Best Homestays in Alleppey

The homestays in Alleppey provide travellers with home-like comforts and facilities even they are away from home. The concept of travelling has advanced tremendously over the last few years. With the little time that we all squeeze into our lives for travel, it is only essential that we make the most of it. And Alleppey Homestay lets you do just that.

When you live with a local in the town, you are exposed to all the local sights, sounds, and flavour. Some of the homestays in Alleppey are either run by families or by special staff appointed by the owner of the homestay. It is the interest of the owners of homestays that their place should be a safe stay for travellers to have a pleasant time while staying with a family gives us a company and makes us feel better.

The hosts of the homestays of Alleppey provides privacy to the travellers by giving them separate room on a different floor; both safety and privacy are ensured in the homestays. These homestays are very cheap as compared to the hotels. The Alleppey homestays also help in generating income for the local people to run their household. The main motto of the homestays in Alleppey is to provide all the facilities and amenities so as to provide a comfortable stay to their guests who come to explore the vast expanse of the natural beauty of Alleppey.

As Indians, we like to travel as one sizeable joint family, very often. Most often, you’re not looking for luxury but a caretaker or a host who takes care of all your simple needs. You could only be looking for a place where mattresses are laid out on the floor and you are allowed space and privacy to have a good time with your family. While you could be restricted to do so in a hotel, a large number of homestays in Alleppey are all about for joint families and accommodate these simple requests, such are the advantages of the Alleppey homestays that makes one choose them rather than opting for luxurious hotels.

Famously known as Venice of the East, Alleppey is a town situated in the state of Kerala in the southern part of India which is the hub of Kerala backwaters. One can find a large number of homestays in Alleppey some of which even dates back to thousands of years. Some of the most famous Alleppey homestays are Venice Castle, Alapatt homestay, Alasr heritage home, Kalappura homestay, Ayana’s homestay, Bella art and meditation house, Kurialacherry house and Erathra homestay. Majority of these Alleppey homestays are situated just beside the backwaters of Kerala giving a cool and tranquil feel to the homestays. along with the presence of backwaters, the well-mowed lawn, the fruits and vegetables garden, the antique furniture, the friendly hosts, the mouth-watering dishes etc are the factors that add more charm to these Alleppey homestays.

For having a stay in the city of Alleppey, the Alleppey homestay are the best option as compared to the hotels because the home stays are cheap and provide travellers with home-like comfort. If someone is planning to go on a cruise, it is best suggested to stay somewhat close to the boat jetty so that in the early morning one can choose from a decent jetty. There are many cheap homestays in the coastal area of Alleppey. Alternatively, there are some peaceful homestays out of town along the backwaters.

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Alleppey Homestays FAQs

What are the best homestays in Alleppey?

1. Venice Castle- Situated in the heart of the beautiful city of Alleppey, Venice castle is cut off from the din and bustle of the town by wooded surroundings that lend an ambience of the countryside. The Venice castle homestay is set in a landscape consisting of large green plants bushes and well-mowed lawn with garden lights thus making it the most popular homestay in Alleppey. The soothing sound of temple bells and the chirping of the birds are the only sounds that break into the serenity and quietness of the place.

Location: It is situated right to the opposite of District Tourism Promotion Council (D T P C) office, and the bus station is a one-minute walk from the homestay.
Price: The tariff of Venice Castle homestay is INR 1740 per night that includes breakfast as well.

2. Alapatt Homestay- Designed for both businesses as well as for leisure travel, this homestay in Alleppey is located in one of the most famous locales of the city. The strategic location of the homestay offers quick and easy access to the city’s must-see destinations. The homestay has four bedrooms which are well furnished with all the comforts such as an attached washroom, desk, closet, toiletries, wifi and a balcony that provides a view of the beautiful sunrise and sunset and even wake up services as well. This homestay is situated close to the backwaters and to the town centre as well. This Alleppey homestay is also equipped with a garden, terrace, and mini-market. There is also a common area where guests can meet and share their travel experiences.

Location: Alapatt homestay is situated in the north of matha Foot Bridge before the finishing point in Alleppey.
Price: The tariff ranges from INR 1000 to INR 1,100 per night.

3. Alasr Heritage Home- A beautiful family run budget heritage hotel is 600 years old, Alasr Heritage Home provides its tourist with all the facilities and amenities that make their stay memorable. Designed in the 17th-century style of Moroccan architecture, the homestay was once owned by the Gujarati spice trader. While the rooms are arranged in the central courtyard which is open to the sky, new annexe serves as a dining area and patio for the guests. High ceilings and old antique furniture left by the former spice trading owners completes the picture. The homestay also consists of a meditation room, a common room, and a balcony. There is also a spa and ayurvedic doctor, and this homestay even provides special ayurvedic food on demand of the guests.

Location: This homestay in Alleppey is located in Ccnb Road, West of kochukada bridge, Guajrati Street, near Jain temple.
Price: The price range of the room in Alasr Heritage Home ranges from INR 1500- INR 5,200.

4. Kalappura Homestay- Situated in a peaceful and silent locality, Kalappura homestay. This homestay in Alleppey is located in the quietest part of the city. It has a kitchen in which guests can cook their food, and above all the homestay is pet-friendly. The owner of this Alleppey homestay is exceptionally hospitable and friendly.

Location: Kalappura homestay is located in Thirumala, East Gate Rd, Mullakal, Alappuzha.
Price: The price of this homestay ranges from INR 1000 - INR 1250 with private bathroom and breakfast additional.

5. Ayana Homestay- Named after the owner’s first granddaughter and burrowed within rich greens, Ayana homestay is a very popular homestay in Alleppey on the banks of river PAMPA. The bungalow, while traditional in style, is new and purpose-built with four super comfortable guest rooms. Another attraction of this homestay is a yoga studio which is under construction. The south Indian food offered in this homestay is simply mouth watering, and the guided village walks and sunset canoe boat rides are all part of the experience that one gain during their stay at Ayana Homestay.

Location: This homestay is located 15 km to the south of the city in Vaishyambagam village.
Price: The price of this homestays is from INR 3000 per night including breakfast.

6. Bella Art & Meditaion House- Bella Art and Meditation Hose is an eco-friendly guest house which is an ideal location for both leisure and nature lovers. The host of this homestay is a friendly Indian-European couple. The homestay has a rooftop dance studio where yoga, meditation, and holistic dance classes are held every week. This is the only homestay which environmental-friendly and the entire homestay run on solar energy. There are five guest rooms, all of which are non-smoking areas. However, the Guests can smoke on balconies, although the consumption of alcohol isn't allowed.

Location: This home is located near the Nehru Trophy boat race finishing point, close to the boat jetty and about 10 minutes walk from the centre of town.
Price: The price of this homestay is INR 2500 per night including breakfast.

7. Kurialacherry House- This homestay has three rooms which are converted into a superb antique granary, completed with original wooden architecture and fixtures intact, retaining their original grandeur with river facing verandas. It stands calm and serene on the bank of the river Pampa, laced with coconut trees on either side. The rooms in this homestay come with a private garden overlooking the lotus pond which makes it an ideal spot for couples looking for a weekend getaway. Candlelight dinners with accompanying music are arranged to keep the guest entertained and provides them with a bunch of cheerful memories. Bathrooms with open-air showers are another highlight of this beautiful homestay.

Location: This Alleppey homestay is located at Champakulam, about 18 kilometres (11 miles) south of Alleppey.
Price: The price of this homestay is INR 4000 including breakfast.

8. Erathra Homestay- Experience the scenic environment of the backwaters during your stay in the Erathra homestay. Though this place is accessible by both road and boats, because of the deteriorating condition of the roads, boats are the option to reach there, thus giving the tourist a fantastic experience to behold for a lifetime. There is a paddy field on one side and a river on the other side which make the environment of the homestay lazy and breezy. This homestay consists of only two guest rooms on the top floor. The knowledgeable host is very well-travelled and has lived aboard. Cooking classes are also possible, and small boats are available for rent from the locals to explore narrow canals along the backwaters.

Location: This homestay is located Off Chingam Road, near Nurse Jetty.
Price: The Price of this homestay is INR 3500 per night including breakfast.

What about the furnishing and facilities?

The above-mentioned homestays in Alleppey are well equipped with all the essential furnishing and other facilities to make the stay of their guests a comfortable and memorable one. The room of the homestays consists of air conditioners, balcony, desk, drawers, closet, neat and clean bathroom, many of which feature bathtub consisting of all essential toiletries and well-furnished variety of antiques and other articles such as sofa, chairs, etc.

A bonus point of these homestays is that all of them consist of the landscaped garden, and leafy surroundings giving a very tranquil feel to the environment. The homestays in Alleppey even provide laundry services to their guests.

What kind of amenities do homestays in Alleppey provide?

The homestays in Alleppey provides their guests with all the vital amenities so as make their stay pleasant and enjoyable.  The amenities provided by the homestays in Alleppey are neat and clean air-conditioned rooms with an attached balcony that gives a clear view of the environment and the sparkling backwaters.

The homestay also has common area that enables their guests to hang  out with other guests staying in the homestay, rooftop garden, spa, the ayurvedic centre also they have scalped garden, and leafy surroundings give it a very tranquil feel, and even the homestays have a rooftop dance studio where yoga, meditation, and holistic dance classes are held. The rooms of the homestays in Alleppey are also provided with coffee maker, mosquito net, alarm clock, washing machine, and satellite/cable channels.

Will we get all the meals i.e Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during our stay?

Along with providing all the necessary amenities and facilities to their guests, The homestays in Alleppey also make it a point to provide the best meals ( breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to their guests to satisfy their hunger pangs and taste buds. The homestays such as Venice Castle, Ayana’s Homestay and Kurialacherry Homestay provides complimentary breakfast to their guests while charging a minimal amount for lunch and dinner. The homestays do offer the other meals like lunch, dinner, and snacks to their guest for which they charge a small amount.

Some Alleppey homestays even allow their guests to cook food in their kitchen. The guests are also served with authenticating south Indian food; also ayurvedic diet is also given of the guest who requires it. A delicious home-cooked Kerala breakfast is served.

Will we get bonfire while our stay in homestays?

Though bonfire is usually not a part of the homestays of Alleppey, however, it can be arranged on request of the guests.

What type of food will we get during our stay? Is vegetarian available?

These popular homestays in Alleppey provide a variety of cuisine to their guests. Be it Chinese, or Italian, or Indian, you name it, and you get it. They even are specialized in mouth watering south Indian dishes which remains high in demand among the guests.

Also if someone wants to try their hand on ayurvedic food, the homestays can even provide them with authentic ayurvedic food as well. Both Non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes are served in the homestays.

Is it safe for couples to stay in homestays in Alleppey?

Wondering if Allepey is a safe place for couples? Yes, it definitely is! Allepey is one of the best hill stations in southern India, and it is also safe for couples to have a stay in the homestays. These homestays are all located in peaceful and quiet locations thus making it an ideal stay for couples.

The couples always prefer to stay away from the crowd in a calm place amidst nature, thus making the homestays in Alleppey the best option for the couples.

Is it allowed to drink and smoke in homestay?

Smoking is not allowed in the rooms in the homestays of Alleppey but is permitted in the open spaces such as the garden, rooftop, balcony, etc. However, the drinking of alcohol among travelers is strictly prohibited in the homestays in Alleppey.

What are the activities which we can do during our stay?

One can carry out a large number of activities whilst they stay in homestays of Alleppey. The homestays has provision of various activities that include cooking classes, visits to nearby markets and temples, night fishing with local fishermen, bird watching, cycling, and canal cruises, peaceful houseboat rides in the backwater canals, a tour in the village, Couples looking for a romantic getaway will find the room with private garden overlooking the lotus pond to be an ideal spot.

Candlelight dinners with accompanying music are arranged, small boats are also available for rent from the locals to explore narrow canals along the backwaters, watch the wildlife or chat to other guests, etc, and the Sunset canoe boat rides are all part of the experiences that one can gain during their stay at these beautiful homestays of Alleppey. The homestays are the best option to stay because they are cheap and also make an opportunity to interact with other travellers.

With the provision of amazing mouth-watering cuisines, ayurvedic spas, cooking classes, yoga centres, these homestays of Alleppey makes it a point to provide their guests with the best of the activities and moments to make their stay in Alleppey a special and memorable one. The homestays in Alleppey would also give us a chance to stay amidst nature.

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