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Enjoy a visit to Bellesguard, a modernist villa designed by Antoni Gaudí, and built on the site of a medieval castle overlooking the city. Currently being served as a museum, the Bellesguard house is a great place to learn about Gaudi, the history of the city, as well as the music and arts from times gone by. 

Ranked amongst the hidden gems of the city, Bellesguard is also one of the last works of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, in addition to being one with the longest history ever. Bellesguard is a modernist villa designed by Antoni Gaudí and built between 1900 and 1909. It is located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona, on the site of a medieval castle that was destroyed in the Catalan Revolt of 1640. 

The name Bellesguard comes from the fact that the villa was built on the site of the former castle of king Martin I of Aragon, also known as "Martin the Humane".

The house was originally built for the Marquis of Rubio i Lloret, but it has since been converted into apartments. It is one of the few houses designed by Gaudí that is still in private hands. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Gaudi’s work, or in seeing a piece of history up close, then be sure to visit Bellesguard the next time you’re in Barcelona!

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• Head over to the modernist Bellesguard house, and explore this original masterpiece by Gaudi, which is also said to be his last work ever.
• Learn about the history of the old Bellesguard castle during your visit, and take a walk through the stunning gardens here.
• Witness the beautiful blend of the Modernist and Gothic styles of architecture in the building.
• Learn how an ancient Medieval castle, belonging to Martin I, the last king of Barcelona, inspired the construction of the Bellesguard house.
• Gain insights into the history and architecture of the building as well as its other major attractions, including the techniques that were used by Gaudi for its design. 
• Soak in panoramic views of the city of Barcelona from the house. 

How To Reach

By Metro: You can avail a metro ride on the L7 or Brown Line and get off at the Avenida Tibidabo station, which is located a short walk away from Bellesguard. 

By Bus: You can also avail a ride on a public bus, such as bus number 123, and get off directly at the Valeta d’Arquer or Bellesguard stop. Other buses that you can avail of include the V13 bus which departs from Les Corts and stops at Pl. Kennedy, the V15 bus from Barceloneta to Pl. Kennedy. From Pl. Kennedy, you can then take bus 196 directly to Bellesguard. 

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Bellesguard is during the early morning or late afternoon when the crowds are typically smaller and the lighting is more flattering for photographs. Additionally, weekdays are usually quieter than weekends, so if you're looking to avoid the crowds, plan your visit accordingly.

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Other Essential Information

Location: Carrer de Bellesguard, 20, 08022 Barcelona, Spain

Tips to Visit:

  • It is best to plan your visit to Bellesguard in advance and to book your tickets online to avoid standing in the long queues of visitors here.
  • You must also wear comfortable shoes since you will be doing a lot of walking here.
  • Make sure to bring your camera to capture the stunning views of the structure and its intricate details when you are here.

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Point of Interest for Bellesguard Barcelona
Exteriors of the Monument

Exteriors of the Monument

The exterior of the Bellesguard building is designed in the Catalan modernism style with Gothic and Renaissance influences. The building is made of stone and has a symmetrical design with a central tower. The windows are decorated with stained glass and there are two balconies on the second floor. The roof is made of tile and has two chimneys.

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Interiors of the Monument

Interiors of the Monument

The interiors of Bellesguard are truly unique. From the outside, the building appears to be a typical Spanish castle. However, the inside is something completely different. The main floor is divided into two levels, with the upper level being significantly smaller than the lower level. This gives the building a very unique and interesting appearance. The upper level is also home to the majority of the rooms in the building, including the kitchen, dining room, and living room. The overall design of the interior is very modern and sleek, with plenty of windows and natural light. 

The Staircase

The Staircase

The staircase inside the Bellesguard Building is truly a work of art. Designed by Gaudi, the staircase is a beautiful example of his unique style. The staircase is made up of a series of curved steps that lead up to a landing. From the landing, there are two sets of stairs that lead up to the second floor. The staircase is adorned with a beautiful wrought iron railing that curves along with the steps. The overall effect is stunning and makes the staircase a focal point of the building. It also features colourful wall tiles and curved arches, similar to the ones that you would see in a traditional Andalusian palace. 

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The Roof of Bellesguard

The Roof of Bellesguard

Bellesguard has two roofs, or double roofs, designed in a way that the building remains insulated in summer. The roof is supported by 8 pillars as well as brick arches, with filigree-like detailing. The large attic on top has a pointed arch, which looks like a truncated pyramid from the outside. The top also has a viewing platform or balcony, which offers stunning views of the Barcelona cityscape. 

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