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Situated in the Eixample district, the Fundacio Antoni Tapies museum is one of the most stunning structures to explore. Built in 1984, by the very famous artist Tapies, you can find a collection of artworks ranging from the Modern to Classical period. Majority of works found here include artists such as Antoni Tapies; and the exhibition of the craftworks began in 1990.

Formerly a publishing house, the building in which the Fundacio Antoni Tapies museum is present, was founded in around 1882. The structure was built by a famous architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner, and now stands unique amongst the other structures present nearby. Indulge in a stroll through the Gracia district, and view the unique yarn of this incredible modernist building. Situated on the top of the main facade, the yarn is introduced as a sculpture called the Nuvol i Cadira.

Filled with works of the famous artist, Antoni Tapies and other renowned artists, you can indulge in exploring many paintings, sculptures, artworks, drawings, crafts, books, prints, and even textile, when visiting the Fundacio Antoni Tapies museum. Some of the most famous collections here include the matter paintings dating back to the 40s, the drawings and life-like portraits from the 50s and 60s, and various ancient objects and tools from the early 60s and 70s.

This museum is extremely active in several social events, including special educational and entertaining tours for the children, which further helps in promotion of the modern art along with contemporary touch. You can also attend the seminars, talks and the special exhibitions here, if you are interested in learning further about the artwork present in the museum.

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• The Fundacio Antoni Tapies is one of the most popular art museums, which is of a great historical significance as well.
• Housing a vast collection of the works of the artist Antoni Tapies, this monument stands out distinctly in the Gracia district.
• One of the highlights of this museum includes a unique yarn, which is also known to be the sculpture Nuvol i Cadira (Cloud and Chair), on the top of the main facade of the building.
• Earlier, the building was a publishing house commissioned and designed by the famous architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner.
• You can find here several interesting paintings, sculptures, art books, drawings, and a varied and unique collection of Tapies’ artworks.
• Attend the many interactive educational programs and tours, and learn about the spectacular artworks housed here.

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