuzzha Temple, you might be knowing about the tasteful Paalpayasam which is made up of sweet rice and milk pudding.

This offering is so delicious that it has contributed to the popularity of the temple among the tourists. It is also believed that Lord Krishna visits the temple to taste the scrumptious Payasam. Ambalapuzha Temple is a Lord Krishan Temple which flaunts a Kerala style architecture.

It was built during the 17th century by a local ruler. You can visit the temple on any day of the week between 3:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Spend Quality Time at Marari Beach

Considered as the delight of Malabar Coast, Marari Beach is a perfect destination for a beach holiday. With its turquoise blue water, coconut trees and shimmering sand, the charm and splendor of this beach is second to none.

Situated at a distance of around 11 km from Alleppey, it is also a hotspot for leisure and adventure activities such as fishing, swimming, and parasailing. If you happen to visit here during the month of August, you can also relish the activity of Snake Boat Racing.

The serenity and visual appeal of Marari Beach can’t be summed up in words. If you are a nature lover who is looking for some calm space to spend your vacation, visiting Marari Beach is among the top things to do in Alleppey for you.

Spend Some Time at the Elephant Training Camp

Elephants are one of those adorable creatures which deserve to be loved and nurtured. If you are a wildlife lover, you can’t miss out visiting the Elephant Training in Alleppey. Situated in close proximity to Punnamada Lake, this camp provides you with an opportunity to spend some time with these lovely creatures.

The camp duration could be anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. During this time one can indulge in a variety of activities with the elephants. From feeding them to bathing them and watching them play, there are numerous ways in which you can make them feel precious. A visit to this Elephant Training Camp might cost you anywhere between 400 to 1000 bucks.

Explore the Local Cuisines

Who doesn’t know about the rich flora and fauna of Alleppey which makes it the land of God? Well, apart from being the prime reason for the natural splendor of the town, it also serves travelers with delicious and affordable food choices. While non-vegetarians can relish the taste of shrimps and prawns served in its local restaurants, vegetarians can please their taste buds with the traditional south Indian food.

Banana Chips and Chettinad Chicken are another two delicacies which should not be missed as they are known to be the specialty of this region. There are several good restaurants in Alleppey that will leave you craving for more of the traditional cuisine of this place.

Enjoy Bird Watching

Among all the things to do in Alleppey, Bird watching is the most peaceful and favored by all. The experience of spotting the rarest and most beautiful species of birds is something that can’t be summed up in words.

From Black Drongo and Jungle Myna to Asian Palm Swift and Stork Bulled Kingfisher, there are wide species of birds which can be captured in your camera. If you want to capture the rarest migratory birds, Alleppey Backwaters is the most ideal place to visit.

Here you can enjoy the birdwatching activity along with kayaking in the same alluring backwaters. It is advisable to carry cameras or binoculars to enjoy the closer view of this exquisite bird life.

Visit the Karumadikkuttan Shrine

Perched in a small hamlet of Karumadi, which is around 3 km away from Alleppey, is the popular Karumadikkuttan Shrine. Cradled on the banks of Punnamada lake, the temple comprises a 3-feet granite statue of Lord Buddha and is one of the prominent sites among the Buddhists.

The statue marks its existence to 10th century AD and is said to have been found in a nearby stream known as “Karamadi Thodu”. However, half of the stature was found to be damaged and only the remaining half of it could be restored. If you are a history buff, visiting this shrine is one of the few crucial things to do in Alleppey.
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