48 Places to visit in USA

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Referred to as “The Statue” by locals, the Statue of Liberty is of primary importance among places to visit in America. Presented to the United States by the French, this monumental bronze sculpture symbolizes freedom.

Niagara Falls. Enough said. Go and experience it!

We can’t help but mention the colossal Grand Canyon several times over. Visit the horseshoe shaped Skywalk and be amazed, for this will be one magical moment. Talking of breathtaking views, the Empire State Building in New York is worth a visit.

Take a sightseeing tour of the immaculate capital, Washington DC. From the White House to the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument to the National Mall to the Smithsonian museums, there is no dearth of attractions here.

Disneyland in California, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida brings happiness to those who visit it! If you’re travelling with children (or even adults), you cannot miss the wonders of these theme parks. 

1. Rosa Parks Museum

2. French Quarter, New Orleans

Image Credits : Ka!zen - Flickr

3. Walt Disney World

4. Times Square

5. Fenway Park

Image Credits :  Justin Mier - Flickr

6. Mount Rushmore

7. Taos Pueblo

Image Credits : Mike Fisher - Flickr

8. Mendenhall Glacier Caves

Image Credits : Joseph-Flickr

9. Antelope Canyon

Image Credits : Mathieu Thouvenin - Flickr

10. Oneonta Gorge

Image Credits : Amy Meredith - Flickr

11. Dry Tortugas National Park

12. Grand Prismatic Spring

13. Big Sur

Image Credits : Chao Yen - Flickr

14. Hamilton Pool, Texas

Image Credits : Aka Hige - Flickr

15. Grand Canyon National Park

16. Northern Lights, Alaska

Image Credits : Image Editor - Flickr

17. Golden Gate Bridge

Image Credits : Martin Cathrae - Flickr

18. Smoky Mountains

Image Credits : Nick Ledford - Flickr

19. Niagara Falls

Image Credits : Ryan Hyde - Flickr

20. Thor’s Well

Image Credits : Bill Young - Flickr

21. Savannah, Georgia

22. Thomas Jefferson Memorial

23. Devils Tower

Image Credits : m01229 - Flickr

24. Philadelphia City Hall

Image Credits : Dave Z - Flickr

25. Millennium Park

Image Credits : Dhilung Kirat - Flickr

26. Santa Monica Pier

Image Credits : Boqiang Liao - Flickr

27. Rocky Mountain National Park

Image Credits : Jennifer Boyer - Flickr

28. Yale University

29. Alliance Theater

30. Uss arizona memorial

31. Skiing at Bogus basin 

Image Credits : Ridge Tahoe Resort Hotel- Flickr

32. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

33. Kansas Museum of History

34. Acadia National Park

Image Credits : Paul VanDerWerf - Flickr

35. National Aquarium

Image Credits : zuni48 - Flickr

36. Freedom Trail

Image Credits : Henri Sivonen - Flickr

37. Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge

Image Credits : Diana Robinson-Flickr

38. Las vegas

39. Canobie Lake Park

40. Statue of Liberty

Image Credits : MsSaraKelly - Flickr

41. Appalachian Trail

42. Mount Hood

43. Philadelphia Museum of Art

44. Green Animals

Image Credits :  Ricymar Photography -Flickr

45. Shenandoah Valley National Park

Image Credits : Amateur Photography by Michel - Flickr

46. SkyCity restaurant

Image Credits : Ken Lund - Flickr

47. Old Faithful geyser

Image Credits : Yellowstone National Park - Flickr

48. The Prince William Sound

Image Credits : Christoph Strässler - Flickr


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