10 Places to Visit Near Barcelona That You Must Explore!
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Barcelona Day Tours

Attractions Near Barcelona

1. Cadaqués
2. Tarragona
3. Girona
4. Begur
5. Sitges
7. Figueres
8. Andorra
9. Penedès
10. PortAventura Park

Spain's Catalonia region's cosmopolitan capital, Barcelona, is renowned for its art and architecture. The city is filled with modernist structures, including the spectacular Sagrada Familia church. You can find best places to visit near Barcelona for history, art, and culture buffs, adventure seekers, and wine lovers as a resource. Around Barcelona, there are many breathtaking locations to explore, including beaches, mountains, monasteries, and gorgeous ancient districts.

It's definitely worthwhile to take a weekend or day excursion from Barcelona by train or automobile, regardless of where you wind up going. There are many places near Barcelona which you can visit such as Cadaqués, Tarragona, Girona, Begur, Sitges, Montserrat, Figueres, Andorra, Penedès, PortAventura Park and many more. It can be difficult to choose from the many amazing attractions near Barcelona, Spain, depending upon your schedule and preference you can choose among them to make your trip to Barcelona, a memorable one.

Here is the list of best places to visit near Barcelona:

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Barcelona Day Tours Explore All (20)
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  • In medieval cities like Girona, you may stroll down cobblestone alleys and see centuries-old buildings that were inspired by Roman, Catholic, Jewish, and Moorish cultures.

  • As multiple rivers confluence here, the locals frequently refer to it as the Venice of Catalonia. The River Onyar is the most well-known, where you may admire the reflections at dusk.
Where to Go:
  • Visit the European Jewish neighborhood with the best preservation.

  • Observe the cathedral as you stroll through Girona's medieval district, Barri Vell. The Great Sept of Baelor and some of Braavos may be familiar to you from Game of Thrones.

  • To witness dormant volcanoes, go to the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. Hikers and adventure seekers would love this place.
How to Get:
  • Barcelona is 101 kilometers away from Girona. It typically takes 1 hour and 25 minutes to travel by automobile.

  • You can also use the public transportation system, which runs from 40 (for a high-speed train) to 1h 20 (for a bus).
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Activity Location: Av. del Batlle Pere Molas, Km. 2, 43840 Salou, Tarragona, Spain

Operational Hours: 05:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Activity Duration: 1 Day

About the Portaventura Park Ferrari Land Tickets, Vila-Seca:

Visit Ferrari World and Portaventura Park, two of Spain's fantastic amusement parks, and partake in some exhilarating and daring rides that will give you a real rush of adrenaline. Explore the incredible theme parks, speed around in a supercar, ride an exhilarating roller coaster, and end your trip on a high note. Visit these top Spanish attractions with your loved ones and have fun together.

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  • For people who wish to experience nature, culture, history, and an energetic sport like hiking, a trip to Montserrat is ideal.

  • The religious significance and natural beauty of Montserrat's 1236m-tall serrated or jagged mountains draw thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year.
Where To Go :
  • Visiting the Black Virgin statue at the Basilica of Montserrat is one of the highlights.

  • Go to the Benedictine Abbey to see Benedectine monks who have dedicated their lives to prayer.

  • Aim to reach the monastery. According to legend, making a wish and touching the ball that the Virgin Mary is carrying will grant your wish.

  • At 1:00 PM, you must attend L'Escolania or the renowned choir made up of 14-year-old males.

  • Make the trip exciting and active by hiking up the mountain or going rock climbing.

  • To learn about the history of the Montserrat Monastery and view works of art, go to the Montserrat Art Museum.
How to Get:
  • Barcelona is 60 kilometers away from Montserrat. You can get there in approximately an hour if you're driving.

  • By using a railway (Line R5) from the Espanya rail station, you can also travel to Montserrat.
  • To take the railway or the cable car to the top, you can disembark at either Monistrol de Montserrat or Aeri de Montserrat.
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  • Cadaqués is named after the charming tiny fishing town that is close to the French border.

  • A coastal town bordered by beaches on one side and stunning mountains on the other, it is unlike anything else you will see in Catalonia.

  • Not to mention how magnificent it is to see the white brick homes that line the ancient square.
What to Do :
  • Take picturesque boat cruises, wander the beaches, stroll the cobblestone streets, or stop at the Santa Maria Church.

  • One of Dal's residences may be found in the neighboring community of Portlligat, which is 15 minutes' walk from Cadaqués. Since getting tickets on-the-spot is nearly difficult, make your reservations in advance.
How to Get:
  • Barcelona is 170 kilometers away from Cadaqués. The fastest method to get here is by automobile, which will take about 2 hours and 10 minutes.
  • Taking public transportation will take three hours.
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  • The ultimate fantasy location for individuals who adore (Roman) history and archaeological artifacts is Tarragona, where it is possible to journey through time.

  • The oldest Roman port city on the Iberian peninsula, Tarraco, was once known as Tarragona.

  • Since many of the artifacts are in good condition, the archaeological ensemble at Tarraco is now recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is counted among one of the best places to visit in Barcelona.
What to Do :
  • Visit the amphitheater by the sea that was constructed in the second century BC.

  • View the ruins of the Roman Circus (Circ Roma) from the first century AD, when chariot races were held.

  • Visit the Praetorium, a huge tower that once belonged to the provincial forum.

  • View some of the archaeological artifacts and relics by visiting the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona.

  • You can also stroll along the Parc de l'Amphithéâtre, rub the Balcon del Mediterrani railing for luck, or head to the old town or the cathedral.
How to Get:
  • Tarragona is about 100 kilometers from Barcelona.

  • It just takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to get here by using public transportation. Because numerous Renfe trains routinely depart.
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  • Begur is beautiful to see; the towering cliffs separate the 20 km of shoreline into four sections.

  • The area's various beaches are surrounded by adorable coves and bays and have water that is crystal pure. Anywhere you go, you'll have a breathtaking view
Where to Go:
  • Begur is home to some of the nicest beaches outside of Barcelona, including Aiguablava and Platja Fonda.

  • You may view the ruins of the 11th-century Begur castle by passing through the lovely town center and ascending to the village's highest point.

  • Here, ceramics are very popular. Begur is thought to have hosted the first ceramic market around 1511. Given its craft, it is hardly unexpected that Ceramica de la Bisbal is a protected area.
How to Get:
  • Barcelona is 129 miles away from Begur. It is advised to get to Begur by automobile, which takes about 1 hour and 35 minutes.

  • Due to several modifications, public transportation from Barcelona takes 3 to 4 hours.
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  • Because it has excellent infrastructure and attractions for all interests, Sitges is one of the most frequently suggested day trips from Barcelona.

  • This charming seaside town features 17 beaches, winding cobblestone lanes with promenades, local shops, art galleries, and a vibrant nightlife. It also includes a number of restaurants and pubs..
Where to Go :
  • There are 17 beautiful beaches in Sitges. It's simple to locate a beach that suits your preferences with so many possibilities.

  • For modern art with a Catalan influence, check out the Cau Ferrat Museum or the Museu Maricel, which is perched on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean.

  • Additionally, there are lots of festivals to keep you occupied. Participate in the February Carnival, June Gay Pride, August Festa Major (3-day celebration), or October Sitges Film Festival..
How to Get:
  • Sitges is about 39 kilometers from Barcelona. In 40 minutes by automobile or 35–40 minutes by public transportation, you may reach Sitges.
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  • Figueres is known to be one of Costa Brava's cutest towns.

  • It is the ideal location to appreciate art and history through the several museums in this town because it is so near to the French border.
Where to Go :
  • The Teatro Museo Dali, a peculiar structure that was once a theater and is now a museum that contains Dal's collection, is the main attraction of Figueres.

  • The Museu del Joguet de Catalunya, a toy museum ideal for children, is one of the town's additional museums. For those who enjoy culture, the Emporda Museu is ideal, and for those who enjoy technology, the Emporda Museum of Technology is ideal.
How to Get:
  • Barcelona is 138 miles away from Figueres. Both a car and public transportation from Barcelona will get you here in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
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  • Despite being a different nation, Andorra is nonetheless a fantastic day trip or weekend getaway from Barcelona because it is tucked between Spain and France.

  • In Andorra, adventure takes center stage. It has an average elevation of 2000 meters and is located in the Pyrenees mountains
Where to Go :
  • Andorra is a paradise for adventurers. You can go on walking routes, mountain hikes, mountain biking, or even equestrian paths in the summer. Why not visit Family Park Canillo if water sports are your thing?

  • The area entirely changes into a skiing haven in the winter. Enjoy snowboarding and other winter sports like skiing.

  • Visit Centro Termoludico Caldea, the biggest spa complex in Southern Europe, for some relaxation. If that isn't your thing, go duty-free shopping in Andorra for a little retail therapy.
How to Get:
  • Further in is Andorra. Driving there from Barcelona takes about 2 hours and 35 minutes.
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  • For wine enthusiasts, the Penedès region is a shrine. After Rioja and Priorat, it is one of Spain's most well-known wine-producing regions and is only an hour from Barcelona.

  • Despite the fact that this region also produces wine, it is most known for its premium Cava, which is Spain's equivalent of Champagne
Where to Go :
  • Take a self-organized trip to the wineries and vineyards, sign up for a guided wine tour, or embark on a bicycle tour of this area.
How to Get:
  • The distance between Penedès and Barcelona is about 58 kilometers. It is the ideal day vacation destination because it can be reached in 50 minutes by automobile. 

  • However, if you're here to sample wine, you may quickly board the R4 train, which travels in approximately an hour.
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PortAventura Park

  • Who doesn't enjoy visiting theme parks? The largest theme park in Spain is PortAventura, where you may explore not one, but three amazing worlds. 

  • You can visit 1 park on your own or get a combo ticket to visit 2 or 3 parks. 

  • It is advised that you make a weekend trip out of it in this situation and stay at one of the neighborhood hotels.
Where to Go :
  • A traditional adventure park, PortAventura Park has rides for visitors of all ages.

  • For people who enjoy thrilling aquatic adventures, there is Caribe Aquatic Park. The best time to travel is on weekdays in the spring or summer.

  • Ferrari Land is reserved for adults or thrill seekers. Here, you may ride the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Europe!

  • You need a rest. You can take in performances and parades throughout the day in whichever park you want.
How to Get:
  • Train travel is the most convenient method to get here, especially if you select the ticket + transportation option.

  • The trip lasts roughly 1 hour 30 minutes. It will take 1 hour and 20 minutes to travel by car
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People Also Ask About Barcelona

  1. What other cities are close to Barcelona?

    • Vic - Vic is the ideal example of Catalan culture and history; when you go around the town's two historic sections and the main plaza, Placa Mayor, you can witness a number of the well-preserved medieval buildings.
    • Ibiza - The island of Ibiza is well recognised for its famed nightlife. But there are also yoga retreats, spas, stunning beaches, local markets, and cuisine to savor. Dalt Vila, which is protected by UNESCO, or the isolated island and natural park Es Vedrà are other options. Ibiza is an hour away by plane, and it takes a ship all night to get there.
    • Paris - In France bordering Spain, traveling to Paris with the Renfe-SNCF high-speed train will only take 6 hours and 40 minutes. Enjoy the romantic ambiance, people-watch while drinking coffee, see the Eiffel Tower, visit an art gallery, or venture off the main path to discover Paris' less-touristy side.
  2. How many days in Barcelona is enough?

    Three to four days are the ideal amount of time to stay in Barcelona. You will have enough time to see all of Barcelona's top sites if you stay up to four days in the city. The nearby mountains can readily be explored by city dwellers for an entire day.
  3. How to reach Tarragona?

    Tarragona is about 100 kilometers from Barcelona. It just takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to get here by using public transportation. Because numerous Renfe trains routinely depart.
  4. Why is PortAventura Park So Popular?

    PortAventura is popular for being the largest theme park in Spain, where you may explore not one, but three amazing worlds which is one of the best places to visit in Barcelona. You can visit 1 park on your own or get a combo ticket to visit 2 or 3 parks. It is advised that you make a weekend trip out of it in this situation and stay at one of the neighborhood hotels
  5. What are the things to do in Andorra?

    • Andorra is a paradise for adventurers. You can go on walking routes, mountain hikes, mountain biking, or even equestrian paths in the summer. Why not visit Family Park Canillo if water sports are your thing?
    • The area entirely changes into a skiing haven in the winter. Enjoy snowboarding and other winter sports like skiing on of the best attractions near Barcelona Spain
    • Visit Centro Termoludico Caldea, the biggest spa complex in Southern Europe, for some relaxation. If that isn't your thing, go duty-free shopping in Andorra for a little retail therapy.
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We enjoyed all part of the trip, the sightseeing we had in Barcelona, exploring the village and the famous cuisine, festival, marine life, markets and we even met many nice people was so much fun really... great time at Ibiza with lots of thrilling adventure and purchased souvinirs, At Madrid, the historical sites, architecture and the whole city is so beautiful... So satisfied... No negative as the trip was well-organized and greatly-executed... All arrangements were exceeded our expectations... Thanks, Thrillophilia
Everything was well-planned and well-executed, I was happy with this Exciting Spain With Ibiza Holiday Package, I was nervous at first as this was our first international trip and also the first time with Thrillophilia, But we were glad that what has been told since the time we are planning the trip we get exactly as it was promised, the itinerary was rich which we enjoyed it. The place gave us a mixed-experienced which was new for us. In just 11-days we get to taste and covered the famous places...Overall all arrangements were splendid...Perfect trip thanks for not disappointing us.
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Unbelievable trip planned by Thrillophilia for us, Seeing the dream place by our own eyes and experienced every major place was such a great feeling... The activities we had there was truly an amazing one like sightseeing, boating, beaches activities, scuba diving, clubbing in a luxury ocean boat, and a lot more... We even enjoyed alot in our personal itineraries like shopping, market, and food tours... The hotel was at a perfect location and so comfortable too. The pickup and dropped were on time, we had a hassle-free trip throughout... Never forget the time we had in Barcelona and Madrid.

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