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  • A promising vacation in the quaint and naturalistic paradise of Alleppey backwaters amidst an intricate network of azure lagoons, rivulets and numerous canals, traditional houseboats and vibrant culture will leave you amazed with memories to cherish forever.

    Major attractions in Alleppey include Krishnapuram Palace, Alleppey Beach, Ambalapuzha Temple, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Snake Boat Race, St Andrew's Church, Pandavan Rock, Edathua Church, Chavara Bhavan and St Mary's Church. At some of these locations, boats dock at the junction and one can get down to view them.

     An enchanting destination in ‘God's Own Country’ Kerala, with a labyrinth of backwater streams, interconnected canals and splendid natural grandeur, Alleppey is justly called the ‘Venice of the East’ and is a true paradise for nature lovers, photo fanatics and wanderers.

    From sunset viewing, bird watching, stargazing, visiting villages and witnessing the everyday life of the farmers and fishermen to seeing the various regions that specialize in the manufacturing of certain products like toddy, coir and unique handicrafts, Alleppey backwaters is one of the most pleasant experiences to have once in a lifetime.

  • Things to Keep in Mind

  • 01Best time To Visit Alleppey Backwaters

    Best time To Visit Alleppey Backwaters
    The weather remains pleasant and salubrious round the year, making it an ideal environment for nature lovers to enjoy the azure backwaters, sun-dried beaches, sky-blue lagoons and lively shores of Alleppey.

    The best time to visit however is between October and February when the weather is very attractive and enjoyable for exploring the magnificence of nature and indulging in the largest and the most striking stretches of backwaters in India.

    The temperature during the day hovers between 17°C to 30°C and the average temperature during the night is 21°C. The clear skies and the pleasant breezy atmosphere allows travellers to explore the city and its attractions, and the waterways facilitate houseboat rides on the Alleppey backwaters around this time of the year.
  • 02What is Unique About Backwaters in Kerala

    What is Unique About Backwaters in Kerala
    Thousands of tourists are lured to Alleppey because of its backwaters and houseboats that heavily overshadow all other major attractions of this southern coastal city. If you are looking for a long blissful holiday away from the maddening crowd of the city, what could be better than cruising along a Kettuvallam or houseboat on the pristine waterways of Alleppey, while gliding through paddy fields, coconut groves, quacking ducks, Chinese fishing nets, villages, and temples on both sides.

    The primary attraction of the Alleppey backwaters is the overnight expedition in the famous Kerala houseboats that are as snug as any hotel room, at times even more luxurious. The beautifully crafted houseboats come in varied forms and you can unwind, relish local seafood, enjoy the picturesque sunset in the balcony of the boat and have an unimaginable time.

    The houseboats are manned by a trained chef who provides you delicious meals made using locally sourced ingredients, a tour guide who keeps you posted of all the major landmarks you pass through and an oarsman who makes sure you have a wonderful time cruising along the serene backwaters.

    Take pleasure in the mesmerizing beauty of Kerala, with perfect background staring a stunning blend of greenery and blue water and revel in the natural exquisiteness by indulging in the exhilarating Alleppey backwaters. As it sails through, you can experience the diverse ecosystem of the terrain and the lake, and the moment you step aboard, you feel at home on the houseboat.

    A floating vacation on these serene backwaters can be the perfect idea of a dream honeymoon or vacation.
  • 03Food at Backwaters

    Food at Backwaters

    Being a popular tourist destination, Alleppey has several eating options offering diverse, refreshing and tasty Udupi style dishes and mouth-watering seafood. You can relish freshly caught and fried fish, Fried Roe Curry, Ghee Roast Dosa, Malayalee Parotha, Appams, Cashew Upkari, Kane or Lady Fish, Ole Bella Pathal Bakri and other grill specialities when stationed at Alleppey backwaters.

    Also, try Rice wine and ‘Toddy’ which is a locally fermented alcoholic beverage made from a palm tree and coconut palms. Gorge on delectable crabs, prawns, lobsters, squid and other delicacies.

  • 04How to Reach Backwaters from Alleppey Bus Station

    How to Reach Backwaters from Alleppey Bus Station

    Travelling within Alleppey is hassle-free, thanks to an efficient local bus network, auto rickshaws and taxis. Most of the attractions in Alleppey are easily accessible by foot. It takes less than ten minutes to travel from Alleppey bus station to the beautiful Alleppey backwaters, with the approximate driving distance between the two is 3 km.

    There are frequent enough timings throughout the day that you can just show up to the bus station and board a bus leading up to your trip to Kumarakom, that leaves within the next half hour.

  • Things to Do in Alleppey Backwaters

  • 05Stay in a Houseboat

    Stay in a Houseboat
    If you are the one who chooses great experience over money, this is your best deal. Of course, there are some budget-friendly options like the ferries to see the same sights, but with a herd in the commotion and a low vibe. That’s the difference. Houseboats offer you a customized palate with everything you want and just how you want. That’s how the finest things are.

    So, just in case you are coming to the Alleppey backwaters seeking leisure and luxury, book a houseboat and done. Sit back and just enjoy the view, good food, and chit chats while your houseboat operators take care of everything else.
  • 06Rejuvenate Your Body With Ayurveda & Spa

    Rejuvenate Your Body With Ayurveda & Spa
    Tired urban city folks, it’s time to take care and pamper yourself. Kerala boasts of its Ayurveda being strong! Well, it’s quite true as many of the celebs take a work-off and land here to revive. A fact states that the therapies and massages if given in a well-prescribed way treat chronic illness as well.

    Moreover, there are vivid options to choose from to pick specific customized spa and therapy. If not sick then too you can just relax and give a good time to your head and soul at Alleppey backwaters. 
  • 07Treat Yourself With the Wonderful Food

    Treat Yourself With the Wonderful Food
    The south Indian cuisines are at the next level, with a taste to savor. No, it’s not just about the fried banana chips you commonly binge on. But the word goes that everything edible shall have some essence of coconut.

    Some delicacies you must try our fish curry, chickpea curry, shrimps and chicken dishes. Other than that there are several other kinds of snacks to try. Needless to say, eat Dosa!
  • 08Witness the Beautiful Sunset View at Pozhiyoram

    Witness the Beautiful Sunset View at Pozhiyoram

    Call for all the photographers, artists, and nature folks. Watch the sun blazing politely, in red and orange and then sinking in the sea. A beach and sunset view is like pizza topped with cheese, sounds so satisfying.

    Reach here on time or spend a day on this beach rolling in the sand and fighting the waves. Do not miss the view at any cost.

  • 09Learn the Special Art of Kalaripayattu

    Learn the Special Art of Kalaripayattu
    Time for some action! Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest forms of martial arts, recognized worldwide. The training starts with a subtle massage to ease down the person. The basics include coordination of mind and body and when you master this, weapons are handed to you under the supervision of experts.

    Get set to fight the swords, daggers, spears, maces, and bows and arrows! 
  • 10Delve into Spirituality & Religion

    Delve into Spirituality & Religion

    Irrespective of whether or not you are a believer/ theist, there are some beautiful religious centers you must go and visit. St. Mary’s Forane Church is one of the oldest church of India attracting tourists from a long time now. The house of Lord Krishna, Ambalapuzha Temple is another locale you must visit, to witness the flawless architecture here.

    The god’s own country is stocked with such institutions hence, giving justice to its name.

  • 11Enjoy Shopping at the Floating Triveni

    Enjoy Shopping at the Floating Triveni

    What a sight would it be, where people buy as they swing their oars. So, your floating supermarket can be recognized as a red and white chequered boat. In case you are wondering what all can you actually buy, literally everything!

    Right from grocery to 
    electronics, everything is stocked in these boats. An attraction not only for the tourists, but this market is also a boon for the villagers as the prices vary and are low compared to the city markets.

  • Houseboats in Alleppey Backwaters

  • 12Angel Queen Houseboats

    Angel Queen Houseboats

    One of the most popular Alleppey backwaters services, Angel Queen Houseboats offers a fulfilling houseboat experience incorporating tasty Kerala culinary delights. You can explore the celestial beauty of Kerala and enjoy, relax, and visit the different aspects of the backwaters.

    The houseboat service provides multiple customized packages and drops anchor at multiple places, where you can alight and visit the local sightseeing attractions. 
    Alleppey houseboat is equipped with all modern conveniences and comforts to make your stay a pleasant experience.

    Guests can simply unwind and enjoy their pleasant stay while travelling to the mystical inland villages of Kerala and exploring the sparkling waterways.

  • 13Casablanca Houseboat

    Casablanca Houseboat

    Casablanca Houseboat features accommodation with 3 bedrooms, a living room, 3 bathrooms and a well-equipped kitchen. There is also a seating area where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the awe-inspiring sights of the Punnamada backwater destination of Alleppey and the ensuing scenic beaches, tropical climate and exotic culture and food.

    An Asian breakfast is available for guests every morning at the boat. The service offers a host of travel and accommodation services in Kerala including Alleppey boat house stay or traditional Indian homestays as per your requirements and travel arrangements between destinations as well as visits to ancient temples in the region and bespoke packaged holidays for individuals and groups.

  • 14Johnson's Eco Houseboats

    Johnson's Eco Houseboats

    These luxury Alleppey houseboats have been the premier houseboat service from a long time providing a diverse and scenic backdrop of this enchanting region.  Of the squadron of boats belonging to Johnson’s Eco Houseboats, the ‘Only in Alappuzha’ riceboat is the most popular houseboat for joyous and romantic expeditions and features an environment-friendly design.

    Marvel at the serene backwaters and delightful canals of Alleppey and cruise past ancient fishing towns and lush green landscapes aboard these comfortable houseboats. Feel at home and enjoy the comforts of a fully equipped house as you set sail along the region's pristine backwaters.

  • 15Grandeur Houseboats

    Grandeur Houseboats

    Grandeur Houseboats are one of the best Alleppey houseboats that allow guests to explore Kerala in an altogether different way. Sailing on the magical backwaters, they offer a striking blend of charm and tranquillity, with a unique emphasis on customer service and an orientation towards service quality. Rooms in their houseboats vary from one to six bedrooms.

    Superior accommodation facilities with fully equipped bath-attached guest rooms, lounge, kitchen, oarsmen, personal chef and tour guides are characteristic of these dream floating homes. You can disembark at the scenic pit-stops to traverse the local villages and their culture, which complements the natural grandeur of this region.

  • 16Riverland Houseboats

    Riverland Houseboats

    Boasting some amazing lake views, Riverland House Boat is one of the modern houseboats, equipped with all the comforts of a good hotel room like cosily furnished rooms, a kitchen and a balcony for angling. A perfect place to unwind with its laidback canals and lush greenery flanked by coconut trees can be enjoyed from a houseboat.

    You can also enjoy a continental breakfast at the premises while relishing the delectable local cuisine of the region. A smooth slide in a Kettuvallam or houseboat through the enchanting backwaters of Alleppey, palm-dotted narrow canals winding through the vast stretch of paddy fields and the pristine tiny hamlets lined up along either side of the canals, is sure to leave you mesmerized.

  • 17Lake Park Cruises

    Lake Park Cruises

    Still looking to explore the exquisite state of Kerala and a great deal of luxury muddled with natural beauty accompanying it, go ahead and book one of the packages on this houseboat to get the true traditional feel of the state. Located amidst the scenic Alleppey backwaters, this cruise service provides self-catering options and features a fully-equipped kitchen and attached bathrooms.

    The cruises are splendidly decorated and are replete with all the modern amenities for your comfortable and convenient stay. If you are looking for airport transfers, currency exchange or require a car for sightseeing across the city, you can approach their skilled and experienced crew who provide you with the best of all the facilities, while you get a closer look at the village life on shore.

  • Resorts in Alleppey Backwaters

  • 18Deshadan Backwater Resort

    Deshadan Backwater Resort

    Get the thrill of a long-lasting backwaters experience and cordial hospitality as you stay at the Deshadan Backwater Resort, situated on the bank of Vembanad Lake amidst the picturesque countryside landscape. The resort features an indoor swimming pool along with spacious rooms that are equipped with swanky furnishings.

    Guests can enjoy fishing and boating activities, or request for massage services at their in-house wellness and spa 
    centre. The restaurant at the property serves South Indian, Indian and Chinese cuisines including delectable local cuisines of the land like Karimeen, Kappa and today. 

  • 19Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere

    Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere

    Wake up to the ebb and flow of extravagant backwaters of Vayalar near Kumarakom, and view the glorious sunrise caressed by cool winds in the morning as you enjoy your stay at this opulent resort. Choose from Indian, European, Oriental and Mediterranean dishes at the in-house restaurant or enjoy a drink from Zephyr poolside cafe and bar.

    The rooms at the resort are splendidly decorated and are replete with all the modern amenities for your comfortable and convenient stay. The hotel also offers spa for Ayurvedic therapies, western and oriental treatments, private Jacuzzi, airport transfers and sightseeing tours across the city.

  • 20Haveli Backwater Resort

    Haveli Backwater Resort

    Soak in the luxurious living and warmth of Kerala and allow gentle currents of culture to immerse you in the true essence of the Alleppey backwaters. From exciting water sports, play areas for children, traditional Ayurvedic massage to sightseeing trips down the waterways of Alleppey, the Haveli Backwater Resort has something for everyone.

    A true natural treasure house, visually delightful with the blue of the lake and the green of the palms and vegetation, brimmed with the aquatic life and local villages busy in everyday chores; the resort 
    enthrals tourists with its remarkable service.

    During your stay, you get to enjoy an authentic tropical feast, including steaming 
    freshly cooked rice, curries with locally grown organic vegetables, Pearl Spot (Karimeen) fry, the starchy Cassava (Tapioca) and fish curry.

  • 21Riverine Backwater Resort

    Riverine Backwater Resort

    The Riverine Backwater Resort offers opulent houseboats for your business and pleasure travel so that you can float in your hotel suite where and when you want to and dream about waking up to a new backwater view every morning.

    Riverine Cruises owns a fleet of 5 houseboats and is among the most professionally operated deluxe Alleppey houseboats, making sure that you have a memorable backwater holiday. The ambience and easy accessibility of the houseboat makes it a suitable option for
    a variety of travellers. Family and couple particularly like to stay here and enjoy its relaxed environment.

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Marari Beach

Located in the scenic beauty of the Alappuzha district is the Marari Beach, considered as the perfect locale for holidaying with friends and family. The name of the beach was kept after the local village called “Maraikullum” that was located along the coast of the Arabian Sea. The Primary occupation of the inmates of the village is fishing and the beach beauty is extremely serene and calm to spend a splendid time. If you are feeling lost, the beach will surely give you a stimulating experience to be a part of all the activities.

The entire beach is flanked by tall palm trees with golden-hued sand and pristine waters that are enjoyed by the tourists. Despite being a typical beach the aura surrounding the place will mesmerise you. If you visit here in August you will also be able to witness the unique snake boat races and a host of other adventure activities if you love to take it rough.

The beautiful state of Kerala is all about beaches filled with tourists but 
Marari beach helps you go easy as against the fast-paced popular beaches in the state. We all love beaches but popular beaches get pretty crowded and don’t give you the deserved time-off at a relaxing pace. This beach is a peaceful one which will help you unwind your senses and transfer your world. The good old fishing village has simplistic outing arenas for the tourists and the beach is sure to blow your mind away solely for the peace you will experience on your journey.

The beach ambience leads you to follow your own relaxation therapies like yoga and meditation or indulges in the pampering sessions of Ayurveda spa and massage. This also proves to be the appropriate spot to romance your partner with no concern of crowds staring at you. The natural retreat is slowly gaining in popularity with tourists every year increasing. People who love to see how the fishermen fare at the deepest part of the sea can also indulge by turning on their discovery mode.

You can also explore the entire village especially the coir making units or merely opt for coir retail therapy. For those who also seek spiritual liberty can visit umpteen religious attractions near the beach. The beach also provides a safe spot for swimming and is considered a retreat for many water sports activities that are made available.

Every year a good number of overseas tourists come here to relax and experience the rustic nature of the surroundings. If you have planned a Kerala tour then visiting here has to be included. It is a complete change within Kerala. On one hand, you might be enjoying the vibrant beaches in Kovalam and on the other rejoicing in tranquillity and being a witness to some great sights, village dreams and fishing is what will enchant you. Kerala offers both the experiences and what’s better than to sit on the blonde carpet of sand and forget about your busy and hectic life back home.


Alleppey Beach

With tempting natural beauty in its right hand, Alleppey beach of Kerala is a major pull for hundreds of tourists every day, considering its calm shores, golden sands, and alignment of palm trees. The beach is an ultimate picnic spot for locals at one end and a place for relaxation for travelers on another who do not miss to wash their feet, before heading to backwaters and houseboat ride. An age-old sea-extended iron pier adds another charm to it which is a picture perfect location for photographers.

Also known as ‘Venice of the East’, Alappuzha beach is known for hosting events like beach festival, sand art festival and much more that opens up as a gateway to locals. What adds another insta-worthy attraction nearby is an old lighthouse, which reminds one of the needs of sailors. Without any doubt further, a visit to Kerala is just not complete without visiting here, sitting near the shore, and soaking in the fresh misty air.

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